Chapter 131

Together Chapter 131

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The next day – Ben (Valentin), Jens (Dasha), Ira and Mira – On the mission


We successfully deploy the latest major device from the diplomatic box and walk back to the hotel. I'm thankful that it's the fuck gone since now things should be easier and safer for all of us. We walk back to the hotel, take showers and change clothes. We then dispose of our old clothes, check out, and take a taxi to the airport.


I can see the relief on Dasha and the twins faces because they no longer have to wear the burkas. Of course Dasha, Mira and Ira still wear the required head scarves. The taxi arrives at the airport and it unloads us at the Turkish airline drop off because they are the major airline that flies from Medina to Tel Aviv. Unfortunately no one flies directly into Jerusalem so we will be forced to take ground transportation to Jerusalem.


And thank God I no longer wear my man-fucking-dress and the even worse fake beard! Instead, I am pretending to be a businessman so I'm wearing a suit and the beard is trash. Even though I hate suits, they are still better than the fucking man dress.


We take our suitcases into the terminal where I of course lead the way. I walk up to the ticket counter, present my bag and the porter delivers the greatly lighter diplomatic box. I show my diplomatic passport and they issue my boarding pass without a problem.


Dasha, Mira and Ira, do likewise then we head to the waiting area for our flight, find seats for the four of us and begin the wait for the flight…


It's so fricken-fracken good to be done with the stupid burka! If I had to wear that medieval torture device much longer, I was going to go crazy! I look at Mira and Ira and I can tell that Mira shares my feelings but Ira seems impervious to almost everything. Sometime Ira reminds me of Spock on Star Trek by the way she contains her emotions. I can't wait for this mission to finish, but I have concerns about our trip into Israel since they practice serious security and we could get caught.


They call early boarding for our flight so Valentin walks up to the ticket counter, shows his diplomatic passport and he is ushered to early boarding. We follow a respectful distance behind him and take our place in the line. Once again we board the flight first, find our seats and settle in for the flight to Istanbul. Yeah, unfortunately there is a layover on this flight. I would love to see some of the sights in Istanbul, but perhaps another day we will travel here…


While my sister Mira and Ms. Blaine revel in their new found freedom from the burkas, I have concerns about our entry into Israel. The security there is serious and we might have threatening issues. I do however have something that I can attempt if we encounter those issues…


It is refreshing to be free from the constraints of the burka since they are tedious to wear and present even worse obstacles to remain sanitary under one. Our current pant suits and head scarfs are much superior accoutrements.


The flight ascends into the air, Mr. Blaine reclines his seat and quickly sombulates. I look at Ira and she says in Farsi, "Miranda, please take the first watch while I sleep."


I remove the book from the front of my seat and begin to read…


I no sooner fall asleep than my ears begin to pop which signals we're starting our descent so I wake up. I was a little shocked at myself for falling asleep so easily, but Dasha kept me up last night in an unsuccessful attempt to have sex with me. Yeah the flight from Medina to Istanbul is only about three and a half hours, but it felt so good to be out of the man dress I drifted off. I glance over to find Dasha and Ira are sleeping while Mira reads. The pilot comes on and announces, "Please fasten your seat belts - we will be landing in Ataturk airport shortly. Dasha wakes up and I tease in Russian, "Даша ты выглядишь по-китайски."


Dasha you look Chinese


Dasha grins, pretends to put her hands like cat paws and begins to sing, "Мы сиамские, если вы пожалуйста."


We are Siamese if you please.


Ira wakes up and complains, "Даша, если бы вы не хотели секса прошлой ночью, я бы спал лучше."


Dasha, if you had not wanted sex last night and disrupted our attempts at relaxation, I might have slept better.


It's my turn to complain, " Жены виду ваши языки, другие могут говорить по-русски."


Wives, mind your tongues since others might speak Russian.


Both Dasha and Irina apologize for their mistake and promise not to make that mistake again.


The plane makes a rather rough landing, we deplane and begin to shop in the secure area of the airport while waiting for our flight to Tel Aviv. I see something and tease, "Даша мы должны купить это за вас."


Dasha, we should buy that for you.


Dasha takes one look at it and replies, "Я не хочу, чтобы носить один из тех, кто снова."


