Chapter 127

Together Chapter 127

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Another two weeks later –Ben, Jens, Mira and Ira – At the cabin


Well, the day has finally come and it's time for us to leave on our mission. My Farsi is practically perfect; Jens' Russian has no American accent; Destiny has honed our martial arts skills (including those of Mira and Ira) to a keen edge; and Jens has learned to act her place as a wife. The most unfortunate part of leaving is that Destiny won't be coming with us. We all practically begged her to come (Mira and Ira even tried to bribe her to come) but Destiny said 'These are your battles to fight.'


I pull Thom to the side before we leave to say, "Thom, we're leaving for an extended time. As head of security and construction on the cabin, keep up the good work."


Thom asks, "I gather you don't want me to know where you're going or what your plans are?"


I smile at him and reply, "The fewer who know the better, so I'm not telling you. I will have my phone and it will work internationally and before you even try Gretchen says that you can't trace it."


Yeah I forgot to mention, Gretchen found us some great phones! They are Blackberry DTEK50s1. Jens loves hers and went on about how blackberry hardened this and that and how secure they were. I didn't care since it ran Android and also my two apps, Strelok+ and Shooter just fine.




Thom says, "Well take care of yourself and we are projecting the cabin to be finished in one more week."


I congratulate him, "Thanks to you Thom. When we get back we will have a sit down and let you know where we were and what we did."


Thom asks, "Should I run the Cobra and your new truck every week or so?"


I think for a moment and reply, "Thom, we're not sure how long this will take so please run both the vehicles weekly. If we're gone more than six months, get the oil and filters changed on both the Cobra and my new truck. Don't forget we use Mobil 1 synthetic oil."


That reminds me, the phone call I got at the end of the last chapter was the body shop. Jens' Cobra was done, the name on the door was changed to her name and they did an excellent graphic on the trunk of the ready to strike Cobra. Ah and my truck? Unfortunately my old truck wasn't repairable, but I still couldn't stand to part with her so I had her hauled into the garage. I am now the owner of a new Dodge Ram 3500 with the Cummins diesel engine. It's a good truck, but it's not like my old girl! I had to settle for a fucking automatic transmission on this one plus it cost a small fortune.


Jens arrives with her suitcase, her carry on and says…


Ben's talking to Thom who has been great help in getting the cabin finished. I come up and remind Ben, "Honey, we need to leave for the airport."


Thom offers, "I could probably take all of you in the Crown Vic if you don't have too much luggage."


Ben offers, "Thom, we might have too much luggage for your car, why don't we take my truck?"


Thom suggests, "Ben, I know you're still breaking your truck in, so how about we take one of the vans instead."


I prod Thom, "You know, if you brought Inga along with you, then you two could stop at a restaurant before coming back to the cabin."


Thom shoots down my idea by saying, "Sorry but only one of us can leave at a time."


Mira and Ira arrive with their suitcases, I look at Ben and ask, "Where's your luggage?"


Ben says, "I need to go get them from our room."


Ben leaves and I ask Thom, "Soooo are you and Inga going to share a room when the cabin is done?"


Thom smiles at me and says, "Not if I have my way about it."


That was what I figured. While Inga was back because the restaurant closed and worked on our security team, Thom still hadn't really been treating her any better.


I complain, "Thom, if Inga leaves again…"


Thom interrupts, "…Jennifer, Inga and I have come to an agreement and she's not going to leave."


Ben arrives with his suitcase with carry on and Thom looks at the luggage and remarks, "If you all are going on such a long trip, won't you need more clothes."


Mira interjects…


Thom has taken far too much interest in our trip which must remain covert. I reply to his question with our typical response, "Thom because of airline restrictions, we are taking the bare minimum of clothing. If we need additional or newer accoutrements, we will purchase them on the trip."


Ms. Blaine confirms my cover story, "Mira's correct Thom, there's no way we can bring all the clothing that we will need."


Thom asks another annoying question, "Don't tell me you and Mira are leaving your Katanas."


Ira replies…


I can sense my sister Mira is annoyed with Thom's questions so I quickly reply to Thom's question, "Thom you know that we cannot bring the Katanas onto the flight with us. They are in our checked luggage."


Inga arrives in one of the vans, Thom acquires the driver's seat, the rest of us climb into the van, close the doors and we leave.


