Chapter 05

Walker Chapter 05

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jim – Rescue mission - Washington DC


After I tossed the flashbang, the stupid amateurs went berserk and shot Byron. I yelled, "Todd, Byron's down." When I didn't get a response from Todd I realized I was the last man standing and I executed a plan which I never thought I would need.


First I checked Byron's wounds. He'd been hit twice: Once in the left arm which wasn't covered by body armor, and once in the helmet which explains his unconscious state. I put a compression dressing on the wound to stop the bleeding, carefully applied a splint his arm and hear, "What the hell is going on?"


I yell Thom, "Is that you?"


He yells back, "It's sure not anyone else! Now what the hell is going on?"


I run toward him and direct, "Keep talking so I know where the hell you are."


Thom yells, "Where are Byron and Todd!"


I reply, "Byron's down. He got shot in the arm and it's broken. He took another round to the helmet. Thank God it was a pistol round and the helmet stopped it. But he's out cold so something's going on with his head. I've got a field dressing on the wound and a splint on his arm so he's probably going to be okay. I don't know where Todd is."


Thom orders…


Present – Thom – Rescue mission - Washington DC


Once I can sort of hear again I begin to get pissed off. My whole team is down except for Jim! At least Byron's going to be okay, but he's going to be pissed off about his arm. I order, "Jim, I don't know about Todd, I think he's somewhere behind the group. But I do know Hammer's in bad shape, bring me Byron's med kit, help me over to Hammer and I will work on him while you try to find Todd."


Jim finally finds me and drags me toward Hammer, but it hurts like hell so I complain, "Shit Jim, take it easy! My leg's all shot up!"


He apologizes, "Sorry Thom, I'm just stressed out."


I offer some advice, "Listen calm down or you're going to make a mistake. We're all going to be fine if we keep our heads. Now go and try to find that sneaky bastard Todd."


Jim takes off as I begin to work on Hammer. He's taken a shot in the lungs, has almost bled out and is having problems breathing. Shit he needs fluids and a chest tube…


Present – Todd – Rescue mission - Washington DC


Uhhhh, some lucky bastard shot me! It hurts being shot on purpose but hurts even more when it's an accident because now my pride is hurt too. If there's one huge problem with being sneaky, it's when you're hurt it makes it hard for others to find you! I need to force myself to move to a more open area…


Present – Jim – Rescue mission - Washington DC


I'm searching all over hell for Todd, the damn sneaky bastard. Thom pointed in a general direction, but I don't think even Byron knew exactly where Todd was. I'm sure as hell not having any luck finding him. Then… shit! I finally remember my night vision goggles: They might give me the edge I need in this low light to see him. I grab them out of my pack, connect them to my helmet, fire them up and the world turns green…


Present – Byron – Rescue mission - Washington DC


I gradually wake up and feel like shit! My ears are ringing so bad I can hardly hear and… Shit! My left arms been shot and is broken. I have a splint on my arm so one of us must have survived. I yell, "Is anyone here?"


I concentrate and hear a faint voice, "Byron, over here, it's Thom!"


I yell back, "My ears are toast but I will try to find you."


This shouldn't have happened with my ears as I was wearing hearing protection. I reach up touch my helmet and now realize why it happened. Some bastard shot my helmet and the noise of the impact was mechanically transmitted to my eardrums, bypassing the hearing protectors.


I use my M4 to help push myself up with my good arm and wobble towards Thom. Shit! What I wouldn't give for a couple shots of bourbon right now. Scratch that - a whole bottle would be even better…


Present – Jim – Rescue mission - Washington DC


Yes! I finally see Todd and run towards him. I get to him and start to hear sirens in the distance. We need to get out of here ASAP. I run up and find Todd unconscious. I check him and determine he's been gut shot and is bleeding internally. I put a massive field dressing on his wound, jump up and head toward the car as the sirens start to get closer.


I run past Thom and he yells, "Where the hell are you going?


I yell back, "Can't you hear the sirens? I'm going to go get the car and get us out of here."


Thom whined, "Hell no, I can't hear! You messed my ears up with your flashbang!"


Present – Byron – Rescue mission - Washington DC


Jim runs past me and says something but I can't hear him so I keep headed towards Thom.


I finally get to Thom and see he's working like crazy on Hammer. He's already started an IV and now I realize he's putting in a chest tube and ask, "Is he going to make it?"


Thom gripes, "Stop yelling you're right beside me. I don't know since he's lost a lot of blood. At least he's breathing better now with the chest tube. Can you take over with Hammer?"


I reply, "Yeah, no problem."


He complains, "Stop your yelling and give me your damn emergency phone."


I sit beside Hammer, make sure the chest tube is working, hand Thom my phone and hope to hell Linus or someone is there…