Chapter 14

Walker Chapter 14

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Mira – on the plane


I just begin to scold the two girls when all Hades loosens its bond!!!


There is an extreme explosion, the airplane begins to vibrate violently and smoke slowly seeps into the cabin. I fear the fuselage integrity is compromised and there is a fire somewhere on the airplane.


I calmly turn from the girls, traverse immediately to the flight deck and open the door. Warning lights and klaxons are creating a flashing fusillade and cacophony of craziness. I demand, "What in Hades happened and what are your contingency plans?"


I observe the pilot and copilot struggling to stabilize the flight. The pilot answers, "There was an explosion in the baggage compartment and there is a fire. It must have damaged some of the controls because we're having a having a hard time controlling the aircraft."


I question, "What is our location?"


The copilot responds, "We're still over the ocean."


I know because of our great circle route we are coming in over the Eastern Seaboard of the United States so I additionally question, "Is the glide ratio of the damaged airplane sufficient to reach costal United States?"


The pilot grimly declares, "We're having a hard enough time keeping this bird in the sky, let alone trying to make land and safely touch-down. I'm planning on ditching in the ocean as close to the coast as possible."


I respond, "I will traverse to the aft cabin and assure that everyone is prepared for the water landing. What else may I do to help?"


The copilot asks, "Can you pray or are you lucky?"


I calmly answer, "I am both."


The pilot orders, "Then go aft, get everyone ready, strap in, start praying and rubbing your lucky rabbit's foot. We're going to need all the help we can get."


I am not sure what the 'lucky rabbit's foot' comment means so I ignore it. I close the flight deck door, traverse aft and see that everyone looks and acts like confused chickens with detached cranial cavities. I yell in my command voice, "Acquire your seats and intently incline your auditory senses to my announcement." I wait for them to settle and inform them, "The flight crew has informed me they can no longer control this aircraft and will make an emergency water landing."


Everyone immediately begins babbling again so I command, "Shut the Hades up and open your auditory senses! We have excellent odds of surviving this if we remain sensible and act in an orderly fashion. Liz and Bernie, please calmly and carefully acquire personal flotation devices for everyone."


I notice Ben's sisters are extremely agitated and I continue, "While you acquire the personal floatation devices, I will instruct the two girls on the procedure."


Present – Liz – on the plane


What a fucked up day! First Ira dies and now something's happened to the plane. Dammit! We pay good money for these planes so something like this isn't supposed to happen. Thank God Mira's here because she calmly takes charge and requests of us, "Please calmly and carefully acquire personal flotation devices for everyone."


I pull the emergency card out of the seatback in front of me and read that the PFD's are located under each seat then I check the directions on how to wear them. I notice Bernie is doing the same thing. I reach under my seat, pull out my PFD and strap it on.


I stand up, turn around, see Mira talking to the girls and also notice Alexi is out of his seat looking for something."


I say, "Bernie, while Mira's busy taking care of the girls, I'm going to go check on Alexi."


Bernie replies, "I'm coming with you Liz."


We walk to the back of the plane and I ask, "Alexi, what are you looking for?"


He pulls a cylindrical container out of an overhead compartment, smiles and says, "Ms. Morgan, I needed to find this container. Now that I have found it I will retire to my seat."


I question, "Alexi, what is so important about that cylinder?"


He answers, "Sorry Ms. Morgan, I do not know what it contains; just that it is very important to my sister Mira and she would not want to exit the airplane without it."


I take a PFD from under his seat, help him put it on correctly, sit on the seat beside him and explain, "Well Alexi, that can't be loose on the plane. If we crash it could injure someone."


He smiles at me and replies, "Ms. Morgan, you mean when we crash. I will restrain it with a seatbelt."


I watch and then help him belt in the cylinder; Bernie yanks on it a couple times and says, "Liz, I think it will be safe here."


I say, "Alexi, when we crash you need to put your head in your lap like this." I bend at the waist and demonstrate.


He mimics me and announces, "Thank you Ms. Morgan for the reminder. I read the emergency card when the catastrophe occurred."


I ask, "Is there anything else that you need?"


He says, "Thank you Ms. Morgan but I already have the container and have also prepared a bag for Mira and myself with some water and food so I do not think further help is required. However you might get a bag ready with food and water for yourselves and the annoying girls. We should also acquire some medical supplies for an emergency."


I squeeze his hand and say, "Alexi, you're right. I do need to get a bag ready for us and for the girls. You just call if you need anything."


I head towards the front with Bernie and ask, "Bernie, does he seem too calm to you?"


Bernie replies, "Liz, it's spooky how calm Mira and Alexi are. Perhaps it runs in their family."


We arrive up front and begin to prepare our ration bags and grab a first aid kit…


Present – Yasmeen and Zarika – on the plane



The last mean lady just starts to scold us, then there is a loud noise which hurts my ears and the airplane bounces around and almost makes me sick. The mean lady leaves so I look at Zarika and ask, "Zarika, what is happening?"


