Chapter 01

Walker Chapter 01

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Flashback – Ben – Last day of week four of spook school


Is there one defining moment which changes a person's life? Or is our life made up of many smaller moments which add up to create the change? I mulled this in my mind as I headed back to the spook school. Even after all I'd been through in my life, the last two days changed me - I would never be the same…


Flashback – Jack – Last day of week four of spook school


I checked my watch again and there was still no Banzai. Shit! If we got orders, I would have to leave his ass here or wherever the hell he was. Then I smiled and let my mind wander… I remembered Mira: She looked hot as hell as the Lone Rangerette - I and all the men except Banzai couldn't keep our eyes off those long sexy legs of hers. I had hoped for an even better performance the next night, but the fucking spook school got in the way of Mira's costume party.


Flashback – Mira – Night five, week one of spook school


I sat on my empty bed, in my empty room unclothed and glanced at my Lone Rangerette costume hanging in the closet. I was most pleased with the effect it had on all the men of the school, but once again my buffoonic belligerent boyfriend seemed impervious to my influences. I did not conceive it possible, but earlier tonight he was even more irascible and frustrating than previously! I had hoped that night to at least adulterate his food with a new tracking device, but he did not eat supper with us or even partake of a drink. I had dreamed I might persuade him to abide with me tonight, but… but… but…


When L.Cpl. Blaine excused himself for the restroom he rudely never returned. Once again he was missing and I was missing him! Tonight I did not even call my sister! I was too morose and cried myself to a troubled sleep…


Flashback – Mira – Day six, week one of spook school


When I awakened today I had renewed resolve and a new plan, even if my face resembled Orson Wells' due to last night’s tears. I knew L.Cpl. Blaine could not resist my costume for tonight since no man could be that strong! I would lasso him and tonight he would be mine!


However all hopes were dashed when I read the revised event calendar for today… We had the morning off and were to report to the shooting range this afternoon to prepare for a night live fire mission tonight! Unfortunately my perfect costume must wait for tomorrow night!


Flashback – Charlie – Day six, her apartment


The school Commandant was easily manipulated. His wife, while young, was quite prudish and didn't know the finer points of seduction. Her loss was my gain and the Commandant and I came to an oral agreement to change the schedule. Report time for the class today was thirteen-hundred which gave me more than enough time to bed the recalcitrant Ben this morning!


I took my time as I fully prepared myself. No need to rush as I had all morning. I walked out of my room, to the guest bedroom, knocked on the door and… there wasn't an answer.


I opened the door and… the bastard! He did it to me again. My spare bedroom was totally empty, Ben and all his gear were gone, except for a box in the middle of the bed. It was the size of a flower box so I walked over, opened it… and… The Fucking Bastard, he's going to pay for this!!!


Flashback – Ben – Day six – bivouac


I was sick and tired of everyone! Well that's not quite true, I was sick and tired of Charlie, Mira, Jack and especially Major M: They all thought they owned me, or at least wanted a piece of me. I said screw this shit and went to bivouac with my band of brothers Tom and Howard. I sat, watched the sunrise, eating one of the Old Man's breakfast MRE's and said, "Thanks guys, now this is the life."


Tom belched and said, "Yeah the Old Man was pissed as hell when he found someone had snatched all his breakfast MRE's. But his loss is our gain."


Howard laughed, "Shit Ben you're the only Marine I know that would think it's better to sleep in a tent than with that SYT!"


Tom added, "Or Charlie."


I looked at the guys, my brothers and tried to explain, "Guys, those two both have agendas for my life which aren't in my best interest. Mira's in love with me so she wants to marry me and have babies while Charlie just wants to use me as her boy toy."


Tom asked with doubt, "And neither of those are on your agenda?"


I thought about my agenda and said, "Not even close. By the way, while you two are keeping an eye on us today, you should know there's another person watching us. Mira tried to shoot her yesterday so make sure she doesn't get hurt."


The guys gave me a funny look but finally Tom laughed and questioned, "Her? She? Shit! Don't tell me you have another woman chasing you. Since you aren't interested in Mira or Charlie, do you want us to catch this one for you?"


Howard noticed the look on my face and saved my ass, "Tom, cut Ben some slack on this one. Don't worry, we'll make sure she's safe."


I was relieved and said, "Well, time to head over to this piece of shit school for the day. Thanks guys."


We bumped fists and said, "Semper Fi until we die!"


I ran off and Howard promised, "We've got your back…"


Flashback – Mira – Day six, week one of spook school


I opened the door to my room and there was a flower box waiting for me in the hallway! Finally my beautiful boyfriend had come to his senses and was apologizing to me! I quickly moved the box into my room, prepared to open it but something did not seem right. I had received flowers before and the box they came in had lower mass than this box. I carefully removed the card, glanced at it and jumped away from the box! This was not a gift from my boyfriend! This was a trap! I quickly threw a blanket over the box and exited my room!


