Chapter 09

Walker Chapter 09

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Liz – on the plane


My phone rings and I hoped it was Megan but I am not happy when I see it's just Jack. I answer the phone and Jack says, "Liz, I've tried to get in touch with Megan, Jens, Maria and Linus and can't get in touch with any of them. I even called the bar where Jens and Megan went but they'd already been thrown out of there."


I interrupt him with the full brunt of my irritation, "Jack, then what the hell am I supposed to do with these two little bitches when we touch down in an hour! Mira is in no shape to handle them and I sure as hell don't speak enough Russian to be of any use."


He tries to comfort me with, "Liz, I'm not going to leave you high and dry. Masha and I will be at the airport to help."


That helps to know I'm not alone and then he makes me happy when he sings the praises of Samantha and the Truth Network news team. I also wonder what sort of event she reported on that made Jack so happy - he never did say.


I apologize, "Jack thanks for everything and sorry I've been a bitch, but losing Ira has me all torn up inside. I don't know what to do to help Mira and I'm worried about her."


Jack replies, "Liz I know Mira pretty well and you're right to worry about her. You need to help her to focus on the things she has, like her brother and not on what she's lost. Hey, the limo is here with Masha so we'll meet you at the airport."


He hangs up the phone and if he was here I'd give him a big kiss! He's absolutely right: I need to make sure Mira concentrates on Alexi to keep her mind off losing Ira. It bothers me that Megan is missing, but… fuck her! She knew when I was coming in and that I expected her to help. Besides Jack's advice is just as good as hers and it didn't cost me a dime.


All my shouting has awakened the two little bitches, and they immediately start to whine. I want to knock their asses out because now they have awakened Mira and Alexi. Shit! Now I not only have the whiney bitches to deal with, I have Mira and Alexi who need help.


I ignore the two bitches and head back to Mira and Alexi…


Present – Mira and Alexi – on the plane


The adulterated beverage which I gave Yasmeen and Zarika has been metabolized and they have started with their infernal, incessant, cacophony of caterwauling! I did not mind that it woke me up, but it also disturbed Alexi and now I am maximally miffed and must confront them!


Ira and I had girded ourselves for the possible demise of either one of us. While it was extremely difficult for me, the time for grieving is over and I must now consume myself with my responsibilities. Because my new brother will not have been prepared properly for the circumstances, I need to take excellent care of him and begin to prepare my body to accept Ira's last and most wonderful gift for me: My L.Cpl. Blaine's only children. Perhaps if I can concoct some way to inform him that the child I will bear is really his, he might reconsider his engagement and possible marriage to Ms. Donaldson. I really should have eliminated her years ago when she was less experienced; now she is a formidable opponent.


Alexi begins to show his distress from the antics of the evil girls so I kiss him on the cheek and say, "Alexi, we must be strong in Ira's memory. When you are less stressed, I will tell you of an excellent last gift she has provided for me which will bless both of us. Did you perchance determine what Ira told the girls to ensure their obedience?"


He smiles sadly at me and relates, "Mira, even though I only knew Ira a short time there is a hole in my heart for her that will take many years to heal. I cannot wait to find out about this gift but I know you will tell me when the time is right." Then he grins and adds, "Ira told the girls she would throw them off the plane if they did not act correctly."


I hug him and inform him, "We need to get ready to exit the airplane. I will proceed to reinforce Ira’s threats to the girls but I will return post haste."


I walk toward the front of the plane. Ms. Morgan meets me before I reach the evil 'sisters', gives me a sad, puzzled look and asks…


Present – Liz – on the plane


I can't believe Mira is up and moving around but doesn't seem nearly as distressed as I thought she would be. She walks toward me and I ask, "Mira are you okay?"


With a blank look on her face she replies, "Ms. Morgan you should perceive by now I am not 'okay', I am fantastic. I sense you wish to converse about my sister Ira's demise and I will be right back to discuss this matter with you. However first I must deal with Mr. Blaine's silly 'sisters'."


I watch as she walks up and scolds the two little bitches in Russian; I recognize Mira saying samolyet – the Russian word for airplane. Whatever she says, the two bitches shut the hell up right away and stop pulling on their handcuffs.


She returns to me, takes my hand and offers, "Come Ms. Morgan, we will discuss your concerns simultaneously with Alexi so we do not squander excessive time."


We reach the bed and sit down on each side of Alexi. Mira takes Alexi's hand and gets ready to talk but I interrupt, "Mira what did you say to the two evil bit… I mean the two girls."


Mira finally smiles and says, "Ms. Morgan you may use invectives in front of Alexi since he is mature enough to understand that sometimes a well-placed swear word is the appropriate term for the situation at hand. I simply used one of the many gifts my expired sister left, and told the two girls if they continued to behave poorly I would discharge them from the airplane."


Alexi added, "Yes Ms. Morgan those annoying female children are so naïve they have no concept of explosive decompression so the threat works with them."


