Chapter 12

Walker Chapter 12

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Present – Jack – Private Airport – Washington D.C.


I’m glad as hell I saw Samantha's news report on the bus hijacking! I called up the control room then went down and viewed the report one more time - stopping it at several places just to make sure. Yes siree! The battle at the bus had Banzai's fingerprints all over it. While we waited at the airport for Liz's flight, I decided to give Samantha a call and see if any private close-ups of the dead bastards were available. Just to make sure!


Her phone rings then I hear, "This is Samantha Stevens."


I begin my request, "Samantha, this is Jack. We are waiting for Liz's flight and I was wondering if you could get some private close-ups of the bodies?"


She does the typical reporter bullshit and answers my question with a question, "Sure Jack, but can you please tell me why?"


I answer, "Well, I'm not certain of this, but I think your mystery gunman might possibly be Banzai Ben."


She gets very excited and promises, "Jack, not only will I get you the pictures, we also have the bandage which was on his wound. I will make sure we overnight it to you and you can have it analyzed for fingerprints and DNA. I've felt a little responsible since I was with him right before he left."


I smile and try to lessen her guilt, "Samantha, it's not your fault. The bandage is great news and it will fill in some of the blanks. Keep up the good work!"


As I hang up the phone, I look toward Masha and say, "I think we might have just found Jens' fiancé, Banzai."


Masha answers, "Jack that would be such very good news. I know she is acting crazy because he is gone. You men do not understand the torture you put us through when you leave us. And I remember how perfect they were for each other when we met in Hawaii. I especially remember how happy they were. Just as Ben was responsible for getting us together in Moscow, we both need to help them to get back together."


She looks at her watch and asks, "Shouldn't the flight have arrived by now?"


I glance at my watch: The flight is very late and I wonder what the hell is going on. I know Liz, and she would certainly call me if her flight was delayed or diverted. I start on a really bad feeling as an official vehicle drives up. I watch as two suits get out and walk to where we are standing.


One man asks, "Are you waiting for Elizabeth Morgan's flight?"


I reply, "Yes we are. Now, who are you?" I also wonder what the hell Liz did or brought back this time that's brought out the suits…


Present – Jens – Yellow Cab 423 – Washington D.C.


I'm a little upset about getting thrown out of Gunny's (again) and decide the old fart doesn't have a sense of humor. Oh yeah, so we made a little mess out of his bar with our taser contest. But it's not like last time when a bunch of tables and chairs got busted. I wave a big handful of bills under Megs' nose and announce, "Ah the sweet smell of success! Winning bets from those Marines was like taking candy from a baby."


Megs pleads, "Quick stop the cab I'm going to be sick!"


I giggle because if there's one way to get a cabbie to stop, it's the threat to throw up in his cab. He flies to the side of the street and stops. Megs bails out with Jim right behind her and starts puking her guts out. Matt looks at me and offers, "I guess she can't hold her liquor."


I watch Jim helping her (secretly glad it wasn't me) and state, "She used to do pretty good, but has been sort of a 'goodie two shoes' until tonight."


Matt laughs, "Now that's the pot calling the kettle black! You are the biggest 'goodie two shoes' I've ever known. I bet you never got in trouble when you were younger."


I can see that Megs and Jim are going to be awhile and so I take up the challenge, "I'll take that bet Matt Combs! Let me tell you about the time when I was fourteen and killed Ken on Christmas day…" I almost laugh as I watch Matt's eye get big as saucers…


Jens – Story about killing Ken


Well another Christmas was over. I sat on the floor yet one more year surrounded by yucky dresses which I would never wear. If I wore these, I'd look like a miniature mom, not a cool and hip fourteen year old girl! I looked at the dresses and began to plan on how and when they would each reach their untimely demise.


That yucky yellow sun salutation dress would be perfect for a leaky ballpoint pen, even all the practice I'd given mom through the years removing stains wouldn't save that yellow banana!


Now the wretched red rosy predictions dress could be made a little cute and might just be wearable but something was going to have to happen to its hem so it would lose about half its length. I wondered if Daddy's power saw would work as scissors?


The gross green acoustic solo dress was a total waste but I could save some of the material for my ghillie suit; I wondered if mom would believe it got sucked into the garbage disposal while I was rinsing it out in the kitchen sink.


