Chapter 132

Together Chapter 132

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September 11th 6:46 AM MDT – Ben, Jens, Ira and Mira – Back at the cabin


It's been some time so I need to catch you up on things that are going on.


We had an uneventful trip back to America so I decided not to say anything about it. Jens and the twins were excited to be able to wear 'normal' clothes on the trip back. Of course I had to buy new (overly expensive!) clothes for them in the gift shop before we left.


Thom did a hell-of-a job on the cabin. It was nice to be in our room and not have to settle for the tunnels especially since Thom made sure there were mirrors on the ceiling above the bed. The only down part of being back was that Mira and Ira were upset as hell. While we were gone, Stacy convinced Alexi, Safia, Zarika and the now pregnant Yasmeen to move into a house which she gave them.


The twins went ballistic toward Thom but he rightly declared that Alexi wouldn't listen to him. Mira and Ira made a beeline for Alexi's new house and I guess raised enough hell that Alexi called Jim the Sheriff on them. Jim knew better than to take them on by himself so he called me and I went over to the house. It was a nice as hell house (this makes me wonder what the hell Stacy is doing this time - unfortunately she continues to be a RPITA). I successfully convince Mira and Ira to come back to the cabin without killing anyone, but they are majorly pissed at Stacy (this could be good).


Now the time has finally come and Mira, Ira, Jens and I are in the conference room watching the TV and waiting for the reports. At exactly 6:46 AM, the time the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center, we clink our glasses full of champagne, drain them and I offer, "Thanks to all of you the mission was a success.


It takes about thirty minutes and the reports start to come in about the total destruction of the three holiest places in Muslim history. It takes another thirty minutes until the speculation starts about the timing of the blasts. Jens hugs me and comments, "Ben, I never thought they would figure it out."


Mira comments, "Mr. Blaine this should send a message to Muslims throughout the world."


Ira adds her feelings, "I agree, now that the idiotic news reporters finally figured it out, our true mission has been revealed."


I query, "With the Dome on the Rock gone, I wonder if Israel will rebuild Solomon's temple in its place."


Ira replies, "Mr. Blaine, I will suggest that to my Israeli friends."


I comment, "Well, I think it's time for some PT."


Jens agrees, "Yeah, I'm up for that."


Mira and Ira say, "We will prepare and meet you outside…"


It was soooo good seeing that our missions came together and actually worked! I was concerned that someone would find the devices we planted and remove them. After they detonated I was concerned that they wouldn't decipher the message we wanted to send.


What was even better was being back and having that part of our life behind us - now I need to concentrate on other things. Ben was in for a major shock, but I want to wait until later to tell him. Now I want to take a run, while I still can.


We have everyone and their brother looking for Ira's Todd but so far we've haven't had one lead where he is.


Seeing Liz and Desiree was great, and I look forward to them participating in PT with us this morning. Since Liz has to push the baby jogger, maybe I can finally beat her in a race. I love holding Desiree and helping with her. Heck, Ben and I even took care of her all one night so Liz and Bernie could head into Leadville and eat at the beotche’s restaurant.


Speaking of the beotch: She's still in jail while her trial drags on. She continues to blab to everyone that I'm a witch but thank God no one believes her. I shudder to think what would happen if people still believed in witches.


Our room is fantastic - Ben and I broke in the bed correctly many times. We go to our room, change into BDUs and head outside. The security team is preparing to start PT but some of them groan when they see Mira walk up to lead PT today. Mira puts us through a crazy workout which has my heart rate cranked. I feel a little light headed because of my condition so I back off a little. Mira of course notices so she comes over to me and berates my dedication, "Ms. Blaine, there will be no slacking on our PT today."


I smile at her and confess, "Mira, I don't feel one hundred percent today but I will give it my best."


Mira moves back to the front of the squad and continues. Finally we finish and Mira takes the lead on the run as Ira comes up beside us and states, "Ms. Blaine, you do not appear to be well."


I fake a smile and say, "Ira, I'm not well."


Ben also shows concern and asks, "My love, if you don't want to run, we can head back to the cabin."


I smile and say, "No my Ben, I do want to run today, but perhaps we can run a little slower than normal."


Ben and Ira slow up and I begin to feel better…


I have concerns over Ms. Blaine since her participation in PT was subpar. I have noticed over the past few weeks her participation in PT waning. Mira berated her, so I sent Mira some hand signals to ensure Mira would no longer berate her. I need to convince her to seek the advice of a doctor for her issues of health…


Ms. Blaine was slacking on today's PT which is unlike her. I again began to berate her when my sister Ira sent me hand signals to leave Ms. Blaine alone. When I regain seclusion with my sister I must ask her about her commands.


September 11th – Liz, Bernie and Desiree – At the cabin


It was great when Ben, Jens and the twins came back from their mystery mission. I tried my best reporter tricks to discover what their mission was but no one would tell me. Jens and Ben have been real Godsends when it's come to Desiree, heck they even took care of her one night so that Bernie and I could have a nice date night at Stacy's famous restaurant. Then afterward Bernie finally got his wish. It was good to be 'back on the horse' again.


