Chapter 04

Walker Chapter 04

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ira – at the plane


I am considerably concerned for it is taking much more time to empty the plane and relocate the gold to the plane than I imagined. I should have foreseen this problem and adequately planned for it. The gold has great mass and we need more help.


My greatest concern is that we will be discovered and captured. Our traverse of the border was not without issues and in time troops will be sent to ferret us out.  If we were still in Tajikistan, it would not be an issue, but here, it would be deadly. This country is not kind to Tajik spies, especially ones with our past.


Present – Mira – in the plane


I traverse into the plane with my brother Alexi followed by Bernie carrying the secretly sedated Ms. Morgan. He is followed by the terrified Yasmeen and Zarika. I direct, "Bernie please place Ms. Morgan on the bed so I can examine her."


He places her on the bed as I smile at him and question, "How long has she been unconscious?"


He points at Yasmeen and Zarika and replies, "Ever since those two hit her." He looks at his watch and estimates the time, "Probably four hours."


The girls determine he's blaming them for Ms. Morgan injuries and they instantly began an annoying cacophony of caterwauling. I severely scold them, "Помните то, что моя сестра сказала Вам?"


"Remember what my sister told you?"


And for once they cease their caterwauling! I giggle but now have to find out what my sister told them. I ask Alexi, "Please take the girls to the front of the plane so they do not disturb me. And please try to determine what Ira told them to make them behave so well."


I proudly watch when he orders them, "Прямо сейчас Вы две девочки следуете за мной!"


"You two girls follow me right now!"


Bernie anxiously interrogates me, "When are you going to examine her?"


I reply, "Bernie, I can not examine her with all the noise the girls are making. Now that they have departed, I will commence the examination."


I begin the bogus examination, observing her ocular units with an ophthalmoscope and make several stochastic exclamations of surprise. Bernie asks in panic, "What? Tell me what you see!"


I do not answer him but apply a sphygmomanometer to her upper arm, pump it up, take her blood pressure (which is actually very fine) and shake my head.


Bernie queries, "Is she going to be okay?"


I reply with an untruth, "It appears Ms. Morgan has suffered a severe concussion from the blows the two girls inflicted on her and the subsequent impact of her head on the floor. There is also some slight swelling of the brain and she should be given an injection of corticosteroid to counteract the swelling."


He looks at me with grave concern and says, "Well I sure as hell don't want her to die or be brain dead! What are you waiting for? Give her the damn injection."


I smile because my plan is working perfectly. I reply, "I wanted to make sure you were here to observe everything because with your and Ms. Morgan's recent actions it appears to us you no longer trust us."


He replies, "Look, we may have doubted some of the actions taken by you and Ira, but if you can save Liz please do it now."


I open my medical bag and pull out a syringe with the bottle of antidote. I withdraw the precise amount to affect the desired response and inject Ms. Morgan. I smile reassuringly at Bernie and explain, "If my analysis is accurate we should see a response from her before one hour has expired. Now we should go and help my sister and the flight crew relocate the gold. I will have Alexi watch Ms. Morgan since he is very competent and will alert us to any changes."


Bernie consents, "Yes having Alexi watch her is a fine idea, just keep those two little bitches away from her."


I grin as Bernie and I walk to the front of the plane and I ask Alexi, "Please observe Ms. Morgan for us and alert us immediately if there are any changes."


He smiles and leaves, the girls start to follow him and I scold them, "Вы сделали достаточно, чтобы ранить госпожу Морган. Останьтесь здесь и не перемещаться!"


"You have done enough to injure Ms. Morgan. Stay here and to not move!"


Just to make sure the two girls will not injure Alexi or Ms. Morgan, I take two pairs of handcuffs and immobilize them with connections to their seats.


Zarika whines, "Please nice lady we do not need to be restrained."


I reply, "Yes you do because I do not want you injuring my brother like you did Ms. Morgan. Behave or I will inform my sister of your misdeeds."


I smile, hand them both a bottle of water and say, "It is important to drink water when you fly, otherwise you might become sick." They both open the bottles and take a drink.


We walk off the plane and start helping move the gold. It has much mass and is extremely difficult…


Present – Alexi – on the plane


It was joyful to be away from those two annoying female children. It took me two minutes to figure out they were uneducated and from very small cities. They tried to trick me and obtain information about my sisters, but I was too smart for them. I knew they feared my sisters so I enhanced that fear by telling both of them how my sisters are fierce warriors and all my country is afraid of them. This not a lie, however I would not tell them anything else under any circumstance.


I did obtain the information my sister Mira requested and almost laughed when young Yasmeen willingly told me my other sister Ira threatened to throw them off the plane. What a child! Did she not know about explosive decompression – they are not girls, they are children, vexing female children.


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – on the plane



I twirl my hair and nicely ask Zarika, "What do you think about the nice lady's younger brother Alexi, because I really like him."