Flashback – Charlie – Day six, her apartment


I wiped the blood out of my eyes and looked in horror at the bed: There was blood everywhere! Thank God it wasn't mine but it could have been. Some bastard, probably Ben, filled the flower box with charges and baggies filled with blood. I foolishly opened it and now… the bed looked worse than the horsehead scene from the Godfather. Then I glanced at the room and…and…and, it also was covered in blood - worse than the prom scene from Carrie.


I couldn’t believe Ben did this to me – the bastard! I'm going to kill him! The spare bedroom and one of my best teddies were totally destroyed! I fingered the card on the front of the box, finally looked at it and read:


Mess with the best die like the rest!

Leave my Ben alone! Beotch!


For a second I worried that Mira figured out who I was and what I'd done. If that was the case, then I'd have to leave before she killed me. But Mira doesn't use words like beotch so it couldn't be her. I sure as hell didn't know which one of the fucking students did this to me, but when I finally find her, and I will find her, she's going to learn what it's like to fuck with me!


Flashback – Jens – Day six


I fought back a giggle as I stood in the hallway and heard the "gift" I left for the broken down old beotch Ben had been staying with detonate! A neat little trick, with a major modification I learned from some kind soul last night. Score: Jens two - beotchs trying to rape my Ben nothing!


I was s-o-o-o glad when I watched my Ben take all his gear out of her room late last night, but she still needed to be taught a lesson for trying to rape my Ben. Mess with the best, die like the rest!


He had two Marines help him and they were so good that I lost track of where the heck they took my Ben. It didn't matter, just as long as it wasn't here with the broken down old beotch or especially there with the younger beotch!


Now, to see if I can find my Ben... The two beotchs will be busy cleaning up their messes so I might even be able to meet him before I have to get back to my school…


Flashback – Ben – Day six – spook school


Son of a bitch! I got to the stupid spook school and the schedule had been changed!  There's nothing going on until thirteen-hundred and then we have a live fire exercise tonight. If there's one thing this piece of shit school could and possibly would screw up, it's a night live fire exercise. Even when run by the best, they are dangerous and people get killed! I decided to head to the mess hall for a cup of coffee.


I noticed Kai sitting by himself so I grabbed a cup and sat across from him. He smiled and said, "Greetings Banzai-san."


I nodded my head, "Konnichiha Kai-san, it sucks that they changed the schedule."


He affirmed, "Yes it is most unfortunate they did not plan anything for the morning."


That gave me an idea so I asked, "Well, since there's nothing until thirteen-hundred, do you want to go spar?"


His grin came back and he replied, "That would be most enjoyable Banzai-san."


We walked out to the practice field. On the way he asked, "Excuse me Banzai-san, I hear you are no longer abiding with Sgt. Reynolds. Where do you retire now?"


I decided it wouldn't hurt him (and of course Mira) to know so I replied, "Kai-san, I became tired of all the drama and distraction from Mira so I am staying in a tent with two of my friends." He slipped and grinned so I knew this tidbit would be a feather in his cap. I asked, "Kai-san are you any good with weapons?"


He nodded, "Yes Banzai-san I am very good with weapons. Ms. Sedankina says you are not very adept with them."


I smiled, "Yes, she says I get distracted by the weapon and lose focus."


He nodded, "If Ms. Sedankina says that then she would be correct and we will work on that with you. Please pick up a practice katana…"


We were well into practice when Mira excitedly ran up and yelled, "Boyfriend someone is trying to kill me!"


She distracted me so I stopped, but Kai didn't and nailed me a good one (I wasn't so sure it wasn't on purpose). He grinned at me and apologized, "A thousand pardons Banzai-san."


I glared at him and answered, "Kai-san we will deal with this later."


I was concerned that Maria might have escalated things and had opened fire again on Mira, so I questioned, "Mira what the hell are you talking about?"


Mira excitedly replied, "I opened the door to my room and found a flower box. At first I assumed you sent it, so I brought it into my room. However I noticed it had more mass than a normal flower box would, so I read the card and while I was incredibly disappointed, I knew it wasn't from you!"


What the hell was going on, I questioned, "So what did the card say?"


She handed it to me and said, "Read it yourself."


I read:

Mess with the best die like the rest!

Leave my Ben alone! Beotch!


Mira questioned, "L.Cpl. Blaine my boyfriend. Is there something about someone you are not telling me?"


It was not a good time for Mira's green-eyed monster to surface. I dismissed her and said, "Mira, not now. We will talk about this later. We need to get back to your room and see what the hell is going on!"


