Chapter 121

Together Chapter 121

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Present – Ben, Thom and Mira – At the hospital parking lot


Thom laughs at my comment about how both Mira and Ira bother me with their insistence on being with me at all times. Then he teases, "I'm surprised at the change in Mira, I thought that she wanted to have your baby."


I glare at Thom and answer, "She scared the hell out of me! I thought she might be pregnant with my baby but I had no idea how it could have happened. I'm so thankful that the DNA test put that mess to rest."


Thom asks, "But you never did the deed with her?"


I gave him my nastiest look and answer, "No fucking way, Thom! In addition I'm sterile from when I was held captive by the fucking towelheads. But Mira thought she had found some of my semen and had in-vitro fertilization done with it. It really ended up being the semen from the bastard who ran the fertility clinic…"


I can tell this is a touchy subject for Ben by his looks at me and figure I'd better back off before he kicks my ass. So I comment, "Well it's too bad that you and Jennifer can't have kids."


Ben shakes his head, looks down and agrees, "Yeah, Jens has always wanted children. My sterility was the reason I fought marrying her for so long."


Thom asks, "Well, what finally convinced you to marry her?"


I confess, "Thom, I've loved the hell out of her for years. It was Destiny who finally convinced me to marry Jens."


Thom scoffs, "Destiny? Why the hell would she do that?"


I smile and reply, "Thom, it's like I've said before, Jens and I have a destiny together and Destiny convinced me of the fact."


Mira makes it back from the bathroom, sits in the driver's seat of the Cobra and announces…


I do not want to waste the time we have so I arrive back at the vehicle and inquire "Mr. Blaine are you ready to continue your lesson?"


Mr. Blaine takes the passenger seat and replies, "That would be great - I was getting bored."


I annunciate some words in Russian, repeat the translations in Farsi and Mr. Blaine repeats the Farsi words.


Thom interrupts, "Part of that sounds like Russian but I don't recognize the other language."


I smile at him and explain, "You are correct: The first words were Russian, then I translated them to Farsi."


Mr. Blaine gives further information, "Mira and Ira are teaching me Farsi. But because of their unique use of the English language, it's easier for them to use the Russian words and then translate them to Farsi."


Thom laughs and insults, "Hell, that's a wise idea since half the time I don't understand what they say when they attempt to speak English..."


I am slightly miffed so I respond, "Thom, your understandable difficulty is caused of your incorrect use of the English language."


Mr. Blaine complains, "Mira, we're wasting time arguing with Thom."


I instruct, "Thom, please do not interrupt the lesson again."


However Thom asks Mr. Blaine, "Why are you learning Farsi in the first place?"


I grin evilly at Thom and reply, "Thom, if we told you I would have to kill you…"


Hells Bells! I'm not sure if Mira was teasing or serious about killing me if they told me why Ben is learning Farsi. I figure it's probably better to drop the subject, at least while Mira is around.


Present –Liz, Jens, Bernie and Ira – At the hospital


After my last contraction, I really wanted to push. That lit a fire under the nurse who ran to find the doctor. Bernie cautions, "Liz, don't push until the doctor says you can - you know what we learned in the Lamaze class."


I swore, "Bernie, I'm not so sure that online class was correct, but what I do know is I have a huge desire to push."


Bernie continues, "Liz you knew that was coming. Remember what the class said, 'you would want to push before it was actually time to push'."


I snap at Bernie, "I don't fucking care and on the next contraction I'm going to push."


Jens comes over, takes my hand and says…


Liz doesn't know it, but I also took the same online Lamaze class that they did. I wanted to be as much help as possible to Liz during the delivery. I take Liz's hand and say, "Liz, Bernie's right, the class said you would want to push before it was time."


Liz asks, "And how would you know that?"


I smile at Liz and reply, "Because I took the same online class that you did is why."


Liz complains, "Why the hell did you do that?"


I smile at her and say, "So I could help you of course. Now don't you dare try to push until the doctor says it's okay."


Liz grimaces as the next contraction starts. I know I need to do something so I begin an incantation that should take away the urge for her to push. Liz finishes the contraction and says, "Well that one was certainly different since I didn't have any urge to push at all."


The nurse comes back with the doctor. The doctor puts Liz's feet into the stirrups on the table and begins to check her then he announces, "Elizabeth, things are progressing well with your labor but it's not time to push yet."


Liz whines, "Doctor when will I be able to push?"


The doctor smiles and says, "It will probably be another hour before you can begin to push."


Liz swears, "Son of a bitch! I'm not sure I can wait that long."


I smile at Liz and try to comfort her, "Liz, don't worry, an hour is nothing compared to the nine months you've carried the baby."


I'm thankful the incantation to stop the urge to push works…


I have been observing Ms. Blaine and have noticed her actions. While she isn't doing anything to decrease the pain, she did appear to do something to remove the urge of Liz Morgan's to push. I walk beside Ms. Blaine and whisper in her ear, "Ms. Blaine are you preventing the urge to push?"


Ms. Blaine directs her cranial carapace toward me, smiles and whispers, "Yes Ira, while I cannot remove Liz's pain or it would interfere with the birth, I can temporarily remove the urge to push."


