Chapter 133

Together Chapter 133

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Six years in the future – Jens and Ben – Back at the cabin


How time flies when you're having fun! If you remember the last time I talked to you, I was having problems with PT and the run. I finally shocked the heck out of Ben when I told him I was pregnant.


Like a typical man, he was flustered and blurted, "How did that happen?"


I giggled and said, "Well, we had sex…"


Ben interrupted, "…But I thought I couldn't have children."


I smiled at Ben and explained, "I guess it's one of the many miracles that have happened in our lives. Now tell me, are you happy or upset about it?"


Ben hugged me and said, "Jens, you know I’m happy as hell. I always dreamed of having a family with you."


I didn't tell him that I had healed the problems he had from the time he was captured and that was how we got preggers. Anyway nine months or so later we had twins, a beautiful little girl named Fiona and a handsome boy we named James. And yes they both had violet eyes like mine so that means in the future they get to make a choice. I checked the book my Grandmother gave me and was surprised that James was the first male child in our family line that could be a witch (and no they are not called Warlocks, that name is offensive to them).


Let's see what else was going on… Oh yeah, Liz, Bernie and Desiree moved into their own house. Fiona and James love going to their house and playing with Desiree. One of the more upsetting changes is that Mira and Ira have finally accepted Alexi and his harem. It was really sad when they moved into the house with him and now I miss the heck out of them.


Ah yeah, since we have so much room now in the cabin, Daddy moved in with us and loves to play with Fiona and James. Heck, he even babysits them so we can get an occasional date night.


Ben is absolutely and positively the best father in the world! He is so devoted to our children and they love him possibly even more than they love me (Rats!). He takes them on walks every day when it's warm enough and teaches them about all his Indian things. He spends some of his time with Destiny, in fact that's where he is right now…


Destiny and I are walking and she asks, "Ben how are you enjoying fatherhood?"


I smile at her and honestly answer, "It's the greatest thing in the world."


Destiny laughs and reminds me, "Well you can thank your wife for healing you from the damage that Hussain caused when you were captured."


Yeah Destiny had told me about Jens being a witch and after that many things that I had questioned before made sense. It made sense to me that a Shaman in training and a witch would make a good combination so I didn't question it.


Destiny suddenly frowns and says, "Ben you need to get home as soon as possible!" Then she turns into a wolf and runs toward the house.


I ask, "What's going on?" but she was gone


Glen runs up totally out of breath and says, "Ben you need to get home. They…They… They took them."


I ask, "They took who?"


Glen catches his breath and continues, "I tried to stop them but they took my Jennifer and my grandchildren."


I begin to run toward the cabin and yell over my shoulder, "They who?"


But Glen doesn't hear me.


I arrive at the cabin as Destiny is pacing the area in her wolf form and sniffing the ground. When I arrive she shifts to her human form, walks over to me and says, "Ben four men were here and loaded your family into a van."


I fall to my knees and beg, "Destiny, what else can you tell me about them?"


Destiny kneels beside me and admits, "I’m sorry, but nothing else."


Destiny encourages with the next breath, "Remember what Jennifer is, it is probably a mistake that they took her with your children."


I look at Destiny and declare, "I have to find them!"


Glen runs up just as Jim the sheriff arrives. Jim jumps out of his truck and says, "Glen said it was an emergency."


I swore, "Someone took Jennifer and the children!"


Jim makes a call on his radio to set up and amber alert while I look at Glen and ask, "Tell me what happened."


Glen says, "There were four of them and they obviously had military training. They were all wearing face masks. They broke down the cabin door and were inside before we even knew what was happening. I tried to fight them and got this gash on my head for it."


Destiny suggests, "Ben it's time to rally the troops again."


I agree, "Yes, I need to make a lot of phone calls."


I begin the calls and silently swear at myself for letting down my guard and becoming too comfortable…


The End or…