And finally the putrid pink 'raise the Barre' fake ballet dress! If I wore that I would look like pepto-dismal! OMG when would mom ever get over this pink and ballet thing of hers? It must be totally terminated with extreme prejudice - nothing short of a four alarm fire would suffice!


Yes, I was disappointed again this year, I really wanted a useful gift – you know, like a new pellet rifle to replace my dead Daisy Red Ryder lever action bb gun. I sniffed as I remembered the sad day early in December when I cocked the rifle and heard the nasty snapping sound. Then it wouldn't fire any more. Daddy looked at it and told me I had fired it so much I'd broken the 'main spring' and it just wasn't worth fixing.


But I still tried my best to save him! I worked on him almost my whole Christmas vacation. I carefully took him apart making sure to draw pictures of where each part went until I finally got to the main spring. I pulled it out and cried when I saw it was in two pieces. That night I was soooo upset that I went to bed without dinner and cried myself to sleep. Daddy was really nice and called Daisy, but they didn't have replacement parts anymore. So I reassembled him and reverently placed him in the corner of my room.


I still remembered when Daddy gave him to me: It was the second best day of my life (the first was when I met Ben) on Christmas day nine long years ago! I loved that bb gun, it had been a part of my life for-e-ver. We had gotten into s-o-o-o much trouble together…


Like the time I tried to shoot the nasty black grackle which liked to chase me when I played in the back yard. I missed and hit the window in the neighbor's bird feeder. It shattered and all the seed fell out on the ground. Oh boy was mom ever upset when the neighbor came over and yelled at her. Then I had to help him wash his cars for a week and lost my rifle privileges for a month…


Then there was the time I got caught shooting another neighbor's nasty cat. But hey I was just protecting Flappy our dog! That cat kept coming in our yard and attacking our dog so I waited all day in the tree until I saw it sneaking up on Flappy and shot it twice in the rear. It yowled and ran out of the yard while I laughed so hard I almost fell out of the tree. That is until mom and the neighbor with the nasty cat walked under the tree… They had seen the whole thing! After emptying that nasty cat's litter box and brushing the nasty cat daily for a month I was certain I would never ever own a cat!


However my favorite game was 'pretend' war. I would get together with the neighborhood boys: We'd setup our green plastic army men and then take turns shooting at each other's men with our bb guns. The person that had the last man standing won, which most of the time was me because I practiced taking out multiple men with one shot. Things went well until the fateful day Ken got upset and shot me instead of my plastic army men. It hurt like holy heck, but I sure didn't cry about it. Instead, I shot him right back and then we all had a huge battle - which I won. 'Pretend' war was never the same and almost always ended up in an outright bb gun fight. After which the mothers of the neighborhood boys came over and complained that I'd shot their boy in the rear or the arm or the leg or the back! Hey it was a fair fight, they had bb guns too! They were just sore losers because I was sneakier and faster than they were. Okay, I do have to admit the time I was supposed to shoot the apple off Ken's head I purposely missed and shot him in the forehead. But he deserved it for trying to give me a kiss! The worst part was mom actually made me give him a kiss! That was G-R-O-S-S!


But those and the other incidents all happened when I was a little girl. I hadn't shot any boys with my bb gun since I discovered how much more fun it was to shoot them with a paintball gun! Especially one modified for cranked up power and using slightly frozen paintballs. Besides, it was mostly legal and most of the time they wore protection. But sometimes (if I was lucky and they weren't) they forgot to wear protection down there. Oh boy did they yell when that happened. However the nice thing about the bb gun was I could shoot it anywhere, while the paintball gun I could only use at the paintball arena.


Yes when my rifle died a little bit of me died with him…


I looked at the dresses and a few tears slipped down my cheeks…


Mom said, "Jennifer why are you so sad on Christmas day? Don't you like the beautiful dresses I bought you?"


I wiped my eyes, smiled at mom and lied, "Mom I was just crying because they are so beautiful. I'm tired and I think I will go up to my room and take a nap." I slowly walked up the stairs, entered my room, saw my bb gun in the corner, picked him up and hugged him while I crawled on the bed and fell asleep…


I woke some time later when Daddy softly shook my shoulders. He looked at me, smiled and said, "You really shouldn't lie to Evelyn about the dresses, but I know you just did it to keep her happy. I guess this wasn't much of a Christmas for you?"