I look at both of them but things just don't seem quite right. I mean Alexi looks pretty upset and is hiding it well - trying to be strong. But, Mira seems at peace. In confusion I ask, "Mira just a couple hours ago you were deep in despair about Ira's death and now, even though you seem sad, you seem almost…"


Mira interrupts, "Yes, Ms. Morgan, I appear to be very close to my normal self and you must have concerns I am living on the largest river in Egypt (De Nile – denial). Do not concern yourself with my or Alexi's psychological wellbeing. We both will always have an enormous cavity in our hearts which only our sister Ira could fill. My brother will have more immediate problems than me because Ira and I had prepared each other for this circumstance ever since we were children; but Alexi is being strong to honor the memory our expired sister."


Alexi adds, "Ms. Morgan, my sister Mira is correct. I feel much pain from the demise of my sister Ira, specifically because I had so little time to acquire deeper knowledge of her. But from my limited knowledge, I know she would not want me to spend any more than a brief amount of time acknowledging her demise."


Mira asks, "Now Ms. Morgan, how are you coping with the loss of our sister Ira and how may we help you with it?"


To say I am stunned is putting it mildly! I shake my head and answer, "Mira and Alexi, I sure as hell… I mean heck never expected either of you to cope with this so well. I guess I will follow your example and try to cope with this in a manner which honors Ira. Just to let both of you know, I was going to have everyone at the airport to assist when we landed, but Jack couldn't get in touch with anyone. So he called his Russian wife Masha to help and she will take care of the two, uh girls."


Mira strangely smiles and says, "Thank you Ms. Donaldson for being so thoughtful. I did not look forward to dealing with Ben's two silly 'sisters'. Now I would like to converse with Alexi if we are finished."


That was a most unusual response from Mira about Masha taking care of the evil bitches. But the rest of what I said is pure one-hundred-percent bullshit! Unlike Mira and Alexi, I really need to talk to someone about this! Damn Megan, where the hell did she and Jens go! I head back towards the front of the plane and allow Mira and Alexi the space she requested. I can’t help but notice the two evil little bitches whispering to each other. This can't be a good sign!


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – on the plane



The Liz Lady yells on her telephone and wakes me and Yasmeen the annoying. I start to fight with my metal bracelet restraint because after Hussein and his evil men, I hate to be tied up. One of the bad twins comes up and yells at us to be good or she will throw us off the airplane. Even though I do not totally believe her, I also worry she might. I stop fighting and notice Yasmeen the annoying is being herself, copying my moves.


Yasmeen motions to me and whispers, "Zarika, I think only one of the nice ladies is on the airplane."


I twist around, see she is right and whisper, "Yes, I do not know why that is or what happened to the other one."


Yasmeen whispers, "Tell me about your plan, does this make it easier?"


I smile at her and then confirm that it does, so I whisper…



Zarika's plan is brilliant and I know it will work! I like it when we work together like sisters rather than fighting. I whisper, "Zarika where did you learn of this?"


She scolds me a little, "Instead of ruining my mind with garbage American television, I spent my time learning of their customs."


I want to complain about her scolding, but for right now we need each other so I just question, "How did you understand what they were saying?"


She says, "I could only understand a few of the words, but because of the pictures and video I could understand the rest."


I smile and offer, "I do think your plan will work better when the airplane has landed. That way if it doesn't work the mean twin ladies cannot throw us off the airplane."


She thinks for a few moments, smiles and says, "Yasmeen that is a very good idea."


I begin rehearsing the English words Zarika taught me in my mind.


The Liz lady walks past and gives us the evil eye as she passes. I stick out my tongue and make the sign of the Cross to ward off her evil.


Zarika giggles at me as she crosses herself and it causes me to giggle…


Present – Liz – on the plane


I hear the evil little bitches giggle behind me. As I reach Bernie, I can tell he's fighting back laughter so I bitch, "What the hell is so funny?"


He explains, "Liz, I know you're upset as hell about Ira but there's no reason to get bitchy with me. The younger girl stuck her tongue out at you and crossed herself as you passed."


I glare at him, but he smiles at me. Then I soften, begin to cry and fall against him. Mira and Alexi had their time to grieve; now it's my time!


Present – Mira and Alexi – on the plane


I observe Ms. Morgan move to the anterior portion of the airplane. As she passes the girls they behave badly which I will deal with later! First I must discuss some important upcoming details with Alexi. I plan with him, "My brother, soon this airplane will land and there are two very important details you must comprehend."


I have his complete attention so I continue, "First I will be acquiring and taking away a very important package and you will follow me out of the airplane."


He asks, "Is this Ira's special gift to you?"


I tousle his hair and respond, "Yes my brother it is, and for me it is worth more than all the gold on this airplane. Now second we will be met by a Russian lady named Masha Reynolds. She is most astute and you will need to be extremely careful with your discourse around her."


I am proud as he bravely promises, "Do not worry my sister; I will protect you with my life."


I smile at him and explain, "Alexi, she is not an adversary, she is an old friend. However it would not be good if she knew about our special package. This is a secret only you and I will share."


He replies, "I will still protect you with my life because now you are my only sister."


I smile and logically cogitate he will make a wonderful uncle to my child-to-be. Now, I must accost those insolent little girls.


I start toward the anterior part of the airplane, begin to scold the two girls when all Hades loosens its bond!!!