Chapter 03

Walker Chapter 03

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Flashback – Ben – Day six of spook school


Again I slipped away to my tent without being followed, but I knew I needed to talk to the guys and move our bivouac. A move is needed this time because it took a while to lose Mira. I sat on my cot (on my sore ass) and analyzed the live fire exercise from last night. When I focused on my wound I suddenly shouted, "Son of a bitch!"


Tom asked, "What's wrong?"


I shook my head and said, "I think I was shot by one of the fucking students and not the sniper."


Howard added his question, "What makes you say that?


I answered, "Well, when I was hit, I was facing away from the exercise area. Dammit, if I hadn’t jumped up, I might not have been shot!"


But Tom added, "But if you hadn't jumped up you might also be dead."


Howard nodded in agreement, "Yeah that's right."


I admitted, "Yeah you two are probably right. It just bothers me I was shot and I want to make sure it doesn't happen again."


Tom thoughtfully said, "Well, we're Marines and that means anytime we're on a mission we can be shot."


Howard finished the statement, "…or killed."


I nodded my head and agreed, "Yeah guys, that's what make us different. But this school isn't a mission, it's fucking torture."


Howard changed the subject and asked, "So what's on the schedule for today?"


I filled them in, "After last night's fuck up the school has suspended all firing exercises. I guess the boneheaded Commandant's pissed off so he's ordered 'run until you puke' for the whole school. And then we'll have the normal class schedule for tonight."


Tom laughed, "Does he really think he can run you and Jack until you puke?"


I looked off in the distance and answered, "I don't think the bastard Commandant even considers us part of the school. I know I sure as hell don't. If it wasn't for that bastard Mr. Smith I wouldn't even be here being subjected to this bullshit torture." I finally added, "It was a long night and I'm going to catch some rack time. Why don't you two plan and execute a move while we're out running today. Mira's getting too close to finding our location."


I crawled off to sleep on my cot…


Flashback – Jack – Day six of spook school


Damn! What a fucked up day and night - but for once I didn't get my ass kicked, or shot or have anything bad happen at all. In fact I got a hell of a kiss from Mira, which only fired up my feelings. Oh Major M gave me some shit for not discharging my weapon, but he's and officer and 'shoveling shit' is their middle name.


I decided with Banzai bivouacking with the guys and Kai leaving the school, Mira might be lonely and need someone to talk to. Okay, I really hoped she might offer me another demonstration. So I went by her new room, knocked on the door but there wasn't an answer. I didn't have a key for this room and didn't want to fuck with lock, since I was tired, I headed back to my room and crashed…


Flashback – Mira – Day six of spook school


Ah ha, my exhausted boyfriend made a tactical error. He imagined he lost me when actually I tactically fell very far back, observed him and at long last located his primitive camp. I did not know why he was so insistent that I could not share the camp with him. It was not that terrible at all and I certainly have abided in many worse locations. Besides my wounded warrior boyfriend should know that anyplace I abide with him would be heaven – even the sty of pig.


I observed as he conversed with Tom and Howard and could see my boyfriend became belligerent and upset but I could not ascertain why. But I was maximally miffed because my irascible, inconsiderate, boyfriend refused to let me treat or even examine his wound. However, he allowed an inept, incompetent, blonde bimbo pretending to perform as a paramedic poke and prod his posterior. I had more medical knowledge in my little digital extremity than she did in her entire corporeal self. In fact, if she had prodded him one more time I would have prodded her posterior orifice with my little foot - but the suka probably would have savored that!


I observed Tom and Howard vacate the primitive campsite while my wounded warrior boyfriend rolled over and fall asleep on his crib. Now was my opportunity to surreptitiously slip into the primitive campsite and examine my boyfriend's wound! However it would require all my stealth skills to accomplish my task.


But first, I prepared a special syringe filled with benzodiazepine serum which would render my wounded warrior boyfriend temporarily torpid. I made sure to use the minimal diameter needle and hoped my wounded warrior boyfriend would not waken when I injected his corporeal self. Otherwise, I would be forced to apply a more direct method - blunt force to his cranial cavity - to achieve the desired effect…


Ah ha! My wounded warrior boyfriend was much more tired than even I anticipated and I crept to the side of his crib without his deep breathing changing. I slowly slipped the syringe to the posterior portion of his neck, rapidly inserted the needle and flooded his body with the serum. In fifteen minutes my wounded warrior boyfriend would be mine…


I continued to observe my wounded warrior boyfriend while his respiration rate reduced and regulated so I knew he was totally torpid. I bumped him slightly and he did not stir so it was now safe for me to work. I carefully, and nervously, lowered his pants. One look at the inferior work the blonde bimbo performed made my blood bubble with heat. If I saw her again I would exact a revenge she would not relish!


I carefully cleaned the wound because the blonde bimbo was not aggressive enough (she was probably distracted by my boyfriend's beautiful bodacious buttocks - I know I was) and had left a few pieces of foreign material which would have become infected. I almost giggled when my boyfriend started moaning during the procedure, but my professional demeanor would not allow any foolishness.


I lathered the wound with special antiseptic cream and then (I could not resist) covered the wound with a very bright pink dressing. My professional standards demanded that I also perform a very thorough examination of the anterior portion of his lower body, especially his tool. Even in his torpid condition he seemed to enjoy my examination. It was a pity that his tool never became functional (believe me I tried very hard) otherwise we could have had fun! And finally I decided, since my wounded warrior boyfriend loved pranks, to perform a particular prank on him. Once my prank was completed, I giggled with delight.


I was extremely tired and decided not to pass up the opportunity to sleep with my wounded warrior boyfriend. Besides, he needed to be observed until the injection wore off. So I scooted him over on the cot and carefully crawled beside him, held him close and drifted off to sleep…


The sun was high in the sky when my alert ears detected the ever so slight noise of a returning Howard and Tom. I kissed my boyfriend on the cheek and quickly departed their primitive campsite, going just far enough away to see how my practical prank was perceived…


Flashback – Ben – Day six of spook school


Someone shook my shoulders and woke me up. As I turned over I could see it was Tom. He took one look at me and started laughing. Howard walked up, saw me, joined in the laughter and said, "Damn Ben I think you had a visitor. You need to look in the mirror."