I bravely smiled and said, "Daddy, I do appreciate all the thought mom puts into my gifts, but she really doesn't understand me or teenage girls today. I mean if the dresses were more like the ones the other girls wear, they wouldn't be bad. But if I wore those dresses to school all the other girls would tease me."


He smiled and said, "Yeah Jennifer, Evelyn is sort of stuck in the past but unfortunately she worries that if you wear the new styles people will think you're a slut. But that's not why I came up, I wanted you to come out to the workshop with me."


I replied, "I'll sneak right out and be with you Daddy, but first I need to go to the bathroom."


I watched Daddy as he left and knew we were probably going to the workshop to avoid mom. I felt a little guilty because I was sure she had yelled at him about the way I acted earlier with the dresses. Daddy and mom didn't fight much, at least not as much as the parents of my friends: But when they fought it was always about me. I decided that mom wasn't happy with her life (I sure as heck didn't know why!) and tried to relive her life through my life – she tried to mold me into what she really wanted to be.


It might have worked with most girls, but it would never work with me for two reasons: First I had inherited Daddy's personality – I was smart, stubborn and tenacious as a Marine bulldog; and second, I fell in love with Ben. Darn it! That reminds me of another reason I would miss my bb gun. I used to put pictures up of Ben's skanky ho girlfriends and shoot them; now I wouldn't be able to do that anymore.


I finished in the bathroom, put on my shoes, slipped down the stairs making sure to miss the ones that squeaked, peeked around the corner and saw mom was as usual on the phone! I quickly and quietly crossed the hallway and slipped outside - I was free again!


I ran to the workshop and flew inside! Daddy had the furnace running and it was nice, warm and felt more like home than the 'cold' house I'd just left. I ran up to Daddy, kissed him on the cheek and said, "Sorry if I got you in trouble again with mom."


He smiled at me and said, "That's okay my girl, I know how disappointed you were in the dresses. Thanks for not throwing a big fit like you did when you were younger." Daddy took a big drink of his beer and asked, "How about a soda and some chips?"


I giggled because mom didn't want Daddy to eat chips or drink beer – it was 'unhealthy and uncouth'. The workshop was Daddy's castle and I was the only female allowed past its 'moat'! I took some chips and a soda, grinned at Daddy and asked, "So when are you going to let me have one of your beers?"


He gave me a serious look and said, "Well, I could let you have a beer right now, but then my Christmas presents for you would have to wait until tomorrow."


I got really excited and asked, "Daddy! You got me more presents, when can I see them?"


He smiled and explained, "Yes young lady I did. Before I give them to you, we need to have a serious talk! But let's unwind first while I finish my beer and you drink your soda. Then we will have a talk about your presents and I will see if I think you're mature enough for them."


Daddy wasn't being mean, he was just relaxing and recovering from the tongue lashing I was sure mom gave him. He’d done it the same way so many times before. So even though I was impatient as heck, I slowly sipped my soda to the same rhythm Daddy drank his beer. We both finished at the same time, Daddy winked at me and we both let out huge burps. He laughed and I giggled. Then Daddy said, "Jennifer, you're quite the young lady and I don't tell you often enough how proud I am of you. I know it isn't easy for you and I know how much you disliked the dresses Evelyn bought you."


I replied, "Daddy, I'm just sorry that mom always gets angry at you because of me. But I can't be like her."


He shook his finger at me in mock horror and scolded, "Now that's enough of that young lady, I don't want you to ever be like Evelyn. You are perfect just the way you are."


I gently reminded him, "Daddy, didn't you mention something about more presents?"


He laughed and commented, "Jennifer, I know how much fun you had with your old Red Ryder bb gun, how much it meant to you and also how sad you were when it broke. But remember, it really was just a dangerous toy. Because it was still a gun, I blame myself for letting you take more liberties with the way you handled it than you should have."


I interrupted, "Yes Daddy, I remember and I am embarrassed by some of the things I did with it. I could have seriously injured those boys when I shot them. But we all stopped playing war with the bb guns ages ago and moved over to using paintball guns."


