Chapter 122

Together Chapter 122

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Flashback – Masha and Louise – Home Again


We returned to the furniture store, finished shopping for furniture for Louise's room and of course bought a few things for Linda while we were at it. We made it back to the house and I was shocked when we arrived. Television news vans lined the streets.


Louise stated the obvious, "Auntie Masha, it looks like the television stations have finally figured out your home address."


I complained, "This is the last thing I want to deal with today!"


Then I notice the police are back in front of my house so I looked at Louise and asked, "Louise, will you please ask the police to make the television stations leave?"


Louise laughed, "No way Auntie Masha! You need to get used to being the hero that you are. But don't worry, I will talk to them for you."


Whatever she said, it must have appeased the television stations since they filmed me a little and then packed up and left. Louise came back to the truck and said, "Don't worry Masha, I told them we needed to move the furniture so they agreed to leave until later when they plan on interviewing you."


I complained, "Louise why would you tell them that? I don't want to talk to them."


Louise said, "Masha, it's the only way to get them to leave you alone. Give them an interview and then our lives can get back to normal."


We moved the new furniture into Louise and Linda's room. It looked great and smelled so much better than her old furniture.


Louise shocked me when she said, "I sure hope this Ben doesn't expect me to sleep with him in return for this new furniture."


I countered, "Louise, Ben is a great guy and I'm sure he would never expect you to…"


Louise giggled and interrupted, "...Auntie Masha, I was teasing you. But it's too bad he's such a gentleman because I haven’t had sex in a very long time."


I blushed, Louise giggled even more and declared, "I gotcha Auntie Masha!"


However, I wasn't sure she was totally teasing me…


Then I remembered, "I need to call the base and complain about the police not providing security for our house."


I took out the little notepad I wrote everything in, looked up the number and called the base. After a short wait I talked to the base commander and explained, "Sir, I hate to bother you, but the police have not been supplying me with security as you said they would."


He replied, "Sorry Ms. Reynolds, I was concerned this might happen but don't worry. I will make some calls and it won't happen again. By the way, I saw the television interviews featuring you and I would like to say that you handled yourself well against the police department even though they had batons."


I replied, "Thank you Sir, I couldn't let them beat the defenseless women. Some of the women are still dealing with their injuries."


He asked, "It look like you used Krav Maga on them?"


I replied, "Yes Sir! I learned it in Russia from some IDF forces who were visiting."


He verified, "Ms. Reynolds, unless you need something else I would like to finish this call."


I thanked him, "No Sir! Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to me."


I hung up the phone and said, "He's going to make some calls."


Louise said, "I bet he's going to cancel the leaves for all the soldiers."


I asked, "Why would he do that?"


Louise said, "Auntie Masha, you might not know it but this town survives off the money the soldiers on leave spend at their businesses. If he cancels all the leaves it will financially impact the town."


I continued with my questions, "Has the base commander done this before?"


Louise grinned and said, "Oh yeah! The last time the base commander did it things were so bad in town that Michael had to close the store for the whole week."


I queried, "Why did the commander do it last time?"


Louise replied, "Some of the Marine recruits were beaten up in a bar and the police didn't do anything about it."


I voice serious concern, "I would say there is a large problem with the police department in this городок."


Louise asked, "Masha, what is a gorodoc?"


I apologize, "Sorry Louise sometimes I forget and speak Russian. Городок is a slang word for a small town or village. It is not a kind word to use."


Louise agreed, "Yeah the police here are pretty crummy, but I guess it beats not having any police at all."


I counter, "Louise after watching the police beat defenseless women with their batons today, I seriously disagree with you. The police are not doing their job and by their inaction are actually making matters worse."


Louise smiled at me and said, "Masha, you need to say this in your television interviews."


I frowned and complained, "Louise I'm not doing the interview."


The doorbell rang, Louise checked and said, "Masha you are too late because the television reporters are here again."


I swore, "Tувойу мат, I am not ready for this."


