Chapter 120

Together Chapter 120

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Flashback – Masha and Louise – Protest March


It was quite exciting being with the other women as we marched toward City Hall and chanted slogans. Things were going well until we reached City Hall and the police came out. The Sgt. whom I recognized from the other night had a bullhorn and announced, "Your march is illegal because you do not have a permit. Disband or we will arrest you."


The women began to shout, "Hell no, we won't go!" I joined them.


Louise grabbed my arm and said, "Masha we need to leave because if we get arrested they will take Linda from me."


I looked at Louise and noted she was frantic so I said, "Okay Louise, we will leave for Linda's sake."


We turned, began to leave and realized that the police had taken up a position behind us. The other women marchers charged the police in front while Louise and I tried to escape through the rear of the crowd. The police stopped us and one of them said, "You're not going anywhere except to jail."


Louise began to cry, the police officer roughly grabbed Louise (which was uncalled for) and I took over. I quickly put him on his rear and stated, "We are just trying to leave. We did not know marching was illegal without a permit."


Unfortunately, this incited the other police officers to charge me. They were armed with batons and I had nothing. The other women realized what was happening, turned and attacked the officers who began to beat them with the batons. I became enraged and began to kick their rears using my Krav Maga skills. Finally the nice police officer came up and ordered, "Masha, stop fighting us - now."


I informed him, "I will not cease until the other officers stop beating the women with their batons."


He prevailed upon the other officers to stop so I prevailed upon the women to stop. Now things were at a standstill. The Sgt. came up and ordered, "Arrest all of them, especially that one." He pointed at me.


I complained, "I was just protecting the women your officers were beating."


The Sgt. ordered, "Save your breath for the judge."


They took all of us into the police station, which was adjacent to City Hall, and began to process us. Louise whispered to me, "Masha, I hope that Linda is okay."


I noticed something and put her mind at ease, "Michael is here and is holding Linda so I'm sure that he will take care of her."


Michael and Linda waved, then they left the station. Louise sighed and said, "I never figured this would happen, who knew there was a law against marches."


I frowned and confessed, "Louise this is partially my fault because I was swept away in the excitement of the moment."


Louise replied, "I did see the television stations broadcasting this, perhaps they will help."


I began to help some of the women who were injured by the officers batons and the Sgt. scolded, "Ma'am what are you doing?"


I glared at him and replied, "I'm rendering aid to these women that your officers beat with their batons."


The Sgt. developed a questioning look on his face and questioned, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"


Louise replied for me, "You should know her - she's the one who helped you catch the rapists!"


He said, "No wonder I recognize you. What the hell were you doing today?"


I replied, "We were exercising our right to complain about how this police department didn't catch the rapists for more than twenty years. That's… That's… That's a travesty of justice."


One of the ladies stood and announced, "Don't worry ladies. I'm a lawyer and we're going to sue the hell out of this police department and city. By the time we're through with them they will never make this mistake again."


The women began to cheer and the Sgt. complained, "Are you trying to start another riot?"


I walked up to him and counter complained, "We never started a riot. We participated in a peaceful march until your officers over reacted and began to beat the women with their batons."


The lawyer stated, "It's an obvious case of police brutality and I can't wait to grant interviews with the television stations. Not only did the police fail to catch the rapists, they beat the women who had been assaulted by the rapists. I bet this makes national news!"


A man walked up and identified himself, "I'm the mayor and I'm here to personally apologize for what just happened."


The women began to complain, "Aren't you late – he's always late – we don't accept your apology."


The lawyer replied, "They are right - it's too late for an apology. Your police force beat defenseless women with their batons."


He pointed at me and stated, "Don't blame me, she's the one who started it when she attacked the officers."


The lawyer defended me, "Get your head out of the sand! This is the woman who's been doing the job your police department should have been doing. Just in case you don't recognize her, she's the one who stopped the teenage gang of bus attackers and she just helped your police force capture the rape gang. Instead of blaming her, you should be giving her an award."


The mayor recanted, "I'm sorry I didn't know that. Please forgive me Ms."


The other women began to complain again, "Of course you didn't – you couldn't see your nose in a mirror! Yes she does deserve an award."


I smiled and stated, "I would just like re-instatement of the 24 hour police protection in front of my house that I was promised by the base commander."


The mayor looked a little sick and said, "Don't tell me, your name is Maria Reynolds."


I affirmed, "That is correct."


He looked at the Sgt. and asked, "Why hasn't this police department continued to provide the round the clock protection as we agreed with the base commander?"


The Sgt. replied, "Well, we needed the manpower for other operations."


