Chapter 125

Together Chapter 125

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Two weeks later – Jens, Ben, Mira and Ira – At the cabin


I have been diligently studying both my Russian with Ben (he's such and excellent teacher) and Muay Thai with Destiny. They have both been brutal with me. I finish my latest Muay Thai training session with Destiny and she announces, "Jennifer, the time has arrived for you to challenge Mira and Ira."


I jump up and down in excitement and ask, "Destiny are you sure?"


Destiny smiles at me and says, "Yes Jennifer, your progress has been exceptional and shows that you have spent many extra hours practicing between our lessons."


Destiny didn't know the half of it! All I had been doing (well other than performing my wifely duties toward Ben) was practicing Muay Thai along with the other martial arts Destiny was teaching me and perfecting my Russian. The Russian practice was much more fun because Ben and I did 'special' things when I was a good student - and I was a very good student.


I find Mira and Ira engaged in their reading time and interrupt, "Destiny says that I can now kick both your rears."


OMG, I almost forgot! Ben did talk Destiny into sparring with Mira and Ira and she promptly kicked both their rears at the same time. It was great because she used so many different martial arts on them they had no idea what she was doing.


Mira looks up from her book and starts, "Ms. Blaine, we will be happy to defeat you in martial arts competition…"


Ira completes the sentence, "… after our allotted reading time expires."


I began to taunt by clucking like a chicken, "Bwack, bwack! Mira and Ira are afraid of me."


Ira angrily states, "Ms. Blaine, do not precipitate such falsehoods,"


I continue to taunt, "Wait, didn't Destiny defeat both of you simultaneously?"


Mira counters, "Ms. Blaine, Destiny was fortunate that we didn't join forces against her."


Destiny (who always seems to be in the right place at the right time) walks into the room, hears Mira's comment and offers, "I would be willing to accept that challenge. However, I will still win."


Ira counters, "Pride comes before a declination."


Destiny laughs that unusual musical laugh of hers and says, "Knowing a fact is not pride. I know I will conquer both of you again because I know how you fight."


Mira states, "Destiny, you do not know how we fight together as we are synergistic when we conjoin our individual abilities."


Destiny yawns and affirms, "It will not matter because your technique is too structured, just like your lives."


Ira places her book on the table and counters, "Our lives are structured so we do not waste time, unlike you wastrels of time whose life is totally random."


I help Destiny out, "Destiny had no problem coming here at the same time each day to teach me."


Mira says, "My sister, perhaps it is time we teach both Ms. Blaine and Destiny a martial arts lesson."


Ira agrees, "Yes Mira, you are correct."


Destiny says, "First challenge Jennifer. When she beats each of you I will beat both of you as you simultaneously challenge me."


I clap my hands and announce, "I can't wait for a maniped! Perhaps I will have one of you do my manicure while the other does my pedicure."


Mira states, "Ms. Blaine, we will change into our GIs and meet you in the gymnasium in twenty minutes."


Destiny and I head back to the gym and Destiny gives me some valuable advice, "Jennifer, do not be intimidated by the twins. While they have excellent martial art abilities, they have a serious weakness which I mentioned while they were reading. Their technique, like their life, is too structured. Until they acknowledge this weakness they are vulnerable because their attacks are always the same. Make your attacks random and rotate randomly through the martial arts I have taught you and you will be victorious."


Ben comes into the gym, smiles at me and says…


I have had a busy two weeks: My Farsi lessons are almost complete plus Destiny has me busy working on the Spiritual aspect of my life. I'm in meditation and sense that Jens is going to spar with the twins, so I wander into the gym, smile at Jens and ask, "So, today is finally the day?"


Jens hops up and down like a child and replies, "That's right, it's going to be so good to finally kick their rears."


I walk over, hug my wife and remark, "Jens, I'm so proud of how hard you've worked, not just on marital arts but also on your Russian."


Jens kisses me (it's one of those kisses that's full of promise for later) as the twins walk into the gym and Mira complains, "Ms. Blaine, we are here to evaluate your marital arts abilities not to observe you playing hockey of tonsil with Mr. Blaine."


Jens grins at them and replies, "Why should I not play since this was my allotted time to kiss my husband."


Ira counters, "Ms. Blaine I consider that there is too much time allotted for that task."


Jens kisses me again and giggles, "No fricken way! There's never enough time to kiss my Ben."


I swat Jens' butt and say, "Go kick both their asses."


Mira counters, "Mr. Blaine such an event is not likely to occur."


I grin at Mira and challenge, "When Jens is done mopping the mat with the two of you, I will fight both of you at the same time."


Ira remarks, "I would enjoy that Mr. Blaine since we still have not seen your 'mystery' martial art that you learned from Destiny."


