Chapter 126

Together Chapter 126

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Flashback – Masha, Louise and Tanya – Help from the lawyer


I was so furious regarding the reports that the дурак (fool) John Rowan had been presenting about me that I could barely think straight. Louise didn't help when she suggested I kick his derriere because that's exactly what I desired to do. Tanya the lawyer gave me something to think about when she informed me I could be deported if assaulted him so I calmed down and asked, "Tanya, how then will we counter what John Rowan said?"


Tanya smiled at me and said, "For a news reporter Martina isn't bad so I think we could trust her to do a fair report on you. It might be especially effective if I vet the questions before she asks them."


Louise was still fired up and said, "I still think that he needs his ass kicked."


Tanya agreed, "Of course he does. But there are other ways to get even than resorting to physical violence."


Louise asked, "What sort of ways are you thinking about?"


Tanya smiled and replied, "If he was caught in a compromising position with someone who wasn't his wife…"


Louise interrupted, "… I'll volunteer for that job!"


Tanya destroyed Louise's hope, "Sorry, but he knows you so that's not going to work - besides you're not his type. However I do have a female client who might be perfect for the job."


I inquired, "So what is his type?"


Tanya laughed and said, "The sluttier the better. Now first let's call Martina and get her back here for the interview. Then I will call my friend and a PI and get them working on John Rowan."


Tanya makes the calls while Louise and I listen. She disconnects her phone and says, "Martina will be here later today and agrees that I will have to approve the questions. And once I get my other friend out of jail she will start working on John for us."


Louise asked, "Why is your friend in jail?"


Tanya replied, "Because she makes her living as a lady of the night."


I give Louise a confused look so she leans over and explains…


It's obvious to me that Masha doesn't understand the term that Tanya used so I lean over and whisper, "Masha, a lady of the night is a prostitute."


Masha gives me a shocked look and whispers, "Why would Tanya be a lawyer for such a woman?"


I continue with the whisper, "You should ask her?"


Masha didn't need to ask Tanya because she noticed we had been whispering and said, "I'm sure that you two are discussing why I would defend a prostitute? Everyone is entitled to good defense even women who have made and continue to make mistakes."


Then Tanya surprises us when she asks…


I can tell that Masha is bothered with the fact that I defend a prostitute. If Masha knew the reasons my client became a prostitute it would probably help. However because she's my client I can't reveal anything to Masha. So instead I offered, "If it bothers you that I defend a prostitute, then you are welcome to find a new lawyer."


Masha thought for a few moments and replied, "Tanya, you are correct. Prostitutes are entitled to a good defense. While I do not know the details of the situation, I do trust that you have a good reason to defend her."


With that problem solved I begin to talk to Masha, "Masha, John Rowan is going to look for any reason to make you look bad so can you tell me about all the things you have done since you've come to America."


Masha replied, "Tanya, you already know about the teenage gang on the bus. I also killed the girl gang leader here in my living room when she broke into the house. Then there was the men who raped the women and who I helped the police arrest."


I asked, "Masha how did you get involved in that situation? From what I understand you went to the bar where they worked?"


Louise explained, "Masha went because I told her about the man who raped me and kept bothering me."


This gave me some concern so I asked, "Masha, what was your intent when you went to that bar?"


Masha looked down and then asked, "Do you wish the truth?"


I clarified, "Yes, I want the truth."


Masha replied, "Tanya, I went there with plans to kill them for what they did and were still doing to Louise…"


I quickly interrupted, "…Masha don't ever say that again. When you are asked why you went to the bar, tell them that you wanted to get revenge for what the men did to Louise."


Masha asked, "So you want me to lie about this?"


I nodded my head and continued, "You bet I do. You will be called as a witness for this case and if you tell the jury you went there to kill the men, then you will lose all credibility."


Masha looked down and said, "Tanya, I am not sure I can lie about this."


I wanted to slap some sense into her, but knew that wouldn't work so instead I asked, "So, you're telling me you would rather be deported back to Russia with no hope of coming back to see your husband."


Masha glared at me and said, "No! I do not wish to be deported. While America isn't that much better than Russia, if lying about this is a requirement to stay here for my husband I will comply. However, I do not like it."


With that problem solved I began to coach Masha on the upcoming interview. It was just in time because Martina showed up after thirty minutes…


The interview was over and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Tanya had been a great help and even made sure I wore a nice outfit for the interview. Tanya and Martina went over the questions together, so I got to hear them before Martina asked them. The only question I really didn't care for was 'How do you feel about the base commander canceling leave for the troops?'.


I told Martina how the police department had promised to have officers posted here 24 hours a day after the teenage gang leader attacked my house and then I told her the police had stopped providing that security. I continued with the fact that I didn't ask the base commander to cancel the leave and was sorry if it caused problems in the community. I merely reported that the police department had failed to deliver on its promise to the base commander.