I jumped off my cot, ran to the mirror and son-of-a-bitch: Now I know what they were laughing at. Someone had drawn a bunch of lips on my face with bright red lipstick. I started wiping them off with my washcloth and then noticed – what the hell - a blue ribbon sticking out of my pants. I pulled on it and determined it was connected. I dropped my pants and Tom and Howard hooted so hard they fell to the ground.


I demanded, "What the hell is so funny?"


Tom laughed so hard he had tears streaming from his eyes and Howard finally said, "Ben, you need to have a look at your new tramp stamp and your wound dressing."


I yelled, "What the fuck!" Then I tried to twist around and see it but couldn't get around far enough. So I grabbed my signal mirror and with the camp mirror I finally saw – son-of-a-bitch!"


The dressing was God-awful hot pink but was what really disturbing was – fuck no! – my tramp stamp…


Mira had written, in dark black ink, right where a tramp stamp would go:


Property of Miranda Sedankina


I scrubbed at it with a washcloth and I'm not sure what the hell sort of ink she used, but it didn't even lighten it. For a second I worried it was a real tattoo (and I hated tattoos) but there wasn't any pain. I had watched guys grimace when they received tattoos but without pain I assumed it wasn’t really a tattoo. I gave up, went to remove the blue ribbon and found a little note:


Mira was here!


I wondered what the hell Mira was doing 'here' while I was unconscious but decided I might feel better if I didn't know.


Tom and Howard were beside themselves with laughter. I sat down, watched them and finally joined in. After the meat bomb prank in Mira's room, I deserved this and probably even more - I just hoped that tramp stamp would wear off and that it would be gone soon...


Flashback – Mira – Day six of spook school


As I observed my boyfriend, I wished I had a movie camera! His antics along with those of Tom and Howard made me laugh so hard I almost voided in my undergarments. I finally understood the mirth associated with pranks! They were extremely enjoyable if you were not the target. I began to cogitate how my years of training could be applied in non-lethal ways of producing entertaining pranks and immediately had multiple engaging thoughts.


I checked my watch and noted I had just enough time to run back to my room, take a shower, get changed and perform a new prank…


Flashback – Jack – Day six of spook school


I had a hell of a nap and was raring to go! Not raring to go for the run, because I fucking hated running. In fact I had a theory that a person only had so many steps in their life and the faster they used up those steps, the sooner they died. So running was just a faster way to use up those steps. I had tried many times to explain this theory to the brass and especially to Banzai, but they ignored me. I was raring to go to see Mira again!


So I had showered, shaved, even put on some aftershave and headed towards Mira's new room. It felt funny as hell not carrying either my rifle or pistol, but the Commandant had declared all weapons were to be left in the rooms. I did make sure to wear my combat gear including my body armor.


I knocked on the door and Mira answered it right away. I thought she hadn't finished dressing so I said, "Mira you need to get dressed or we will be late."


She grinned at me and said, "But Sgt. Reynolds I am dressed."


Well, I'm certainly not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. If Mira just wants to wear a jog bra and very tiny running shorts I'm not going to complain much! However I felt like I needed to ask, "Aren't you worried about being shot?"


She grinned and answered, "No, my boyfriend, his friends and you will make sure to keep me safe. Shall we go meet everyone else?"


She locked the door. As we headed down the hallway with her in front, I finally figured out why she wore what she did. I complained, "Mira what's that on your back?"


She wiggled her cute as hell ass and said, "It is my new stamp of a tramp. How do you like it?"


I frowned and answered, "I don't care for it at all." Which only made her giggle…


Flashback – Ben – Day six of spook school


I tried like hell to get Mira's damn tramp stamp off me, but all I got was sore fucking skin. So I resigned myself to the fact I was branded and I hoped it would eventually wear off. I was however pissed at myself for sleeping so soundly she could sneak up on me, do all the shit (I wasn't exactly sure what all the shit was) and leave without me knowing anything. I chalked it up to being tired as hell and getting my ass shot. Speaking of my shot ass, I wasn't sure what she did to it, but it sure did feel better. However I'm still not sure I want her messing with my butt.


I didn't have enough time to head to Jack's room for a shower so I took a whore bath with soap. I dressed in some new BDU's, my combat gear and headed toward the practice field. When I got there someone was causing quite the stir. As I got closer, I should have known… it was Mira! Shit! She didn't wear her combat gear, she was back to wearing a jog bra and skimpy running shorts. She saw me, ran up, grinned and teased, "Good noon my boyfriend how did you sleep?"


I answered, "I think you know how well I slept."


Jack walked up and interrupted, "What the hell does that mean?"


Mira giggled and said, "My boyfriend and I slept together this morning and he's embarrassed about it."


I blushed and Jack asked, "Is that why she got a tramp stamp?"


I was confused, and worried he meant mine so I questioned, "Mira got a tramp stamp?"


Mira giggled, turned around so I could see her back and said, "Yes my boyfriend. Do you not remember we each have matching stamps of tramps to show our fealty for each other?"


Son-of-a-bitch! Mira had a tramp stamp that said:


Property of Ben Blaine


And it even had a red heart on each side.


Jack cajoled…


Flashback – Jack – Day six of spook school


What the fuck! Did Banzai really nail Mira? Is that why she has the tramp stamp? And what's this about Banzai having a matching tramp stamp? I teased the hell out of him, "So Banzai, you have a tramp stamp too. That I'd like to see!"


Banzai bristled (now I knew it was true) and said, "Fuck off Jack! What are you now? Some sort of rump ranger?"


Mira giggled and said, "My boyfriend is shy so let me show you a picture." Where the hell had she hidden that picture in what she was wearing? I'd love to find out. She handed it to me and I saw Banzai's back with the words:


Property of Miranda Sedankina


And a hot pink bandage. I started to tease the hell out of Banzai when Mira distracted me. She asked, "Would you like a little peek at my front stamp of tramp?"


What the fuck! A front tramp stamp! I replied, "Do you have a front tramp stamp?"


She pulled down the front of her skimpy running shorts just enough for me and Banzai and the big crowd to read:


Ben was here!


It had matching red hearts on each side.


I grinned at Banzai and he said, "Jack, I never…"


I replied, "You're not a fucking officer so stop trying to feed me shit. Save your stories for the justice of the peace."


Our little party was interrupted when the Commandant came out and just like a fucking officer, yelled at all of us for his bone-headed mistakes last night. Then he ordered us to start running! Of course, Mira ran by everyone making sure they all got a good look at her tramp stamp!


