Chapter 128

Together Chapter 128

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Present –Ben (Valentin), Jens (Dasha), Ira and Mira – On the mission


I lean back in my seat and meditate to manage the almost overwhelming feeling of hate being directed at us. This is going to be a long-assed flight and I need to maintain my composure. The fasten seatbelt light goes off and Dasha whispers to me in her almost perfect Russian, "Мне нужно идти в ванную."


I need to go to the bathroom.


I reply in Russian, "Разве вы не можете ждать?"


Can't you wait?


Dasha complains in Russian, "Черт возьми, нет, я не могу."


Heck no I can't wait


Ira who is sitting adjacent to Jens offers, "Я буду сопровождать ее в ванную комнату."


I will accompany her to the bathroom.


I release my seat belt and stand up to allow Dasha and Ira to head to the bathroom. The flight attendant intercepts them and suggests, "Perhaps you would feel more comfortable using the bathroom in first class."


Jens looks at me for approval, I nod to affirm that it's fine with me and Jens replies, with a great Russian accent, "Thank you Ms., that would be better for us."


I observe while the flight attendant leads them through first class to the bathroom. Thank God there are no problems since the last thing I want is trouble on the flight. I retake my seat and resume my meditation. Jens and Ira return from the bathroom and I tease, "Все ли в порядке вышли?"


Did everything come out okay?


Jens replies, "Конечно, вы можете проверить, если вы хотите."


Of course, you can check if you would like.


Ira scolds, "Даша, это не место для этого."


Dasha, this is not the place for that.


The flight attendants bring our breakfast to us and I ask with my Farsi accent, "Is this the halal meal we requested?"


The flight attendant assures me it is approved and I pass one meal to each of my three wives. We open them and thank God they don't have a ham sandwich like the meals the other passengers have.


We eat our meals, which are a cheese sandwich and some crackers. I look at the fruit cup and command, "Не ешьте фрукты чашку."


Don't eat the fruit cup.


We finish our 'breakfast', the flight attendant takes the containers from us and I suggest, "Мы должны получить некоторый сон."


We should get some sleep.


I make sure to touch each of my 'wives' faces, recline my seat and the SOB behind me kicks the shit out of my seat. I stand up and glare at him. He grins like crazy at me and says, "What's wrong you moooslim bastard?"


I wave to the flight attendant. She quickly comes over and I complain, "This man has insulted me and needs to be moved to a new seat."


She apologizes, "Sorry for that Sir, I will move him immediately."


He begins to argue with the flight attendant, "I'm not going to change my seat for this mooslim bastard!"


An Air Marshall, comes up, identifies himself and asks, "Is there a problem?"


I explain, "This man has offended me and I demand that he is moved to a new seat."


The Air Marshall says, "Sir, you can either peacefully move or you can be taken into custody."


The man begins to move but complains, "I can't believe that an American is asked to move for a fucking mooslim!"


He's moved to the back of the plane but I know I will have to keep an eye on him. I retake my seat and settle in for a nap…


I can't believe how calm Valentin (I mean my husband Ben) is. I know Ben and how much he hates wearing the clothes he's wearing since I can still remember when he called them 'man dresses' - and now he's forced to wear one. But even worse for Ben has to be the fake beard that Mira applied to his face. I can certainly understand the concern the passengers have with our appearance. I am thankful that for now all I have to wear is a headscarf but that will change when we arrive at our destination.


Ben leans back and falls asleep, but I can't seem to get comfortable - at least not comfortable enough to sleep. Irina complains in Russian, "Даша сидеть и пойти спать."


Dasha, sit still and go to sleep.


I counter, "Ирина Я не могу получить комфортно."


Irina, I can't get comfortable.


She reminds me, "Даша этот рейс длится близко один день, вам нужно спать."


Dasha, this flight lasts close to one day and you require sleep.


I say, "Я знаю, как долго этот бой, но я не сонным."


I know how long this fight is, but I'm not sleepy.


Ira states, "Тогда не держать меня разбудила."


Then don't keep me awake.


I look and notice Mira is asleep so decide I will try again…


Dasha is having a not unforeseen problem. I tried to instruct her she needed to stay up later last night, but she wanted to copulate with Valentin, so they went to bed earlier than they should have.


I have been impressed with Valentin's composure since I was not sure that he could resist his natural urges to fight. But when the idiot behind us made a scene, Valentin handled it perfectly. Finally Dasha sombulates. Miranda is already sombulating, but I am required to remain awake to protect us. Miranda will awake later and then I can sombulate. I am excited about this mission and returning to my home country even though it will be brief. I flex my muscles which are still slightly sore from our training sessions with Destiny. Additionally, sitting in this uncomfortable seat for such an extended time is not healthy. I retrieve the book I have been reading and begin to read.