It was a good thing Mira brought the card, otherwise I would have worried it was a trap to get me back to her room. But the card certainly wasn't in Mira's or Charlie's handwriting. And when Mira didn't complain about Kai tagging along, I knew this was serious. The three of us headed towards her room at a fast run!


As we got to her room, I stopped everyone and said, "You two wait while I open the door." I slowly opened the door and couldn't believe what I saw. Mira took one look and let out an audible gasp! The room looked like the wood chipper scene from Fargo - blood covered almost everything.


Mira cried, "I do not understand what happened. I left the box on my bed covered with a blanket. Ohhh, my poor room is totally destroyed again!"


That statement, my prank last night in Mira's room and this current prank made me feel sorry for her. I announced, "Well, it looks like we need to clean things up!"


Flashback – Jack – Day six – spook school


Son of a son of a bitch! I was damned pissed off! I went to Mira's room to tell her about the change in schedule. She wasn't there so I went inside to check on her but she was gone! I saw a bump under her blanket, pulled it back and saw it was a box of flowers. Being the curious sort, I opened the box and all fucking hell broke fucking loose!


The fucking flower box blew up in my face and covered me and Mira's room in blood. Thank God I wasn't wearing my combat gear or it would have been ruined. I knew better than to wait around for Mira to show up otherwise the rest of her room would be covered in my blood! She had no sense of humor and I knew somehow I would be blamed for this.


So I carefully wiped the blood off my clothes and my shoes so it wouldn't drip and beat feet back to my room. I took off my clothes in the bathtub to keep from getting blood everywhere and bagged them up for the trash. Damn, I'm going to miss that Hawaiian shirt. It was one of my favorites! I turned on the shower, rinsed the blood off me and was happy as hell I'd finally put one over on Mira…


Flashback – Ben – Day six – spook school


We were thirty minutes into cleaning up Mira's room and hadn't even made a dent in it. Mira sat on her bunk and started to cry! Shit! If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a crying woman. I walked over, sat beside her, put my arm around her and said, "Mira, I can understand why you are crying, unfortunately I don't think we will be able to clean this room."


The tears kept falling and she said, "L.Cpl. Blaine, then where will I go? Perhaps I can sleep where you abide?"


I shook my head and answered, "Mira, I am sleeping in a tent with Tom and Howard. It's no place for a woman. You could stay with Jack."


She gave me a dirty look and answered, "I would rather sleep in the outside house for dog than with stinky Sgt. Reynolds."


Kai offered, "I do not have a roommate, Ms. Sedankina is welcome to stay with me."


Mira countered, "Kai could stay in the tent with your friends and we could share his room together."


I shook my head and said, "Mira I really need to concentrate on this school and I can't do that when I'm around you twenty-four hours a day. You are the most distracting woman I've ever met!"


She smiled at me and said…


Flashback – Mira – Day six – spook school


So I did have an effect on my boyfriend. I had worried he didn't love me, but now I know that is not true. I answered, "Sweetie, I didn't think you noticed."


He laughed which made my feelings better and answered, "Mira, I think even a dead man would notice you!"


I knew that was some compliment which I could not fathom, so I smiled and requested, "If you kissed me I would stop crying and feel better."


He laughed, stood up and said, "Mira we don't have time for that shit, we need to move all your gear into Kai's room."


I stood up, attacked him and got my kiss. After he fought and pulled away from me I stated, "See my boyfriend that was not painful and did not take very long at all. Next time perhaps you will kiss me first. Now you are correct, we need to relocate my room. On the way perhaps you will tell me who your mystery girlfriend is that tried to kill me. I think I would like to meet her. Would it perhaps be someone named Maria… by which name you accidentally referred to me?"


Flashback – Ben – Day six – spook school


Shit! I had hoped Mira forgot about me accidentally calling her Maria since I had almost forgotten about it. I should have known better: Women never forget even trivial things and that mistake was certainly not trivial. I quickly lied, "Mira, I don't know what the hell or who the hell you're talking about."


She smiled, like a mongoose smiles at a cobra right before causing the cobra’s death and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine, do not try to pull sheep fur over my ocular units. I distinctly remember her name. Do you need some love taps from my katana to jar your failing memory?"


That was a big fucking mistake. I looked angrily at Mira and said, "Mira that was the final straw! Do you want to fucking beat me to death with that damn practice katana of yours? Then I'm your Huckleberry. Fuck this shit! I'm leaving and will be waiting for you on the practice field."


Mira started complaining as I left Kai's room, leaving Mira, her many complaints, and her threats behind me. I'm sick and tired of her manipulations and threats - and that's just what they are threats. If she loves me she certainly won't beat me, at least not to death.