I looked at Banzai and grinned…


Flashback – Ben – Day six of spook school


Shit! Shit!! Shit!!! Would I? Could I?? Did I??? One thing was for certain: Jack and the rest of the school were certain I had. It didn't help that Mira was parading her ass antlers around in front of everyone like the trophy head of General Ho Chi Minh on the wall of my cabin in Leadville. Then she had to show Jack and the whole fucking school the picture of my "matching" tramp stamp. But the worst was the front tramp stamp, had I really been there?


Jack grinned at me and I threatened, "Jack wipe that fucking grin off your face before I wipe it off for you."


He laughed, "I'm the least of your worries. If Maria finds out about the tramp stamps, you're dead."


Shit Jack was right! He always had a way of making me feel even worse


Flashback – Mira – Day six of spook school


It was a glorious day! Not only did I get to repair the derriere of my wounded warrior boyfriend; I also slept with my arms around him and had heavenly dreams. And now I have played the best practical prank on him ever! I could tell his head was unable to comprehend if we trained each other. However, everyone talked and whispered about it.


Some girls called me over and boldly asked me about the training! I was shocked at first then lied, "Girls, he was the most wonderful and caring man ever. And made sure I was totally happy several times before he was finished." They remarked how romantic that we both had matching stamps of tramps and I agreed. I heard them cluck like chickens as I ran off. They were quite jealous of me and I was a ball of the belle.


I adored the attention and continued to parade my practical prank…


Flashback – Ben – Day six of spook school


The damn Commandant had one of the worthless instructors following us in a truck and pushing the hell out of the students. No big deal for Jack or me and certainly no big deal to an almost nude Mira. She was flitting around like a butterfly – no like the social butterfly she really was because she was quite the attention whore.


The pace, forced by the truck, had the desired effect and some of the students started to puke. But the bastard instructor made them keep running and wouldn't let them ride in the truck. If they slowed up he would berate the hell out of them over the megaphone in the truck. He even went as far as to bump a couple of them. This was fucking dangerous!


I looked over at Jack and said, "This son-of-a-bitch instructor's going to kill someone."


He looked at me and absently agreed, "Yeah I was thinking the same thing."


I shook my head - what a bogus lie that was because he'd been ogling Mira the whole fucking time and had been thinking with his little head. I didn't give him shit about what he was thinking because it wasn't important. Shit the Corps was tough but it sure wasn't stupid like this dickhead.


I answered, "I'm going to put an end to his bullshit…"


Flashback – Mira – Day six of spook school


I had so much fun! Ring running around everyone! I was shocked because the students grew very far apart and covered an extreme distance – possibly four or five kilometers. At such a distance I could not even visualize the last of the group which contained the slowest students.


I was distracted from all the attention by others and had lost contact with my boyfriend. I glanced around and saw Sgt. Reynolds but no boyfriend so I ran over by him and queried, "Where is my boyfriend?"


He stared at my body and most intelligently answered, "Huh?"


I yelled, "Stinky Sgt. Reynolds! Stop being a Richard Cranium and get your cranium out of your posterior orifice - where is my boyfriend?"


He answered, "Oh, sorry Mira I was just thinking. Banzai is all the way at the back of the pack…"


I did not wait to hear the rest because if my boyfriend was moving that slowly his wound must be bothering him and he required my assistance. I sprinted as fast as I could towards the unseen back of the group. Several people yelled, "Hey, you're going the wrong way!"


I was very concerned because I knew an incompetent instructor was irritating the slower students with insolent insults. He'd better not insult my boyfriend or my little foot might insult his posterior orifice!


When I finally visualized my missing boyfriend I was pleasantly surprised! He was with a group of about ten students and did not appear distressed at all but just like a hero, was helping the other students who were extremely exhausted and sick. I watched as he encouraged them and helped them.


However I reassessed my initial incorrect evaluation of him when I could visualize his eyes: He was tired and in much pain. I watched with amazement as one student fell and my boyfriend proceeded to pick her up and carry her. Ah ha! Now I comprehended his weariness and pain!


I heard the insolent instructor berate, "Move your lazy asses!"


I ran up to my boyfriend and announced, "Sorry my boyfriend I did not know where you were."


He wearily smiled at me and said, "Mira it's good to see you." And I knew he was telling me the truth!


A taunt came from the insolent instructor, "You call yourself a Marine!"


I asked, "What may I do to help?"


He grinned at me and said, "Nothing, I'm doing fine!"


I ring ran around him, noticed blood on his beautiful bodacious buttocks and scolded, "Like hades you are! You are bleeding again!"


He grinned and lied, "Really I didn't notice."


The insolent instructor teased, "It must be embarrassing for your girlfriend to see you like this."


I did not care for that insult so I turned, ran backwards and showed him the inappropriate digit with both hands!


The insolent instructor laughed, "Well sweetie save those fingers for later because he's going to be too tired to pleasure you tonight."


I ignored the insult and demanded from my boyfriend, "Let me at least carry your pack." and tugged at the straps.


L.Cpl. Blaine complained, "Mira it's too heavy for you."


The insolent instructor increased his insults, "Oh isn't that cute your girlfriend wants to carry your pack."


I asked my boyfriend, "How long has he been saying things like this?"


He gave me a very grim look and answered, "Oh, ever since I dropped back here about an hour and a half ago."


The girl he was carrying said, "Thank you I think I can run again now." My boyfriend set her down and she could barely run. I noticed that not only had she disgorged, she had also voided and defecated in her clothes.


I questioned, "Does the insolent instructor not understand he could permanently damage some of the students?"


My boyfriend replied, "He doesn't really care. Shit, this whole school doesn't really care."


A very large student, the largest student in the school dropped to the ground. My boyfriend ran over to him and attempted to carry him. I scolded, "You will injure yourself  - he has too much body mass!"


The insolent instructor threatened, "If you three don't start running, I will run you over with the truck!"


Then he performed the most unwise action of his soon to be very shortened life!


Flashback – Jack – Day six of spook school


Without my Mira motivation, I'd slacked off my pace, loafed and dropped toward the back of the pack. I heard a hell of a noise behind me: Someone honked the hell out of the truck horn, yelled like crazy and then there was a shitload of cheering and clapping!


