Chapter 15

Walker Chapter 15

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Present – Jack – Private Airport – Washington D.C.


I can't fucking believe it! All hell has broken loose! Liz's plane is down, some-fucking-where in the ocean off New York. As they first tell us, I have to catch Masha as she starts to crumple to the floor. Then she surprises the hell out of me as her Russian stoicism kicks in and she says, "Jack, you can not be distracted from managing the rescue operation. Tell me what I can do to assist you?"


I think for a moment and request, "Masha, thanks for the offer. While I'm busy with this, do you think you could please follow-up on the new lead we have on Banzai?"


She smiles, kisses me on the cheek and says, "Certainly my husband. I will make some phone calls."


I momentarily scratch my head and once again wonder about these 'phone calls' she sometimes makes. All I know is when she calls whoever the fuck she calls, things just happen. I decide it's time for me to make some calls of my own to make sure some of my shit happens! I finally get in touch with Linus, relay the news and tell him to get his ass here yesterday. I call Jens' phone and when Matt Combs answers he tells me Jens is passed out. But he promises he'll bring her, a drunk as a skunk Megan and Jim right to the airport. Damn crazy bastards - out terrorizing Gunny's bar while Liz's plane crashes!


I think for a moment or two more and dial up someone I haven't talked to for years. He answers the phone and I begin, "General Donaldson, this is Jack Reynolds."


He answers, "Jack it's good as hell to hear from you but call me Glen because I retired awhile back. So what's going on?"


I tell him all about Liz's plane crash and he promises to call in some favors to help with the rescue.


He asks, "Is Jennifer there? I'd like to talk to her."


I answer, "Sorry Glen, she's not here yet but I will have her call you when she gets here and we get her settled down."


He sounds sad as he reminds me of someone else I should call. I add, "Glen you just reminded me of a great fucking idea - someone who still owes me."


Glen answers, "Glad to help Jack, let us know what's going on and if you need any more help."


I hang up the phone and make the next call to Captain M (it's a long story how he lost rank - thank God it was Banzai's fault and not mine). But that's all behind us now because he was seriously wounded in the sandbox and Banzai pulled his ass out of the 8 ton and saved his life. There aren't too many jobs in the Corps for someone in a wheelchair so I'd heard rumors he'd become some sort of super analyst for the spooks.


He answers the phone with, "Jack Reynolds, it's about fucking time you've called me. After all you've been in DC for weeks."


Damn, he knows every-fucking-thing! I reply cautiously, "Yeah, I've been real busy."


Mike laughs, "Yeah I know you're still trying to find Ben and that you finally figured out he was involved in the recent bus battle."


I respond, "Mike I'd love to pick your brain on that later, but right now there's bigger fish to fry. Liz Morgan's plane was ditched in the ocean somewhere off the coast of New York and I was wondering if you could help?"


He responds quickly, "Jack you should have called me right away. Give me the flight number and I'll get right on it."


I give him the flight number and he explains his plan, "Jack, Liz is a VIP and I'm bringing in a team on this immediately."


I hang up the phone and decide it's time for me to start chewing some ass!


Present – Linus – MASH airplane - Washington DC


I took an un-fucking-believable phone call from Jack! I'm still stunned when I walk back into the C-130 where Maria is working on Thom's leg.


Maria asks me, "Linus, what the hell is wrong! Don't tell me after all our hard work one of the guys died."


I shake my head and answer, "No Maria, but it might be worse. We might have lost everyone on the flight from Tajikistan. Jack just called me and told me their plane went down in the ocean."


Maria expounds, "Linus, you're fucking kidding me!"


Thom suddenly demands, "Who the hell was on the flight?"


I answer them both, "Maria honey, I would never joke about something like this. And Thom, it was Liz Morgan, her cameraman Bernie, her bodyguard Mira and two young girls who were Ben Blaine's adopted sisters."


Maria's eyes start to tear up and she questions, "Linus, do you have any more information."


I answer, "Not much, Jack just found out. Apparently the plane had some sort of problem and they ditched somewhere in the ocean off the coast of New York."


Thom orders, "Maria, patch me up as fast as you can. I want to get over there and help out. I have some friends who might be useful."


I answer, "Well you certainly won't have to go far. They were supposed to land at this airport and Jack is in the main building."


Maria orders, "Linus, I'll finish up with Thom as fast as I can. You get your ass over to the main building and help Jack."


She gets up gives me a big hug and whispers in my ear, "Linus give the fuckers hell and make sure they have everyone and their brother out searching for them."


She swats me on the butt as I leave the C-130 and head towards the main building. How in the hell did this happen?


Present – Matt – Yellow Cab 423 – Washington D.C.


I hang up the phone and now know why the hell Jens dropped the phone, just said 'dead' and passed out. I order the cab driver, "This is a fucking emergency: Get us to the Robinson private airport as soon as possible. If you get any speeding tickets we will pay for them."