Louise however opened the door and invited the reporters into our living room.


Flashback – Jack and Banzai – At the hospital


Banzai's mission was a huge success, but he was concerned that he only reached two houses (and so was I). I suggested, "Banzai, since the fucking towelheads don't have any NV gear, we rule the night. So why don't we form a squad and you lead them on night missions. That way you could cover more houses."


Banzai frowned and explained, "Jack that's a possibility but if we go in with guns blazing some of the children will get killed, either by us or by the fucking Taliban."


I asked, "Didn't you do that on the second house?"


Banzai reluctantly agreed, "Yeah, I wanted to take them out one at a time with my Ka-Bar but there were too many of them so I was forced to shoot them."


I replied, "Banzai, what do you expect, this isn't a Recon team."


Banzai smiled, snapped his fingers and stated, "Jack, that's exactly what we need here, a Recon team! Why don't you get on the horn with Colonel Maggie and see if we have any available?"


I complained, "Banzai, it's the middle of the fucking night…"


He interrupted, "…Good, she makes the big bucks so she can get woken up."


Lieutenant George showed up and asked an obvious question, "Are these children that Banzai freed?"


I came up with an idea and suggested, "Yes Sir they are and they came from only two houses. I think that Colonel Maggie should be told about this immediately. Banzai also suggested that we see if there were any more Recon's available so that we could cover more houses before the Taliban begin to kill the children."


Lieutenant George asked, "Sgt. Reynolds, couldn't this wait until morning?"


I replied, "Of course it could Sir, however with us starting to free the children, the Taliban might get worried and start to kill them before we have a chance for a rescue."


Lieutenant George took off like his ass was on fire.


Banzai grinned at the exchange with Lieutenant George and said…


I knew Jack didn't want to wake up Colonel Maggie and it was a stroke of genius to get George to do it for us. I complimented his action, "Jack, it really is good to have you here. Good job with Lieutenant George."


Jack replied, "Hell Banzai, Lieutenant George wants all the credit for everything here, so we might as well let him also take the credit for waking up Colonel Maggie."


I asked, "When do you think he will wise up?"


Jack replied, "I hope not before he wakes up Colonel Maggie and she rips him a new asshole."


One of the doctors showed up and said, "Sgt. Blaine, I would like to commend you on rescuing the children. They are severely malnourished and have been terribly abused and will greatly benefit from our treatment."


I said, "No problem Sir, I just wish I could have rescued more."


The doctor replied, "More? Hell we can barely handle the ones you already recovered."


I smiled and suggested, "Lieutenant George is on the horn with Colonel Maggie, perhaps he could ask for more doctors and nurses to help you."


The doctor headed toward the com room, I looked at Jack and said, "Listen, I only got to two houses so I'm going to head back out and see if I can't rescue more children before the Taliban start killing them."


Jack started to complain, "Banzai…"


I interrupted, "…Jack, it's not going to do any good. I've made up my mind and I'm going." I put on my NV gear and slipped back out into the night…


Flashback – Ben – On another mission


I was stoked by the success of my first two missions and knew that if we waited too long the fucking Taliban would start killing the children.


I was surprised when I came back out of the hospital because the idiots hadn't gone back to their hovel houses and they were wandering around like chickens with their heads cut off. Then it hit me: Without NV gear or flashlights the stupid fuckers were lost in the dark. This was perfect for me so I slipped up on the closest one, my Ka-Bar found his neck and like the Queen song says, 'another one bites the dust'. I moved toward the next closest towelhead then things went to hell.


First I heard a whump that sounded like artillery and the next thing I knew a flare lit up the area like it was fucking Christmas. Of course the Taliban saw me so I dropped the Ka-Bar, took a knee, spun the AK around on its sling and began to fire. When I found out which stupid fucker called for a flare round from the artillery I was going to kick their ass! My aim was more accurate than the aim of the Taliban so soon they were all dead. However there was still too much light from the flare for me to continue my mission so I hauled ass back to the hospital…


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


Hells Bells! The fucking artillery lit up the area with a flare. Even though he had to be shocked, I watched as Banzai expertly took out the remaining Taliban who were still out of their houses. Then he began to haul ass back to the hospital. I dashed to the com room where George was on the horn and I complained, "Who the fuck called the artillery for a flare?"