I turned around and the fucking instructor was being chased by his own damn truck! Slap me silly Mira was driving it! No it was more like she was driving the hell out of it and the fucking instructor. He'd try running off the road and Mira would chase him down and yell at him in Russian!


Banzai ran up he looked like hell and smelled like shit. I asked, "What the hell happened?"


He laughed like a hyena and said, "I was helping the stragglers because the bastard instructor was going to fucking kill them. Mira came back and when the fucking instructor bumped me with the truck to try to get me and fat Frank to run she went crazy. Mira yanked him out of the truck, picked up a stick off the ground and beat the shit out of him. He unwisely took off running and then she started chasing him with his own damn truck."


I watched as the instructor slowed up. Mira drove up beside him and started to beat him again with the stick. He changed direction but Mira spun the wheel, floored the truck and chased him down again! I laughed, "Damn now she's playing instructor polo!"


Everyone stood, watched, clapped and laughed. He'd been a son-of-a-bitch and was now getting bitch slapped by Mira. She finally walloped him a good one, he fell, rolled and didn't get up. She stopped the truck, ran over and started to kick the hell out of him. Banzai said, "Shit! She's going to kill him!"


We ran over and Banzai pulled Mira back off the badly beaten instructor. She yelled, "How do you like that you Richard Cranium! Boyfriend, release me and let me finish instruction of the instructor." She then continued fighting Banzai.


He spun her around and she fought like a wildcat until he planted a big one on her lips. Then she melted into his arms. Those two were still hot at each other when fat Frank ran up, saw the instructor lying on the ground, whipped out his lizard and pissed on him. He yelled, "Fucking psycho bastard!"


That act fired up the rest of the students and I could tell that mob mentality was going to run amok and ruin the day. The students menacingly approached the instructor so I stepped between them and I shouted, "All of you need to calm down."


One of them shouted back, "Why should we listen to you, you old fucking fart?"


I was just getting ready to step out of the way because this SOB wasn't worth dying for when we all jumped like hell from the sound of automatic gunfire. We turned and noticed Banzai hugging Mira with one arm and holding an Uzi in the other hand! Mira held another Uzi pointed right at the mob. Banzai grinned and said, "If you don't want to listen to Jack, you can listen to me because I was responsible for saving most of your asses."


Mira announced, "And should you choose not to listen to my boyfriend perhaps you will listen to the little girlfriend I am holding." She punctuated her statement by firing into the ground. We all jumped back from the instructor.


I said, "I think we should leave this bastard here, pile in the truck and head back to the school."


The mob cheered at that idea but Banzai interrupted, "First we need to make sure he's not going to die."


I couldn't believe what he asked Mira next!


Flashback – Mira – Day six of spook school


What the hades? My boyfriend asked, "Mira will you please check the instructor to make sure he's not going to die."


I grumpily griped, "After his actions, he deserves to be shot!" Then I pointed the sweet little Uzi at him.


The other students liked that and started to chant, "Shoot him! Shoot him!"


My boyfriend snatched the Uzi away from me and calmly said, "Yes he was a bastard, but I think we all agree he got the hell bitch slapped out of him by Mira. Seeing as I am the only one with guns, there's not going to be any shooting."


Then he scolded me, "Mira, since you don't want to look at him, back away so I can check him."


I felt guilty and recanted, "My boyfriend, while I do not care for your request, I will perform it because you asked me so nicely."


I knelt beside him, assessed his injuries and said, "He has multiple broken ribs, many bodily contusions, a serious head contusion probably resulting in a concussion and I think he voided himself."


Fat Frank laughed, "Hell no! He didn't piss himself - I pissed on the bastard." The whole student body laughed.


I giggled and finished, "Even though I would love to leave him here for the coyotes because that is what he deserves. We should probably transport him back to the school."


My boyfriend looked at the other students and ordered, "We all agree that the bastard got hurt when he decided to chase after me because I left the road, then he fell out of the truck. Isn’t that true?"


I complained, "My boyfriend I will not let you take the blame for my actions."


The other students shouted, "Yeah you can't take the blame for this."


I postulated, "We should tell the school a partial truth: He was being buttocks of a burro and Kai attacked him."


My boyfriend smiled at me but questioned, "Aren't you worried about Kai getting in trouble."


I simply stated, "No, because he has already left the country."


Flashback – Ben – Day six of spook school


Things were pretty tense for a little bit. I gave Mira one of the three Uzi's I had in my backpack and that was not a good thing. I mistakenly thought she'd calmed down and forgot her trigger-happy tendencies. You know: Shoot first and shoot later.


Then the students had become a lynch mob and were ready to finish what Mira started. I finally got things simmered down, no thanks to Jack. What was his fucking problem lately! Well no time to figure that out now.


Mira did the assessment, but I did notice she was rough as hell on the instructor so I ordered, "Let's carefully get him in the back of the truck and head back to the school."


Mira smarted off again, "I think we should drag him behind the truck!"


The students chanted, "Drag him! Drag him!"


I fired a short burst into the ground and said, "Either we're going to carefully transport him back to the school in the truck. Or I'm going to take him and the truck and the rest of you can run back to the school."


The students whined, but I knew no one wanted to run more today. Jack walked over beside me and said, "Banzai's right we need to take him to the school and I sure as hell don't want to run anymore today."


The rest of the students agreed so I made one more announcement: "When we reach the school, head to your rooms and I will take care of this situation with the Commandant."


I watched them load the bastard instructor, not so carefully, in the back of the truck. As I handed my pack to Jack, I said, "Hide this quickly when we get back to school."


He questioned, "The Uzi's?"


I nodded my head, "Yeah, they aren't legal. I'm sure someone at the school heard the bursts I fired and will be looking for the weapons."


Mira grinned at me and excitedly expounded, "Boyfriend it would mean more than you know if you gave me the Uzi's! They are one of my favorite weapons. They would be the… the… the best gift anyone ever gave me: Much better than any old ring. You could even let me leave the truck early and I would sneak back to my room with them."


I thought the request was sort of strange especially since Mira was so excited about the Uzi's, but I didn't have the strength to fight her. I replied, "Mira I'd love for you to have and keep the Uzi's."


Jack handed her the pack and said, "Don't get caught with them."


She grinned and replied, "I would shoot anyone if they tried to take them away from me."


I shook my head and made a huge mental note in red: 'REMEMBER MIRA IS TRIGGER-HAPPY!'