Flashback – Mira – Day six – spook school


My boyfriend very angrily left the room. I looked at Kai in amazement and he offered, "Ms. Sedankina, L.Cpl. Blaine is doing what is known as calling your buffalo. It is famous in those who play poke-her. Your threats of physical violence to L.Cpl. Blaine have lost their effectiveness because he knows you will not permanently injure him and he has no more fear of your minor beatings."


This was new information for me and I was confused so I queried, "Kai, what should I do?"


Kai smiled and answered, "Ms. Sedankina, you are a formidable warrior, but you forget for men like L.Cpl. Blaine you have other weapons which are more effective than your martial arts skills. Remember how he acted when you cried in your room or when your ankle was injured. You will be more effective if you acquire a more subservient role."


Ah Ha! I understood, "Thank you Kai for enlightening me. Please finish moving my gear." I ran after my boyfriend with a new idea of how to 'beat' him which did not involve my practice katana.


I saw him standing motionless in the middle of the practice field. I ran up to him, stopped short, smiled at him and said, "L.Cpl. Blaine I wish to apologize to you for my silly threats and I thank you for calling my buffalo."


He chuckled and said, "Mira I think you mean 'calling your bluff'. So you aren't going to beat me with your practice katana?"


I made a note of Kai's mistake and answered, "No Sir! I will not beat you with my practice katana. In fact I am very sorry for every time in the past I have applied it to your body and I feel the need to offer you the chance to punish me."


I knelt in front of him, lowered my head in supplication and offered, "I am yours punish me as you wish."


I shuddered when I felt his hands on my shoulders. He commanded, "Mira, get up and never kneel in front of me again."


I stood, gave him a mischievous smile and said, "But my boyfriend, shouldn't I be on my knees in front of you to perform certain enjoyable acts?"


I watched as his face crimsoned and he said, "Mira, I don't know what you're talking about."


Kai was right, this strategy worked much better. I twisted and flirted, "My boyfriend, your mouth may say you do not know, but your face tells a story which is not the same. Perhaps you would like a demonstration?" I knelt again in front of him…


Flashback – Jack – Day six – spook school


Well this was interesting! As I walked out to the practice field, I saw Mira kneel in front of Banzai and he jumped back so fast he almost fell over. What are those two doing? I walked up and teased, "Am I disturbing something?"


Banzai blushed, Mira giggled and said, "Good morning Sgt. Reynolds. I was just offering to perform linguistic lollipop skills on my boyfriend. It seems his other girlfriends were selfish little girls and never introduced him to such linguistic delights. Unfortunately he is recalcitrant, because I think he is worried I will injure him. Perhaps you, being a more experienced male, might alleviate his fears. Might I first demonstrate on you to assuage my boyfriend's fears?"


My jaw must have hit the ground! I couldn't find words but instead only muttered, "Ah… ah… ahh!"


Flashback – Ben – Day six – spook school


I…I…I think… No, I’m certain I liked Mira better when she was beating the shit out of me, not offering to beat me off. I had been beaten so much my whole life, that I was ready for physical violence. However, I wasn't even remotely ready for the flirty Mira again because she was worse than ever. What the hell changed her! And this time she wasn't even being coy about it, she was blatant and announced she wanted to give me a hummer right in front of Jack. When I acted stupid she even offered to… Shit! I can't even think about it! She offered to 'do' Jack so I wouldn't be scared! She can't be serious.


I watched as Mira – well I can't really say she walked, it looked more like she stalked towards Jack. I looked at him and wondered if I was as beet red as he was, because for once he looked like the Indian.


Shit! Mira grabbed Jack and started to give him a… a… a hell of a kiss. Jack struggled at first then sort of got into it and his hands traveled down to Mira's ass. I was just getting ready to empty my drinking bladder of cold water on them and cool them down, when Kai ran up and said, "Excuse me Ms. Sedankina, but it is time for us to report to the firing range."


Mira pulled away and at first I thought she was going to beat the shit out of Kai, instead she smiled at me and taunted, "See L.Cpl. Blaine, now that is how you are supposed to share a kiss with me. Just remember, when I want a kiss you will either give me a kiss or I will find someone else to kiss me."


I had to think of something fast, so I said, "Well Mira if that's the way you would think I would want my girlfriend…" I clamped my mouth closed, but it was too late! Shit! Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock and take back the words you just said? Well this was one of those times.


Mira stalked over, grabbed my arm and said, "It is about time you acknowledge me as your girlfriend. Just remember I am a young woman and I have needs. If you can not fill those needs, then you will force me to turn to Sgt. Reynolds."


