Chapter 123

Together Chapter 123

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Present – Thom, Mira, Ben, Jens and Ira – At the hospital parking lot


I'm not sure why Ben and Jennifer don't want me knowing about their next mission but my guess is that it's something that my superiors might not look favorably upon.


Mira instructs Jennifer, "Ms. Blaine, with the Farsi lesson terminated for the day, we can commence your Russian lessons. Please acquire this vehicle's additional seat."


Jennifer takes the passenger seat and then the fun begins…


Ms. Blaine relieves Mr. Blaine of his location in the vehicle so we might start her Russian lessons. I have great concern because this mission will be difficult enough without Ms. Blaine causing additional issues because of her inadequacy in certain skills. I am not certain it was wise for Mr. Blaine to relent to his wife's wishes.


In English I ask, "Ms. Blaine can you converse in Russian?"


She insults me by answering, "Я говорю на русском лучше, чем вы говорите по-английски."


I speak Russian better than you speak English.


I glare at her and complain in Russian, "Ваш русский имеет английский акцент нам нужно будет исправить."


Your Russian has an English accent which we will need to repair.


Ms. Blaine further complains, "Mira why does that matter?"


Mr. Blaine approaches the vehicle and rescues me by saying…


I knew that Jens and Mira were going to go at it since Jens is convinced that Mira and Ira need to learn to speak English correctly. I of course realize they never will (I wish Jens would also realize the fact). Whoever taught them English majorly fucked them up and they have spoken the incorrect way for such a long time. Now, because they don't perceive a problem, there's simply no hope of retraining them.


I walk up to the passenger side of the car where Jens is sitting and state, "Jens, you will learn to speak Russian without an English accent or you won't come on the mission."


Jens begins to complain so I lean down and whisper in her ear, "Jens, this is important to me so please don't fight me on this."


She smiles at me and says, "Okay Ben, I will do this for you. But would it be possible for you to teach me Russian instead of depending on the twins?"


Mira chimes in, "Yes Mr. Blaine, it would be better if you instructed Ms. Blaine in the Russian language."


I take a page from Mira and Ira by stating, "Jens, I can personally train you only if we set aside a specific time each day for your lessons."


Jens complains, "Geez Ben, the next thing you know you will schedule our whole day."


Mira expounds, "Ms. Blaine that is an excellent idea! I would be happy to help you and Mr. Blaine arrange a schedule."


Jens practically explodes, "Mira, there's no way in heck that's going to happen!"


I can't believe it when Mira actually taunts, "What is wrong Ms. Blaine? Are you concerned I will not include enough time for your much too frequent copulations?"


Thom laughs and remarks, "Now that would certainly spoil the mood - having to make love on a schedule."


Things begin to get out of hand when Jens adds a taunt of her own, "Ben, it might not be such a bad idea since I could use about fifteen minutes every hour for 'personal activities'."


Thom continues with the laughing and Mira complains, "Ms. Blaine, I do not feel that Mr. Blaine would be up for the onerous task that frequently."


That comment practically has Thom rolling on the ground with laughter. Mira looks perplexed and asks, "Did I produce an expression of humor?"


Jens leans over and I assume she explains to Mira the double entendre behind what she said and Mira actually blushes.


Thom states, "Damn this is almost as good as the 'Who's on first joke.'"


Mira of course asks, "Who is on first?"


Thom laughs and replies, "Yes, Who's on first."


Mira complains, "I do not know who is on first."


Thom continues, "No, I don't know is on third."


Mira shakes her head and Jens saves us…


I'm sure as hell not going through this whole bovine excrement joke with Thom and Mira so I hold up my hand and order, "Thom let me borrow your phone."


Thom hands me his phone, I search the internet and find a YouTube video of the Abbot and Costello joke. Mira and I watch it together and Mira remarks, "That imparted no sense to me."


Thom still laughs and says, "I would have bet money on that! That reminds me Jennifer, what did we win for being right about the baby being a girl?"


I give Ben a sexy hot look with a wink and reply, "Well Thom I know what I want but I'm not sure what you won."


Thom asks, "Jennifer, what do you want?"

Ben quickly interjects, "Thom you don't want to know what Jens wants. And even though I'm not drinking anymore I will buy you a bottle of booze."


I suggest, "Ben, you could get Thom a bottle of champagne that he can share with Inga."


Ben says, "That's a great idea."


Thom complains, "Like hell it is! Inga and I might be back together but we're taking it slow."


I tease, "What's wrong Thom are you afraid you can't be up that frequently?"


Mira joins in and taunts, "I have heard that at extreme ages, such as that possessed by Thom, many men can no longer be up."


Thom swears, "Leave it to you women to drag the conversation into the gutter. I don't have to stand for this so I'm leaving!"


Thom leaves, I look at Mira and we both begin to giggle…


Ira arrives at the parking lot and informs all, "The infant girl's name is Maria."


I palm my face and complain, "Ira that means we now have two Jennifers and two Marias."