Jens and Mira approach each other in the center of the mat. They bow respectfully and Mira immediately launches into an attack which Jens easily counters.


Destiny comments, "Ben, the twins do not stand a chance - I told Jennifer of their weakness."


I smile at Destiny and reply, "I noticed that Jens was ready for the fast attack from Mira."


Destiny laughs her unique laugh and says, "Yes, Mira always tries that trick. Last time that was how she beat Jennifer."


With the opening volley of Mira's attack blocked, she falls back to her next routine. Jens is waiting for her, takes her down hard and delivers some pulled punches. Mira kips up and remarks, "Ms. Blaine, your skills have greatly increased."


Jens brags, "You bet they have and now I'm going to end this sparring match."


Jens goes on the offensive where she's practically a blur of pulled fists, elbows and knees  catching Mira totally off guard. Mira wisely submits, "Ms. Blaine, if this was genuine combat you would have defeated me."


Jens looks at me and I motion her over. She comes to me, I hug her and say, "Honey, I'm proud of you! That was excellent."


Jens smiles and whispers, "Ben that was so easy. Once Destiny told me their secret I think I could beat them both at once."


I caution, "Jens they fight differently as a team so first watch me fight them before you issue that challenge."


Destiny confirms, "Yes Jennifer, Ben is correct. Watch their fighting technique when they fight together, it will be exactly the same when you issue the challenge."


Ira announces, "Ms. Blaine, your performance was admirable, however you have yet to defeat me."


They meet in the middle of the mat and bow. Unlike Mira but just as she had in their previous match, Ira doesn't initiate an attack. Instead she steps back and waits for Jens to attack.


Jens smiles and fakes an attack. Ira responds to the fake attack and then Jens easily goes in for the kill. She flings Ira across the mat like a child throwing a doll. Ira lands on her back, jumps up and attacks Jens who was waiting for it and finishes Ira. Ira submits, "Ms. Blaine, I cannot believe that you defeated me."


Jens jumps up and down, runs around the mat and whoops, "I finally did it!" She comes over, hugs Destiny and says, "Thank you so much for teaching me so well and for the advice."


Mira asks…


I did not like the fact that Ms. Blaine defeated both of us. From what she said to Destiny I realize there is a secret they share so I inquire, "Ms. Blaine what is this advice to which you allude?"


Ms. Blaine waffles and obviously lies, "Sorry Mira, I'm not sure what you mean."


Destiny announces, "Mira and Ira, it was what I told you earlier. Once your technique is revealed by observation, it never varies. Jennifer knew what you were going to do before you even did it."


I incredulously demand, "Are you saying Ms. Blaine knew I would perform an immediate attack after the opening bow?"


Ms. Blaine says, "Yes Mira, I knew it was coming so it wasn't a surprise. You do that in every fight."


I retreat and begin a discussion with my sister…


Ira comes over and we begin a discussion.


"My sister Mira, I do believe that Destiny is correct, I do remember that you always try a rapid attack after the opening bow."


Mira says, "And you my sister always wait for the opponent to attack first."


I ask, "Mira, perhaps this is a weakness in our combat technique. I always assumed that practicing the same move multiple times leads to the perfection of the moves."


Destiny, who has very acute auditory units comments, "Yes it leads to the perfection of the moves but the problem is that the combinations you use never vary. So every fight you two engage in is identical."


I ask, "Destiny, is this how you defeated us simultaneously?"


Destiny laughs and says, "No, I defeated you simultaneously because I am better than both of you."


Now that we have this new factoid, I look at Mira and suggest, "My sister when we spar with Mr. Blaine we will need to randomize our attacks."


Mira agrees, "Yes my sister, perhaps we might even regain some of our lost glory."


I look at Mr. Blaine and ask, "Mr. Blaine, you have not changed into a gi."


He smiles and replies, "No girls I won't need to."


He removes his boots, steps onto the mat, we face each other and bow. This time I perform a rapid attack instead of Mira. Mr. Blaine however is not surprised as he uses a very effective arm bar on me and forces me to the mat where I have to submit before he breaks my arm. I warn Mira, "Mr. Blaine's 'mystery' martial art is Aikido."


Mira pauses and waits for an opening however one never comes. Finally Mr. Blaine falls back to Capoeira and Mira is easily defeated.


I approach Destiny and inquire, "Sensei, would you be willing to instruct both of us?"


Mira approaches and adds, "Yes sensei, we would benefit from your instruction."


Destiny laughs and says, "Girls, I am no sensei. However I will gladly instruct both of you."

We both bow respectfully and I say, "Thank you Destiny. It is obvious we could both use further instruction.


Ms. Blaine interrupts, "Okay girls I'm ready for a maniped, which one of you starts first?"


Mira relents, "Ms. Blaine, since you defeated me first I will give you a maniped."