Well two can play this game. I snatched my arm away and said, "Whatever floats your boat Mira. Don't complain to me when you get a case of crabs."


Mira gave me a puzzled look and said, "Boyfriend, I do not have a boat so we can not go fishing for crabs."


Jack loudly complained, "Hey you little son of a bitch! I know I'm cleaner than you are because I haven't had sex with anyone since we've gotten here, unlike what you and Charlie have been doing." Shit the old bastard sold me out.


I watched as the anger rose to Mira's face and as she started to pull her practice katana. I had two choices: I could fight Mira, or I could let her beat me. I decided on the latter and waited as she started to slice the air with the katana. I announced, "If you love me you won't hit me with that until after you hear my explanation."


The practice katana stopped in mid-arc, almost touched my helmet and Mira responded, "Okay boyfriend this explanation must be exemplary otherwise I will beat you."


I looked her in the eyes and said, "Mira, she got me drunk, drugged me and took advantage of me. It wasn't sex or love, it was more like rape."


I watched as Mira's eyes glazed over and she said, "That surly, slimy female dog. Do not worry my boyfriend; I will defend your honor."


I asked, "Mira I would just as soon let this drop because thinking about it is uncomfortable."


Flashback – Jack – Day six – spook school


I sure as hell didn't want to hang around here. If Mira wasn't trying to beat me to death, she was trying to screw me. And if the latter happened, in front of Banzai, I wasn't so sure that he wouldn't beat me to death. For some reason, he didn't want to nail Mira but he sure as hell didn't want anyone else nailing Mira.


I ordered, "We need to cut out all this bullshit and get to the firing range. You know how much trouble we will be in if we are late."


I headed off towards the firing range at a trot, glanced over my shoulder and was glad to see the other three following me.


I heard Banzai order, "Mira stay back here while I talk with Jack."


She started whining and he said, "Mira, cut it out and stop acting like a little girl!"


Banzai ran up beside me, looked over at me and said, "Well that was a fucked up mess. Thanks for telling Mira about Charlie and me."


I glanced at him and replied, "Sorry about that, it just sort of slipped out."


He looked at me, his anger softened and he replied, "Yeah, I can see you're not lying." Then he laughed, "Damn, I sure don't know what the hell got into Mira."


I laughed and answered, "I think she figured out beating our asses wasn't getting her anywhere so she's switched back to the flirty Mira."


Banzai asked, "Jack you really wouldn't have let her…"


I interrupted, "Hell no! I'd be concerned she'd get pissed again at me and bite it off."


Banzai laughed, "Yeah that was what I was concerned about too. So what are your feelings about tonight's exercise?"


I shook my head and answered, "Personally I think we're fucked! My goal tonight is to just keep from getting killed."


He nodded his head and called, "Mira and Kai please come up here."


I was shocked at how fast Mira was right up between us. Her flirts didn't stop and she was jostling Banzai but he was ignoring her. I moved further away because I didn't want her to start on me again.


Banzai announced…


Flashback – Ben – Day six – spook school


I suggested, "Listen Mira and Kai. Jack and I have talked it over and we both have serious concerns about tonight's exercise. We aren't convinced this fucking school can pull off the exercise without someone getting killed or hurt, so I think we need to have a strategy for tonight."


Mira replied, "Kai and I have been discussing the exact same issues."


I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was so I asked, "And did you two come up with any plans?"


Mira smiled and answered, "We have decided for this exercise it would be better if we purposely did not win or even try to win. I think the real winners here will be the ones who do not get injured. Plus Maria, your old girlfriend, is still attempting to kill me and she might accidentally injure you." I almost laughed at the sing-song emphasis on Maria and girlfriend Mira used, but I didn't want to infuriate her anymore today.


I questioned, "You aren't worried about her shooting you?"


She grinned, "No my boyfriend, we have a plan and we will catch her."


She told me her plan and I seriously worried for Maria because if Maria went after her tonight, she'd pay for it. I needed to contact Tom and Howard…


Flashback – Jack – Night six – spook school


At the firing range, we listened to the school's bogus plans for tonight's exercise. Then the four of us put our heads together and finalized our plans. Banzai took off under the guise of getting some body armor for Kai, but I could tell he had ulterior motives. Mira was flirty as hell when he was here. She became all business when he left and spent way too much time, even for a woman on her phone. I tried to kibitz on her conversations, but one look from her told me to mind my own fucking business…


Banzai was gone way too long and the longer he was away, the more concerned Mira became. I about laughed my ass off when Banzai finally showed back up. That would have been a huge mistake! Mira circled him like a female dog checking out its mate to see if he'd been with another dog, I was shocked she didn't try to sniff his ass.