Lieutenant George confessed, "I did that Sgt. Reynolds, what's the problem?"


I palmed my face and stated, "The problem is Banzai was out taking care of the remaining Taliban and your foolish fucking action damn near got him killed."


Lieutenant George attempted a defense, "Colonel Maggie thought it would be a good idea…"


I asked, "Is she still on the com?"


Lieutenant George replied, "No she's gone and now we have the head of medicine."


I bit my tongue to keep from saying what I really wanted to say and instead said, "Sir, next time you get a bright idea like that, you might want to check with me first."


I knew I'd better meet Banzai at the door because he would fucking kill Lieutenant George when he found out he called for the flare. I made it to the hospital entrance just as Banzai rolled in, he began to swear, "Who is the fucking son of a bitch who called for the flare round. I'm going to kick their ass."


I grabbed Banzai by the arms and said, "Banzai, Lieutenant George did it after Colonel Maggie suggested it. Don't worry, I've taken care of it and it won't happen again."


I heard from behind me, "Sorry Banzai, I was stupid and called in the flare round after Colonel Maggie suggested it. Thanks to Sgt. Reynolds I now understand and will never do that again."


Banzai looked at me and asked, "Jack, is it too late to tear up the reenlistment papers?"


I lied, "Yeah Banzai, it's too late since they were sent to HQ already." Then I added, "Banzai, the flare is gone if you want to head back out."


He glared at Lieutenant George and stated, "Good, that's exactly what I'm going to do. But keep him from calling in any more flares."


Lieutenant George wisely replied, "Don't worry, I'm not going to do that again."


The older boy who came in with the last group of children came up and offered, "If the Amerikan is going to save more children, I would like to help."


Banzai stated, "Sorry but you are a civilian and I'm not going to endanger your life again."


The boy argued, "Please let me come. You do not speak our language and the other children will be afraid of you."


Lieutenant George added, "Sgt. Blaine, he makes a good point."


Banzai asked, "If you come, you will have to follow my orders and also not make any noise."


The boy assured me, "Yes, follow orders and I keep quiet like mouse."


Banzai and the boy left, Lieutenant George asked, "Sgt. Reynolds, why did you lie to Banzai about his reenlistment papers."


I countered, "Would you rather let Banzai tear them up and deal with Colonel Maggie over it."


I could see the light bulb above his head as Lieutenant George complimented my action, "Good thinking Sgt. Reynolds."


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


There was a knock at my door, I woke up and realized I'd fallen asleep. I quickly hid the book and asked, "Who is it."


Daniela said, "Señorita Jennifer, I think it is time to make the pizza."


I looked at my watch and realized that dinner was less than an hour away and knew we would have to hurry if we were going to make the pizza in time.


I rushed to the door, unlocked it and apologized, "Sorry Daniela I accidentally fell asleep. But if we hurry we should still have enough time to make the pizza."


We dashed downstairs to the kitchen and I began to make the pizza dough. Daniela remembered my instructions from last time and really helped.


I commented, "Thank you Daniela, with your help we should have no trouble having things ready for when your boyfriend shows up."


Daniela scolds me, "Señorita Jennifer! Please do not call Jed my boyfriend. He is not my novio, he is my amigo."


I asked for clarification, "Daniela, I thought novio was fiancé or husband."


Daniela clarified, "Esposo is husband and novio can be boyfriend or fiancé."


I complained, "Daniela sometimes Spanish is confusing because they use the same word for many things."


She chuckled and replied, "Señorita Jennifer, you need to not try literal translations, you need to listen to the whole sentence and then translate it."


