Chapter 20

Walker Chapter 20

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Ben – End of mission – day eight spook school


For once I really was glad to be heading back to the school but not because of the school. It was because soon I would be with Mira. We climbed in the chopper for the short ride back. Jack looked at me and asked, "Banzai, what's on your mind?"


I looked at him, and knew I couldn't tell him so I requested, "Jack, not right now." We rode the rest of the way in silence.


I was shocked when the chopper touched down because Mira wasn't there to greet me. I headed towards my room and said, "See you in the morning Jack."


I walked to our room, opened the door and there she was. Mira saw me, walked towards me and asked, "L.Cpl. Blaine you have been indisposed all day and you are very late arriving back to my room. Now come inside because there are things which we must discuss."


As she turned away from me, I ran up behind her and put her in a guillotine choke hold. She fought like a wild woman for a few seconds before she passed out. But the problem was, now that I caught her, what to do with her?


I kept hold of her, looked around the room and finally figured it out: The desk chair. Like everything else in this school, the desk chair was old, but in this case that was a good thing since it was metal and built like the proverbial Sherman tank.


I pulled the chair out with my foot, sat her in the chair and made sure she was still unconscious. Then I pulled a bunch of tie wraps from my pack and secured her arms and legs to the chair in multiple places. I then gagged the hell out of her.


Flashback – Mira – Late afternoon day eight


I was terrifically troubled! My sister Ira would still not answer her phone. I think she was being a petulant child to make me maximally miffed. The school impeded my resources and I could not receive adequate information on Bimini. However there were tragic news reports about the island losing all electrical power and descending into a state of anarchy. If the malodorous Major ordered my boyfriend there and if my boyfriend becomes damaged, I will acquire retribution for all my hostilities on him utilizing very slow and extremely agonizing methods. As I cogitated further about which methods I would employ, there was a knock on my door. Without thinking I threw open the door and what in Hades! They had the advantage of surprise so the battle did not last long. I awoke in a dimly lit room and was tied to the desk chair with many tie wraps and my mouth was gagged. I was more than maximally miffed, I was astonishingly angry!


Flashback – Ben – Night eight spook school


I called Dave and Buster, the two new guys who replaced Tom and Howard and told them where I was and what I needed done. I guess they'd been well briefed by Tom and Howard because Buster said, "Damn didn't you just move into that room?"


I answered, "Yeah I did, but things changed while we were on the mission."


I checked the room to make sure there were no other surprises for me, sat on the bed and waited for sleeping beauty to wake up…


It didn't take long. She woke up, figured out what had happened and yanked at the restraints on her arms and legs. I looked at her and cautioned, "Ira, you're going to hurt yourself so stop fighting."


Yeah, it wasn't Mira that was in our room, it was her twin sister Ira. That explained why Mira wasn't there to meet me when the chopper landed, but it didn't explain why Ira was here and more importantly the question of where Mira was…


Flashback – Mira – Night eight spook school


Even through my gag, I smiled smugly at Kai. During his and Ira's coup I had vigorously vented my wrath upon him and now his face was blemished - marked by my multiple hits. I cogitated regarding the current circumstances: Ira discovered the deception about my emotional bond with my boyfriend and she decided to rectify the situation disregarding my wishes or assistance. I reflected upon her behavior and was troubled about what Ira had planned for my boyfriend. She could be maximally aggressive upon occasion and I didn't want my boyfriend permanently damaged.


I continued fighting my restraints and producing noise. Kai said, "Mira, do not struggle or you will damage yourself and do not continue to make noise." But I maintained hope…


Flashback – Ben – Night eight spook school


The guys cleared all my gear out of Mira's room while Ira glared daggers at us. Dave looked at her and said, "Damn! As pissed as she is at you, it's a good thing you're clearing out of the room, because I'd say you've got a tiger by the tail."