She replies, "Yasmeen, I think someone attacked the airplane like when our Ben attacked the helicopter."


I remember how the helicopter crashed, become scared and say, "Do you think we will crash like the helicopter?"


Zarika answers, "Yasmeen, I do not know anything about airplanes other than stories of some terrible crashes I saw on the news."


I start to cry and complain, "Zarika, I do not want to die."


She starts pulling on her metal restraint and yells - I do the same…



The mean lady finally comes back over and says, "Girls you must listen to me."


Yasmeen yanks on her metal restraint and cries, "I do not want to die!"


I yank on my wrist and order, "Let us go you, you, suka!"


The mean lady slaps me so hard and fast I do not even see it coming and says, "Listen you two! We will not die if you follow my instructions exactly. However if you deviate from them you will surely die. Do you understand?"


I nod my head and Yasmeen says, "Yes dear lady, please save us."


The mean lady continues, "We will be landing on the water which will be much safer than attempting a landing on the ground."


Yasmeen screams like a baby and interrupts, "But I cannot swim."


I add, "I also cannot swim."


The mean lady grins and says, "You will both wear flotation vests which will keep you from having to swim and we will also have boats composed of rubber to keep us out of the water. Now do not interrupt me again."


I watch as she takes a floatation vest from under my seat, helps me put it on and then says, "You inflate the vest by pulling on the tabs and normally it is not done until you exit the airplane. However since neither of you can swim, you may inflate your vests when we stop moving after hitting the water. Just be careful you do not puncture the vest."


She then turns and helps Yasmeen. She then hands each of us and extra vest and orders, "Hold these in case you puncture the vest you are wearing."


She sits beside me and then says, "Before we crash you must bend over like this or your back and neck might become damaged." Both Yasmeen and I practice bending down.


The mean lady finally instructs us, "I am going to remove your restraints but you need to remain in your seats and obey all my directions. Will you be able to perform these acts as I have instructed?"


I say, "Yes, I will." Yasmeen also agrees.


The mean lady removes the metal restraints and says, "I need to go take care of Alexi. Now remember to maintain your promises."


As she leaves, I look at Yasmeen and say, "Yasmeen, this is not a time to be silly. For right now we need to obey completely."


Yasmeen sniffles, sits beside me, holds my hand and whines, "Zarika I am very scared of the water."


I pretend to be brave and say, "Yasmeen, I will help to keep you safe." However I wonder who will keep me safe…


Present – Mira – on the plane


I temporarily debate with myself about leaving the two girls restrained to the sinking airplane, but I can not because I know of my Ben's feelings towards them.


The smoke is increasing and the airplane is yawing terribly. The oxygen masks deploy and I announce. "Place the oxygen masks over your nasal units." I watch as Liz assists the two girls.


I traverse to the rear of the airplane and proudly smile when I see Alexi - somehow he has uncovered Ira's gift and has it securely strapped into the seat adjacent to his. He has his oxygen mask on and shows merely slight fear in his ocular units.


I say to him, "Alexi my brother, I am very proud of you. You have discovered Ira's gift and you have also correctly prepared for our water landing. Even as important as Ira's gift is to me, you are more important so you will first protect yourself and then supervise the gift."


Alexi responds, "Mira my sister, I am an excellent swimmer and I believe the mass of this gift is less than the mass of water so it will float. Do not concern yourself; I will protect myself, you and the gift."


I hug him and answer, "Alexi we are brother and sister and will save each other."


As the airplane continues to toss, I take a moment to calmly assess the situation and realize I almost overlooked one important fact. I order, "Everyone must calmly and carefully locate to the aft of the airplane because it will give us the greatest opportunity for survival."


I watch as they obey my orders. Liz brings the two girls with her then they take their seats and are now prepared.


I traverse to the flight deck, open the door and announce, "We all have acquired personal floatation devices and have located to the aft of the airplane. If you have no other needs I will join them."


The pilot responds, "We're going to ditch about one-point-five miles off the coast because there's too much boat traffic to try to come in any closer. As it is I'm just hoping no one's in the way when we come down because we're having a hard enough time controlling the plane for a landing."


The copilot adds, "We sent out distress signals and the Coast Guard is already gearing up. Five more minutes until we try for a landing. But because of the weight of the gold, this plane is going to sink like a rock. So as soon as we stop moving get everyone off the plane."


I observe the pilot and copilot are very calm even in the midst of this calamity and inquire, "Are you both retired military officers?


The copilot says, "Yes we were both Air Force pilots."


I inwardly smile knowing that our chances of survival have greatly increased. I leave the flight deck door open, traverse aft to the seat across from Alexi and prepare myself.


We hear the pilot shout, "Here we go! Ladies and gentlemen hold on to your asses, this is going to be bumpy."


The copilot kills the power and the pilot flares the nose. We impact the ocean like an obese child performing a mid-digestion-section maneuver off a high diving board. The airplane starts groaning and shuddering then quickly comes to a stop while jerking and snapping the Hades out of us…


Present – Liz – on the plane


Thank God! We survived the water landing but water is already rushing into the plane. I hate plane crashes! This is my second one and I'm about ready to give up flying.