I decide to become annoying so I query Thom, "Thom, when are you and Inga planning on cohabitating?"


Thom mutters something about hell freezing over and Ms. Blaine counters, "Thom we all know better than that. I bet it happens while we're on our mission."


Mira also annoys Thom with an old joke we had learned, "I think that Thom is so old he can no longer get it up."


Thom swears, "That's a fucking lie and I wish you all had never learned that term."


Mr. Blaine is uncommonly quiet so I lean over and whisper, "Mr. Blaine you seem preoccupied."


Mr. Blaine looks and me and replies, "Sorry Ira, I was meditating on our mission; trying to see if we would encounter any unforeseen circumstances."


I was certain that situations would arise, but nothing that the four of us could not terminate to our advantage.


We arrive at Denver International Airport and Thom asks, "Which airline are you taking."


Mr. Blaine informs him, "Thom we're taking United."


Thom follows the signs, pulls up to the terminal, we exit the van and Mr. Blaine says, "Thanks Thom, we will let you know through Gretchen when we're coming back."


We walk into the terminal and Mr. Blaine orders…


I see the restrooms point and say, "Okay, it's time to change our clothes."


Yeah, we had been wearing 'normal' travel clothing and that had to be fixed because of our destination. The girls went into the women's restroom while I went into mine, found an empty stall and began to change. This was going to be one of my least favorite things to endure on the trip. I put my 'normal' travel clothes into my carry-on bag, came out of the stall and hated the looks that the other passengers gave me. But it was going to be worse later.


I exited the men's room and Mira ordered, "Mr. Blaine, come with me into the family restroom so I can apply the rest of your costume."


I followed her into the family bathroom. Mira did an excellent job applying the rest of my costume. As we exited the bathroom, I heard Jens giggle a little. I berate her, "Jens cut it out or you will stay here."


I walk toward the ticket counter and the girls follow respectfully behind me. I swear I could feel the eyes of the other passengers burning with hatred for me. I walk up to the ticket counter, hand them my itinerary and diplomatic passport, put my checked bag onto the scale and the claims attendant asks, "Are the three behind you traveling with you today."


I reply with my best Farsi accent, "Yes they are my wives."


To her credit, she didn't even give me a dirty look however she does ask, "I see you've reserved the entire center aisle of all four seats."


I reply, "That is correct, we must sit together."


She hands me my boarding pass and offers, "If your wives approach I will give them their boarding passes."


Jens says with a damn good Russian accent, "Sorry Ms. we cannot approach our husband. We will come to the ticket counter after he leaves."


I leave and wait while Jens, Mira and Ira go to the ticket counter. The ticket agent hands them their boarding passes and they walk to where I am waiting.


I lead the way to the security checkpoint. If we're going to have a problem, it will be there.


But because of our diplomatic passports, we walk right through security and toward the gate for the flight. We find four unused, adjoining seats and take them.


People intentionally avoid us, other than a few children who point at us until their parents scold them. I hate like hell to be wearing the clothes I'm wearing and look the way I look but it is a necessary evil which I must get accustomed to.


Finally the boarding call is announced for our flight and we move to the line for people needing extra time to board.


Because I show the ticket agent my diplomatic passport, she nods her head and doesn't challenge me. We board the airplane first, even before the women with children or the disabled people. We store our carry-on bags in the console above us and take our seats, with Jens being the closest to me.


She leans over and whispers, "Ben, I can't believe they let us through security looking like this, it's a joke."


Ira pulls Jens, headscarf and scolds her in Farsi which Jens doesn't understand but she does shut the hell up.


Jens fixes her headscarf, I close my eyes and begin to meditate then I hear Mira complain loudly in Farsi. I open my eyes and some man had bumped into her. I jumped up and yelled at him with my Farsi accent, "Do not touch one of my wives again you infidel!"


The flight attendants come over and one of them suggests, "Sir perhaps you would be more comfortable in first class?"


I counter with my accent, "No, I decry the decadence of first class and will not have my family subjected to it. What we do require is that the infidel men on this flight not touch my wives."


The flight attendant nicely asks, "Please sir take your seat."


I sit down but not before giving the man that bumped into Mira a dirty look.