As we took off for the school, I pulled out my mobile phone and placed a call. Mira grinned as she hugged the pack with the Uzi's and inquired, "Whom are you calling?"


I answered, "The cavalry…"


Flashback – Major M – Evening six of spook school


I was shocked when my mobile phone rang and it was L.Cpl. Blaine. Shit! What sort of trouble are they in now? If this bullshit keeps up I might have to move into that piece of shit school.


He gave me an excellent sitrep, even with Ms. Sedankina yelling in the background about wanting to shoot the 'illegitimate-child.' It took me a second to figure out she meant the injured instructor and then I had to fight back laughter. But I knew from her anger there was once again much more to this story than what I was being told. I ordered, "Thank you L.Cpl. Drive slowly and I will meet you at the school."


He responded, "How about if I drive really slowly and you beat me to the school?"


I laughed, "Yeah, I think that's an even better idea."


I easily got to the school before the L.Cpl. and had a long talk with the Commandant where I reamed him a new asshole for trying to kill the students. He played dumb so I called the authorities again. Let that 'illegitimate-child' as Ms. Sedankina would call him, deal with them. I just needed to make sure my Marines were okay.


They finally showed up, and I realized they were missing Ms. Sedankina. For some reason they must have dropped her off early.


I looked them over: Sgt. Reynolds looked great while L.Cpl. Blaine looked like hell and smelled (literally) like shit. I asked, "So, do we need to take a walk again?"


L.Cpl. Blaine replied, "Sir, I am very tired and as you can see and smell, covered with bodily fluids from the other students I helped. I would prefer if I could go and clean up and rest first."


It was a valid request so I said, "Well how about you go and clean up and rest and we will talk over dinner."


I noticed a frustrated look on the L.Cpl's. face and he answered, "Sir that would be fine, but you should know it's not safe to eat the food here. Sgt. Reynolds and Mira eat MRE's and I wait until later to eat."


I wanted to ask him why, but knew he was too tired now so I replied, "We will discuss this later. Go get cleaned up."


Flashback – Mira – Evening six of spook school


I was in heaven - what a wonderful day! I carefully hid the wonderful Uzi's my fiancé gave me! He did not realize it, but I considered these to be my engagement ring from him – because diamonds might be forever but Uzi's are a girl's best friend! Besides engagement rings just get in the way when you're fighting. Who needs a piece of petrified carbon, it's not like you can shoot anyone with it. But the ring of a firing fully-auto Uzi is the best engagement ring ever - and my fantastic fiancé gave me three! He loves me extremely!


I took very much too much time looking at them and kissing them and posing with them in front of my mirror and almost did not make it to stinky Sgt. Reynolds' room, because I had a duty to perform. I grabbed my field surgery kit and ran to Sgt. Reynolds' room because my fiancé's fantastic fanny needed to be cleaned and redressed. Then I must hurry back to my room, clean up and change into my costume for tonight.


I did notice a peculiar box in Sgt. Reynolds room addressed to my fiancé. I considered opening it, but remembered the flower box from earlier and decided it was better to let lying dogs sleep.


I heard the door and they both walked into the room, I pushed stinky Sgt. Reynolds out of the way and gave my fiancé a fantastic kiss. This time he didn't even fight me.


I pulled away and commanded, "You shower first then I need to redress your wound." He didn't even complain when I assisted him in undressing (but he wouldn't let me remove his underwear - I think he was embarrassed because of Sgt. Reynolds), walked him into the bathroom and prepared the shower. I kissed him on the cheek and asked, "Please do not take very long because I still need to clean up and get into my new costume."


I walked back into the bedroom and Sgt. Reynolds smiled at me, I queried, "Why do you smile so?"


He replied, "Banzai must be very tired for him to let you treat him that way."


I did not understand so I asked, "Why would I not treat my fiancé this way?"


I notice a shocked look on his face when he responded, "You two are engaged?"


I smiled and twirled and answered, "Yes we are! And it's wonderful."


He asked, "Where's your ring?"


I simply reminded him, "Sgt. Reynolds do you not remember when I asked my fiancé to give me the Uzi's and told him they would mean more than any old engagement ring. Then he said, 'Mira I'd love for you to have and keep the Uzi's.' Besides they are much more practical than a worthless ring."


Sgt. Reynolds gave me an extremely strange look and said, "I can't wait until this is announced to all the students tonight. But let me be the first to congratulate the soon to be Mrs. Blaine." which made me extremely happy!


My fantastic fiancé came out of the shower, Sgt. Reynolds quickly ran into the bathroom and I commanded, "Please lie down so I can redress your wound." He didn't even fight with me! He fell onto the bottom bunk and my poor tired fiancé fell fast asleep. I carefully cleaned his wound, and of course it had acquired more foreign objects. Then I lovingly lathered it with antibiotic cream and covered it, this time with a practical camouflage dressing. I gave him a minuscule injection of amphetamines and vitamins and couldn't resist kissing his beautiful buttocks on both sides. I covered him with the blanket, left the room, locked the door and ran to my new room.


Flashback – Jack – Night six of spook school


Holy Shit! This is the funniest thing that had ever happened to Banzai and I can't fucking wait to see how the hell he was going to get out of this one without Mira killing him! I almost laughed my ass off when Mira told me she felt the Uzi's were an engagement ring. And I certainly caught the mistake she made: She just said, 'much better than any old ring' not much better than any old engagement ring. But I knew better than to laugh about their 'engagement' because Mira would have killed me.


So I ran into the bathroom before I said anything stupid since it would be better to let Banzai broach this subject with Mira. I was still looking forward to Mira's new costume tonight, but I was even more looking forward to 'the big announcement', especially in front of the Major. I bet he gets majorly pissed and says something even more majorly stupid. And if I sit back and keep my mouth shut Mira might actually get pissed and kick Banzai's and the Major's ass. But it's going to be hard as hell not to laugh about this one.


I came out of the shower, Mira was gone and Banzai was crashed on the bottom bunk. I noticed a big box again addressed to him. But, I wasn't opening any boxes after the fucking flower box in Mira's room. I still can't believe no one figured out I was the one who opened the box.


I got dressed in my dress blues. Banzai was still sleeping so I kicked the bunk and yelled, "Wake up or you're going to miss dinner."


He jumped and said, "What the fuck! Where am I?"