Mr. Blaine's new phone rings…


Two weeks later –Liz, Bernie and Desiree – At the cabin


Hell, I never knew that being a mother was so much fun or I would have… Wait that's not right I couldn't be a mother until Jens used her 'magic' to fix me and I've totally neglected to thank her for this.


You never really know what sort of father a husband will be until it happens and I'm proud to say that Bernie's been incredible. Hell, he's gotten up and fed Desiree most nights so I could get the sleep that I've sorely needed.


Speaking of sore, I am still really sore down there. I assumed I would have an episiotomy1, however they don't routinely do that anymore. But things don't feel well enough yet for Bernie's liking. Yeah, he's ready to try to give Desiree a little brother or sister, but I have other ideas about that. Having one child in diapers at a time is enough or me.


Episiotomy (also known as perineotomy) A surgical incision of the perineum and the posterior vaginal wall generally done bya midwife or obstetrician during second stage of labor to quickly enlarge the opening for the baby to pass through.


Maria and even Linus have been a great help to both of us. I guess they remember what it was like when they had Jennifer. I can't believe they had Jennifer with no help. Of course there is no shortage of baby sitters around here, heck even Samantha has offered to babysit for us. I'm just hesitant to let our beautiful little Desiree out of our sight. I even bring her with us when we head to the cafeteria to eat. Of course Mabel demands to hold her so we can eat in peace.


Bernie walks into our room and says, "Liz, I think we need to take Desiree for a walk outside."


I look at Bernie and realize that he's had his fill of being cooped up so I ask, "What are we going to carry Desiree in?"


Bernie surprises me when he opens the door, walks outside the room and rolls in a brand new baby jogger. I practically squeal with glee and announce, "Come on Desiree, we're going outside."


I check her diaper (which is fine) begin to get her into a onesie, then of course a jacket and Bernie complains…


Liz is putting too many damn clothes on Desiree so I say, "Liz, it's really not cold outside today. Do you think she needs all those clothes?"


Liz gives me a strange look and answers, "Bernie, I don't want her to catch a cold."


I really love Liz, but this has been a struggle for us. She wants Desiree bundled up like crazy and I don't think she needs all the clothes that Liz keeps on her. I even talked to Linus some about this and he told me that at first Maria was the same way with Jennifer but has calmed down as Jennifer has gotten older. So Linus suggested I give Liz the room she needs to adapt.


Adapting is another thing I've had to do. I thought that Liz would be ready to 'go' much sooner than this, but we haven't had sex or anything else since Desiree was born. Once again I asked Linus and got the same answer: Be patient; then he told me something really depressing - that sex with Maria had never been the same since the birth. I sure hope that he was wrong about this, because before Desiree, Liz and I were great at sex and I would sure hate to lose that aspect of our relationship. In the meantime I had been taking lots of long, hot showers to relieve my personal needs.


Liz finally has Desiree in her onesie and (I can't believe it) a snow suit. I want to complain but I don't want to ruin the walk so I keep my mouth shut and help Liz get Desiree fitted into the baby jogger. Yeah, I can't believe it: Even though Desiree can't even roll over yet, Liz wants all the fucking straps on her - it's not like we're going for a real run or anything.


We begin to head outside, meet Thom and he asks the obvious, "Taking the baby out for a walk?"


Liz says, "Yes, it's our first trip outside ever." Liz holds up the ever present camera to document Desiree's trip.


Thom suggests, "It might be a good idea to take a couple of security guards with you."


Liz gives Thom a frightened look as she remembers, "Shit, I forgot that the cabin is still a target. Bernie perhaps we should…"


I interrupt, "…Liz, we're getting some fresh air whether you like it or not. And of course we will bring a couple of security guards."


Thom further informs us, "I will make sure that Gretchen has the drones up and running for over watch and don't worry, we have all the normal guards stationed around the cabin."


Thom leaves for the control room while Liz and I head into the garage and pick up a couple of security guards for the walk.


Once we get outside, Liz finally relaxes some and says, "Bernie, thanks for the baby jogger, I can't wait until I can start running again."


I boldly suggest, "Liz, there's no time like the present to try it out."


Liz bites her lip and asks, "Do you really think I could run a little?"


We hear the drone buzz overhead, so I know that we're covered. I look at the security guards and ask, "Do you mind if we run just a little?"


The main guard replies, "No problem with me."


So we begin to run a little, Desiree loves it and promptly falls asleep.


Liz remarks, "Bernie, I've forgotten how good running feels…


Present – Samantha – Report from the Denver Mint


Vic and I arrive at the Denver Mint and the FBI swat team has it surrounded. I pull a mirror out of my backpack, make sure my 'game' face is on and my hair is good. I nod to Vic, he presses the record button and I begin my report.