Yeah they were right, from the little I'd gleaned from Mira about her sister, I was in deep shit! But if she'd hurt Mira then she was in even deeper shit!


I walked over to her and even tied to the chair she tried to lunge at me. I said, "Ira, I'd hoped to meet you someday on friendlier terms. I'm going to take the gag out of your mouth and I want to know what the hell you did to Mira."


I took the gag out and she yelled, "L.Cpl. Blaine go train a cactus! You have not become aware yet that you are a demised man!" I didn't think it would work, but I figured it was worth a try. She fought like crazy and even bit me as I put the gag back in her mouth.


She glared at me. I glared back and stated, "Ira, I will find Mira and then we will decide what we're going to do with you."


She fought as I dragged her chair over to the bed. Then I pulled some rope out of my pack and tied the chair to the bunk bed in such a way that Ira couldn't tip the chair over. After what I'd done to Ira, if she escaped I knew it would be lethal for me. The only one who could handle her now would be Mira.


Ira watched as I made a big show out of preparing my rifle and pistol. I looked at her and said, "If anyone gives me any crap when I find Mira or if she's been hurt, they're dead, and that goes double for you…"


Flashback – Ira – Night eight spook school


I was reflexively relieved when L.Cpl. Blaine departed Mira's room. I was agonizingly angry, not just with him but more at myself. I had not heeded my sister Mira's verbiage concerning L.Cpl. Blaine's skills. I assumed her love of puppy towards him had clouded her ability to adequately analyze his danger plateau. Somehow he successfully ascertained my identity and assaulted my corporeal self.


However, I perceived rapidly at how, even though he did not know me, he had taken precautions when he bound me with the nylon restraints. He used very wide wraps and even placed padding between the restraints and my flesh so I would not injure my corporeal self – I was shamed because I had not afforded my sister Mira the same comforts. A few tears escaped my ocular units…


Flashback – Ben – Night eight spook school


I wasn't sure where they took Mira but I had an idea. While I didn't know Ira, I knew Mira and Mira was one of the most logical women I knew. Her sister Ira would probably have similar traits. They needed someplace nearby to stash Mira, because they couldn't risk being seen taking her. I thought and decided it must be Mira's old room, the one the blood bomb destroyed. I was quite sure it was Maria that sent the blood bomb, but I was the one that paid the janitor a hell of a lot of money to clean the room and to keep the Commandant and Mr. Smith from knowing about it.


I was surprised because the room was empty. So I thought some more: What would Mira do? Oh Shit no! I know exactly where Mira is. Ira hid her right under my nose and also rubbed my nose in it! I ran down the hallway, slowed as I approached the room and tested the door. It was locked however I did hear someone making noise. Was it Mira? Was she making noise because she heard me at the door?


I knew I had the right room when I heard Kai as he cautioned, "Mira, do not struggle or you will damage yourself and do not continue to make noise."


Yes that was my girl Mira! She was making noise to mask my attack. My best guess was only Ira and Kai came to the school because more people would have caused a commotion. But that was their mistake because I could take Kai in a fight any day of the week. Mira kept making a hell of a racket. I set down my rifle, took out my key, opened the door and flew into the room. Kai made a huge tactical mistake since had his back toward the door. I took him out with a smashing blow to the back of his head…


Flashback – Mira – Night eight spook school


I was so possessively proud! My wonderful boyfriend somehow evaded my sister's sinister trap, ascertained I was being held hostage in Sgt. Reynolds' room (the Sgt. was restrained and still unconscious from Kai's blow) and had successfully and decisively defeated Kai. He was my glorious shining knight and I smiled radiantly at him.


He came up to me and inquired, "Mira are you okay?"


Silly man he forgot to take out my gag! I made some noise, he removed the gag and I answered, "My boyfriend! I was so overly concerned about you. How did you know…"


He interrupted me, "Dammit! Look at your arms! They're a mess from the tie wraps. I think I'm going to go back and beat your sister for what she did to you!"