Before Ira can answer Mira says, "My sister, Mr. Blaine has allowed Ms. Blaine to participate on the mission…"


I was sure that Ms. Blaine would not attend this mission since she will be a serious liability. I wish Mr. Blaine would have consulted me first.


I complain, "Ms. Blaine, you are not suitable for this mission."


Ms. Blaine responds, "Like hell I'm not! We've already dealt with the two issues. The first being my eye color, I will be Mr. Blaine's Russian wife and the second being my American accent when I speak Russian because Ben is going to help me lose the accent. You both need to know that where Ben goes, I go."


I add one further stipulation, "Ms. Blaine, if you are coming on this mission your martial arts skills must improve."


Ms. Blaine counters, "Ira, why is that important? It doesn't sound like you will be performing any hand to hand combat."


Mr. Blaine interjects, "Jens, don't worry about it since you'll be a natural for Muay Thai so we can add that to our training regime. We can even get Destiny to train you like she trained me if you would like."


Ms. Blaine crows akin to a rooster, "Good! Then perhaps I can beat Ira and Mira in martial arts."


I finally allow myself to submit to a radical thought and state, "So Mr. Blaine, Destiny taught you Muay Thai while you transversed the Rocky Mountain Trail."


Mr. Blaine confirms, "That's correct Ira. We needed something to do in the evenings that would keep us warm."


I postulate, "It would be most interesting to challenge Destiny to a martial arts contest."


Mr. Blaine gives a hearty laugh, "Yeah, why don't you do that. She would easily defeat both of you simultaneously."

Mira casts doubt on that aspersion, "Mr. Blaine, I highly doubt any one person could defeat both of us."


Mr. Blaine continues with mirth and suggests, "I will ask her if she is interested."


I inquire, "Mr. Blaine, if she is such a valuable asset, perhaps she should come in the mission instead of Ms. Blaine."


Ms. Blaine gives and explosive response, "Ira, have you forgotten what happens when you make me angry?"


I smile at her and remind her, "Ms. Blaine, we know your martial arts cannot defeat us."


Ms. Blaine threatens, "That might be true Ira but did you forget about what I did for Mira at the clinic and also about Yasmeen and Zarika?"


Mr. Blaine asks a clueless question, "Jens, what are you talking about?"


Ms. Blaine says, "Ben, not right now. We will discuss this later."


I understand Ms. Blaine's threat and realize it is not a threat of idle and also realize that because of her unique abilities she could be a substantial asset on the mission so I recant, "Ms. Blaine you are correct, if you are on the mission you would convey other assets for our benefit."


Mr. Blaine asks, "How many people could I have as wives? Because if Destiny came that would be four."


Ms. Blaine foolishly complains, "Four fricken wives! Ben that's some sort of harem that I'm not going to stand for."


I lean close to Ms. Blaine and whisper, "Ms. Blaine, you do not fully understand the parameters of the mission. For us to accompany your husband we would have to pose as his wives. But in name only."


Mira interjects a valid point, "Four wives would not be unheard of in current times. However, we will need to instruct Ms. Blaine on behavior appropriate for a proper wife."


I continue with the idea, "Yes Ms. Blaine, you will need to know your proper place and always walk behind Mr. Blaine."


Ms. Blaine begins once again to become upset so I change the subject and suggest, "Ms. Blaine, you might want to voice your concerns over the baby's name."


She agrees, "That's a great idea." She then departs for the hospital to converse with the maternal unit.


I notice with more than minimum concern that Thom has been listening to the entire conversation…


Present –Liz, Bernie and Jens – At the hospital


We're holding little Maria when Jens walks into the room, smiles at us and says, "You two make beautiful babies, however you might want to change the name."


I ask, "Jens, why's that? Maria is a beautiful name."


Jens says, "Did you two forget about my former girl Friday Maria?"


I swear, Son of a…"


Bernie interrupts me my saying, "…Liz not in front of the baby."


I giggle and continue, "Son of a sea biscuit, I did forget about that. But she seems to like Maria."


Jens suggests, "Liz there are many great girl names, how about Katniss?"


I blink and ask, "You mean like that actress in the Hunger Games movies?"


Jens affirms, "That's the one."


Bernie shoots it down by saying…


I don't care for those movies and I sure don't want my daughter having the name of the bitch that starred in the move so I complain, "I don't know if my vote counts for anything, but I'm going to veto that idea anyway."


Liz asks, "Bernie you haven't been much help coming up with names, how about some of the women in your family?"


I shake my head and say, "Not unless you want to stick her with a real old fashioned name like Penelope or Matilda."


Liz looks at Jens and I can't believe what she asks, "Jens would you mind if we named her after your mother, Evelyn?"


Jens shakes her head and says, "Liz please don't name her that, it would be a constant reminder…"


Liz interrupts, "…Right Jens, I understand. Sorry I asked."


I decide to tease them some so I again suggest, "I know, what about Stacy."


Both Liz and Jens simultaneously attack, "There's no way we're naming her that – I would never hold her if she was given that beotchs name."


Liz complains, "I never thought that naming a baby would be so difficult."


Jens suggests, "Here's a unique name that I've always liked, how about Desiree?"