We had the dough ready so I left it to rise some while I started on the sauce. To make things faster I used the food processor to liquefy the tomatoes and the garlic. With the sauce cooking, I went back to the dough and prepared the crusts. Once they were ready, I added the sauce, the toppings and then put the pizzas into the preheated ovens…


Flashback – Alexi – At home


After 'father' had the successful interview for the new job, we didn't drive straight home, but instead he took me to the local school. We had a meeting with the principal, who said to my 'father', "Sir, it is highly unusual to enroll your son now, without records from a previous school."


'Father' countered, "Sir, my son has been privately schooled and is a remarkable student."


The principal said, "Sir, many parents say that about their children. Therefore, your son will need to take some tests so we can be sure which grade he should attend."


'Father' asked, "When can Alexi take those tests?"


The principal offered, "How about now?"


'Father' looked at me and asked, "Alexi, do you feel comfortable taking the tests now?"


I smiled at 'father' and replied, "Yes 'father' now is perfect."


The principal said, "Alexi, we will start you with 7th grade material."


He gave me the 7th grade tests, I looked at them and replied, "Sir I know the answer to all these questions."


The principal suggested, "Well then, let's give you the 8th grade tests to look at."


I looked at them and repeated, "This material is too easy for me."


The principal said, "Alexi even thought this material seems easy, please answer the questions."


I easily answered the questions and handed the tests back to the principal. He checked them and stated, "Alexi you answered all the questions perfectly."


I was bored and replied, "Yes, I know I did."


The principal gave me the other grade tests and I continued to examine them until I found one that interested me. I began to answer it and discovered it wasn't as difficult as I thought. I handed the test back to the principal and said, "You can check this but all the answers are correct."


He of course checked it and confirmed, "Alexi, I am amazed you did answer all the questions correctly."


Then he looked at 'father' and said, "Sir, your son just passed the 12th grade test with a perfect score. Unfortunately we can't school him here."


'Father' asked, "Why is that? You said he passed the test."


The principal explained, "That's exactly the problem, our school only goes up to the 12th grade. Alexi is ready for college level courses."


'Father' replied with exasperation, "Well what should I do?"


The principal wrote something on a notepad, handed it to my 'father' and said, "I would contact this college and see if they will accept him."


Then he handed my last test to 'father' and said, "Make sure you give them this test. I must say, you have done an exceptional job teaching your son."


'Father' shook hands with the principal, we went out to the car and 'father' asked, "Well Alexi, would you like to go look at the college?"


I yawned and replied, "'Father' could we do it tomorrow? I'm a little sleepy and a lot hungry."


'Father' said, "Sure Alexi, let's find someplace to eat and then we can go home and you can take a nap."


While we were eating I thought about going to college and became worried since I knew I would be the youngest person in college so I developed another plan…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – continuing


I vociferously complained, "Ira, why did you assault me!"


Ira glared at me and berated, "Miranda, have you lost your sanity? Attacking Kostia's men without waiting for my assistance was futility in exercise!"


I picked myself up and taunted, "Ira, sometimes you remind me of an old woman. You have to abide for the moment."


Ira threatened, "Mira if you continue with your tomfoolery, you may abide for the moment without my assistance. I do question if your cranial carapace has been permanently injured from your alcohol consumption."


I wanted to tell Ira that she was the one who imbibed excessive alcohol, but I did not desire another trouncing so I kept silent.


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


We arrived at the house and Roberto said, "Maria please forgive me, I did not mean to imply that you smelled bad."


Gail once again insulted Maria when she signed, "My sister, Roberto is just being kind, you do smell."


Maria had too much and began to cry so I signed, "Gail, I hope you are happy now! Look what you've done."


Gail tried to apologize to Maria, but Maria wouldn't look at her. We exited the car, walked into the house and Gail signed, "Todd, I'm still starving."


I angrily signed, "Gail, after what you did to your sister I really don't care. Go to your room and leave us alone."


Gail stormed upstairs to her room while I held Maria and tried to comfort her.