I don't ever want to wear one of those again.


Miranda adds, "Муж, это пытки, чтобы носить бурки."


Husband, it is a torture to wear burkas.


We continue the shopping, then Dasha sees something and practically begs, "Муж пожалуйста, купить, что для меня."


Husband please purchase that for me.


I laugh, take the package up to the counter and end up paying and exorbitant price for the bag of cookies. Dasha says, "Я люблю шоколадное печенье."


I love chocolate chip cookies.


Mira asks, "Могу ли я попробовать один?"


Can I try one?


I'm shocked when Dasha offers, "Да, но только один."


Yes, but only one.


I check the time and announce, "Нам нужно найти ворота для следующего полета."


We need to find the gate for the next flight.


We check the departure board, find the gate number and make our way to the gate. I notice two men talking so I lean over and whisper to my wives, "Эти двое мужчин русская мафия. Мы будем говорить только на фарси с этого момента."


Those two men are Russian Mafia. We will only talk in Farsi from now on.


Finally the ticket agent calls our flight, I head up with my diplomatic passport, show it to the agents and they let me get into the early boarding line. My wives follow me, then the shit hits the fan when one of the Mafia members says to Dasha, "Почему ты с этим мусульманским дураком?"


Why are you with that Muslim fool?


Dasha shocks me when she replies, "Язык глупого бежит перед его ногами, и ты дурак.


A fool's tongue runs before his feet and you are the fool.


I can tell he's upset, and probably a little drunk, so I step between him and Dasha because I'm concerned he's going to hit her. I command, "Оставьте мою жену в покое, или я буду называть безопасности."


Leave my wife alone or I will call security.


He drunkenly laughs and taunts, "Что случилось, вы не можете заботиться о своих жен, как настоящий мужчина?"


What's wrong that you can't take care of your wives like a real man?


I notice that the security guards are moving in our direction so I smile at him and agitate, "Tвою мать!"


Fuck your mother!


He takes a swing at me, which I easily deflect, as security arrives and asks what's going on. I inform them, in Farsi, "This man insulted my wife and then tried to attack me." I show them my diplomatic passport and they take both the men into custody.


Ira commends my action, "Мой муж, вы справились, что прекрасно."


My husband, you handled that perfectly.


We board the flight early and find our seats for the slightly longer flight to Tel Aviv. This time I can't sleep as I'm too concerned about our entry into Israel. The time passes incredibly slowly until finally the pilot announces, "Please fasten your seat belts - we will be landing in Ben Gurion International airport in a few minutes."


We touch down, taxi up to the jet way and begin to deplane. We are stopped in customs even with our diplomatic passports and the custom agent says, "We understand you have a diplomatic box travelling with you, we would like to examine it."


I can't believe it when Ira gets in his face and they begin to argue in what I can only assume is Hebrew. This continues for a short time until Ira is taken to a phone, makes a call, returns and then explains, "They were determined to open the diplomatic box until I called our Embassy. The Ambassador is coming to take care of this problem."


I ask, "Won't he want to open the box?"


Ira counters with a sly smile, "When he heard my name he lost any desire to open it."


The Ambassador from Kazakhstan arrives, raises hell with the custom officials and finally we are allowed to leave with the box unopened.


Dasha remarks, "That was a close call. And when did you learn Hebrew?"


Mira counters, "We spent some time training here and learned Hebrew then. However, you are incorrect since there was zero probability they would open the box."


Ira finds us ground transportation to Jerusalem, we load all our suitcases and the unopened diplomatic box into the taxi and begin the trip. I notice that both Mira and Ira have heightened senses. I question, "Why are you two so alert?"


Ira explains, "When you are in Israel, you learn to stay alert so that you don't become a target of a jihadist."


With that in mind, I also kept a close eye on things, but God must have been with us because we made it to our hotel, The Sephardic House, with no problems. Once again we settled on one room for the four of us (much to the chagrin of Dasha). They took us to the room, I opened my suitcase, pulled out the bug detector swept the room and bathroom and the scan came back clean.


Dasha looks at me, winks and says, "How about a shower?"


Mira practically explodes, "Oh no, I’m taking my shower first this time!"