The mayor said, "That's unacceptable." Then he looked at me and said, "I hope that you don't tell the base commander about this…"


I interrupted, "…I plan on informing him today and ask him if he can provide Military Police to protect my house and family."


He turned to the Sgt. and ordered, "Sgt. release all these women immediately."


The lawyer stated, "Don't think this is going to save your ass. The first thing I'm doing is talking to the television stations and then filing lawsuits."


Louise and I walked out of the police station and were accosted by the television stations. I said, "I have nothing to say, other than I plan on teaching free Krav Maga classes to the women of this city."


Louise said, "I have a few things I would like to say." She gave a huge interview to the television station and mentioned her Auntie Masha many times. It was all I could do to keep from blushing.


When Louise was finished, I noticed Michael in the parking lot, holding Linda. I grabbed Louise's arm and moved toward him.


He said, "I didn't think you two would be released so soon."


Linda cooed and reached for Louise. Louise took Linda and announced, "We had a lawyer in our group and she put the fear of God into the mayor and the police."


Michael suggested, "Well, perhaps we can finish shopping for your furniture."


We returned to the furniture store and purchased Louise's new furniture…


Flashback – Ben – On the mission


I was thankful as hell the towelheads didn't have NV gear since it made this mission, which was still dangerous, move from impossible to practical. I slipped into the night after a great sendoff by the other Marines and began to scan the area around me. I noticed a few flickers of light in a few of the buildings. I determined they were candles, so I worked my way toward them. One of the problems was keeping the fucking noise down while I walked since the ground was littered with pieces of destroyed buildings. Much of the debris was from our artillery, but some was from the fucking earthquakes and it all made nasty crunching noises under my boots. I finally figured out a solution so I sat down, pulled my only pair of spare socks out of my pack and slide them on over my boots. I stood up and began to walk and while I wasn't totally quiet, it was much better.


I approached the first house, if you could even call it that because it was more like a collection of walls with a shitty roof on top of it that I was sure wouldn't keep out any rain (not that we got much rain here). There were holes in the wall that functioned as windows but had no glass in them, just some shitty assed blankets or rugs covering the 'window holes'. I stopped outside, listened and sure as hell didn't like what I heard.


I heard a man grunting and a girl crying. I slowly and carefully moved the blanket covering the window hole and was pissed as hell when I saw a full grown man on top of a young teenage girl. My first instinct was to shoot the fucker and end his miserable life, but I knew that would alert every other towelhead in the area. So I slowly slipped into the hovel of a room, pulled my Ka-Bar, slipped up behind him and slit the mother fucker's throat. The young girl quickly covered herself and looked scared until I showed her the American flag on my uniform. Then came the problem: How to tell her to head to the hospital with her robes open. We moved to the window, I pointed to the hospital, opened my jacket and made sure she understood. She smiled at me, hugged my hand and I watched her head out of the hovel toward the hospital holding her robe open. I hoped like hell Jack or the other Marines didn't shoot her.


I searched the rest of the room, found an AK, took one of my frag grenades, pulled the pin and set the AK on top of it holding the handle down. Then I slipped out the other side of the hovel and headed toward the next flicker of light.


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


I was almost asleep when one of the Marines knocked on the door and said, "Sgt. you need to see this."


I jumped out of bed, kicked Tod's bed and said, "Come on."


He woke up and followed me out of the room, I asked, "What the hell did you see."


The Cpl. answered, "Sgt., there is a young girl walking toward the hospital - she has her robes open."


I put on my NV gear, looked and swore, "Well, I'll be damned, it looks like Banzai's mission is working."


I announced in my command voice to the rest of the night watch, "Make sure you don't shoot her." Then I added, "Someone wake up the doctor and nurses and tell them they have a patient coming in."


Lieutenant George finally showed up and asked, "Sgt. Reynolds, what's going on."


I replied, "We have the first freed captive from Banzai's mission coming in. Do we have a terp (interpreter) here?"


Lieutenant George ordered, "Someone go wake up the terp."


The doctors and nurses showed up and I said, "We have a young girl, possibly early teens coming in to the hospital. Banzai rescued her from the towelhead rapists so she going to need some medical care."


That lit a fire under their asses! They wanted to meet her outside the hospital but I cautioned, "That's not going to happen, however you can meet her at the door."


The met her at the door and she smiled when she saw the nurses. One of them picked her up and they hauled ass to the examination room they set up earlier.


The terp showed up and I cautioned, "That girl has been through more hell than you could imagine. If you traumatize her anymore I will throw your ass out of the window."


He assured me he understood, knocked on the door to the room, a nurse came out and told him he couldn't enter at this time because they were examining the girl…


Flashback – Ben – On the mission


I was happy with how the first rescue worked, even though it scared the shit out of the girl when I slit the bastard's throat. I didn't hear any weapons fire so I figured she made it to the hospital fine.