The cab roars away from in front of the extended stay hotel and Jim asks, "Matt what the hell is going on, you look like you're going to puke?"


I shake my head and answer, "Jim, Liz's plane went down somewhere in the ocean off the coast of New York."


Jim questions, "Are there any survivors?"


I continue to shake my head and answer, "Jack said they are just gearing up for the rescue and he doesn't know."


I look at Jens and remember what a good friendship she had, I mean has, with Liz. I then realize that with the loss she already feels over Ben, this is going to make things even worse. On top of it all, Jens starts having some sort of fit and is thrashing around like an epileptic fish out of water!


Present – Jens – Dream – Washington D.C.


I'm running like hell, in full combat gear, armed to the teeth and yell, "Maria, move that ass of yours or we will be too late!"


Maria replies, "I'm running as fast as I can."


I decide this is too important to wait for her, so I sprint ahead. I've got to get to that fucking bastard! I can't believe he's doing this. If he goes through with this, I'm going to kill the son-of-a-bitch!


I see the church just ahead and hope I'm not too late! I fly through the door and hear, "I present to you Mrs. Stacy and Mr. Bennie Blaine!" The fucker really married her! It's the little bitch from the fast food restaurant. She's in a beautiful gleaming white (as if the little slut was pure enough to wear white) wedding dress and Ben is sooooo handsome in a black tuxedo. And the bastard Jack is his best man and son-of-a-bitch Masha is her maid of honor! Talk about being stabbed in the back. I thought those two were my friends!


Shit! I'm too fucking late and yell "Nooooooo! You can't marry that skanky little bitch - you promised me!"


I don't even realize what I'm doing as I level my M-4 at the altar and pull the trigger. But it sure as hell feels satisfying when I see Ben's blood splatter her wedding dress - now the color suits her much better.


She looks at me and cries, "You beotch! You just killed my husband!"


I yell, "You fucking little bitch. He promised to marry me first and if I can't have him, no one can have him."


She yells, "You beotch, I'm going to kill you!"


I taunt, "Come and get some you skanky ho!"


We run towards each other and start a huge fight in the middle of the church aisle.


What the hell! Someone's shaking my shoulder…


Present – Matt – Private Airport – Washington D.C.


We arrive at Robinson private airport in record time. Megan is still out of it and Jens stopped flopping around, but is still unconscious. I shake her and her face is masked in anger as she explodes, "The bastard deserved to be killed!"


I look at Jens, wonder what the hell she's talking about and say softly, "Jens? Remember, Liz's plane went down and we're at the airport."


Her expression changes to sadness and she replies, "Sorry Matt, I was having a really bad dream."


I'm not sure about her bad dream, because it sounds like whomever she was dreaming about had a much worse dream than she did - especially after being killed…


Present – Jens – Private Airport – Washington D.C.


I'm still pissed as hell about my terrible nightmare! Ben fricken married Stacy and not me. Wait a fricken minute! How the hell do I know her name is Stacy? Suddenly I realize how! She's that fricken runaway heiress – Stacy Summers. I've seen all the reward ads for her. She's dyed her hair and cut it shorter, but I'm sure it's her! The conniving little bitch, I bet she has something to do with Ben running away and staying away. I can't wait to talk to the team about this. But first dammit - we've got to find Liz and the rest of the people on the plane!


I command, "Jim, bring Megan into the main building and take good care of her. Matt, let's go in and see what's going on."


I bail out of the cab, wobble a little, Matt steadies me and asks, "Jens, are you okay?"


I smile at him and brag, "Hell no, you should know by now I'm not okay, I'm fantastic!"


As we head into the main building, Jack sees me and gives me an evil look! I walk over to him and demand, "What's your problem?"


He waves his hand in front of his face and says, "You! You smell like the bottom of the barrel at a brewery. What the fuck are you doing partying while Liz is dying?"


I get in his face and respond, "Me being here wouldn't have made a bit of difference in her plane going down. Now what have you done to find them?"


He tells me about all the calls he's made and how he's chewed everyone's asses and I say, "Listen Jack, I'm sorry you couldn't get in touch with me. I forgot Megan brought me my phone and it was turned off.


He answers, "Jens I was just worried for you when I couldn't get in touch with you. By the way, I have Masha following up on a lead we have on Ben's location. Plus, I think I know of someone with huge resources who can help us."


I answer, "Jack I really need a cup of coffee and then I want to talk to Masha." I gulp and continue, "I'm pretty sure I know who Ben's traveling with."


We head over to the coffee pot and Masha walks up. She gives me a funny look and asks, "Jennifer, you seem upset at me about something. I hope I have not offended you."


I hug her and say, "Masha I just had a terrible nightmare and it's still bothering me. But I think I have some information that might help in finding Ben. It's just a hunch, but I think he's traveling with Stacy Summers."