Ira states, "I have heard the food, other than the breakfast, in this hotel is not good. I will transverse the streets and find us some edible victuals."


Mira relents, "My sister, even though I would prefer to shower foremost I will accompany you."


With Mira and Ira gone, Dasha and I get busy on one of the two beds. It's great having them gone and Dasha is finally her usual vocal self during our time of passion. We finish and Dasha comments, "Ben, I wish I could just lay in your arms forever."


I kiss her and promise, "Soon my love you will be able to do just that. But let's get our shower done before the twins return."


We take a nice long shower together, come out of it wrapped in robes and find Mira and Ira waiting for us.


Mira complains, "This room reeks of coitus."


Dasha grins and says, "So, who really cares."


Mira explains, "Ms. Blaine, I hate to confess this but I really care. You have forgotten that at one time I was deeply in love with your husband. I know that you and Mr. Blaine belong together, but at times like this your constant reminders still bother me."


Dasha apologizes, "Sorry Mira I didn't know you felt that way, please forgive me."


I add, "No Mira, please forgive both of us but you are correct. Jens and I belong together but we haven't considered your feelings."


Mira smiles and I can tell this little emergency is over. She says, "Mr. and Ms. Blaine, you are about to partake of a feast." She sweeps her arm toward the table that's covered with food.


I look at the table but don't recognize anything so I ask, "What sorts of food do we have?"


Mira continues, "First we have hummus masabacha, that's normal humus garnished with whole garbanzos, paprika and lemon infused tahini on top – you eat it with the hopefully still warm pita bread," She gestures with her hand and says, "Those are of course falafel. That's baba ganoush…"


I interrupt with a joke, "…Is that anything like baba yaga?"


Ira face palms and groans, "Mr. Blaine, baba ganoush is nothing at all like the witch baba yaga. It is eggplant mixed with tahini, lemon juice, garlic and whatever other flavors you want to add, and served, of course, with bread."


My stomach rumbles and I suggest, "This does look like a feast, let's eat."


Mira says, "First I must shower because I am not sanitary. Please my sister, save me a moderate portion of each dish."


Mira heads to the shower, we begin the feast and Ira comments, "Mr. and Ms. Blaine thank you for responding in the manner you did to my sister Mira's request. I must also confess that your copulations bother me."


I put my foot in it when I ask, "Ira why does that bother you?"


Ira looks sad and replies, "I have not confessed it but I am in love. However I do not ever see any hope for my love to be returned."


Dasha questions, "Ira, who are you in love with?"


Ira cries and replies, "You know him, his name is Todd."


I answer, "Ira, he's been gone for a very long time."


Ira continues, "Yes he has and I have no idea where he is."


Dasha promises, "Ira, we will help you find him when this mission is over."


Ira smiles and says, "Thank you for listening to me. Now I must dry my eyes before Mira completes her shower."


Ira dries her eyes, we finish eating while making sure to leave a large portion for Mira. Dasha and I recline on the bed, I yawn and say, "I'm sleepy and might go to sleep."


Dasha adds, "Ben, tomorrow we're finished and can head back to the cabin."


I reply, "It will be good to be home."


We wake up early and begin to get Mira and Ira into their fake pregnancy outfits. Once their fake pregnancy stomach pouches are on, we program and load in the last devices from the diplomatic box and secure them in the fake pregnancy stomach pouches. Then they continue dressing in their maternity clothes. When they are finished Dasha giggles and comments, "You two look great pregnant together."


Ira reveals a bit of emotion, "This outfit is burdensome and annoying."


Mira counters, "My sister do not be a crying young child still in nappies, this is better than when I was actually pregnant."


With the two of them in their costumes, we head to our last two targets. We arrive at the first target, The Dome on the Rock. We obtain entrance and because Mira and Ira are assumed to be pregnant, they don't go through the body scanners like Dasha and I do. Once inside, Ira gets busy deploying her devices while we make sure no one is watching her. Once they're deployed Ira trashes the fake pregnancy stomach pouch and pulls in the drawstrings on her clothing so it fits.