I return to my location adjacent to the door and marvel that my sister and I were so lucky to have a friend like Ms. Blaine. She is not like Baba Yaga1 at all…


1 In Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga is a supernatural being (or one of a trio of sisters of the same name) who appears as a deformed and/or ferocious-looking woman. Baba Yaga flies around in a mortar, wields a pestle, and dwells deep in the forest in a hut usually described as standing on chicken legs (or sometimes a single chicken leg).


Present – Samantha – On the way back to Leadville


We make it to Leadville, head into the office and it looks like it was hit by a hurricane!

Bill swears, "Those sons of a bitches, really made a mess out of things. God I hate feebs!"


I reply, "They seem to treat me okay."


Bill replies, "That's because you're a woman and several of them are sort of interested in you."


I laugh and counter, "Yeah, right."


Bill answers, "You just wait. Soon they will start asking you for dates."


I giggle and say, "I sure hope some of them do because I haven't been on a date forever."


Bill struggles to put things in the room back into order and I volunteer, "Don't worry about the room, Vic and I will take care of it."


Bill asks, "That reminds me, where is Vic?"


I smile and say, "He stayed here to keep an eye on things while you were gone." I look at John and continue, "John can you give Vic a call and let him know we're in the office?"


John makes the call and says, "Vic will be here in a few minutes, he's dealing with something right now."


Bill asks, "Do you know what Vic is dealing with?"


John says, "I didn't ask, but it didn't sound important."


I begin to move the desks, tables and other items back where they belong. John lends a hand, we come across a pile of papers, Bill comes over and says, "Hey, they left the information Stacy researched about Jennifer Blaine being a witch."


He retrieves the pile from us and begins to look at them until Vic strolls in and Bill asks, "Vic, what were you doing?"


Vic smiles and says, "I was finishing breakfast. Damn, this place is a real mess."


I reply, "You should have seen it before we started cleaning it up."


Bill suggests, "Samantha, now that Vic is here, he can clean things up while you and I read through this interesting information on Jennifer Blaine being a witch."


I don't want Bill to know about my dyslexia so I counter, "Bill, I would rather help Vic. I will read that later."


Bill motions to me so I walk beside him and he whispers, "Samantha I know about your difficulty, Stacy told me."


I blush and begin to get angry when he continues whispering, "Don't worry about it, Ms. Summers told me so we could find you someone to help."


I whisper a reply, "Well, why haven't I had someone to help me then?"


Bill smiles and explains, "We were all set up but then things went to hell with Ms. Summers. Now why don't you sit down and I will read this to you. From the looks of things, Ms. Summers might be right."


Vic and John continue to clean the room up. I sit by Bill and I can't believe what he reads to me. It's either true or one of the best concocted stories I've ever heard.


Present – Stacy – Alone


I'm resting again because there's nothing else to do in this damn cell. Once again the agents arrive, make me face the wall and put the shackles on me. I ask, "Where are we going now?"


The agents say, "To meet with your lawyers."


That's music to my ears since it means that Bill must have called in some favors. They lead me to a room, shackle me to the table and then my lawyers come in and the agents caution, "Make sure you do not give her anything."


My lawyers agree, they sit down and the lead council says, "Damn Ms. Summers, you really made a mess out of things this time. It was all we could do to get them to drop the provisions of the Patriot act. Just what were you thinking calling terrorists on the Blaines?"


I smile at my lawyers and reply, "I discovered that Jennifer 'the bitch' Blaine is a witch. So I hoped they would take care of her for me."


The lead council shakes his head and says, "Ms. Summers, that's the craziest story I've ever heard. I thought the psych hospital cured you of your obsession with Ben Blaine."


I defend myself, "They did until I discovered that the bitch is a witch. I'm sure she put some sort of love spell on Ben so he only loves her."


He says, "I'm not sure if you're looking for an insanity plea again this time, but that's what I think we should try."


I complain, "Just make sure I don't go back to the same nut house as last time, it almost made me crazy."


The lead council changes the subject, "How are they treating you here?"


I shake the shackles and complain, "These are a real pain in the ass."


He answers, "Sorry, but you have to live with that for the time being. We were lucky Bill called us before they sent you to Guantanamo. If that had happened we wouldn't have been able to see you at all. We need to get going and work on your defense."


I feet better after talking to my lawyers. The agents came into the room, take me back to my cell and remove the shackles.


Present – Thom, Ben and Mira – At the hospital parking lot


My phone rings, I answer it and get the bad news about Stacy Summer's lawyers. I end the call and swear, "Those sons of a bitch!"


Ben stops his lesson and asks, "What's going on Thom?"


I frown and reply, "I can't fucking believe it: Stacy Summer's lawyers got the judge to drop the Patriot Act provisions on her."


Ben asks, "Don't tell me she's getting out?"


I smile and reply, "Not no but hell no! We still have her conspiring with known terrorists."


Mira looks at Ben and suggests, "Mr. Blaine, it would be trivial to terminate her."


I counter, "She's in a maximum security prison so I doubt you could do that."


Mira just grins and says, "Thom, prisons are designed to keep people inside, not to keep people from entering."


Ben vociferously declares, "Mira, there's no way in hell I want you killing Stacy so drop it."


I'm thankful that at least Ben has kept his senses about him. I have to confess, Mira and Ira scare the shit out of me.