I moved toward the next house with the flickering windows and sure as fuck didn't like what I heard. There were multiple screams by children and laughing by men. Once again I slipped up to a hole in the wall which served as a window, slowly slid the nasty smelling piece of cloth out of the way and quickly let it close again. I couldn't believe what I saw: Hell I wished they made eye bleach so I could cleanse my eyes of the image! There were four men that I saw and a cage full of young children in the back of the room. The fuckers were pulling the children out one at a time and having their way with them and laughing every time they cried.


The time for being discrete was long gone because there was no way I could slip in and slit four of the fucking towelhead's throats. I found the crappy assed excuse for a door, kicked it in, stormed into the room and began to shoot the fuckers. One of them got close to an AK, but a round from my AK found his forehead first. The children began to whimper until I showed them the American flag on my jacket, then one asked, in broken English, "Amerikan?"


I replied, "Yes American and I'm here to rescue you."


Apparently he understood more English than he spoke. He rapidly said some words to the other captives and they calmed down.


I explained, "We need to quickly get out of here because the gunfire will bring many other Taliban. We're going to slowly walk toward the hospital with your robes open. There are people at the hospital who will take care of you."


He said some words to the other children, some of the children complained so I said, "Listen, if we stay here the Taliban will be here soon."


He repeated my words to the children and said, "We trust American, we will go to big hospital."


We moved to the door where I motioned for them to wait then I pied the doorway to see if we had attracted any other Taliban towelheads. I saw a group of them headed toward this piece of shit building, pulled a frag off my vest, yanked the pin and sent them to their hell. With the way now clear, we slipped outside. I noticed the older boy who spoke some English carried a couple of children, then I noticed why: The fuckers had broken their legs. They began to walk toward the hospital while I followed to make sure the fuckers weren't following us.


We hadn't gone far when I saw the fucking Taliban (using my NV gear) trying to sneak up on us. I spun, dropped to a knee and began to send the fuckers to hell. My gunfire scared the children and they began to run which was the last thing I wanted. I jumped up, ran to the front of them and motioned for them to stop running. Thank God they stopped but the fucking Taliban still approached and fired at us. I yelled at the older boy, "Get them to the hospital while I keep the Taliban busy, whatever you do don't run or they might think you are suicide bombers."


He whispered to the others and they headed toward the hospital while I yelled (to distract the towelheads from the children), "Hey fuckheads over here!" They might not have been able to see me but they got close to my position just from the sound of my voice. I used my NV gear to flank them, found a short piece of wall to hide behind, took a knee and waited. Once they got closer, I opened up with my AK and blew them to hell. Unfortunately, there were more of them than I originally realized and the next thing I knew I was in a hell of a firefight. I glanced and noticed that I had drawn all the fire from the children and they were still making their way to the hospital. Then I had a hell of a surprise…


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


A sentry came down from the roof and said, "Sgt. you need to see this."


I dashed up to the roof and saw about fifteen children walking toward the hospital with their robes open. It was hard to get an exact number because one of the older boys seemed to be carrying some children. Damn Banzai had hit pay dirt with this mission! The sentry then called my attention to a hell of a firefight going on, I pulled up my binocs and said, "Shit, Banzai's in that firefight!" I looked at the Marines on the roof and ordered, "The flash on the right is Sgt. Blaine, don't the fuck shoot him; the other flashes are Taliban, let's light the fuckers up."


And light the fuckers up we did! I pulled up my M25, and even with my NV gear on I could easily see the Taliban fuckers. We had half the sniper team on duty and they also started firing. Banzai jumped up and began to follow the children. I figured out he was the rear guard for them to get to the hospital, a hell of a move even if it was a little crazy.


The children would advance and Banzai would follow up the rear while taking pot shots at the Taliban who chased the children. Finally they were in range of the M4s and we began to make short work of them. I told Tod to go and find the doctors and nurses and tell them we a bunch of children coming in.


Tod took off while I ordered, "Make sure to keep the fucking Taliban off Banzai." Then I ran downstairs to meet him at the door.


Other Marines were already waiting and they had the doors open as a terrible looking bunch of children rushed into the hospital. The oldest boy said in broken English, "American man tell us to come here."


Tod did a hell of a job, the doctors and nurses showed up, took one look at the children and the head doctor said, "We need to triage these children."


Banzai finally came in the door and I said, "What a hell of mission…"


But Banzai complained, "Jack I only got to two of the buildings, I'm not sure what the fuckers are going to do with the other children."