He laughed and said, "Yeah, I heard some complaints from the boys mom's about you injuring their son's pride."


I knew what Daddy really meant and answered, "I thought they were wearing protection because they were supposed to."


He scolded me just a little, "Yeah but the biggest complaint was when the one boy Ken was on the ground hurt and you ran up and shot him there three more times."


I defended myself, "Daddy, he keeps trying to corner me and kiss me all the time and it makes me angry!"


Daddy said, "Next time he tries to kiss you, let me know. His father works for me and I will send him and his family very far away. Now young lady, you see that box over there, that's one of your presents and you can open it now."


I was sure I was getting a new pellet rifle, but the box was square and I knew it couldn't be a pellet rifle. I quickly ran over, picked it up and carried it back to the table. I sat it on the table started opening it and immediately recognized that it was the Champion bullet trap I'd been looking at when we were at the gun store. I hugged Daddy and said, "Thank you very much this is exactly what I wanted."


He laughed and said, "I guess you're going to need something else to use it."


I got really excited because I was sure he'd gotten me a pellet rifle. He walked to the bench, picked up a rather small box, handed it to me and said, "Now you're going to be able to use that pellet trap."


I was confused because the box was much too short to be a rifle. When I tore the paper off I saw it was the RWS pellet pistol I'd been looking at in a magazine. It wasn't a rifle, but it was something that I could shoot with. I ran over hugged Daddy, kissed him on the cheek and said, "Thank you so much for the most wonderful Christmas gifts."


He grinned at me and added, "Well I had one more gift for you, but if this was enough I guess I can keep it until next year."


I kissed him on the cheek again and replied, "Daddy, if that's what you want to do that's fine with me because these two gifts are the best gifts ever!"


He told me, "Jennifer, I know you mean that and that's why I'm going to give you your final gift this year. Now let me get up and grab it for you."


He jumped up, went to the back of his car, opened the trunk and pulled out a long box. He walked over handed it to me and said, "Now Jennifer this and your pellet pistol are not toys. So I'd better not hear of you ever shooting at anything with them other than targets. If you do I will take them away forever."


My hands were shaking as I opened the box: Inside was an RWS 48 pellet rifle, with a real RWS scope. I ran over, hugged Daddy again, gave him big kisses on both cheeks and told him, "Thank you Daddy, this is the best Christmas ever."


He smiled at me and asked, "Don't you want to try out your new guns?"


I sat at the table with him and answered, "Not right now Daddy, I would rather talk to you and let you know how happy I am you're my Daddy."


Mom interrupted us by calling on the intercom, "Glen, do you know where Jennifer is. I'd like for her to try on her dresses."


He answered, "She's here with me Evelyn and she'll be coming in the house in a few minutes."


I said, "Don't worry Daddy, I'll go in and try on the dresses. I just hope I can come back out later and try out my new guns."


He responded, "Jennifer you're a good girl, now go try on the dresses. I'll get your shooting range all setup for you."


I drug my feet and slowly waked back to the house. I opened the door, went inside and even though mom kept the thermostat on 75 degrees, I shivered because of how cold the house felt. I gently closed the back door and heard, "Jennifer, come up to your room right now so we can go through your clothes!"


Rats – double rats, triple rats and even quadruple rats! Mom wanting to go through my clothes was even worse than trying on dresses. This meant that we would get in a fight about which clothes I liked and wanted to keep versus which clothes I liked but mom hated and wanted to throw away…


I had to deal with mom going through my clothes like it was a military campaign. There were battles which were worth winning and battles I could stand losing. But from years of doing this, I was prepared. My closet always had 'throw away clothes' which I knew annoyed mom and which I really didn't like, but wore just enough so mom thought I did. Those would be the battles made for losing, but there were always three or four items (usually my favorites) which we would fight tooth and nail over. Even then I knew if I gave in on one of the three or four, I could keep the others (and then later retrieve the ones I'd lost from the charity bag). The problem was this took T-I-M-E and right now I had more important things to do, I had guns to shoot!


In the end, I gave more ground to mom than I really wanted because I was more anxious to go shooting. Plus she'd decided to give the clothes to a girl next door who was headed over to pick them up - so yes, those battles I really lost. As soon as she was done, I looked around my room and came up with a great idea on how to test my new pellet rifle. I quickly grabbed a few things, snuck down the stairs and ran to the workshop.