Bernie and I are getting ready for morning PT. We have the TV on in our room when reports start coming in about terrible bombings in Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Someone destroyed the main mosques of Islam; then one of the reporters notices that the time of all the explosions is the exact time of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center. I look at Bernie and say, "That was a hell-of-a deduction by that reporter."


Bernie agrees, "Yeah, he really thinks on his feet. Perhaps we should hire him Liz?"


I think for a moment and reply, "Bernie, I'm not sure about expanding the Truth Network into international reporting since we still don't have enough reporters to cover America to my liking."


Bernie suggests, "Well Liz, you could always start working again."


I have Desiree ready for our morning PT, smile at her, she smiles back and I reply, "Bernie, I'm not sure I'm ready yet to go back to work. I know, why don't you go back to work?"


Bernie grins at me and says, "You know, I've been thinking about going back to running the cameras. I sort of miss it but I sure don't want to displace John."


I prod, "Come on Bernie, you know Samantha could use two camera operators."


Bernie quickly smiles and agrees…


Liz is right, Samantha has been working like crazy. She covered the return of Ben and Jennifer and is currently covering the trial of Stacy. Yes, she could use the help.


I agree, "Okay Liz, you've talked me into it. But when you come back, I'm going to run the camera for you."


Liz agrees, "Of course Bernie, I wouldn't let anyone else do it."


We walk outside and begin PT. Today is Mira's turn to be the leader and she gives us hell, especially targeting Jennifer when she doesn't work as hard as Mira wants. Surprisingly she quickly backs down.


We start the run, Liz for the first time since the birth of Desiree, catches up with Jennifer, looks over her shoulder and says to me, "Bernie, something is wrong with Jens."


Ben, Jennifer and Ira slow up even more, Liz jogs up beside Jennifer and asks, "Jens what's wrong today?"


Jennifer smiles at her and says, "It's no big deal Liz, I just don't feel my usual self today."


Liz paces Jennifer and they continue to talk…


September 11th – Samantha – In the morning


John (who is staying in the castle in a spare room) knocks on my door and asks, "Samantha, are you watching the news from overseas?"


I wasn't, so I quickly switch on my TV to find every station is covering the bombings in Saudi Arabia and Israel. I yell, "John, I'm decent so come on in and watch this with me."


He comes into my room and we watch in amazement, especially when one reporter speculates it could be in retaliation for the World Trade Center attack.


I look at John and say, "Well, what do you think? Is it retaliation?"


John replies, "I sure as hell hope it is."


I wonder aloud, "How many people were killed in these attacks?"


John says, "It's night time in both countries so everything was closed, unfortunately there might not be any deaths."


I was going to chide him, then I remember he covered the World Trade Center so I hold my mouth and instead suggest, "How about I make us some breakfast."


John offers, "Samantha, I think it's my turn to make breakfast."


I smile and ask, "So we're having French Toast today?"


John replies, "Yeah if you don't mind."


I agree, "That would be great."


I turn off the TV and we head into the kitchen…


September 11th – Stacy – Meeting with Bill


I'm fascinated with the reports on TV about the bombings in Saudi Arabia and Israel and have been watching them all morning. I'm interrupted by one of the guards, "Bill is here to see you."


I ask, "Is the female agent also here?"


The agent replies, "Of course, she's coming to do your search."


I am thankful they have a female agent do my searches now even if she is sometimes rough with my crotch area. She come into the cell, I assume the position as I caution, "Ma'am I have my period today."


She still searches me and makes me change my pad in the bathroom but I'm used to it so it doesn't bother me. Then the shackles go on and I'm taken to the conference room where Bill is waiting. They chain me to the table, I sit and ask, "Bill did you see the news this morning?"


Bill replies, "Yes Ms. Summers I did and because of it I have some concerns."


I ask, "What are your concerns Bill?"


He replies, "Well, they tried to take out Ms. Stevens once and I'm concerned they will try it again. Plus the restaurant might become a target."


I query, "So what do you want to do about this?"


Bill suggests, "I would like to post guards at Ms. Steven's house and the restaurant."


I nod my head and agree, "That sounds like a good plan to me. How are things going With Alexi and his harem?"


Bill chuckles and says, "Ms. Summers, it was a stroke of genius to give them their own house. His sisters, the twins are furious at him and every time they go to his house they fight and he calls the sheriff on them. Then the sheriff gets Ben Blaine involved because he won't take them on by himself."


I ask, "Is it time for us to continue with the next part of the plan?"


Bill smiles and says, "Why not, should I make the arrangements?"


I nod my head and reply, "Yes please do that for me. Have you figured out some work that he can do?"


Bill says, "Alexi might be one of the smartest idiots (Bill calls him an idiot for having so many girls he wants to marry) I have ever met. I think we could come up with some analysis jobs."


I agree, "That would be great. I know, why don't you let him figure out how we can make money off the restaurant? And also have him determine how many employees we need to hire."


Bill says, "That's a great idea. I will start on it when I get back to Leadville."