The fasten seatbelt sign comes on, we fasten our seatbelts, the pilot comes on the PA and announces, "Good day ladies and gentlemen, I am your pilot Hank. We are lucky today to have some very special guests traveling with us, they are Valentin Sedankina and his three wives Dasha, Miranda and Irina. Valentin is a dignitary from Kazakhstan so please afford them every courtesy possible."


We taxi out to the runway and wait our turn, it comes and we are successfully on our way to our mission…


Another two weeks later –Liz, Bernie and Desiree – At the cabin


Jens has been almost non-existent this week and the only excuse she gave was that they (Jens, Ben, Mira and Ira) are going on some sort of covert mission. What sort of covert mission she wouldn't even give me a hint. I do know that she's been studying Russian and her martial arts almost all the time. I'm sort of worried about her, but I don't know what to do.


Things are still great with Desiree! She is so much fun and keeps Bernie and I amused all the time. Speaking of Bernie, he has been seriously hinting about having sex again but so far I have put him off with the excuse that I'm still sore (which I actually am). The baby jogger has been great and we have been taking some runs with it. Of course Thom makes sure we take some security guards with us which I'm thankful for. Bernie has surprised me by expressing an interest in learning how to shoot. He's never shown an interest before and when I asked him he said…


Liz has still avoided having sex with me saying that she's still sore. We have a checkup with the doctor next week and I plan on asking him when we can start again. I told Liz I wanted to learn to shoot, she asked me why so I told her, "Liz, I need to be able to keep you and Desiree safe."


Liz suggests, "Bernie, we can hire a body guard."


I remember the twins and complain, "Liz, I don't believe you would even suggest that after what happened with the twins."


Liz amazes me when she asks, "Bernie, I don't know what you mean, things were great with them."


I seriously complain, "Liz! Have you lost your mind, they were so obtrusive it was terrible."


She laughs and says, "Well Bernie, they are Ben and Jens problems now."


I add, "And from what I've heard they have had issues with maintaining their privacy too."


Liz laughs and says, "I'm not sure if you heard, Jens actually kicked their asses in martial arts."


I whistle and remark, "I didn't know she had become so much better."


Liz says, "Yeah, she was taking lessons from Destiny."


I ponder, "Perhaps I could take lessons from Destiny."


Liz shoots down my idea, "With all of them being gone, I'm not sure how you would get in contact with her."


I ask, "Do we know when they are coming back?"


Liz shakes her head and says, "No one has any idea and before you ask I don't even know where they went."


Bernie remarks, "That's not like them to be so secretive."


I frown and agree, "That's for sure."


Present – Samantha – Heading to New Orleans


Vic, John and I are on our way to New Orleans. John asks, "Samantha why the trip to New Orleans?"


I reply, "I need to check out some things concerning some news I received and they probably have more resources available there than anywhere else."


Vic reminds me, "Just as long as we are back in Leadville in time for dinner. I don't want to upset Mallory."


I smile at Vic and say, "I don't think we will have a problem with it, you did ask for a late dinner though?"


Vic confirms, "Yeah, Mallory is expecting us at eight and said, 'don't be late'."


John says, "That's too bad since I was looking forward to some Creole cooking."


The pilot announces, "Please fasten your seat belts we will be landing in ten minutes."


Vic remarks, "That was fast. If we don't take too much time on your story we should be home in plenty of time for dinner."


We land, head inside to the rental counter and I ask, "How much for a rental car."


They quote me a price and Vic interrupts, "I'm ex-military, can you apply my discount?"


They come back with a lower price and then I ask, "I need to find Marie Laveau House of Voodoo."


The rental clerk says, "That's easy to find. It's on 739 Bourbon St. Here's a map that will help you find it."


He hands me a map and even marks the route on it then he says, "By the way Samantha we love your reports."


I smile and reply, "Thanks, let me give you an autographed picture."


He says, "I would rather take a selfie with you."


We take a selfie together and leave. Vic asks, "What the hell are we doing going to a voodoo shop?"


I repeat, "Like I said earlier, I'm doing research."


We make it to Marie Laveau House of Voodoo without any problems and I start to walk into the store. Vic looks around and says, "This place gives me the heebie-jeebies."


I laugh and say, "You can wait outside if you want."


He says, "I wouldn't be much of a body guard if I did."


I walk up to the counter where a wild looking old African American woman comes out and says, "Samantha, I have been expecting you."


