Chapter 129

Together Chapter 129

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Present – Jens (Dasha), Ben (Valentin), Ira and Mira – On the mission


The pilot comes on the intercom and announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts as we will be landing at Almaty International Airport in a few minutes."


I am soooo thankful this long trip is finally over. I was lucky and slept some while Valentin appears to have slept great. We exit the airplane and head to the luggage claim. I know what's coming once we get our luggage and I'm dreading it. Even though I'm excited to be on our mission, I remember my training and continue my respectful attitude toward Valentin. Our bags take forever to arrive and it takes even longer for the diplomatic box to arrive. When everything finally arrives Valentin orders, "Для ванных комнат, для троих."


To the bathrooms for you three.


I reluctantly head to the bathroom with Mira and Ira. We each take a separate stall and I begin to put on the part of my costume I'm dreading. I have it on, exit the stall, move to the mirrors, adjust it correctly and wait for Ira and Mira.


They are lucky and don't have to wear my costume as they both assured us it would be better if they wore their 'normal' uniform in their country.


They exit their stalls and are wearing the coolest body armor I have ever seen! I comment, " Это самый лучший бронежилет я когда-либо видел. Я хотел, чтобы я мог получить некоторые, как это."


That's the best body armor I've ever seen. I wish I could get some like that.


Ira replies, "К сожалению, человек, который сделал это для нас был убит."


Unfortunately the man who created this for us was terminated.


Mira comes over and adjusts my head covering a little and then comments, "Мы не должны держать Валентин ждет."


We must not keep Valentin waiting.


We exit the bathroom and the response to the twins is shocking and immediate. The people who see them, quickly look away and make sure to give them a wide berth. We find Valentin and he complains, "Что так долго?"


What took so long?


I know I need to do this so I apologize, "К сожалению мой муж, это не повторится."


Sorry my husband, it will not happen again.


Ira leads the way, Ben takes his place in front of me and Mira takes up the rear…


I seriously doubted Ira and Mira's assertion that while we're in Kazakhstan they should wear their body armor. I incorrectly assumed it was because they didn't want to wear a burka like Jens, I mean Dasha. I say incorrectly, because the fright exhibited on the faces of everyone shocks me and it is evident that their appearance will be quite beneficial to our mission.


Ira marches us up to the taxi stand, looks over the taxis, finds one to her liking and we head toward it. It's a newer Toyota minivan where the driver practically falls over himself getting our bags. Ira takes the front seat while I, Dasha and Mira take the rear seats. The driver carefully loads our bags into the back of the taxi, takes the driver's seat and Ira commands, "Возьмите нас в отеле Holiday Inn."


Take us to the Holiday Inn.


The driver responds, "Да, немедленно!"


Yes immediately!


Yeah it's a Holiday Inn, but it's rated as the best hotel in Almaty. As we drive from the airport I'm surprised by the diversity of the population. It doesn't take long, we arrive at the hotel and I ask, "Насколько мы обязаны вам?"


How much do we owe you?


The driver replies, "Ничего, это честь для перевозки ангелов смерти."


Nothing, it is an honor to transport the angels of death.


Ira steps out of the taxi and takes up a defensive position, Mira exits the rear door and does likewise; their action causes some concern in me because I am not aware of any specific threat. The hotel staff runs out and begins to take our luggage into the hotel. Once the luggage is inside, Ira leads the way again and we all tag along. We arrive at the hotel desk, the fear is evident on the face of the young desk clerk as she says, "Вот ключи от двух комнат." And hands the keys to Ira.


Here are the keys to your two rooms.


Ira demands, "Мы устали от наших путешествий, однако мы бы наслаждаться этим, если некоторые закуски были доставлены в наши комнаты."


We are tired from our travels, however we would enjoy it if some snacks were brought to our rooms.


The desk clerk inquires, "Что бы вы предпочли?"


What would you prefer?


Mira suggests, "Некоторые вяленой рыбы и Baltica."


Some dried fish and baltica.


I counter, "Я не могу есть, что я предпочел бы два салата с курицей на них."


I cannot eat that, I would prefer two salads with chicken on them.


The desk clerk, replies, "Я лично убедиться, что ваш заказ правильно."


I will personally make sure your order is correct.


Ira hands the keys to the waiting bellhop, he takes us to the elevator and we all get in. He makes a mistake when he asks me, "Вы женаты на ангелов смерти?"