We move to the final target, The Noble Sanctuary, and gain admittance. Once again Mira is just patted down because she is 'pregnant' while the rest of us have to go through the scanner. This is exactly what we counted on since we knew the scanners here were old and could cause medical issues for pregnant women. Once again Mira deploys her devices in predetermined critical locations while we stand watch. When she finishes, she also disposes of the fake pregnancy stomach pouch and tightens up her clothing. We leave The Nobel Sanctuary, walk to the hotel, dispose of our clothes and take a vehicle back to Tel Aviv, returning directly to the airport.


Once we're finally on our flight home, I relax…


Sometime later – Bernie, Liz and Desiree – At the cabin


I arrive back at the room and Liz asks, "Bernie what were you doing in Linus' and Maria's room?"


I reply with a partial lie, "I was talking to Linus about some things, mostly on how to be a better father for Desiree."


Liz smiles at me and says, "Yeah it's nice having Linus and Maria here, I've gotten some good suggestions from Maria on taking care of Desiree."


I notice Liz hasn't wasted time and already has Desiree in the baby jogger. I ask, "Did you contact security yet?"


Liz replies, "Not yet, I thought we would grab a couple from the team on the way out for our jog."


I caution, "Liz you know what the doctor said…"


Liz interrupts, "…Yeah Bernie, I know what he said but I've always run and I'm sure not going to stop now."


I query, "How about your Kegel exercises?"


Liz grins at me and says, "Bernie, I promised you I would do them and I am doing them even as we speak."


We head out of our room with Desiree, pick up two of the security team on the way out the door and have a great time outside.


Sometime later – Samantha – Back at her castle


With the interviews done, we pick up our van and head back to Stacy's office.


Vic (who watched the interviews) comments, "I can't believe that Alexi is going to marry all three of those girls - hell the youngest one is probably still a teenager."


I reply, "Your wrong Vic, all three of them are still teenagers."


Vic swears, "I don't understand what the fuck the world is coming to. Those girls are ruining their lives by having babies at such a young age."


I tease, "Well Vic, I was married when I was still a teenager."


He gives me a strange look and asks, "But you divorced him?"


I confirm, "I sure as hell did! I found out he was married to another woman and he also gave me an STD."


Vic swears some more, "That bastard! You want me to take care of him for you?"


I laugh and say, "No, he's not even in this country anymore so don't worry about it."


We arrive at Stacy's offices and Vic suggests, "Well, since we didn't eat at the cabin, how about we head to the restaurant."


I complain, "Shoot, I forgot about eating at the cabin. Okay let's see what Henri is making today."


We walk down the hill to the restaurant, head right to the front of the line and Henri says, "Sorry, but because Inga is no longer here, I must seat you myself."


He takes us to the table and Henri says, "Todays meal is chicken cordon bleu, I would recommend a nice white wine with it."


I agree, "I will take one glass of wine."


Vic declines, "Sorry Henri, I'm on duty and can't drink."


Henri suggests, "Then coffee for you Monsieur Victor?"


Vic agrees, "Yeah that would be great."


Henri leaves and Vic says, "It's good the restaurant is open again, Henri seems much happier but we need to find some help for him."


I agree, "Yeah he's working too hard…"


Sometime in the future – Stacy – Meeting with the lawyers and Bill


My lawyers show up to discuss my case. They insist on going after an insanity plea again, especially when I show them all the evidence I have against the witch bitch. I tell them, "If we do go with the insanity plea again, I sure as hell don't want to be in the same nuthouse I was last time. I want a much nicer place this time."


They assure me they will find a better place and leave. Bill slides some paperwork across to me and says, "The restaurant is doing great and Chef Henri is happy again. But we do need to hire a waitress for him."


I agree, "Okay, it's a shame Inga went back to work for Thom."


Bill asks, "Is there anything else for today."


I twirl my hair on my finger and say, "Yeah, I want you to find out as much information as you can about some people living at Ben's cabin. His name is Alexi and the other three are Safia, Zarika and Yasmeen."


Bill asks, "They're the ones Ms. Stevens just interviewed?"


I reply, "I didn't see Safia, just Zarika and Yasmeen."


Bill replies, "No problem, now if there's nothing else I will get working on this."


Bill leaves and I begin to formulate a new plan…