I came up with an idea that should fix that problem…


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


So far my plan for Daniela and Jed was working perfectly. I needed to figure out the toppings for tonight's pizza and suggested, "Daniela, let's put pineapple and ham on one pizza and peperoni on the second pizza."


Daniela remarked, "Señorita Jennifer, I never would have dreamed of putting piña and jamon on a pizza."


I replied, "It's one of my favorites, but if Jed doesn't like it, he can always eat the peperoni pizza."


Daniela asked a very valid question, "Señorita Jennifer, will two pizzas be enough for the four of us?"


I thought for a moment and decided, "I think you're right, we'd better make three pizzas."


Daniela asked, "What topping will we put on the third pizza?"


I smiled and said, "How about just ham."


I thought of something and asked, "Daniela, how do you shop for the food?"


She smiled and replied, "I take the bus to your home each day and normally I stop at the mercado on the way here."


Daniela and I went and found Daddy and asked, "Daddy, will you take us to the store so we can buy the things needed for pizza tonight?"


Daddy smiled and said, "I hope you're making one with pineapple and ham."


I replied, "Of course we are now can we leave?"


Daddy agreed, "We went out, got into the car and he drove us to the closest grocery store."


As usual, Daddy found some friends and was talking to them. We bought the ingredients, including extra flour and yeast, then found Daddy and said, "We're ready to go home."


We paid for the food, then got in the car and headed back home. I told Daniela, "I will be down an hour before dinner to help make the pizza."


Then I headed to my room, locked the door and began to study the book Grandmother gave me.


Flashback – Alexi – At home


'Father' was not in the new laboratory very long. He came out to the car, smiled at me and said, "Alexi, they hired me and are giving me more money than my old job."


I congratulated, "'Father' that is great news, so when are you starting work?"


'Father' replied, "Next week Alexi. I determined that we would get you enrolled in the local school, buy all the supplies you will need and make sure you're ready."


I still wasn't sure about going to a public school since I had heard terrible things about them but I did not want to ruin 'father's' good mood so I faked a smile and said, "Things are going to change for both of us."


He was more talkative on the trip home than I remembered him being for a very long time, it was actually annoying. I decided to try one thing so I asked, "'Father' do you think it would be possible for me to study at home instead of attending public school?"


'Father' ruined my plan when he emphatically stated, "No Alexi, we cannot leave you at home unsupervised for that much time."


I continued to dread the thought of attending public school…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Because my sister Mira foolishly attacked the men, we were up excrement tributary without a scull. They had us pinned behind some rocks with almost constant fire, some of which glanced off the top of the rock.


I commanded Mira, "We need to flank our adversaries."


Mira agreed, "Yes my sister, I will traverse to the left while you provide fire of cover."


I tried to complain, however Mira did not wait and started her ill-timed traverse. I put the AK over the edge of the rock and spewed some rounds. The lady of luck must have smiled because the constant firing abated. I was emboldened, so I raised my head above the rock, occulated the location of the closest adversary and terminated him with a volley of projectiles. Once again the adversaries pelted the rock with projectiles so I ducked and waited for a lull in the onslaught.


Mira fired from the flank location which distracted the adversaries. I again rose over the rock, and terminated another adversary with a hail of leaden projectiles.


We continued to work as a team until the final adversary was terminated.


Mira walked up to me and I trounced her derriere and complained, "My sister if you ever do that again you will not be able to abide on your derriere for many weeks."


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


It was all I could do to keep form laughing (if I could laugh). It was obvious to everyone that Maria was very uncomfortable so I decided to tease her and signed, "Maria, what is your problem?"


Maria complained, "Todd, I am not comfortable going to the restaurant in this condition?"


Gail picked up on my teasing and added some of her own, "What condition my sister? Please do not tell me you are pregnant?"


Maria vociferously complained, "No Gail I am not pregnant! What I am is sweaty and I stink?"


I made a big production of sniffing the air and signed, "Maria, you smell much better than I did the first time I came into your bank."


Maria agreed, "Yes Todd that is true, you smelled really bad and many customers complained."


Gail taunted, "I hope they don't complain at the restaurant. I'm hungry and if they won't…"


Roberto laughed and interrupted, "…Do not worry about how you smell, many of our customers smell worse than you do."


Roberto didn't realize it but he really put his foot in his mouth. Maria complained, "Roberto, are you saying I smell bad."


Roberto backpedaled, "No Señorita Maria, I would never tell you that."


Gail scrunched up her face and lied, "Don't worry sister, I'm not afraid to say that you smell."


Maria looked dejected and ordered, "Roberto, take me home. I am not hungry."


Gail threw a fit and signed, "Roberto do not listen to my sister because I am starving."


But without Maria to translate, Roberto turned the car around and we headed back to the house…