You are married to the angels of death?


Ira barks at him, "Не разговаривайте с вашим мужем."


Do not talk to our husband.


He turns whiter than I thought was possible and apologizes. We arrive on our floor, the bellhop brings our bags to each room, opens the door and quickly leaves.


I open my suitcase, pull out my bug detector and begin to scan the room. It makes me happy when the room comes back clean. I look at Jens and say, "Wow, you must really like it in the burka."


Jens complains, "Like heck I do! I was just waiting for you to make sure the room was clean." As she begins to strip out of her burka, I'm watching her and tease, "You know there's something to be said for you wearing one of those."


Jens glares at me and counters, "Ben, don't get any crazy ideas. It was hell wearing it and I need a shower."


I reply, "Okay, I'm going to take the detector to the twin's room."


Jen giggles, "I couldn't believe how people treated them. I felt like we were with celebrities."


I respond, "I never thought I would see so much fear in people. I'll see you in a few." And I head toward the door.


Jens suggests as I'm leaving, "Ben, how about when you come back to our room, you wash my back in the shower."


I grin at her and tease, "Just your back? Are you sure nothing else needs washing?"


Jens sticks her tongue out at me and runs into the bathroom. I knock on the twin's door and Ira says, "Кто там."


         Who is there.


I order, "Откройте эту проклятую дверь."


Open the damn door.


Ira opens the door, I hand her the bug detector then I suggest, "Вы двое могли бы хотеть душ."


You two might want a shower.


Ira smiles and replies, "Миранда уже в душе, я рядом. Мы будем прийти позже и обсудить планы на завтра."


Miranda is already in the shower - I'm next. We will come over later and discuss the plans for tomorrow.


I grin at her and say, "Мы собираемся быть занят на некоторое время, так что не спешите."


We're going to be busy for a little while so don't hurry.


Ira shakes her head and complains, "Не говори мне ..."


Don't tell me…


I interrupt, "…Хорошо, я не скажу."


Okay, I won't tell you.


I head back into our room and I'm surprised when the young desk clerk shows up with two trays. She says, "Сэр, вот ваши салаты."


Sir, here are your salads.


I take the tray and thank her, "Большое спасибо."


Thank you very much.


She then delivers the nasty assed dried fish to the twins. I secretly wish I could have a beer but I know I can't. I set the tray on the bed and head into the shower with Jens. I make sure I 'wash her back' twice. We dry off, head into the room, I uncover the salads and I'm shocked - it's more like two complete meals than just a salad.


Jens gushes, "I'm sooo happy to be eating real food and not that airplane crap!"


I concur, "Yeah, I was dying for some real protein."


We finish our meals, turn on the TV and enjoy holding each other as we watch some local news. There's a knock on our door. As prearranged, Jens dashes into the bathroom and I answer the door, "Кто там."


         Who is there.


Ira says, "Другие две жены."


Your other two wives.


I open the door, Jens comes out of the bathroom and we finalize the plans for tomorrow.


Present –Liz, Bernie and Desiree – At the doctors


Desiree's checkup at the doctors is great: She's right where she should be with her weight and size.


Now it's my turn and the doctor begins to examine me. I wince in pain and the doctor asks, "Liz have you been doing your Kegel exercises1?"


1 Pelvic floor exercise, also known as Kegel exercise, consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor, now sometimes colloquially referred to as the "Kegel muscles". The exercise needs to be performed multiple times each day, for several minutes at a time and for one to three months, to begin to have an effect.


I confess, "Some, but probably not enough."


He scolds, "That's what I thought! Liz, because you haven't done them enough is why you're still experiencing pain."


Bernie offers, "Doctor, I can make sure she does them more."


I glare at him because I know this is about him wanting sex again and the doctor says, "Bernie, Liz has to be motivated to do them herself. If you force her to do them then they won't be as beneficial."


I ask the doctor, "Please tell my sex crazed husband that I won't be able to have sex for some time."


The doctor looks at Bernie and says, "Bernie, you need to be patient with Liz on this. While she's in pain she isn't going to want sex."


I further ask, "Please doctor, could you also mention birth control to Bernie."


The doctor again dumps on Bernie, "Liz is correct Bernie. There is a slight chance that Liz could become pregnant again and we can't give her any birth control pills while she's breastfeeding Desiree."


The doctor gives me a schedule to perform the Kegel exercises and adds, "Liz, soon you should be able to perform more vigorous exercises."