I replied as he started to cut the ties, "My boyfriend, I am fine now that you have rescued me but please do not vent your anger upon my sister." He totally freed me and I continued, "I have many unanswered questions for you, but first I must reward you…"


Flashback – Jack – Night eight spook school


What the hell! The last thing I remembered was walking through the door and then someone clobbered the hell out of me! Now I'm tied up and gagged on my bed and hear something that sounds like a cow in heat. I roll over and Mira is attacking the hell out of Banzai – no it looks more like they're about ready to! Not the hell on the floor of my room they aren't! I started making a hell of a lot of noise of my own.


Mira sat up and said…


Flashback – Mira – Night eight spook school


For once my boyfriend was not only responding to my amorous advances, he enthusiastically enabled me! I might finally get…


Oh no, Sgt. Reynolds awakened! I rose and bitterly complained, "Stinky Sgt. Reynolds! You have the most inopportune timing in the galaxy!"


My boyfriend jumped up, rudely dumped me on the floor and inquired, "Jack, how the hell are you?"


Sgt. Reynolds attempted to tell him but once again my distracted boyfriend forgot about the gag. He walked over to him, removed his gag and Sgt. Reynolds complained, "What the hell's going on here? Mira did you knock me out?"


I responded indignantly, "I most certainly did not! I was captured by my sister and Kai and he is the one who rendered you unconscious."


Sgt. Reynolds demanded, "Let me go so I can kick his ass!"


My boyfriend laughed, "Jack, I kicked his and Ira's asses so hard they need a case of hemorrhoid cream just to sit down again."


That reminded me of my sister! Just as Sgt. Reynolds felt he needed to apply extreme force to Kai's derriere, I need to apply my lower appendage to Ira's posterior orifice! I queried, "Boyfriend, just what did you do to my sister and where is she?"


He grinned, "I put her in a guillotine choke hold and left her gagged and tied up in your room. Her position appears very similar to how she and Kai tied you to the chair."


As I was tremendously curious, I sidled up to my boyfriend and asked, "We are identical twins. How did you ascertain it was Ira and not myself?"


He grinned at me and explained, "Mira you two are not identical twins, but you are mirror image twins. She's right handed and you're left handed, your faces aren't exactly the same and she doesn't smell like you do."


I was shocked he correctly perceived our diminutive differences but also pretended to be slightly offended and demanded, "Are you informing me I smell undesirable?"


He laughed in response, "No Mira I love the way you smell…"


We were not able to finish because Sgt. Reynolds again interrupted, "If you two are through playing patty cake, how about cutting me loose so I can kick Kai's butt some more."


My boyfriend started to remove Sgt. Reynolds restraints and I said, "I must go and tend to my sister. I will see you in our room later my boyfriend." Then I gave him a very promise filled kiss and departed the room…


Flashback – Jack – Night eight spook school


Banzai cut me loose, Mira left the room and I said, "Damn! She bought that lie of yours."


He looked at me and said, "Jack, if you're smart, you'll get the hell out of Dodge with me. I've never seen a woman looked more pissed off than Ira. When Mira finally lets her go, she's going to be out for blood."


I answered, "Banzai you should know that hell hath no fury like that of a woman! Not only is Ira going to be pissed off at you, Mira's going to be pissed off that you've left her room again. Shit I'm not hanging around and taking their wrath. Let's get Kai tied up and figure out someplace to hide out."


We start restraining Kai and Banzai answered, "Jack, I already have a great hideout for me and I know you're welcome for at least tonight. But if you know what the hell is good for you, you will never tell Mira where I'm staying. Now grab some gear and let's get the hell out of here."


Flashback – Mira – Night eight spook school


I take my time heading to our room. My wonderful boyfriend served my sister a sweet, very cold platter of revenge and I was going to gloriously gloat at her discomfort. Then I will make her promise to never again interfere with my relationship with my boyfriend. