Chapter 130

Together Chapter 130

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Two weeks later – Ben (Valentin), Jens (Dasha), Ira and Mira – On the mission


I can't believe how well the mission is going and so far there have been no problems whatsoever. We pick up the devices we need in Kazakhstan, substitute them for the items that the diplomatic box already contained, close it up and make sure the diplomatic seals were evident (the diplomatic shipments are thanks to Mira and Ira and are necessary for the mission). We already made one stop to drop off one item from the diplomatic box and are headed to the second stop. Dasha was finally less peeved because she is no longer the only one wearing a burka since both Mira and Ira are subject to that torture (as Dasha described it to me when we were in a private place without listening devices).


After stopping in Mecca, we are now headed to Medina to the Mosque of the Prophet to drop off another item from the diplomatic box. We were on the nice as hell Haramain High Speed Railway instead of an airplane because it was only 339 kilometers between the cities. Also, the security on the train wasn't as high as on the plane. We had one more stop after this, but the security there was going to be hell - if we are going to get caught it will be there. Thank God we have a different strategy for that country. I don't think we could have brought the devices we used in Mecca and are going to use in Medina into that country without being caught...


It was about fricken time that Mira and Ira had to finally wear burkas just like mine! I was going to complain to Valentin, but I knew he would pretend to be Muslim and tell me to shut up. At least they had good air conditioning on the train, so I wasn't drenched in sweat. But there sure wasn't much to see if you looked out the window. I knew when we stopped that would all change. Valentin told a joke that made me a little angry. He said, 'What's the difference between a catfish and a Muslim woman? One has whiskers and smells like a fish and the other is a fish.' I threatened to not take a shower and he quickly apologized for the joke.


The train arrives at the station and it is time to begin to sweat again. We get off the train, walk outside and it is of course hotter than heck and I instantly began to sweat. Our luggage and the diplomatic box comes so Valentin approaches a taxi and negotiates for travel to our hotel room. Son of a gun! That reminds me of one other thing that I hate on this part of the trip: Gone were the separate rooms so we have one large room that Valentin and I share with Mira and Ira. Yeah, they were always around so Valentin and I couldn't make whoopee. In Mecca I suggested that Mira and Ira take a walk and they promptly reminded me that women could not go out unless they were accompanied by a man – what a fricken-fracken backwards country we were in!


Valentin comes to an agreement on a taxi and the driver comes over, takes our bags accompanied by the diplomatic box, and loads them into the taxi. We all climb in and are off to our hotel, the Medina Oberoi. I couldn't wait to get to our room, escape this fricken-fracken torture device and take a shower! Perhaps Valentin might even shower with me because I was going a little crazy from not making whoopee with him…


I am very pleased with the progress of this mission and look forward to its completion after one more stop. I will even be more thankful when we dispose of this device in the diplomatic box because I am tasked to carry it in a false pregnancy stomach. In the next country, because of a change in strategy, both Mira and I will perpetrate the charade…


I do not understand why Muslim women subject themselves to the torture of a burka. Yes, I share Dasha's feelings about this terrible accoutrement. We are driving to the hotel, Dasha leans over and says something to Valentin and he finally orders the driver to turn on the air conditioning so I discover some relief from this heat...


We arrive at the hotel, the bellhop comes out with his cart, loads up the diplomatic box and our suitcases and takes us into the lobby. I'm in shock as this place is nice as fuck - too bad we are only staying the night.


We head to our room, which is strange as hell because there are three fucking beds in the room. I decide that's fine since one will be for Dasha and me while Mira and Ira will get their own beds. We're no sooner in the room and the bellhop leaves when Dasha begins to remove her burka. I caution, "Даша не пока я подметать комнату."


Dasha not until I sweep the room.


Dasha whines, "Валентин, поторопись, я хочу душ."


Valentin, hurry up, I want a shower.


I take the bug detector out of my suitcase, begin to sweep the room and unfortunately it finds a bug. I call the front desk and complain in Farsi, "This room is totally unsuitable for us."


They apologize profusely, the bellhop comes again and moves us to a different room. This room unfortunately has two large beds so I guess Mira and Ira will double up.


I sweep this room, it comes back clean and Dasha complains, "Пора!"


It's about time!


She strips off her burka as I'm watching and says, "I'm going to shower, does anyone want to join me?"


I catch her drift and reply, "I'll be right in with you." and begin to take off my clothes.


Mira complains, "Mr. and Ms. Blaine, please do not take too long copulating, we still need a shower."


Dasha laughs and teases, "Just for that we might copulate twice."


It was good to have sex again with my wife. Sharing a room to 'keep up appearances' was driving both of us crazy. We made up for it in the shower when we did the deed twice.


As we came out of the shower Mira, wearing a robe dashed, into the shower. Dasha laughs and says, "I warned her."


Ira states, "I checked the device in the diplomatic box, it is still functional. What will we order for dinner?"


I find the menu from the restaurant, look at it and find it's great. I suggest, "I'm thinking I will get a steak."


Dasha adds, "That sounds good for me."


I remind them, "Remember that the steak will come well done or it won't be halal1."

1 Halal - Halal is Arabic for permissible. Halal food is that which adheres to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran. The Islamic form of slaughtering animals or poultry, dhabiha, involves killing through a cut to the jugular vein, carotid artery and windpipe. Animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood is drained from the carcass. During the process, a Muslim will recite a dedication, known as tasmiya or shahada.


Ira states, "I think I would prefer chicken."


I hand her the menu, she peruses it and says, "Mira and I will have Chicken Kiev."


I remind her, "That will come without the usual bacon."


Ira dismissively waves her hand and says, "That is fine with me."


I call and place the order. Of course they don't even ask how I want the steaks cooked. Mira finishes her shower and Ira heads into the shower while Mira complains, "How many times did you copulate in the shower?"


Dasha grins at her and answers, "Twice of course, but don't worry we might take another shower later."


Mira chides, "You two are like young teenagers…"


Dasha interrupts with a counter, "…You're wrong since we're worse than that."


Before it gets out of hand I say, "Ira told me to order you Chicken Kiev."


Mira says, "That is good as I am very hungry."


Dasha agrees, "Yeah, it's hard work wearing a burka all day."


I get into trouble when I say, "I don't know, it's sort of nice seeing everyone wearing the same thing."


Dasha complains, "So Valentin, you'd rather see me wearing a burka or one of my LBDs?"


I retreat and admit defeat, "Sorry my love, I was just kidding."


Ira comes out of the bathroom and complains, "Mira, you partook of all the towels."


Mira giggles and I know there's going to be a fight so I say, "Don't worry, I will call the desk and ask for more."


I make the call and in just a few minutes there's a knock on the door. All three women dash into the bathroom, I open the door and find it's our meals. The waiter sets up the food and leaves so immediately the women run out of the bathroom and begin to attack the meals.


Ira complains, "I miss the dried fish and beer."


Mira agrees, "Yes it was good partaking of that again in Kazakhstan."


I fake gagging and complain, "When I was in Russia, that was part of my MRE and I wouldn't eat it."


Ira asks, "Don't tell me you threw it away?"


I smile and say, "No, I fed it to Destiny."


They give me a strange look and Dasha questions, "Destiny was in Russia with you?"


I decided a long answer was in order so I tell them about my mission in Russia. When I finish Mira remarks, "Mr. Blaine we did not know of this mission. And pray tell how did Destiny translocate to Russia?"


I reply, "Even though Destiny didn't come with us on this mission, I think if I really needed her she would be here rather quickly and I’ve never really asked about how she does things."


There's another knock on the door and once again the women run into the bathroom. I open the door and it's the towels I asked for.


They hear the door close, come back out of the bathroom and we finish our dinners.


When we're finished with dinner I suggest, "We should get some sleep."


Ira complains, "I hope you two will not attempt coitus and keep us awake."


Dasha says brightly, "Hey, I didn't think of that."


Mira complains, "Mrs. Blaine, do not lie. We know you always think about coitus."


Dasha giggles and states, "I was a good girl and waited until I was married so now I can think about it as much as I want."


We turn out the lights and Dasha tries to talk me into sex…


Sometime later – Liz and Desiree – At the cabin


The cabin was finished about a week ago and we moved out of the tunnels and into a really nice room, which of course made Bernie happier. Thom held a big celebration party where Mabel made her usual great food and even experimented with some tapas. Our room was incredible: It even had a little anteroom for Desiree which Thom had decorated nicely for our little girl.


OMG she was so cute and sweet! I couldn't believe how much fun it was taking care of her. It seemed like every day she did something that made us laugh. The only problem was Jens wasn't here to enjoy this with me.


My phone rings, it is Samantha so I answer and ask, "Hello Sam, what do you need?"


Samantha says, "Liz, many of the viewers at the station are clamoring for a new story on Ben and Jennifer…


I interrupt, "…Sorry Sam, but they aren't here right now and I don't know when they will be back."


Sam picks up on the hidden part of my answer and replies, "I suppose I shouldn't try to figure out where they are."


She pauses for a moment to think then continues, "Liz, do you have any ideas about a story I can do on them to keep our viewers happy."


I think for a moment and suggest, "Sam, the cabin is finished so if Thom approves, you could do a story on the cabin."


Sam ponders my suggestion for a few short moments and says, "You know it could sort of be like a Phoenix story - the cabin rising out of the ashes."


I like her ideas and expand on them, "While you're at it you could interview the young mothers who were the root of the ashes and ask them how they feel about what they did."


Sam asks, "Young mothers? Don't tell me that Zarika and Safia had their babies."


I laugh and explain, "They certainly did. It's like baby central here right now."


Sam enumerates, "Let's see, there's Desiree, Jennifer and the two babies from Zarika and Safia. With all those babies, how does anyone get any sleep?"


I explain, "I don't know much about Safia's and Zarika's babies since they more or less stay to themselves with Alexi. Bernie is such a help that my sleep is okay and Maria is old enough to sleep through the night. The worst problem is the diapers; if this keeps up we will need to have them delivered by the semi-truck load and open our own sanitary landfill."


Sam giggles and says, "Heck, I could probably do a story on how everyone is living in the cabin with so many babies around."


I remember something so I ask, "Sam, there might be a story that you could cover when Alexi marries Zarika, Safia and Yasmeen."


Sam pauses for a moment and asks, "Wait, he's going to marry all three of them? How in the world can he do that?"


I inform her, "He says it's a tradition from Kazakhstan that he can have more than one wife."


Sam raises some doubt, "I'm not sure about that in this country but I will look into it. And why would one man want more than one wife?"


I reply, "I have no idea and I know I sure as hell don't want another husband because there are times it's like having two babies."


Sam laughs and says, "Okay Liz, I will give Thom a call about doing an interview on the cabin being rebuilt. Do have a way for me to contact Zarika and Yasmeen about them burning down the cabin?"


I promise, "Sam, I will get that information for you."


The call is over, I hang up the phone and wonder where Bernie is…


Sometime later – Bernie and Linus – At the cabin


I lament, "Linus, I can't believe it, Liz still says she's too sore to have sex. It's been forever since we've done anything."


Linus confirms my fears, "Bernie, I tried to tell you it wouldn't be the same. Maria and I were like rabbits before she had Jennifer and now there's always something that seems to ruin the mood."


I continue, "Linus, I love Desiree, but sometimes I resent the fact that she's ruined our sex life."


Linus nods his head and consoles his pal, "Bernie, it will get better as Desiree gets older…"


I interrupt, "…Well it sure doesn't sound like it's gotten better for you because you still have problems."


Linus continues, "Bernie, as Desiree gets older, she will become more fun to take care of, plus there's always a few ways to rile up the wife."


I sort of like the sound of that so I ask, "Like what sort of ways?"


Linus enumerates, "For you this will work but it didn't work for me because of Maria being in the army. Make sure you buy her lots of boy dolls like GI-Joes to play with and while you're at it you can add some toy guns to the list of toys."


I rub my hands together and say, "Yeah that will get Liz's goat."


Liz comes on the PA and says, "Bernie, I’m in the room and I was wondering if you want to go for a walk."


Linus teases, "The old ball and chain beckons."


I counter, "Hey I've heard Maria call you on the intercom more times than Liz has called me."


I pick up Linus and Maria's phone and call Liz in our room…


Sometime later – Samantha – New interviews


Even though Stacy is still in prison, I've successfully moved into my castle. It's everything I dreamed it would be. No, it's even better than that!


I've visited Stacy many more times. My comment to the guards about a woman agent and Stacy getting better food have worked. Her trial starts soon and once again, Stacy's lawyers are trying for an insanity plea.


The viewers have been calling the station and asking about a new story on Ben and Jennifer. I figured I could just call them, set up a time and do the interview. Now I find out they are gone somewhere mysterious and I could tell Liz doesn't know anything about the location. Liz did have some good ideas about other interviews that might satisfy some of the viewers.


I no sooner hang up with Liz when my phone rings - it's the station manager. I answer and he says, "Samantha, we're still getting calls for information on Ben and Jennifer."


I deliver the bad news, "Well, they are gone somewhere so there won't be any interviews. However Liz and I came up with a couple of ideas."


I pitched my ideas and the manager said, "Those are really good and I like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes idea. Do you think you can get an interview with the two girls who burnt down the cabin?"


I reply, "I can only try and see what they say, but if I hit them with a guilt trip it might help."


We hang up and I call Thom's mobile phone.  He answers and says, "Samantha, what can I do for you?"


I begin with a little begging, "Thom, the viewers have been clamoring for a story on Ben and Jennifer. Since they are gone somewhere I was hoping we could get a look at the cabin now that it's finished."


Thom says, "Sure, most of it you can see but some of the security details will be off limits."


I pitch Thom my idea about interviewing Zarika and Yasmeen, He laughs and agrees, "Hell yes you can interview them! And if they try to give you any shit about it, I will throw their asses out on the street where they belong."


I chuckle and reply, "That means that the twins must also be gone, otherwise you could never threaten that."


Thom complains, "Yeah, they are gone too so there's no one to ride herd on that sex crazed brother of theirs."


I query, "What's going on with Alexi?"


Thom says, "Shit, he's fucking anything that's horizontal. He already has two babies and now he's impregnated Yasmeen. And if I understand right, he's started in again with Zarika."


I ask, "I heard he's going to marry all three of them."


Thom scoffs, "Not in this country he won't, it's not legal here! If he wants to marry them he needs to do it in Kazakhstan. Don't worry, I will make sure you get an interview with Zarika and Yasmeen."


I reply, "Okay, let me round up John and I will be right over."


Thom says, "Okay, let me go make sure that the royal fucker and his harem are presentable."


I open the front door, Vic is waiting on the porch for me, he asks, "Where are we going today?"


I reply, "We're headed to pick up John and the camera gear then over to the Blaine's cabin to do some interviews."


Vic questions, "I thought Ben and Jennifer were missing."


We begin to walk up the hill and I answer, "They are, so I'm filming the cabin and the two girls who burnt the old cabin to the ground."


Vic suggests, "Now that the restaurant is open again, we can come back here for lunch."


I grin at Vic and say, "I don't know, we might stay at the cabin and have some of Mabel's cooking, she gives Henri a run for his money."


Vic says, "I didn't know that." He thinks and then continues, "I will make sure I don't have a run in with the old fart again."


I laugh and reply, "You mean Thom? I thought you guys patched everything up between you?"


Vic shakes his head, "He's a stubborn old fuck and won't accept any of my apologies."


I suggest, "Perhaps if you took him a bottle of whisky he'd forgive you."


Vic says, "Yeah that's a great idea, I wonder what his poison is?"


I reply, "Well, I do know that when Ben lost the bet to him about Liz's baby, he bought Thom a bottle of Knob Creek."


Vic asks, "You think we could stop by a liquor store on the way?"


I smile and say, "Why not, the cabin isn't going anywhere and it will give Thom a chance to get the girls ready for the interviews."


We pick up John and his camera gear, grab a van and head to the cabin, stopping by a liquor store on the way. They don't have knob creek so Vic buys a bottle of Jack Daniels.


 When we arrive, we're shocked because there is no longer just one gate, we have to make it through two gates.


We travel through the second gate and Thom is there in his car. He walks up to the van and says, "Come on I will escort you to the cabin."


We follow Thom's car, not to the garage, but to another wall in front of the cabin. A security team comes up to the van and says, "Please exit the van so you can be searched."


Inga waves me over and says, "Don't worry I will search you Samantha."


While Vic and John are searched by the other security detail. Thom tells Vic, "You will need to leave all your weapons in the van."


Vic says, "Yeah I remember from last time and this time I'm not carrying a knife. However I did get this for you in hopes that you will finally forgive me." Vic hands the bottle of Jack Daniels to Thom, Thom looks at it and remarks, "Thanks for the gift, this is almost bourbon."


Vic sputters, "But I thought it was…"


Thom interrupts, "…Most people do assume it's bourbon. However because it's charcoal filtered it's actually Tennessee Whisky. Come on inside and we'll share a snort or two."