Bernie rats me out, "But doctor, we've already been running a little with our new baby jogger."


The doctor again scolds me, "Liz, I told you not to get crazy about losing the baby weight. As you continue to feed Desiree, you will continue to lose it. Now if there's nothing else, I have other patients to see."


We leave the office and I complain, "Thanks Bernie for telling the doctor about us running."


Bernie becomes snarky with his reply, "No problem Liz, I didn't want to be the only one the doctor was scolding."


Present – Samantha – Getting ready to leave Stacy in prison.


I gave Stacy most of the news about witches that I had been told. I did leave out that Marie Laveau's relative (I figured out who the old woman was in New Orleans) could contact black witches.


I remember something and change the subject, "Stacy, I almost forgot. Henri is really depressed about you closing the restaurant and is talking about quitting."


Stacy looks at me and replies, "You wouldn't believe the crap they tried to feed me here. Then the agent inferred there was rat shit in the food."


I ask, "Did you eat it?"


Stacy laughs, "No, I threw it at him but unfortunately it missed. You can see the stain it left on the floor."


I think for a moment and ask, "Stacy, it doesn't sound like the agents here like you very much."


Stacy glares and says, "Like me hell! Sam they hate me!"


I can understand some of the animosity toward Stacy but I thought they were professional enough to not let it influence their care for her. I probe further, "Have they done anything else that was bad?"


Stacy shocks me slightly when she says, "Yeah, every time they put these shackles on me, they feel me up."


I shake my head and remark, "So they don't have a woman agent search you before putting those shackles on you?"


Stacy replies, "Sam, I've never seen a female agent my whole time here. At least in this room I have a private bathroom. In the old room the men could watch every time I went to the bathroom."


I was more than a little angry at the treatment of my BFF so I promise, "Stacy, I'm going to have a talk with the agents here about how you're being treated."


Stacy smiles at me and says, "Thanks Sam for sticking beside me. I know what I did was wrong but I went a little crazy when I found out about the witch bitch."


A little crazy is putting it mildly, but I don't want to upset Stacy more than she already is. I bring the conversation around again to Henri and ask, "Stacy you never told me what you want to do about Henri?"


Stacy thinks for a moment and asks, "Whatever happened to Inga?"


I reply, "She's back with Thom at the Blaine's cabin."


Stacy looks sad and says, "Well, I guess I messed up with her when I closed the restaurant."


I offer, "If you want I will talk to her about reopening the restaurant."


Stacy smiles and says, "Sam, that would be great."


The agent comes in and says, "Your visit is over."


They take Stacy back to her new cell, locate the agent who asked me for a date and ask him, "Could you please tell me why Stacy Summer's rights are being ignored?"


He pauses and replies, "I'm not sure what you're talking about."


I inform him, "I just found out that when she is searched it's by male agents. Look I know what she did is wrong, but having her searched by male agents is also not right."


He foolishly complains, "Samantha, did you know she threw her food at me?"


I attack, "Did you tell her the food contained rat shit?"


He gives me an embarrassed look and admits, "Yeah, we're all sort of angry at her around here."


I threaten, "I think I see a news story here. Perhaps I will come back tomorrow with my cameraman."


He apologizes, "Samantha, you don't need to do that. I will talk with the other guys and we will let up on her."


I smile at him and tease, "That's good news because even though she did something terrible, she is my BFF and if anyone treats my BFF badly, I take it personally. I could never respect any man that treated any woman badly."


He escorts me to Vic, we leave together and head back to Leadville…


Present – Stacy – In a new room


It was good to see Sam again and even better, but also a little depressing, getting the information about witches that she found in New Orleans. I could tell that she was hiding something from me, but because she's my BFF I'm not going to offend her by asking about it.


The agent brings me a new tray of food. I glare at him and demand, "What's this, are you trying to poison me again?"


I'm in shock when he apologizes, "Sorry about the food earlier and for the rat shit comment. This food is from one of the local diners and should be better than what I brought in before."


This makes me happy because it means that Sam kept her word to me and talked to the agents. I take the tray and thank him, "Thank you for this food, it's probably more than I will eat but it does look and smell better than the other food."


He comments, "We all eat there occasionally and it's not bad."


He also informs me, "We have also requested a female agent from headquarters be assigned here for you."


I smile at him and while they aren't big victories, they are still victories…