Banzai tolerated it, but I could tell he was getting perturbed. I remembered what Major M said and decided, even though it was dangerous, I needed to step in. I announced, "Okay, we need to have a quick meeting and then head over to the live fire area."


The other three came over, Banzai asked, "What's going on Jack?"


I wanted to say, 'hopefully not my funeral' but I answered, "We need to put all the distractions out of our minds and concentrate on the exercise tonight."


The look in Banzai's eyes told me he was appreciative and he answered, "I agree with Jack. Now is not the time for personal feelings."


I watched Mira intently and could tell she didn't like what Banzai said but she responded, "I comprehend both of you are referring to me and while I do not like it, I will comply. However I do demand some attention from my boyfriend after this exercise is completed."


I kept my fingers crossed that Banzai wouldn't say something stupid. He replied, "Mira we will discuss this after the exercise is over. Now let's take our position."


Mira looked satisfied for now, but I could only imagine what she had in store for Banzai later and decided I needed to make myself scarce as soon as this was over. We headed to the location we'd chosen…


Flashback – Ben – Night six – spook school


On my mission today to get Kai some body armor, I looked all over hell to try to find Maria but never did. Then I met with Tom and Howard but they hadn't seen her. I wanted to warn her about Mira's trap. If Maria was captured by Mira I knew one of them was going to die…


It still shocked me as we took up our position that this school was attempting this exercise. It only reinforced my feelings that the Commandant was an utter moron!


We took our position, off to the far side of the practice area and waited for the exercise to commence. This was the best and safest location we could take since our goal was to hunker down behind the wall in front of us and wait out the storm which was coming. Having watched the bozos practicing today, had for once killed any desire I had to join in the shooting.


Kai looked at us and said, "I will depart for my secret location." Yes Kai was 'covering our backs' but he was really scouting for Maria. I had Tom 'covering his back' and Howard covering Tom's back. I was pretty damn sure if Maria showed up, she would try to sneak in behind us and I wanted Tom or Howard to grab her first.


The horn sounded, the flares were fired to partially illuminate the exercise area and all hell broke loose.


Jack yelled, "Shit! This sounds like the start of the battle of Mogadishu! What a bunch of fucking morons with automatic rifles - too much ammo and too few brains."


We hunkered down lower and hoped to not be hit. I spun around, fired up the night vision scope on my rifle and scanned the area behind us, looking for Maria. I sure as hell didn't see her, but I jumped like hell when a round impacted the dirt in front of me! With all the other fucking noise I had no idea which direction it came from. I shouted, "Sniper, move it!" I jumped up, began to run and felt the burning sensation! Shit! I'd been shot!


I yelled, "I've been hit!" Dove into the bushes and Jack and Mira fell in beside me. Mira gave me a worried look and asked, "My boyfriend, are you okay?"


I complained, "Hell no I'm not okay some bastard just shot me in the ass!"


Mira ordered, "Let me see your derriere!" She moved and several more rounds hit the dirt close to us.


I countermanded, "It's fine, just a flesh wound. We've got to find that fucking sniper. Mira, you take the left flank, Jack, you take the right flank and I'll move up the middle first and try to draw his fire."


I jumped up and started running up the middle as rounds danced a deadly pattern around my feet. Thank God whoever the bastard was shooting at me, wasn't very good. I dove into another bush and rolled like hell to a different location as rounds hit the ground where I had just been.


Whoever it was, I was sure it wasn't Maria and they sure as hell wanted me! It was still impossible to locate the bastard with all the noise from the exercise. I rolled some more, to another bush, jumped up and ran again. This time there were no rounds, but I still didn't trust the bastard so I dove into another bush and waited…


Flashback – Mira – Night six – spook school


I was tremendously troubled! Someone had defiled my boyfriend's delicious derriere and I was not going to take this by sitting on my derriere! L.Cpl. Blaine bravely and heroically took off up the middle and the sniper fired at him. I jumped up, headed up the left flank without the encumbrance of gunfire! The sniper seriously desired to terminate my boyfriend and ignored me? This can not be his Maria! I felt a surge from my adrenal glands and doubled my speed while I scanned the area!


Flashback – Jack – Night six – spook school


If this wasn't so fucking serious it would have been funny! Pain in the ass Banzai, getting shot in the ass – I almost laughed my ass off! I knew when he jumped up and started running like his ass was on fire, he wasn't seriously wounded because if the piriformis or gluteus maximus muscles were damaged, no one could run like that.


It made me feel better but I was still cautious when I jumped up to secure the right flank. I guess I didn’t need to be as careful, because no one fired at me. As I ran, I wondered who the hell Banzai pissed off this time. Whoever it was they sure wanted him dead!