I ask, "Thom, are the girls ready to be interviewed?"


Thom swears, "Those little bitches were still sleeping. I kicked their asses out of bed and told them to get ready."


We head into the cabin and Inga says, "Samantha, I will be showing you all the features of the cabin."


We spend about twenty minutes on the cabin, with the most interesting part being that the cabin even though it looks like wood, isn't wood anymore. Inga told us that the original wood was destroyed in the two fires so now it's made of concrete that resembles wood and is impervious to bullets. Even the windows are bulletproof glass.


Thom brings Zarika and Yasmeen into the big hall and says, "Samantha, here you go. As I promised, they will answer any question you have."


John sets up the camera on its tripod, I take the chair across from them, nod at John and begin, "Hello America, Samantha Stevens here continuing the interview at the Blaine's cabin. We are going to interview the two girls who maliciously destroyed the Blaine's cabin. On the left is Zarika and on the right is Yasmeen. Please tell me girls, what prompted you to destroy the original cabin?"


Yasmeen looks down and replies, "Ms. Stevens it was my idea. I was angry that Ben did not invite us to his wedding."


Zarika adds, "It may have been Yasmeen's idea, but we did it together."


Yasmeen apologizes, "At the time I was angry, but now I realize what a terrible thing we did to Ben and Jennifer, especially since they had helped us so much."


I continue, "Can you both explain what Ben and Jennifer have done for you?"


Yasmeen says, "Not only did Ben rescue us from the sex slavery ring, he also brought me to his country."


Zarika answers, "Yes Ben saved us from the sex slavery ring, but before that, he saved me from some terrible men in Afghanistan and then brought me to this country. I thought I was going to be his first wife."


Yasmeen adds, "And I should have been his second wife."


I probe further, "Did Ben promise either of you he would marry you?"


They both reply, "No Ms. Stevens he didn't. But it is a custom in Afghanistan and we had our dreams."


I smile at them and ask, "Zarika, I hear you have a baby and Yasmeen I hear that you are expecting a baby."


Zarika replies, "Yes Ms. Stevens, I have a wonderful boy named Alexander junior after his father Alexi."


Yasmeen says, "Yes I am also carrying Alexi's baby."


I continue, "I understand that Alexi also has another child?"


Zarika responds, "Yes he had a daughter with Safia. She's named Miranda after one of his sisters."


Yasmeen blurts out, "I hope the viewers don't think we're crazy, we all love Alexi and he's going to marry us."


I reply, "You are aware that polygamy is not legal in the United States…"


Zarika interrupts, "…. Yes Ms. Stevens we know that. We will be married in Alexi's home country of Kazakhstan."


I ask, "Where will you live after the weddings?"


Yasmeen says, "I assume we will come back here and live at the cabin."


Zarika says, "Yes we have such a nice and large room here, I could not imagine living anywhere else."


 I smile at the two of them and say, "So even though you destroyed the old cabin, Ben and Jennifer still allow you to live here. How does that make you feel?"


Yasmeen hangs her head and confesses, "Ms. Stevens, we did a really bad thing which we can never make up for. Both Ben and Jennifer have forgiven us when we didn't deserve it."


I smile once more and say, "Thank you Yasmeen and Zarika for the interview."


Sometime in the future – Stacy – Watching the news report


Things are dragging on with my trial, my lawyers once again are trying to prove that I'm crazy, especially because I continue to call the witch bitch a witch. Hey, I'm just calling a spade a spade. I did find out that I could hire a black witch to cast a love spell on Ben. However Samantha was right, it would cost me part of my soul and I wasn't willing to subject myself to that.


I am watching with great interest my BFF's Samantha's report on Ben and the witch bitch's cabin. The place is a fortress and I'm almost positive the stupid Muslims I sent after the witch bitch couldn't have overcome its defenses. I wasn't aware of the others living at the cabin and they really piqued my interest. I'm not sure how I feel about Ben bringing two young girls to America with the possible promise of marriage – what the hell! Now they've become the personal harem of some oversexed bastard named Alexi. I certainly need to find out more information on him.


Bill finally arrives. I go to meet with him and deliver my current orders - for him to find out all the information he can on this Alexi, Zarika, Yasmeen and Safia. I have to do things this way because they still won't let me have access to a computer of my own…