She replies with a very foul attitude, "I do not like him because he thinks he is better than us. I might kick his rear."


I am shocked because Alexi reminds me of a young and equally handsome Prince Dastan from Prince of Persia. But of course Zarika, being an unattractive zit-face, could not see past the zits on her nose to notice. I plead, "Zarika, please do not do that or the nice ladies will throw us off the plane. Besides you heard what he said about his sisters."


Zarika the zit-face broods and says, "I am not so sure he was not lying to us about his sisters. And it was shameful the way you flirted with him. That was a terrible insult to our husband Ben. If I was not restrained I would kick your rear."


I taunt, "Unlike you, I am attractive enough to use my feminine wiles to extract information. No man let alone a young boy can resist me. Besides, if you think he is lying, when you fight with the nice ladies, they will throw you off the plane and I will remain as Ben's only wife."


Zarika glares at me and then scares me when she says, "If the nice ladies throw me off this plane I will make sure you come with me, Yasmeen the annoying. Now let me think because I might have a plan."


That has my interest, because the one thing Zarika the zit-face is good at is plans. I anxiously plead to her, "Zarika, tell me about your plan!"



Yasmeen the annoying has become more annoying than before. I am convinced her little mind has rotted away from all the American television she watched. Now she has become a princess in her own mind. She thought her flirting had a positive effect on Alexi, but I could see he was really repulsed by her. Feminine wiles? More like childish cheating on our husband. However as I watched her flirt I came up with a plan…


I watched closely when Alexi told us about his sisters and determined it was not the total truth that Yasmeen the annoying believed. Oh if he held out poop in his hand, she would eat it up like the cheating cur she truly is. However, I do need her for my plan to work. Besides, if my plan does not work correctly, she will be the one blamed and the one thrown off the plane.


I smile and nicely respond, "I have watched the nice ladies and I think I know a way to defeat them. Let me tell you my plan Yasmeen…"


I start to explain to Yasmeen the annoying but quickly grow very tired and sleepy. It must be all the excitement of the travel catching up with me. I look up and see Yasmeen is already asleep so I turn and drift off…


Present – Ira and Mira – at the plane


We have finally finished moving the gold however my worst fears are realized. I visualize a large cloud of dust headed our way. Mira my sister also visualizes it and asks, "Ira is that what I think it is?


I nod my head and affirm, "Yes my sister unfortunately they have found us."


I order the flight crew, "We need to leave immediately because unwelcome company is coming. If we are captured we will all go to jail for an extreme length of time."


Mira smiles at me and says, "My sister they are simple troops so we will fight them together as we always do."


I smile at her and say, "Yes my sister we will. Please retrieve our weapons." As Mira turns away to retrieve the weapons, I grab her from behind using a guillotine choke hold - she fights like a wildcat until she is subdued. I gently lower her to the ground.


Bernie has observed the complete confrontation. I look at him and order, "Bernie, please take my sister on the plane and take very good care of her."


He responds, "Ira what are you going to do?"


I smile at him and answer, "Bernie, I am going to give everyone else time to escape. Please hurry and give my sister this very important note when she awakens." I write a quick but long note for her, press it into Bernie's hand and he says, "This looks like a suicide mission."


I frown at him and order, "Go now! I do not wish to be a suicide girl however I will do whatever it takes to make sure my sister, brother, Ms. Morgan and this plane safely take off."


I kiss my sister on the cheek, he takes her to the plane and I prepare for what will probably be my last battle. I line up many AK's and grenades in the cab of the truck, take one of the AK's, shoot the front window and kick it out with my feet, start the truck and head towards the approaching vehicles as the plane begins to move…


Present – Alexi– on the plane


I am very shocked when Bernie carries my unconscious sister Mira on the plane. Even more shocked when the plane door closes and the plane begins to move. I run up to Bernie and demand, "What happened to my sister Mira and where is my sister Ira?"


He says, "Let me put Mira on the bed and I will tell you." I follow him back to the bed, he gently places Mira alongside Ms. Morgan and says, "Trucks were approaching the plane, Ira knocked out Mira and said she was going to do whatever it takes to make sure Mira, you and this plane safely take off."


I run towards the front of the plane and yell, "We must stop this plane! We cannot leave my sister Ira."


One of the flight crew grabs me before I can open the door. I kick him in the shins, but he won't let go of me and explains, "We can't open the door now and we can't stop the plane. The runway is too short and we don't have any extra length. Sit in a seat and buckle your seatbelt."


I continue to fight but he pushes me into the seat by the window and forces the seatbelt around me. As the plane leaves the ground we circle around and I see my sister Ira’s truck charging towards the approaching trucks. I cry when I see her truck crash with extreme force into the lead truck. Both of them burst into flames…


Present – Mira – on the plane – in flight


I slowly awaken with a terrible headache - worse than when I had too much Saki to drink with young L.Cpl. Blaine at the spy school. I perceive we are in flight and Alexi is holding me and crying. Then I remember that Ira performed a guillotine choke hold on me and rendered me unconscious. I sit up quickly, visualize the plane but do not perceive Ira. I anxiously question Alexi, "Where is our sister Ira?"