Flashback – Jens – Night six


Daddy sure didn't raise me to be a fool, but Mom was a different story! After my little pranks today, I knew the old beotch and especially the young beotch would be out for blood, and I don't mean the blood which covered them and their rooms! They messed with the best and got spanked like the rest!


I had 'mad' shooting skills so I didn't need to be as close as Ben's two Marine friends thought I needed to be. So I watched them all day as they watched my Ben. I was even tempted a couple times to fire close to them to scare them, but it was more fun reconning the Recons!


However I almost shot the young beotch earlier today for being such a terrible flirt with my Ben! I came even closer when she was going to beat him with her practice katana, but my beautiful Ben said something to her and she stopped, right before she struck him and right before I pulled the trigger. I was relieved because I'd never shot anyone.


I figured out this stupid school was going to have a night fire exercise and was so excited I about peed my panties. I'd always heard about night fire exercises but this would be my first chance to see one in person. I took a position early on a high hill overlooking the night fire exercise area, snuggled down into a leafy bush and covered myself with leaves and branches – nature's ghillie suit - and took a little nap.


Well the little nap turned out to be a longer nap than I planned and the sound of gunfire from the exercise area woke me. I was glad they had flares over the area because I could sort of see what was going on, but I had no idea where the heck my Ben was! I swiped a night vision monocular from Daddy and had rigged it up to the front of my rifle. It sort of worked through my scope but not as well as the real ones the Marines had. I flipped it on and scanned the area close to the exercise area. I saw Ben's two Marines keeping an eye on him and saw one other dude I didn't recognize. I noticed with my left eye, some movement in the exercise area. I watched as three people jumped up and ran from the area. That must be my Ben, his stinky old Sergeant and the nasty, flirty young beotch! They dove into the bushes and I realized… someone must be shooting at them. I secretly hoped they would take care of the young beotch for me!


One of them jumped up in the middle and took off! That had to be my Ben, because he's s-o-o-o brave. Then the smaller one took off up the left side and the bigger one took off up the right side. I quickly scanned the hills and finally I saw a very slight flash! I marked the location in my mind. I looked back and I couldn't see my Ben but I did see the other two going up the sides. I watched the suspicious area again and saw a couple more flashes!


No one's going to shoot my Ben! So I pulled up my rifle and started firing at the area where the flashes were!!!


Flashback – Ben – Night six – spook school


I jumped up and ran. This time there were no shots fired at me, but I still dove into a bush right as the horn sounded announcing the end of the exercise. Thank God! I was never so happy to hear a fucking horn in my life.


The firing slowed and then stopped except for… shit there was a crapload of firing going on in the hills above the exercise area. It sounded like a mini-war - I heard the quick bursts of an AK 74 and the slower booms of a… 7.62 sniper rifle. It couldn't fucking be! That 7.62 had to be Maria because that's the same caliber as the case I found!


Then all hell broke loose to my left! Shit, Mira opened fire on one of the two! I hope to God it's not Maria! That must have fired up Kai, Tom and Howard because they started firing and added to this huge cluster fuck! Shit! The hills are alive with the sound of gunfire!


The range officer must have heard all the firing because he blew the fucking horn again and I then couldn't hear anything. The echo of the horn faded away and everything was quiet.


I worried about Maria as I reached into my pocket, grabbed my phone and made a call. We needed some serious help, because we had seriously breeched the protocol of this exercise and there was going to be hell to pay!!!


Flashback – Major M – Night six


My phone rang and woke me from a great dream. It was L.Cpl. Blaine. Even though it was obvious the L.Cpl. was under some stress, he gave me an outstanding sitrep!


The fucking spook school held an ill-planned and ill-advised night fire exercise and during the exercise someone had tried to take out my Marines. They had retaliated, which seriously broke the protocol of the exercise and he requested my support. I was impressed that L.Cpl. Blaine had the wherewithal to know when to call me and not try to bullshit his way out of this and totally fuck it up!


Yeah the Commandant and Mr. Bozo Smith would try to have my Marine's heads over this one. And if the Old Man found out about this… well he had a bad habit of shipping Marines he didn't like to Thule and I sure as hell didn't want that to happen. It would ruin my plans.


I hopped out of bed, into my uniform and headed to the damn spook school. On the way, I placed a call to JAG, to alert them just in case I needed some legal help.


Shit! This car still smells like rotten raw meat!


Flashback – Ben – Night six – spook school


Jack and Mira regrouped with me and Mira immediately started figuratively biting me in the ass about my ass. But we had bigger fish to fry than my ass! I knew Jack and I were 'golden' because we hadn't fired our weapons; however Mira was a different story.


I commanded, "Mira, leave my ass alone for right now, we're in much bigger trouble! Did you discharge your rifle?"