I wanted to say, 'on the way to your own funeral' but instead answered, "You crashed in my room. But you need to get dressed for dinner. By the way, you have another package."


He seemed a bit wired when he said, "Thanks Jack, I wonder what's in it." He grabbed it and ran off into the bathroom. These mystery packages of Banzai's are sure strange!


Ten minutes later the awaited knock on the door came. I quickly rushed to the door, threw it open but it was Major M. He asked, "Are we ready for dinner?"


I replied, "I'm ready Sir, but we're still waiting on Mira and L.Cpl. Blaine." We stood in the doorway.


He demanded, "Sgt. don't make me stand in the hallway." Shit, I didn't want him in my room, he might pull inspection. I reluctantly stepped aside and he walked into the room.


He saw my footlockers and asked, "Is this all your and the L.Cpl's. gear?"


I replied, "No Sir, this is just my gear. L.Cpl. Blaine doesn't sleep here anymore."


He opened his mouth, I was sure to ask where the hell he did sleep, when a second knock came on the door. I said, "Excuse me Sir that's most likely Mira."


I opened the door, my jaw must have hit the floor and my mouth must have watered…


Flashback – Major M – Night six of spook school


I was just getting ready to ask the Sgt. where the hell my L.Cpl. was staying, when Ms. Sedankina walked into the room. One look at her in the knee high red boots, the skimpy as hell blue shorts with white stars on them, the red strapless top with the golden bird looking emblem made me forget all about what I was going to ask.


Ms. Sedankina twirled and teased, "How do you like my costume for tonight?"


The Sgt. being the letch that he was couldn't say anything so I said, "Ms. Sedankina, you make a more beautiful Wonder Woman than Linda Carter herself."


Sgt. Reynolds finally said, "Mira, someone would have to be pretty fast to beat that costume."


I was shocked as hell when the L.Cpl. walked out of the bathroom in his costume and said…


Flashback – Ben – Night six of spook school


I wasn't sure about the costume Charlie sent me for tonight: It was pretty revealing and with the Major being here, I wasn't sure how he'd react. But I sure as hell didn't have anything else to wear tonight. My BDU's were fucked and Jack wouldn't loan me any so I was forced to wear what was in the box.


I listened at the door and figured out Mira was Wonder Woman. Then Jack said, "Mira, someone would have to be pretty fast to beat that costume."


I couldn't have had a better cue if I had planned it! I walked out of the bathroom and announced, "Well no one is faster than The Flash." The funny thing is that I felt really fast tonight, sort of like everything around me was moving in slow motion.


Flashback – Mira – Night six of spook school


I spun, visualized my fiancé and this time I was not disconcerted! I was aroused because he looked stunningly sexy in his skin tight red suit with the lightning bolt belt and symbol in the middle of his huge chest, the golden winged boots and the sexy mask with winged ears that hid a portion of his face.


I giggled and said, "I hope this does not mean you finish faster than I do."


And he crimsoned almost as dark as his suit. Malodorous Major M of course complained, "Aren't you out of uniform?"


So I promptly reminded him, "Mike, please remind me. Is my L.Cpl. on a formal mission here? If not then he has no uniform requirement." Then I scratched the side of my face with the inappropriate digit just to let him know my extreme displeasure! After that I grinned at him.


Flashback – Major M – Night six of spook school


What the fuck! Did Ms. Sedankina just flip me off? Hell yes she did and then grinned at me! It's a good thing she's not a Marine or I'd have her cleaning latrines – no I'd take a page from the Old Man and ship her ass off to freeze in Thule.


She announced, "I'm hungry, shall we go to dinner?"


I felt like a fucking freak walking with these two. I looked over at the Sgt. as he grinned and shrugged his shoulders so I guess this had become the norm.


We walked into the mess hall and the whole hall other than the Commandant and instructors stood and started to clap. All of this just for the costumes they were wearing? Things just didn't seem right. We sat at the table and Sgt. Reynolds tossed me an MRE. I saw it was the dreaded Country Captain Chicken and immediately complained, "Sgt., are you trying to poison me?"


He grinned and replied, "Sir, no Sir. Those are the only MRE's the L.Cpl. left me."


I was just getting ready to blast the L.Cpl. when he smiled and said, "Sir, Sgt. and Mira you won't need your MRE's tonight because I have arranged a special treat for us. Please excuse me."


He walked towards the door and I wondered why Ms. Sedankina became so agitated.


Flashback – Mira – Night six of spook school


Ah ha! My fantastic fiancé had somehow planned a special engagement dinner for us. He is such a thoughtful fiancé. I must remember to thoroughly thank him later when we sleep in our bed and I know the perfect lingerie for the occasion – none! There just might be one little problem that I hope does not happen.


I watched him walk to the doorway and Tom gave him many bags to bring to our table, but not before he teased my fiancé slightly about his costume. However, I would not let Tom's boyish attitude ruin such a wonderful night.


My fiancé came back to the table, smiled at all of us, opened the first bag and announced, "Course number one." He placed little bowls in front of us with funny big spoons. I took the lid off the bowl and it smelled wonderful! I took a little taste and found it was spicy, a little sour tasting and reminded me of Thai food. I remarked, "This is wonderful what is it called?"


Sgt. Reynolds interrupted and replied, "Mira, it's called hot and sour soup."


It was so tasty I gobbled it right down since I was very hungry because they did not let us have lunch today. I looked up and my fiancé was smiling at me as he nervously tapped the table. He then politely asked, "Did you enjoy that Mira?"


I beamed at him, "Yes honey, it was extraordinary."


I was slightly embarrassed because I'd finished before everyone else so I instructed myself to slow down for the next course. My fiancé gave us all chopsticks which excited me so I asked, "Did you remember how much I like spicy Thai food?"


He replied, "Yes Mira I did remember you like spicy Thai food. But there are no Thai restaurants close to the school so we are having Chinese food." I watched my boyfriend closely as he seemed nervous tonight, I was not certain if it was our big announcement or the amphetamines I administered to him.


Next my fiancé set beautiful appetizer plates on the table. I greedily looked at it and asked, "Those look like Crab Rangoon and Spring Rolls, two of my favorite Thai appetizers."


Major M replied, "Ms. Sedankina, you will find some of the dishes are similar."