She gives me an interesting smile and says, "Jennifer you have just confirmed some information I was able to discover. But we will discuss this more after you find Liz's plane."


I answer, "Masha, I sure as heck don't know how you found this out, but I wish you had been working with us earlier. Won't it be fun to have two other women to speak with in your native language?"


Jack hugs me and says, "Jens, you'd better sit down. There's something else you need to know…"


Present – Linus – Private Airport – Washington D.C.


Jens, Masha and Jack are standing around the coffee pot as I walk up. I hear Jack say, "Jens, you'd better sit down. There's something else you need to know."


Jens interrupts, "Jack listen! I'm not some child that you need to mollycoddle - if there's something you need to tell me, just tell me."


I clear my throat and remind her, "Jens you must have forgotten about your 'teenage episodes?'"


She turns takes one look at me and says, "Linus from the looks on your face, we need to talk later - in private. And no, I haven't forgotten about them, but I also feel they are mostly behind me because I now know they've been a huge hindrance to finding Ben."


Shit! I forgot that women can figure out almost everything with very little information! I'm sure that Jens knows that Maria and I were bumping nasties, and now she's going to give me a ration over it.


Jack clears his throat and proceeds, "If you two are done I need to tell you that Liz called and Mira's sister Ira sacrificed her life so the plane could take off."


Jens looks at Jack and says, "Jack there must be more to this story. So tell me everything you know."


Present – Maria – MASH airplane - Washington DC


I keep working on Thom's leg but he just complains, "Just slap a band aid on this and I will be fine."


I glare at him and say, "Like hell you will, now shut the fuck up and let me finish."


He whines, "Listen princess…"


I've had my fill of him and this princess crap, so I deck him and he goes out like a light. It's much faster working on things without his constant bitching. I'm almost done when Byron walks in and asks, "What's going on with Thom."


I laugh, "I got tired of his constant complaining; then he called me princess so I decked his ass."


Byron chuckles, "I told Thom that someday he was going to meet his match and I would say that someday came today."


I finish with Thom's leg, start to clean up and ask, "Do you know how Todd and Hammer are doing?"


Byron responds, "They're almost finished with both of them, the doctors said that you're responsible for saving both their lives."


I ask, "If you would keep Thom here until the doctors check him I would appreciate it. I'm headed to the main building to see if I can help out. Liz Morgan's plane went down in the ocean off New York."


After he pauses to reflect on the bad news, Byron quickly returns to the moment and laughs, "I will do my best, but Thom pretty much does whatever he wants to do."


I threaten, "Tell him if he doesn't stay here until the doctors release him, I'll kick his ass again."


I hear Byron laughing as I head out the exit...


Present – Byron – MASH airplane - Washington DC


I should get over to the main building to see if I can help. Liz Morgan has been a constant help to us and if we lost her it would be a terrible loss. But Maria asked me (no more like ordered me) to keep an eye on Thom and I sure as hell don't want to incur her wrath.


Besides, things should be interesting when Thom wakes up.


The doctor that worked on Hammer walks in and I ask, "How's Hammer doing?"


He answers, "He should make it if there are no complications. I was looking for that young lady to thank her again."


I tell him, "She's gone to the main building. Liz Morgan's plane ditched in the ocean off New York. But since you're here, she asked if you would take a look at the work she did on Thom's leg."


He responds, "Sure but why's he unconscious?"


I laugh, "I guess he smart mouthed Maria and she decked him."


He laughs, starts looking at Thom's leg and says, "She's a hell of a medic! She did as good a job on his leg as I could have and now all I need to do is dress it. When did your team pick her up?"


I shake my head and explain, "She hasn't formally joined our team yet. I think she and Linus have some sort of relationship and she just sort of tagged along when we called him."


He says, "Well if you guys don't grab her, we sure as hell will. By the way, with Liz Morgan's plane going down, we'd better stay here just in case anyone needs medical care."


I answer, "Thanks, but I don't even know if there are any survivors."


The doctor checks Thom's face and laughs, "He's going to have one hell of a black eye. I think I'll get and ice bag for it."


I laugh and ask, "Well if it's not going to cause any medical problems, I'd just as soon let the black eye run its course. Thom has deserved a good ass kicking from a woman for a long time and this might be a good reminder to him not to annoy them."


The doctor laughs, "No, the ice bag isn't a medical necessity."


Thom starts to wake up…


Present – Thom – MASH airplane - Washington DC


Damn, I feel like my head was hit by a ton of bricks, what the hell happened? I open my eyes, see Byron grinning at me then I remember, that bitch landed a lucky punch when I wasn't expecting it and knocked me out. She's going to pay for that one.


I gripe, "Byron what are you grinning about, you look like the cat that swallowed the canary."