I reply, "That's a great name."


Liz agrees, "Yeah I like that one too."


Liz looks at our little girl and says, "So what do you think, do you like Desiree?"


Present – Samantha – In Stacy's offices


Vic and I take the van to the airport and the chopper is ready to go since Bill had called them already. The pilot asks, "So we're headed to the same building as last time?"


Vic assures him, "That's correct."


The pilot gives some good information, "Great, I talked to them when we landed on their heliport last time and I have the radio frequency to call them on so we won't have problems this time."


We sit back and enjoy the flight and in no time are at the agency building. The pilot calls on the frequency he was given, we listen in on the headset as he's given clearance to land but they tell him he will need to wait for a few minutes because they have another chopper coming in.


The pilot moves off as we see this huge twin bladed chopper come in and land on the roof. The pilot remarks over the intercom, "Damn that's a CH-47 Chinook, I wonder what the hell they are bringing in on it."


It barely touches down, the back opens like a clam shell and a whole swat team bails out of the back of the chopper. Vic remarks, "Damn those guys know what they're doing, I haven't seen teamwork like that since I was in the Sandbox."


I wonder out loud, "Perhaps we're missing a story."


The CH-47 Chinook leaves, we land and are met by one of the agents who apologizes, "Sorry you had to wait."


I give him a big smile and ask, "What was an FBI swat team doing landing at this building?"


The agent tells an obvious lie, "It was just a training mission."


I pull my tablet out of my backpack and begin to check the other stations but so far none of them have any emergency reports.


The agent orders, "Samantha, you will need to put the tablet away while you're in the building."


I smile at him, shut it down and put it back in my pack.


He begins to escort us inside and says, "I'm assuming you're here to see Stacy Summers."


I reply, "You're right, we would like to see her."


He states, "Samantha, you can see her however your body guard will need to wait in a private office."


Vic hands over all his weapons and says, "I bet you want these too?"


The agent says, "Thanks. That was coming next."


They take Vic to his room and escort me into a different room. It takes some time until they finally bring Stacy in. She's in shackles and they shackle her to the table. The agent who brought her in warns, "We will be watching so please don't attempt to touch each other."


Stacy smiles at me and I ask, "How are they treating you?"


She yells, "The fuckers are treating me like shit!"


I'm shocked by her answer, then she smiles and says, "Don't worry Sam, I was giving them a bad time. Things are as good as they can be."


I mention, "Stacy, Bill and I read the information on Jennifer being a witch…"


Stacy interrupts, "… You mean the witch bitch?"


I continue, "The evidence is pretty damning but there's a huge problem."


Stacy smiles and says, "I know it's damning, so what's the problem?"


I try to explain, "Stacy I don't have any idea what to do with it. I really can't do a broadcast on this, I would be laughed off the air. Do you have any idea what to do with the material?"


Stacy looks disappointed and says, "Yeah I guess you really can't do a report on it, but just having you and Bill believe me means the world to me."


I give Stacy my follow up idea, "I thought I would take the plane and head to New Orleans to see if I can get any more ideas on how to deal with this."


Stacy smiles and says, "Sam, that's a great idea since there are many voodoo priests down there. Perhaps you can find something to cancel the love spell the witch bitch put on Ben."


I wasn't sure that Jennifer had put a 'love spell' on Ben but I smile and reply, "Well, I need to get moving on this, is there anything you need?"


Stacy says, "I would love to give you a hug but I know we can't."


I smile at her and say, "I will let you know what I find out after I return from the trip."


The agent comes and pats down Stacy to make sure I didn't pass anything to her. They take her out and the other agent comes and escorts me toward the helipad; we pick up Vic on the way. We get to the roof and the agent asks, "Samantha, I don't suppose that you would consider going on a date with me sometime?"


I smile at him and tell him the truth, "Sorry, but I'm still recovering from my divorce. Feel free to ask again in about 6 or 7 months."


We climb into the chopper and Vic teases, "I knew sooner or later they were going to start hitting you up for dates."


We take off, I pull out my tablet and swear, "I knew something was going on!" I ask the pilot whether can we head over to the Denver mint, since that's where the swat team we saw was headed."


He replies, "Of course we can, but the problem is there's no place to land."


Vic suggests, "We should land back on the heliport and take ground transportation to the scene."


The pilot makes the call, we land and are met by the agent again who asks, "Don't tell me you changed your mind?"


I smile at him and say, "Nope. But we finally found out where your swat team went and are heading there ourselves."


I could tell he wasn't happy as he escorted us downstairs and asks the desk, "Please call Ms. Stevens a taxi."


It doesn't take long for the taxi to arrive, but then we ran into hellacious traffic getting to the mint. We were still more than ten blocks from the mint when Vic suggests, "The traffic isn't going anywhere so we should run."


I agree, pay the driver, we jump out of the taxi and Vic asks, "Where's your camera."


I reach into my backpack, pull out a SONY PXWFS5K 4K handheld camera, hand it to Vic and order, "You're going to be my camera operator."


I give him quick instructions on how to run the camera and begin my report…