I remembered my manners this time so ate slowly and watched as Sgt. Reynolds and Major M ate like heathens. Sgt. Reynolds even used a fork instead of chopsticks - sacrilege! Several times I thought I caught my fiancé smiling at me and he was certainly bouncing his leg. I rubbed my leg against his, he smiled at me but stopped bouncing.


This time everyone waited for me to finish. When I was done I smiled at them and said, "That was a wonderful dinner."


My fiancé corrected me, "Oh no Mira we still have two more courses." I thought, two more courses! This is truly a feast for our engagement dinner.


He pulled out a bottle of Saki, and poured each of us a little cupful. Sgt. Reynolds slurped his down and said, "Hey how about some more." My fiancé handed Sgt. Reynolds the whole bottle and said, "Split that with the Major." and pulled out another bottle just for us.


I giggled and teased, "Are you trying to get me drunk tonight."


My honey looked shocked and replied, "Oh no Mira, I would never do that." So I pouted just a little.


L.Cpl. Blaine placed two little containers in front of me and said, "Mira, one is called 'cellophane noodles' and the other is called 'ants climbing trees.'"


I gave him a very funny look. Was he serving noodles made of tape and ants? He laughed and explained, "Mira, the noodles are very thin like cellophane tape and the other dish doesn't have ants in it. It's really marinated pork cooked in a spicy sauce. Put the noodles on your plate and put the ants on top of it." I felt much better and did as he instructed. I found it was delightful!


He gave Sgt. Reynolds an appropriate dish named 'beggars chicken.' And Malodorous Major M an even more appropriate dish called 'bang bang ji.' I thought I would like to go bang-bang at Major M with my rifle for insulting my fiancés costume.


I asked, "Sweetie, might I try your dish?"


He laughed and said, "Mira, this is kung pao chicken and I had them make it extra hot. Are you sure?"


I giggled and answered, "Yes, it will not be too spicy for me."


I took a little bite of his food from his chopsticks and remarked, "That was quite tasty."


Sgt. Reynolds taunted, "Mira you should try one of those little red peppers Banzai is pushing to the side of his plate. They are really spicy."


My honey tried to tell me to avoid those, but I did not listen and put three in my mouth. I thought my tongue was on fire, but I did not let Stinky Sgt. Reynolds know it bothered me. I simply stated, "That was not very spicy at all perhaps you should try some too?"


Sgt. Reynolds laughed and replied, "Oh, no thank you. My food is fine."


I waited until he was not looking and drank a full cup of Saki. I was pleased it made the burn lessen. My fiancé quickly filled my little cup and I smiled at him.


Finally my fantastic fiancé gave all of us green tea ice cream for dessert with fortune cookies. It had melted but I still loved it and remarked, "Mmm ice cream!" My darling gave me his portion to finish. I opened my fortune cookie and the little note read:


Tonight you will have a big surprise


I looked around the table smiled and said, "Thank you my L.Cpl. fiancé, but if I eat like this every night I won't be able to fit into my wedding dress."


Flashback – Jack – Night six of spook school


I guess I'd had too much Saki, when Mira called L.Cpl. fiancé, I exploded in laughter. Banzai looked stunned and asked, "Mira when did we get engaged?"


The Major yelled, "What the hell is going on."


Mira, began to cry and sobbed, "But… but… but you gave me the guns as my engagement ring. Do you not remember? I said, 'they would mean more than any old engagement ring.' Then you said, 'Mira I'd love for you to have and keep the Uzi's.'"


Banzai looked at me and said, "Jack help me out here. I do remember the ring part, but I don't remember the engagement ring part."


Mira looked at me, suddenly realized the no engagement version was true, jumped up from the table and ran off. I had a sinking feeling this wasn't good. I yelled at Banzai, "You'd better go catch her."


Banzai took off after her and yelled back, "Jack, I think you had something to do with this terrible trick and after I clear things up with Mira, I'm going to beat you within an inch of your life."


The Major looked at me and said, "Sgt. Reynolds how do you like cold places like Thule Greenland?"


I swallowed hard and said, "Sir I don't think I'd like it there at all."


He glared at me and said, "Then you'd better move your ass and help your sniper find Ms. Sedankina. You may not know it but she and the relationship she has with L.Cpl. Blaine are very important to me. So help me God if you've fucked that up with your foolishness, you'll be digging outdoor latrines in Thule with a spoon in the middle of winter."


I jumped up and hoped to God I could find both of them because I was sure the Major wasn't kidding…


Flashback – Major M – Night six of spook school


My plans definitely included the L.Cpl. I needed him, but not necessarily Sgt. Reynolds. However, I would like to have the Sgt. on board because there was an indefinable synergy when those two worked together. They had successfully pulled off missions that no two men should even survive. I had looked at the missions until my eyes hurt, studied how the L.Cpl. and Sgt. interacted but it was still a mystery to me! I knew what the negatives for Sgt. Reynolds were, but what positives did Sgt. Reynolds bring to the equation? He'd better hope I never figured that out because if I did he was gone!


Flashback – Mira – Night six of spook school


I was humiliated beyond all belief! I had wrongly assumed L.Cpl. Blaine had given the guns as an engagement ring and realized from the look on Stinky Sgt. Reynolds face my massive mistake. There was only one solution for this egregious embarrassing error – seppuku!


So I angrily ran towards my new room!


Flashback – Ben – Night six of spook school


I wasn't sure what was going on with me tonight but I was faster than greased lightning. Perhaps it had something to do with The Flash costume I wore. Mira even had a head start on me but I caught up and followed her. I wanted to see what she was doing, have a talk with her and explain things. Then I was going to find Jack and kick is ass so hard his mama was going to cry!


Mira headed to her room, opened the door and I flew in behind her before she could close the door. She yelled at me, "L.Cpl. Blaine! Extricate your corporeal self from my abode. After my humiliation, my honor demands I perform seppuku!"


I shook my head and said, "Mira there's no way in hell your committing hari-kari! We need to talk!"


She grabbed her practice katana and threatened, "Leave or I will beat you until you have no sense left!"


I grabbed her real katana and said, "Mira if you are determined to kill yourself, please kill me first. Because I cannot live believing I'm the reason one of the most beautiful, sexy and exciting women in the world killed herself." I drew the sword, knelt in front of her, lowered my head, presented the katana to her with both hands and waited…


Flashback – Mira – Night six of spook school


Did L.Cpl. Blaine just tell me he could not live without me? He certainly was in a very submissive position, the knowledge of which he acquired somewhere. I had hope as I grabbed my katana out of his hands, brandished it overhead and ordered, "L.Cpl. Blaine, leave my room or die!"