He laughs but doesn't really answer me, "Did you have a good nap Thom?"


I yell, "I don't know what's so funny. Maria was so rough when she worked on my leg, I passed out. How are you, Todd and Hammer doing?"


Byron answers, "Well, as you can see I'm in a cast for the next six weeks or so and then I will need rehab for a month or two. Both Todd and Hammer are out of surgery and unless there are complications they should be fine. By the way, both doctors said Maria is responsible for saving their lives."


I ignore the comment about the bitch and say, "Now help me up so we can head to the main building and see if they've found Liz yet."


He helps me up and says, "You must have hit your face when you passed out because you have a hell of a black eye."


I stop, look in the mirror and see he's right. Yep she's going to pay for what she did to me, but I'm going to have to be as sneaky about my retribution as she was about landing the punch that knocked me out.


We hobble towards the main building and Byron asks, "So is Maria joining the team?"


I almost say hell no! But then I get a great idea and say, "You know we could use someone to bring us our coffee, cook for us and clean up after us."


Byron shakes his head and begins, "Thom…"


Present – Jens – Private Airport – Washington D.C.


Jack, Masha and I step over to the side and Jack says, "Jens, I think it's time you know the whole story behind the twins. I've been trying to meet with you and tell you for days, but you've either been gone or crazy or both."


I say, "Listen Jack, I'm tired of you scolding me! You're not my dad so cut it out and just tell me what you need to say."


He amazes me when he starts, "Jens I know Mira from years ago when Banzai and I were at a spy school."


I think for a moment, suddenly realize something and burst out, "Shit Jack! Don't tell me she's the young bitch that was trying to rape Ben the whole time you guys were there! I knew I should have shot her ass when I had the chance!"


Masha interrupts me, "Jennifer that would not have been a wise course of action. Her twin sister Ira would have hunted you down and made you suffer an extremely unpleasant death."


Jack asks, "Masha how do you know Mira and Ira."


She smiles at us and says, "Those twins are legends in all of the Eastern European countries. Everyone respects and avoids them whenever possible."


I question him again, "Jack is Mira that bitch that tried to rape my Ben?"


I watched as he swallowed and said, "Jens, yes she is, but it's a bit worse than that. She actually fell in love with Ben."


I start getting upset then Jack continues, "But Jens, even though she tried every trick in the book and even created a few of her own, she and Ben never did it."


That seems strange to me so I demand, "Jack are you sure about this? Why didn't he?"


Jack answers, "You know the spy school was right after Anna and I broke up and… well Anna had a long talk with Banzai about women and he acted differently after that."


I remembered my Ben did act differently right about that time and I always wondered what happened. Someday I need to find Anna and see what the heck she said to Ben - and probably thank the heck out of her.


I ask, "Do you think Mira is still in love with my Ben?"


Masha again interrupts, "Jennifer I do not think it will make any difference. She has a new brother to take care of and her sister is dead. Her thoughts will not be on Ben."


I respond, "Well, I'll kick her ass if she tries to take Ben away from me. I already have problems enough with that Stacy Summers bitch."


Jack brilliantly says, "Hey Jens that gives me an idea. Why don't we join forces with her parents…"


Present – Masha – Private Airport – Washington D.C.


I almost made a tactical error in my conversations with Jennifer and my husband. And as Jack would say, I almost released the korska (cat) out of the bag. I have taken great pains so that no one knows that I worked for the Tajik government with the twins. I must be more careful in my following conversations…


Present – Maria – Private Airport – Washington D.C.


I hump my ass to the main building, open the door and can see everyone's here including Linus. I sidle up close to him and he smiles at me. Jens sees us, smiles and says, "Maria, I need to talk to you in private!"


She grabs my arm and we head off to the corner. She grins at me and asks, "Okay Maria I want to know everything."


And I gladly tell her everything! Most men don't realize that women tell their best friends everything right down to the sizes. Yes, there are no secrets between members of the sisterhood.


When I'm done, she grins widely and says, "You're the dog. I hope he's just not a fling and that you plan on keeping him."


I smile and promise, "Jens, he's the best damn man I've met in a long time and I'll do almost anything in the world short of a three-way to keep him! I don’t do three-ways because I don't share my man with anyone."


She laughs and replies, "That's the same way I feel about Ben. By the way, I had a dream about him marrying that Stacy Summers bitch he's traveling with."


I can see she's upset so I ask, "What the hell did you do about it?"


She giggles, "I killed him at the altar and then got in a huge fight with the skanky little bitch."


I question, "Jen's you wouldn't really do that would you?"


She pauses for a bit and then replies, "Maria, I'm not really sure what I would do if that happened."


I respond, "Well then we just need to find him before that happens."


I worry about my Princess Boss. Then a suit comes in the room and announces, "Everyone please gather. We have some information on Elizabeth Morgan's flight."


We all rush to hear the news…