He falls against me, continues to cry and says, "Mira, I fear Ira is dead. She stayed on the ground and I saw her truck crash into the other trucks and explode."


I jump to my feet and demand, "We must go back for my sister."


Bernie walks back, hands me a note and says, "Mira I think you need to read this first. Both Alexi and I looked at it and we couldn't make any sense of it."


I take the note from Bernie with hands which severely shake, open it and realize they couldn't read it because it is in our special language. My Ira, my possibly dead twin sister wrote:


Mira my sister, do not scold me for what I have done. I did what was necessary for you and our brother Alexi to survive, he cannot be orphaned again. Please do not come back for me, if I survive I will find a way to reunite with you and Alexi.


I personally do not think I will survive this mission so you need to know about a very special gift, possibly my last gift to you. For you it will be more valuable than all the gold on the plane. Please use it wisely to fulfill the greatest wish you have had for an extreme length of time.


There is a container on the plane with the only known viable male procreation component of your L.Cpl. Blaine which I liberated from our country's eugenics laboratory. It will be safe until you arrive in Washington D.C. but will need to be moved immediately to facilities similar to our eugenics laboratory.


I do not have the time to tell you how it was obtained, but it is from his prime when you were both together at the American spy school. My sister I love you and you will finally get your wish of having your L.Cpl. Blaine's offspring. If I do expire on this mission please tell your progeny of your sister.


I love you Mira




I let the note drop from my hands, fall onto the bed and cry the burning tears of an alligator. If Ira assumed she would die, she most likely died saving us – the ultimate sacrifice! I am angry! If I had been there I know we could have trounced the troops. Ira my Ira, you made a grave mistake! How could you, my only sister, leave me all alone in this world? How will I survive without you?


Bernie and especially an upset Alexi try to comfort me. But what comfort can remove the pain from the loss of a twin sister???


Present – Liz – on the plane


I slowly wake with a pounding head and realize someone is crying – no someone is wailing in extreme grief. Then I realize it's Alexi. Mira is holding him while he grieves but Mira is now lying beside me, also grieving. We're all on the bed in the plane… Wait how did I get here? Oh yeah the girls started to fight, I stepped between them to break it up and the little bitches hit me!


I scoot over, hug Mira and Alexi and attempt to comfort Mira saying, "Mira, my sister, what's wrong?"


She sobs, "Ms. Morgan, I think our sister Ira has expired." And Alexi wails…


That information shocks my system! I feel a surge of adrenaline which removes any fuzziness in my mind and ask, "Mira what happened."


She clings to me and continues to sob. I look to Bernie, he nods his head and I'm convinced it's true. Ira somehow died. I loved Ira like my sister – even if the twins had some sort of plan going, I'm sure it didn't include either one of them dying. I'm angry as hell and want answers, but I know that right now is the time for solace, not answers. I must take care of Mira and my own feelings. I feel the tears begin to stream down my face – yes we have lost our irreplaceable sister!!! First we mourn, comfort the extremely distraught Mira and Alexi, then find out what the hell happened. I will avenge my sister Ira's death – someone is going to pay for this!!!


Grieving is extremely hard work: First Alexi drifts off the sleep, then Mira. I continue to hold both of them until I'm sure I won't wake them. I then wipe my eyes, get up and look at Bernie. He motions towards the front of the plane. We walk by the sleeping little bitches and I whisper, "What's going on with those two."


Bernie grins, "I think they had some of the twins, sorry I mean Mira's water."


I reply, "Good I hope they sleep until they are a hundred. So Bernie what happened?"


Bernie tells me the whole story, making sure I know he and Alexi personally witnessed the trucks exploding. When he's done I question, "Could she have survived?"


He shakes his head, "Liz, if Ira was in the cab of the truck I don't see how she could have. It looked like there were explosives that detonated in the cab."


I shake my head look back at Alexi and Mira and ask, "How long were they crying?"


Bernie looks at his watch and says, "Two hours straight. I've never seen Mira act like this before."


I answer, "Well Bernie, I'm all torn up inside and I've only know the twins for a short period of time. Mira's known her for her whole life and feels like she has just lost half her life. This changes everything. We can't have everyone else going after Mira when we get back to DC. No matter what Mira did before, we are all going to need to pull together and help her. I'm seriously worried we might lose Mira too."


Bernie looks at me and asks, "Do you think Mira would commit suicide?"


I nod my head and answer, "Remember the special report on twins I did? I left out the parts describing that when one identical twin dies, there's over an eighty percent chance the other will commit suicide.  We have to watch Mira carefully."


I check my watch and ask, "Bernie what time is it in DC."


He says, "Liz they should be awake so you can call them."


I pull out my phone and place a call…