We hear a yell from the flight deck, "I could use some help up here."


Mira jumps up and replies, "I will be there momentarily to assist you, first I am assisting everyone else off the airplane."


He yells back, "Well don't take too long or our gooses are cooked."


 Mira commands, "Everyone please traverse with me to the emergency exit. I will open the door and assist all you into the rafts. Then I will go assist the pilot and copilot."


She opens the door and water rushes into the plane - the two girls start going crazy!


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – on the plane



There is already water on the floor of the airplane. When the lady opens the door, water starts coming into the airplane very fast. I pull on the tabs of my floatation vest, run away from the door and yell, "Zarika, we are going to drown!"


Zarika chases me and says, "Yasmeen come back here."


The lady yells, "You girls need to come here immediately."


But I must get away from the water! I am very afraid of water…



Yasmeen is being a crazy child and starts running away from the door, I begin to chase her and yell at her, but she will not listen to me. Instead she cowers like a scared little dog near the front of the airplane. I watch as the others are leaving the airplane and the water is getting deeper


I sit beside her and say, "Yasmeen, come we must leave the airplane with the others."


Yasmeen yells at me, "Leave me alone you worthless zit-faced suka! You are just trying to kill me so you can have Ben all to yourself."


I can only think of one thing to do…


Present – Mira – on the plane


I open the door and water rushes in! The copilot is correct, this airplane will only stay on the surface for a minimal period of time so I must make haste! Dawn is arriving and I have sufficient light to assess the situation and decide God must be smiling on us because the ocean is calm - the waves are barely .25 meters high.


Yasmeen foolishly allows fear to overrule any common sense she possesses and runs away. Zarika more calmly follows her but I do not have excess time to deal with them right now. First I must make sure Alexi and then Ms. Morgan and finally Bernie are safely on the raft.


I stand in the doorway, pull the tab on the first raft and it inflates. Then I tie the mooring line to the airplane. I look at the trio and announce, "First I will help Alexi to the raft and I will come back for the rest of you. Should the airplane submerge before I help everyone to the raft make sure to remove this mooring line and do not worry, there will be much air trapped in the airplane."


Alexi boldly steps through the door, carrying Ira's gift and a big bag and says, "Mira, I do not need assistance, please help Ms. Morgan." Pride swells within my breast as he safely enters the raft.


Ms. Morgan and Bernie step up, also carrying bags, and Ms. Morgan says, "Mira, we don't need any help. Go and get the girls and please help the pilot and copilot. I haven't heard anything from them."


I hand them the second raft and say, "Once you are safely aboard the raft, please inflate this raft."


I make sure they are safely aboard the raft, turn to go help the girls and notice Zarika is dragging Yasmeen towards me. I head to them, help her and inquire, "What has happened to Yasmeen."


Zarika grins at me and explains, "She had an accidental meeting with my hand."


Ah ha, now I understand. Zarika applied her clenched fist to Yasmeen and rendered her unconscious! Sometimes she is such a wise girl and follows after my own major blood pumping organ. I smile at her and express agreement, "Sometimes the proper application of force is required to rectify a situation. I am thankful for your timely action."


By the time we reach the doorway, water half fills the airplane. Bernie jumps out of his raft and helps us load the unconscious Yasmeen into the second raft, then assists Zarika. I announce, "The pilot and copilot must be injured. I am going to render assistance to them."


Alexi asks, "Mira please use caution, I do not wish to lose my only sister."


I smile and say, "Alexi, I promise you I will not leave you."


I traverse toward the anterior the airplane. It is now three quarters full of water and is sinking rapidly.


I arrive at the flight deck and the pilot says, "Thank God - my back and leg are all busted up and Bret the copilot is dead."


I help him into a personal floatation device and he asks, "Do you think we could get Bret's body out of here too. He has a family and I'd hate for him to go down with the plane."


It reminds me of how melancholy I am that I do not have my sister's body to correctly entomb so I agree, "Yes we will retrieve Bret's body." I remove Bret's seatbelts and begin to place another personal floatation device on his limp body. It looks like it was not Bret's day of good fortune. When the airplane impacted the ocean, the windshield broke in front of him and a piece of glass pierced his jugular vein.


The water is close to the ceiling of the airplane so I look at the pilot and say, "You must take many quick and deep breaths…" I never finish because the airplane slips below the surface of the ocean…


Present – Liz – on the raft


I'm hugging Alexi as the airplane starts going down and begins to pull the raft with it. Bernie unties the rope and Alexi wails, "We cannot do this, we must rescue my sister."


I hug him tighter but I can't find the words to comfort him. Shit! He's lost both sisters in a very short period of time. What can I possibly say to comfort him…


Present – Zarika – on the raft


The brave lady goes back into the airplane, I suppose to save the pilot and copilot. But she must have problems because the plane sinks before she comes out. I cry a little for her, because she saved me many times…