Present –Liz, Bernie and Desiree – At the cabin


Today's the day for my and Desiree's checkup with the doctor. We never did get around to seeing a doctor in Leadville so this means a trip to Denver. Bernie asks, "Liz is there anything else we need in Denver?"


I think for a moment and suggest, "Yeah Bernie, as always we can use more diapers."


Bernie begins a list and says, "Okay Liz what else?"


Mabel makes special food for Desiree, so thank God we don't need baby food. Plus, we know that Mabel's food is natural and she makes it with such love. I lie a little to Bernie, "I need some feminine items."


Bernie looks sad and I say, "Don't worry Bernie we will be back to normal soon."


Bernie complains…


I'm tired of not having sex with Liz and now she's trying to make me believe she's having her period? I looked things up on the internet and found out that was bullshit so I complain, "Liz, I have some serious concerns about our sex life."


Liz looks at me and frankly says, "Bernie, you might not believe this, but I'm still sore. And I sure as hell don't want another baby immediately. Since I'm feeding Desiree, I sure as hell can't go on the pill so you'd better put condoms on that fucking list of yours."


I want to complain, but the look Liz gives me tells me if I ever want to have sex again I'd better keep my mouth shut. On a hopeful note, I do add condoms to my list.


Liz begins to get Desiree ready to go to the doctor as I get myself ready.


Present – Samantha – Vic's house for dinner and visiting Stacy


On the way to Vic's house I say, "We need to make a couple of stops first."


Vic replies, "Okay where are we stopping?"


I order, "First let's stop by the restaurant and pick up a bottle of wine for dinner, then we're stopping by a florist."


Like a typical man Vic asks, "Why a florist?"


I state, "Vic, you're buying flowers for Mallory tonight."


Vic waffles, "Samantha, if I do that, I'm afraid it will make her think we're having an affair."


I complain, "Vic don't tell me you never bring Mallory flowers…"


Vic shyly interrupts, "…Samantha, I haven't done that in a very long time."


I complain, "What in the hell! No wonder she thinks we're having an affair! Vic don't be so dense, you're bringing her flowers tonight even if I have to pay for them."


We stop at the restaurant, Henri the chef sees us and says, "Good, what can I make you two for dinner?"


I reply, "Sorry Henri, we're eating at Vic's house tonight so I was hoping that we could just pick up a bottle of wine for dinner."


Henri laments, "Since Stacy closed the restaurant, I don't have enough work. Perhaps I will quit and fine something more challenging."


I need to do something so I suggest, "Henri, don't do that. After we have dinner tonight I'm going to visit Stacy and I will try to talk her into reopening the restaurant."


Henri, smiles and asks, "What are you having for dinner?"


I look at Vic and Vic responds, "Uh, I don't know, why?"


Henri begins to swear in French and answers, "So I know what wine to give you."


Vic comments, "I never thought of that." Which only prompts more swearing from Henri.


I suggest, "Henri, why don't you give us one bottle of white and one bottle of red."


He replies, "Yes, since this big oaf doesn't know what his wife is cooking that's the only solution."


He brings out the wine and says, "Please Samantha, see if Stacy will reopen the restaurant."


I kiss him on the cheek and promise, "Henri, of course I will do that for you."


We leave and Vic says, "Damn he sure is excitable for a man!"


I giggle and inform him, "Vic, he's French so of course he isn't afraid to express his feelings - unlike present company."


Vic complains, "I express my feelings all the time."


I counter, "And you did that by bringing Mallory flowers when?"


It's Vic's turn to complain, "Women!"


I smile at him and say, "That's right! Mallory and I are women and we do like flowers. So don't forget to stop at the florist."


Vic reluctantly stops at the florist, we go inside and I ask, "Okay Vic what are Mallory's favorite flowers?"


Vic shrugs his shoulders and says, "Uh, I don't know."


The florist laughs and suggests, "Well, you can never go wrong with long stem roses."


I agree, "You're right, Vic will take a dozen of them."


Vic spouts, "I will?"


I glare at him and say, "That's right - a dozen long stem roses."


The florist comes out with the roses, puts them in a nice box with Baby's Breath and some ribbons, it looks great so I compliment her, "Those look beautiful."


Vic grumbles, "Yeah they do look okay. How much do I owe you?"


The florist tells him, "That will be one-hundred dollars."


Vic practically has a cow, "What, that's…"


I interrupt, "…Vic, that's a bargain in Leadville."


I pull out my credit card, pay the florist, we head to the car and I order, "Vic, if you dare tell Mallory that I paid for the flowers, I will fire you."