I'm not sure how to respond so I reply, "Okay, how did you know I was coming here?"


She replies, "I know all and I see all."


Vic laughs, she looks at him and says, "Victor, good to see you too."


I don't have time to waste so I ask, "I don't know your name but what can you tell me about witches?"


She smiles at me and says, "Samantha, I know who you're asking about and yes, your friend is correct, she is what we call a white witch."


I ask for clarification, "What is a white witch?"


She replies, "This is easy: A white witch only does good magic while a black witch only does bad magic."


Vic laughs again, she looks at him and says, "Victor it is bad that you do not believe in powers higher than yourself…"


Vic interrupts, "...Oh, I believe in God."


The old woman responds, "God is good, but so are other spiritual things."


I get the conversation back on course, "So do you think this white witch would cast a love spell on a man?"


The old woman laughs, "No Samantha she would never do that. Only black witches can do that."


I hypothesize, "So then if a man loves her, it is true love and there's nothing that can be done?"


The old woman laughs and says, "Samantha there are always things that can be done, if you are willing to pay the price."


I know I owe it to Stacy so I ask, "What's the price?"


She says, "You can tell your friend that she would have to give part of her soul to the black witch who performed the love spell."


I didn't like the sound of that so I ask, "What happens to my friend if she does that?"


The old woman says, "Your friend is partially owned by the black witch and has to do what she orders. I do have some names of very powerful black witches if you want them."


I shake my head and say, "No that's fine, I think I have more than enough information for right now."


She still hands me a business card and says, "If your friend changes her mind have her call me."


I look at Vic, we leave the store together and Vic asks, "Samantha don't tell me that had something to do with Stacy saying Jennifer Blaine is a witch."


I reply, "Of course it does Vic and now I know that Stacy is right: Jennifer Blaine is a white witch."


Vic asks, "How do you know?"


I reply, "Bill has all the information and when we get back to Leadville you should read it and decide for yourself."


Vic says, "I hope you're not going to tell Stacy about the black witches and the love spells."


I toss the business card into the gutter, we get into the rental car and I reply, "Of course not, it comes with too high of a price."


We make it back to the airport, catch the flight back to Leadville and go to Stacy's office. Bill asks, "Well, what did you find out."


I reply, "Bill please let Vic see the information from Stacy."


Bill hands the report to Vic and says, "I didn't think it was possible until I started to read it."


Vic replies, "I will make up my own mind."


I explain to Bill about white witches and how they cannot cast love spells. Then I tell Bill about black witches but I leave out the part about black witches being able to cast love spells. Instead I state, "Bill, there's nothing that can be done about Ben loving Jennifer. And also nothing that can be done to Jennifer."


Bill heaves a sigh of relief and says, "That's good news to know. Perhaps now Stacy will leave this alone."


I ask, "What are the lawyers saying?"


Bill replies, "I do have some good news, they moved Stacy to a better cell that even has a television. They are still trying to decide which defense to use, but they might go after the insanity defense again."


Vic says, "Well, I'm done reading this bullshit, are you ready to head to my house for dinner."


Bill complains, "Vic, how can you call it bullshit?"


Vic laughs and says, "That's easy because it is. Bill when did you lose your mind?"


Bill fights back, "Vic, if my arm wasn't broken I would kick your ass."


Vic replies, "Well it's a good thing it is because you know you can't take me."


I tell Vic, "I need to head to my place and change clothes, I will meet you at your house."


Vic counters, "No you won't Samantha - I'm your body guard and I will go with you."


We head down the hill to my castle, I go into my bedroom, change out of my work clothes and Vic drives us to his house.


Present – Stacy – In a new room


I can't wait to hear what Samantha discovers in New Orleans about witches. I hope like hell it's something I can use to fight the witch bitch.


This room is much nicer than my old room and I'm enjoying the television then they come in with dinner for me. I look at it and complain, "What sort of shit is this?"


The agent smiles and says, "It's prison food and I would get used to it because you're going to be in here a long time."


I continue the complaints, "I'm not even sure this is edible."


He laughs and taunts, "Don't worry, I'm sure there's not too much rat shit in it."


I take the tray, throw it at the agent and miss. He laughs, "Well, I guess you're not eating tonight."


He leaves and I continue watching the television.