When we were completed Martina thanked me for the interview and my hospitality. Then she left to get the interview on the air as soon as possible.


Louise remarked, "Auntie Masha, you did great."


Tanya reinforced, "Yes that was a good interview and should go far in protecting you from John Rowan's lies."


I looked forward to all of this being behind me.


Flashback – Ben – Back at the hospital


I looked at Jack and asked, "Jack can you help me with my stuff so I can assist the doctors with the boys?"


Jack replied, "Sure thing Banzai. I hope that you tortured the fuck out of the bastard who did those things to the little girls."


I began taking off my gear and replied, "He was already dead by the time we got into the room. A flash bang unintentionally blew a hole in his chest. However Amir pissed on him before we set the building on fire."


Amir walked up and said, "Ben, that is not all I did."


He held up something and Jack asked, "Is that the fucker's penis?"


Amir smiled and said, "Yes, now when he gets to heaven he will have no use for the 72 virgins his religion says he get."


Jack and I looked at each other and I wondered how fucked up Amir was. A nurse interrupted my thoughts when she walked by, purposefully brushed against me and handed me some scrubs. She smiled real big and said, "These should fit you perfectly."


Jack laughed and said, "Damn Banzai don't tell me it's going to continue here?"


I complained, "Not if I have my way it's not!"


I was in the scrubs and the doctor said, "Work with the nurse and she will tell you what each boy needs."


I sure as fuck didn't like the sound of that because the further I stayed away from these sex crazed nurses, the better. Hell, all I wanted to do was to get back into my gear and rescue more of these children.


Flashback – Jack – At the hospital


Once I figured out that Banzai was going to be in good (and feminine hands), I took off to check on the troops while I silently chuckled to myself about the nurses and Banzai.


John was true to his word. The Pvt. manning the com system came out of the room and announced to me, "Sgt. Reynolds, the additional medical team is in route. They should arrive Ricky-tick."


I glared at the Pvt. and demanded, "How the fuck long is 'Ricky-tick'?"


He gave me a sheepish look and replied, "Sgt. I'm just repeating the message, but I think I hear the chopper now."


My ears must be getting old because it was another few minutes before I heard the chopper. I told the Pvt. manning the com to request a flare from artillery and he waffled, "Sgt. that's something the Lieutenant normally does."


This was going to be good! I ordered the Pvt., "Then goes wake up the Lieutenant and tell him he needs to call in a fire mission for the flare."


The Pvt. complained, "Sgt., if I wake up…"


I interrupted, "…If you don't wake up the Lieutenant and get the fire mission for the flare, I will put my size 10 boot up your ass."


The Pvt. left to wake up the Lieutenant and I grinned. The brilliant Cpl. who fixed everything came up and asked, "Sgt. should I turn on the spotlights on the roof?"


I asked, "When did we get spotlights for the roof?"


The Cpl. replied, "Sgt. they've always been there, but I reconnected them yesterday."


I smiled and said, "Hell yeah, turn on the spotlights."


I knew I should have stopped the Pvt. from waking up the Lieutenant because the flare mission wasn't needed anymore, but I decided (with an evil smile) I would be too late to catch him.


I did hear the Lieutenant berating the Pvt. for waking him up. He came up to me and demanded, "Sgt. was waking me up your idea?"


I smiled and replied, "No Sir! I was told that since only you call in fire missions, I didn't want to overstep my boundaries. But we don't need it anymore anyway."


The Lieutenant looked dumbfounded and asked, "Why is that Sgt. Reynolds?"


I hid the shit eating grin and replied, "We have spotlights for the roof that should be coming on…" The whole place lit up and I finished, "Now."


The Lieutenant turned to leave and I asked, "Sir! Don't you want to meet the new medical staff, it is your responsibility to meet them when they arrive?"


He grumbled and said, "Sgt. I don't need you to remind me of my duty."


He headed to the roof while I laughed my ass off…


Flashback – Jennifer – At home


Daniela and Jed were taking a walk and I was going to head up to my room and study a bit of Grandmother's book when Daddy offered, "Jennifer, why don't we watch something on television."


I could tell Daddy missed mother so I complied with a suggested restriction, "Okay Daddy, as long as it's not one of those stupid football games." Yeah, I hated watching those and couldn't understand why men were obsessed with them.


Daddy shocked me when he offered, "Great and I will even let you run the remote control."


Wow Daddy must really miss mother! He's never offered to let me be in command of the television remote control before.


We both sat on the couch and Daddy handed me the remote, I turned it on, found the cable television menu and began to search. I found a ballet that I would like to watch but I knew Daddy would be bored mindlessly by it. Finally I found a show that we should both like, punched the buttons for the channel and we were watching a shooting show.


Daddy praised me, "Thank you Jennifer, I was worried we were going to watch the ballet."


I confessed, "Daddy, I'm not sure I want to keep dancing. I will only keep dancing if mother demands it of me."