She proudly smiled at me, "Yes my boyfriend, I was defending you and fired four magazines!"


I shook my head and ordered, "Okay, ditch that rifle and take my M four. Here are four mags to replace the ones you fired."


She gave me a puzzled look and Jack interjected, "Mira while we violated protocol by leaving the exercise area, you destroyed it by firing your weapon. Banzai is giving you his weapon so you won't get into trouble."


Flashback – Mira – Night six – spook school


Ah ha! Now I understood my boyfriend was protecting me! I replied, "But won't you get into trouble my boyfriend?"


He answered, "Mira, they don't have any idea I had my M-forty bolt action sniper rifle here tonight. As long as we don't tell them, they will never know you fired your rifle."


I countered, "But I could tell them I fired towards the exercise area."


He smiled and answered, "Yes, but that wouldn't explain why Jack and I never fired our weapons. It's little discrepancies like this the investigators will be looking for."


Ah ha! I was proud at how smart my boyfriend was and how he was concerned for my safety. Kai ran up, I handed him my rifle and ordered, "Kai, you need to take this rifle and disappear from the school."


He nodded his head and replied, "Yes Ms. Sedankina I understand."


I took my boyfriend's 'extra' rifle and magazines and we walked towards the exercise area. There were a large number of people headed towards us!!!


Sgt. Reynolds said, "Well this is where the shit hits the fan."


I did not understand because they were not carrying excrement or fans.


Flashback – Major M – Morning seven – spook school


We walked out of the Commandant's office after all the smoke had cleared. The sun was rising lending pastel hues to a wakening world. Things weren't completely done yet because the investigators from NCIS, the FBI and one other three letter branch of the government were still trying to piece together the details of what went on last night. They had teams combing the hills and found a tremendous amount of evidence, mostly spent shell cases. Some were from an AK 74, a whole bunch were from M 16's and there were many from a 7.62 sniper rifle – they were the most peculiar because they had little hearts drawn on each case.


But it looked like my Marines and Ms. Sedankina were found clear of everything. They never even fired their weapons, plus the L.Cpl. had been shot in the ass. It just grazed him, so other than his pride he wasn't hurt.  The three of them were calm (much too calm) during the questioning so I knew there was more to this story than I was being told.


I studied Ms. Sedankina, Sgt. Reynolds and the L.Cpl. I knew the L.Cpl. was the ringleader of this rag-tag outfit so I ordered, "L.Cpl. we need to take a walk."


Ms. Sedankina bristled and said, "Mike, just what sort of walk are you planning with my boyfriend!"


I laughed and answered, "Ms. Sedankina, this time we are taking a real walk. Now that we are by ourselves, I just want to find out what really went on rather than that cock and bull story you three gave to the investigators."


The L.Cpl. fell in beside me, we walked away and I asked, "Okay, what really happened last night? I can't believe none of you discharged your weapons."


He smiled at me and said, "Sir, Sgt. Reynolds and I did not discharge our weapons."


I grinned and added, "What about Ms. Sedankina?"


He grinned and answered, "Sir, you saw her weapon. It had never been fired and all her magazines and rounds were accounted for."


I clapped him on the back, it scared him and he jumped. I replied, "L.Cpl. I know you gave Ms. Sedankina your M-four because it was Marine issue. Now do you wish to tell me the truth?"


I noticed worry on his face and he said, "Sir, I was in command of Mira and I take all the blame for what happened on this exercise."


I smiled at him, "Don't worry L.Cpl. I talked to my friends on the NCIS and we covered your ass on this one. Just make sure you get your weapon back from her and learn from this lesson to be more thorough next time. I'm not so concerned with Ms. Sedankina, but I would like to know why you and the Sgt. didn't discharge your weapons."


He grinned and said, "Sir, I was too busy getting shot in the ass and I don't have any idea why Sgt. Reynolds never fired his weapon. You need to ask him that question."


My NCIS guys had done an outstanding job but there were still too many questions and not enough answers. I sure wasn't going to get those answers from the L.Cpl. From the orientation of the cases they determined there was one sniper with an AK 74 which fired only at the L.Cpl. The mystery sniper with the hearts on the cases was actually a counter sniper and fired only at the AK sniper. There were three men and one woman (probably Ms. Sedankina) which mistakenly fired only at the counter sniper. One of them might have hit her (we could tell from the size of her boots she was a she) because there was a small amount of blood at her location. But why the hell didn't the Sgt. discharge his weapon? I had heard rumors and had my suspicions but that's all they were. However it was the most puzzling question of all!


I laughed, clapped my L.Cpl. on the back again and said, "Well I guess I need to ask him." But I already knew he would never tell me…