We get to their cute house. Mallory comes to the door carrying a boy who I assume is Gregory. We walk up to the house, Vic hands Mallory the box of roses and Mallory says, "Vic, it's been forever since you brought me flowers." She gives him a big kiss and continues, "Here hold Greg while I put these in a vase."


We walk inside their beautiful home while Mallory is in the kitchen looking for a vase. I elbow Vic and say, "See I told you she would love them."


She's beaming when she comes out of the kitchen. The roses are in a vase she walks over to Vic again and says, "Thank you Samantha for making Vic buy me roses."


I counter, "Mallory, it wasn't…"


Mallory hold up her hand and interrupts, "…Samantha, I know my Victor and he doesn't do things like buy my flowers. So I know you prompted it."


I apologize and berate Vic, "Mallory, I'm sorry but some men are so dense."


She hugs Vic and replies, "Yes they are, but I still love him in spite of it."


I hold out the bottles of wine and say, "We brought both of these for you because since Vic didn't know what you made for dinner."


Mallory giggles and says, "Thank you Samantha for being so thoughtful, perhaps some of that might rub off on Victor. Why don't you have a seat at the table and I will bring the salad."


We sit at the table, Mallory brings out a great looking salad and puts it on the table then says, "Let's pray before we eat."


We bow our heads and Mallory prays, "God, thank you for the food we are about to eat, thank you for the wonderful job you've given my husband and thank you for our little boy."


Vic joins in on the Amen, then he grabs the salad and Mallory scolds him, "Vic! Samantha is our guest, let her have the salad first."


I giggle, take the salad, put some on my plate and we begin to talk by saying, "Mallory, I want you to know that nothing is going on between myself and Vic."


Mallory giggles and admits, "Samantha I already knew that."


Vic complains, "Mallory that's not what you told me."


Mallory replies, "Of course not Victor. I told you that so that you would invite Samantha here I could thank her for your job. So Samantha, thank you for trusting Victor and giving him this wonderful job and of course finding this house."


I smile at Mallory and say, "Well, I'm glad that you trust us together since I was worried you were going to be jealous."


Mallory giggles again and says, "No, I know my Victor is devoted to Gregory and me. Our marriage might not be perfect, but it works for us."


I smile at her and tell her about my disaster of a marriage. Mallory is shocked and says, "How do you deal with it?"


I reply, "It's easy, I've completely given up on men."


Then the conversation turns to why we went to New Orleans today. Vic complains, "Mallory, you won't believe it. It was an honest to God witch hunt."


Mallory laughs, "Victor what are you talking about."


Vic explains, "Mallory, I think the whole world has gone insane: Samantha, Bill and Stacy believe that Jennifer Blaine is a witch."


Mallory surprises me when she says, "Victor, that's not strange because I'm sure there are still witches in the world."


I add, "Thanks Mallory. Stacy found a bunch of information on how Jennifer Blaine's family had descended from a long line of witches."


Mallory nods her head and says, "Yes, I've read that witchcraft runs in families."


She looks at Vic and commands, "Victor, you be careful around that woman."


We finish dinner and I say, "Well, I'm headed to Denver tonight to talk with Stacy."


Vic says, "Okay let me get my gear and I will be right with you."


I counter, "Vic, it's too late for you to be coming to Denver with me. Stay here with Mallory since it seems like you have some things to discuss."


Mallory laughs and says, "Samantha, there's no way Victor is letting you go to Denver by yourself." She looks at Vic and orders, "Honey, have a safe trip and take care of my new friend Samantha."


We leave together and Vic heads toward Denver…


Present – Stacy – In a new room


The agent come up to me and says, "Stacy Summers you have a visitor. You know the drill."


Yes I do. I turn toward the wall, he comes up and searches me, then of course adds the shackles. He leads me to a room, connects me to the table, Samantha walks in and says, "I heard from Bill you got a new room."


I reply, "Yeah this one has a TV in it and a private bathroom. So what did you find out in New Orleans?"


Samantha replies about white witches and black witches and how the witch bitch, because she is a white witch, couldn't put a love spell on Ben.


I ask, "So there's nothing I can do about it?"


Samantha answers, "No Stacy there's nothing that can be done."


I grab at straws, "What if I got another witch to put a spell on the witch bitch?"


Sam shakes her head and explains, "Stacy no white witch would do that; it would have to be a black witch and it would cause huge problems for you."


I reply, "I'm not sure I could be in much more trouble than I am right now."


Sam explains, "Stacy the black witches are evil and require part of your soul if they do anything for you. That's too high of a price, even for Ben."


I can tell Sam has more information that she's not telling me, but I don't want to ask her now…