Daddy laughed and said, "Well then Jennifer, my guess is that you are going to keep dancing. I don't think Evelyn is ready to have you stop."


I sighed and complained, "Yeah I figured she would. She wants me to be a prima ballerina and I sure don't want to become one."


Daddy laughed and confirmed, "Yes, I don't see my little tom girl ever becoming a prima ballerina. In fact I get a kick out of watching you dance because it's so unlike you."


I smiled and said, "Now if they could dance in camo and boots I might be more interested."


Daddy stated, "I have no idea how you can tolerate those shoes – combat boots would probably work better."


I grin at Daddy and tease, "Yeah, they are much too uncomfortable for a man to tolerate."


The front door opens, Daniela and Jed walk in, I rush over and notice Daniela's face is flushed so I can't wait to ask her what happened. Daddy yelled from the den, "Jed, grab another beer and I'm in here."


Daniela got Jed anther beer from the refrigerator while Jed walked into the den and asked, "Isn't there a game on tonight?"


Daddy replied, "There sure is, let me find it."


I looked at Daniela and asked, "Well how was your walk?"


She blushed and said, "Señorita Jennifer, it was unlike any walk I have ever been on."


I probed her with a question, "What do you mean, he didn't try anything did he?"


Daniela looked shocked and replied, "No Señorita Jennifer, all we did was hold hands and walk."


I felt better when she told me that and I explained, "Daddy and Jed are watching football, do you like football?"


Daniela asked, "Do you mean American football?"


I giggled and replied, "Yeah I do. I forgot that what we call soccer is football in your country."


Daniela complained, "I don't understand American football."


I suggested, "Perhaps you can get Jed to explain it to you."


Daniela hurried into the den to watch football with Daddy and Jed while I went to my room.


When I arrived in my room Grandmother surprised me, "Jennifer, I have been waiting for you, it's time to begin your lessons."


I asked, "Lessons, what lessons?"


Grandmother replied, "Your witch lessons of course."


And every night after that Grandmother came to teach me how to be a good witch…


Flashback – Alexi – At home


I really liked the thought of being able to take university classes at home so I hoped that 'father' would get good news from the university tomorrow. When I slept that night I had some bad dreams about older students at the university torturing me. 'Father' even came into my room, woke me and asked, "Alexi, what was your bad dream about?"


I replied, "'Father' I was being tortured by the older university students."


"Father' assured me, "Alexi, we will figure out some way for you to take the university classes without having to attend the university."


That made me happy and I slept the rest of the night without bad dreams.


'Father' did call the university first thing in the morning and had a long discussion with them. When he finished he smiled at me and said, "Alexi, good news. They do offer all the courses without requiring attendance other than you will have to meet weekly with the teacher for a test. They even have all the lectures on videotape."


I smiled and replied, "Thank you 'father' this is perfect."


Later that day, 'father' and I went to the university, met with my teachers then picked up my books, assignments and video tapes of the lectures. When we were back at the house I cleared a special place in my room on the bookcase for the university materials and then asked 'father', "Could I start working on the subjects today?"


'Father' smiled and said, "Of course Alexi."


I took the first video tape to the tape player and began my life as a university student.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – continuing


Our attack was devastating and the troops stood no chance of survival. One troop survived and with similarity of cowardice pleaded for his life, "Please girls if you do not kill me I will give you important information."


I stated, "Give us your information and we will determine whether we should spare your life."


He said, "We are the last of Kostia's troops, you have killed all the rest."


I replied, "This information is worth of sparing your menial life only if you deliver our message of reply to Kostia."


The man hopefully asked, "What message would you like me to deliver?"


Mira said, "Tell Kostia that he is the male offspring of female saluki and that we are waiting for him if he possesses the manly parts necessary to endeavor to locate us."


I motioned to him with my rifle and he quickly jumped up and ran away. Now we needed to wait for Kostia…


Flashback – Todd – On the mission


I had spent enough time here and it was time for me to take revenge on 'the company' for the problems they had caused me. During dinner I signed, "Tomorrow I will need to leave on business."

Maria's face turned white and Gail complained, "Todd, I thought you liked it here."


I return signed, "I do my little one, but there are things that I need to finish and since things are now settled and in good shape here, I need to get to other tasks."


Maria cried, "Todd, who will take care of us if you are not here?"


I signed, "Roberto will be stopping by daily to teach you martial arts and I will leave enough money so that he can buy some food for all of you."


Gail signed, "I hope you leave him a bunch of money."


Maria laughed and I mimed a laugh and returned, "Don't worry, I'm going to set up a bank account for the two of you."


Maria looked into my eyes and asked, "Todd, Can't I do anything to change your mind?"


I shook my head and replied, "Sorry Maria, but we all knew the time was coming for me to return to work."


That night Maria came into my room and made sure I knew what I would be missing…