He remarkably replied, "Mira, I cannot live with myself if you kill yourself so I am not leaving this room until we talk."


I menacingly sliced the air several times with my katana and L.Cpl. Blaine did not even flinch. I replied, "The time for discourse is over. Leave my room so I might end my humiliation."


He stated, "Mira the only way I am leaving this room without talking is in a body bag. Now stop being a drama queen, sit down on the floor with me and let's talk about this." He looked up at me and the anger slightly subsided in my heart so I responded, "L.Cpl. Blaine I will sit and talk however I do not cerebrate that it will make any change."


I knelt on the floor facing the L.Cpl. and placed my katana across my lap. He looked at me and I was now happy I did not commit seppuku or remove his head. He smiled at me and said…


Flashback – Ben – Night six of spook school


I looked at Mira and said, "Look Mira I'm sorry I didn't understand the meaning of giving you the Uzi's - that was my mistake."


Mira answered, "No L.Cpl. Blaine, it was my fault. I hoped I said more than I said and realize now that I did not specify engagement with ring."


This was getting me nowhere so I changed tactics, "Mira if I married you, what do you think your life would be like?"


She quickly responded, "It would be wonderful and heavenly."


I smiled at her and explained, "Mira you are a very logical woman and have only thought about this with your heart and not with your head. Let me tell you what your life would be like. First whomever you work for would be very upset at you. Next you would sit in a house alone and lonely, all by yourself while I was ordered on missions. I would come back and we would share a few weeks and then I would leave again. You are way too much an exciting and special woman to be forced into that sort of terrible life."


She instantly said, "I would make many new friends so I would not be lonely."


I smiled and laughed, "Mira, you do not understand American women. Most of them do not accept foreign women into their circles of friends. If you think Jack has been mean to you, it's mild compared to what they would do to you."


She spouted, "Then I would kill the sukas!"


I shook my head, "And then you would go to prison because they don't allow that sort of behavior in America. In fact, you couldn't even beat them or they would lock you up."


I watched her think and then she said…


Flashback – Mira – Night six of spook school


L.Cpl. Blaine was making extreme sense to me. I had not analyzed what my life would be like. I think I wrongly assumed I would be allowed to travel and go on missions with him. And he was right, The Beast would be very upset and probably kill: me, my sister and the L.Cpl. There was one thing that greatly bothered me, so I asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine, what you have said makes sense, but why do you refuse to train me?"


He looked me in the eyes and replied, "Mira, Jack had a wonderful girlfriend for many years named Anna. I lived with them and watched what sort of life they had together. With Jack and me being gone all the time, I promised myself I would never force a woman into that sort of relationship with me. It's not the sort of life for a wife. However Anna had women over all the time for dinner, trying to find me a girlfriend. Most of those women I trained even though I had no feelings for them and then I would always leave before they woke up in the morning. Right before Jack and Anna broke up, she told me how I had made those women feel like whores and I promised myself I would never do that to another woman, especially one I cared for."


I smiled at him, "So you haven't trained me because you care for me?"


He nodded his head, "Now don't get your hopes up, but yes Mira I care for you and that is why I won't train you."


I did not totally understand this concept. I had been taught men always train women whether they cared for them or not. But after my disappointment tonight I felt like I deserved something, so I boldly asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine, the only way which I can save face and not have to commit seppuku is if you abide with me in my room."


He shook his head and said, "Mira if I live in the same room as you, I'm not sure I can keep from training you."


That made me very happy since he did have feelings for me and I knew the solution to his problem. I crimsoned as I replied, "L.Cpl. Blaine that would not happen right now because my…" I lowered my head and crimsoned more, "my anterior orifice is under repair. So for the last week we would be at this school, you would be safe. Please stay in my room so I do not have to commit seppuku…"


Flashback – Ben – Night six of spook school


I could tell how embarrassed Mira was when she told me she was on her period but it did solve the problem of me staying in her room. Oh I knew there was still a chance we could train each other, but she seemed adverse to that action during her period and I was even more adverse.


I stated, "Mira, I will stay in your room with you as long as you don't try to train me. But if that happens, I will leave again."


She smiled at me and said, "Thank you boyfriend, I need to alleviate the blood honor of my katana and then go to sleep. I am very tired."


I chose to ignore the boyfriend comment (at least that was better than the fiancé comment earlier) and replied, "And I need to find out where Tom and Howard moved my camp so I will see you in the morning."


She frowned and demanded, "No my boyfriend, you must stay with me tonight."


I consented, "Okay Mira, I don't know what I will sleep in, but I will stay here tonight. Leave your katana and I will take care of it."


She grinned and said, "Silly boyfriend there are advantages to being under repair." My mouth fell open as she walked into the bathroom with her katana.


I pulled down the top and bottom bunks and figured I'd have to sleep in this damn Flash outfit. I did pull it down to my waist so my chest could breath. She walked out in flannel pajamas and I asked, "Which bunk do you want, top or bottom?"


She smiled and answered, "First I think we need some more Saki to celebrate our new friendship."


I started to complain and Mira stated, "Boyfriend it will be a big insult if we do not have a toast to our new friendship."


The little toast ended up being the whole damn bottle - man could she drink. With the bottle being drained, I asked again, "Which bunk do you want, top or bottom?"


She grinned at me and asked, "Boyfriend, I really need for you to hold me tonight. Would you please sleep in the same bunk as me and hold me."


How the hell can you say no when a beautiful woman wants to be held? I sure couldn't figure any alternative, at least not in my current condition. After we crawled into the bottom bunk together, she turned away from me, snuggled up against me and said, "Now we will sleep like two spoons in a pea pod."


I didn't correct her this time because it wasn't important. We were almost asleep when…


Flashback – Jack – Night six of spook school


I searched all over hell and back again trying to find Banzai and Mira. Finally, I headed to my room but decided to see if Mira was in her room on the way. I banged on her door and shouted, "Mira are you there?"


What the fuck! Banzai responded and said, "Jack get the hell out of here and leave us alone. Just know this isn't over and I'm going to talk to you in the morning."


I felt better knowing those two were together and my trip to Thule would be canceled, but didn't like the sound of Banzai's threat…