Daddy had leaned back in his chair and had fallen asleep, I scared the heck out of him when I roared into the workshop and he almost fell over. He looked at what I was carrying, laughed and said, "Looks like you're planning some target practice."


I smiled at him and asked, "Daddy, I hope you don't mind. But I wanted to see just how powerful my new pellet rifle is."


I notice the pellet range was all setup and Daddy had even mounted the scope on my rifle. I kissed him on the cheek and said, "Thanks Daddy, did you also zero the rifle?"


He answered, "They bore sighted it at the store so it should be close enough. Why don't you zero it before you shoot at the targets you brought?"


As usual, Daddy was thorough and I had a bunch of different pellets to choose from. I had been researching this rifle for-e-ver and selected what was supposed to be the most accurate pellet. I loaded the rifle, set the fore end on the rest, took off the safety and gently squeezed the trigger. I jumped when the rifle fired because it was so loud and just barely hit the edge of the target.


Daddy laughed, "Jennifer, you flinched!"


I giggled and said, "It surprised me because it was so loud." I jumped up to get my and Daddy's hearing protectors. I hurried over and gave him his, then I went back, reloaded the rifle and tried again. Even with the hearing protection on, I could still hear the satisfying clunk as the pellet hit the trap. I looked at the target and I was lower by 1 inch and right by 1.5 inches. I put the crosshairs of the scope on the impact point of the pellet and making sure to keep it exactly in place, I adjusted the target knobs until the crosshairs were right in the middle of the target. I took out another pellet, loaded the rifle, fired again and it was just a little off. So I made some minor adjustments and then shot my first real group of five. When I was done, it looked like a big ragged hole in the middle of the target. I ran over pulled it down, took it to Daddy and said, "I want you to have my first ever five shot group from this rifle."


He hugged me and answered, "Jennifer you are an incredible young lady!"


I grinned at him and said, "Now for my fun targets." I did my best Arnold impression and said, "They will be terminated."


I stood my stupid Ken doll up in front of the pellet trap and loaded the rifle again. I took aim at Ken, fired and it blew his head completely off.


Daddy was taking a sip of his beer, and started to laugh so hard he choked. I ran over and asked, "Are you okay?"


Once he could talk again he said, "Jennifer that was a hell of a shot. I never did care much for Ken, he seemed a bit to swishy for me."


I giggled and agreed with him, "Yeah Barbie thought so too and had kicked his rear out of her Dream House years ago. Now she's living with GI-Joe."


We both laughed like crazy until mom called and said we needed to come back in the house for the night…


Present – Jens – Yellow Cab 423 – Washington D.C.


I look at Matt, smile and say, "See, I got in trouble all the time when I was a girl."


He laughs and answers, "Damn Jens, you really had me going for a minute. I thought you'd really killed someone."


I look to see Jim and a very green looking Megan heading back to the cab. I say, "Matt, I'd love to invite you guys to stay at the hotel with us because I think it would really help Jim and Megan. But she is as sick as a dog and will probably be sleeping in front of the porcelain throne tonight. So let's try to get these two together tomorrow afternoon when you two report for work."


Matt asks for confirmation, "So we're working for you again?"


I grin and say, "Hell yes you are!" Megan and Jim enter the car as I shout to the driver, "The extended stay hotel Jeeves."


He drives off as I suddenly remember I have my mobile phone again. I open my purse, pull out my phone but note it's turned off. I turn it on and it immediately begins to shake, rattle and roll like an epileptic having a seizure.


I check the e-mails but they aren't much of anything, so I start checking my voice mails. We just get to the hotel, but when I listen to my last voice mail from Jack, I drop my phone!


Present – Matt – Yellow Cab 423 – Washington D.C.


Jens suddenly looks like she challenged death to a stare down and lost! She drops her mobile phone and I ask, "Jens what the hell is wrong."


I see tears start to slip down her face. She looks at me, says, "Dead!" and passes out.


Jens' phone rings, I struggle to find it, pick it up and answer, "This is Matt Combs."


I can't believe what I hear next!!!