"Greetings America, I'm Samantha Stevens with the Truth Network. We're at the site of the Denver Mint where and FBI swat team has the building surrounded. There are unconfirmed rumors that someone has tried to rob the Mint. This has only happened once in the past, that was on December 18th 1922. I will work my way closer to see if we can ask a police officer what is happening."


We work our way up to a Denver Policeman and I ask, "Sir, I am Samantha Stevens with the Truth Network, could you please give us more information about what is happening?"


He looks at me, smiles and says, "Hello Samantha, the only thing we know for sure is that the alarm was tripped at the Denver Mint. When that happens we respond immediately."


I continue with the questions, "Sir, if it was just an alarm then what is the FBI swat team doing here?"


He doesn't turn this time and just replies, "I'm not really sure. The Mint usually has a staff of about fifty security guards so the FBI seems redundant to me."


Vic motions behind me and I turn and notice, "Everyone, it looks like the Mint security people and the FBI swat team are bringing a group of people out." I notice that Vic has the camera pointed at them and I can only assume that he's zoomed in on them.


The swat team leaves and the policeman says, "Well, I guess that's over."


I thank him, "Thank you officer for giving us your time."


Vic kills the camera and says, "Well, I'm not sure what happened."


I reply, "Neither am I, but let's get back to the chopper and then we're headed to New Orleans."


Vic asks, "What's in New Orleans?"


I smile at him and reply, "Hopefully some answers to a question I have."


We find a taxi headed away from the scene, get in back and the driver says, "Hey, you're Samantha Stevens - we watch you all the time."


I blush and answer, "Thank you for being a loyal viewer."


The driver continues, "We loved your fight with the Adele Arakawa - you really put her in her place."


I blush even worse and apologize, "Sorry about that but she had been very rude to me in the past."


The driver laughs, "Well I guess you showed her who's the boss."


We arrive at the FBI building, I pay the driver and he asks, "Hey if you're not doing something one of these night it would be…"


I interrupt, "…Sorry but I was divorced 6 or 7 months ago and I'm not ready to date yet."


Vic gives me the 'I told you so' look as we wait for the agent to arrive and escort us to the helipad. I glare at Vic and declare, "Don't say a word!"


Vic grins and replies, "Yes boss lady."


The agent comes and escorts us to the helipad. We're in the air when Vic's ancient as a dinosaur phone rings. He answers it, listens to the conversation and says, "It's Gretchen and she says she has a new phone for you."


I smile and say, "Good we will stop by the tunnels so I can change clothes, grab the phone and pick up John and the camera."


Vic asks, "You think there might be a news story in New Orleans?"


I reply, "I don't know, but I want to be ready just in case."


Vic questions, "Will we be home for dinner?"


I think for a little and reply, "Probably not, you might want to call Mallory and let her know."


Vic gives me a strange look and reminds me, "Samantha, you still need to come to our house for dinner."


I silently swear and reply, "Vic, you're right. Why don't we plan on having a late dinner at your house tonight?"


Vic calls his wife Mallory and asks her if tonight would be good for me to come to dinner. He finishes the call with many 'I love yous'. When he's finished he says, Mallory said tonight would be great for dinner, she's looking forward to meeting you."


I comment, "I don't know how she can think that you and I would be doing anything, it's obvious to me that you really love her."


Vic confesses, "I think it's because I broke up with her for a short time before I knew she was pregnant. Ever since then she's felt insecure."


I say, "Well, I will do my best tonight to make her realize how much you love her, by the way, why did you break up with her?"


Vic looks down and confesses, "At the time, I didn't have a job and we were fighting all the time over money. I couldn't stand it anymore so I left."


I made a decision that I would reveal to both of them tonight. I just hoped the other board members for the Truth Network wouldn't mind…


Present – Stacy – In a new room


I feel better because my BFF Sam believes me and from what she said so does Bill. It took them both long enough though. And Sam is right even if she does believe me - it's not like she can do a news report on it. If only I had been born 100 or so years ago, we'd be hanging the witch bitch tomorrow. The agent comes in my room and I complain, "What the hell do you want now?"


The agent gets mouthy and replies, "Well, I was going to move you to a better room but perhaps I should just leave you here."


I taunted, "What a big man that makes you, threatening me. Well if that's what makes you hard then it's fine with me."


He commands, "Face the wall again."


I go through the procedure. He feels me up to make sure I don't have any weapons, then they put the shackles on me and move me into a much nicer room which even has a built in TV.


I smile because I know that my lawyers must be doing their jobs otherwise I'd still be in that shithole of a room.


He begins to leave and I ask, "Where's the remote for the TV."


He scowls at me and replies, "You are the remote for the TV."


He leaves and I turn on the TV to see what channels I get…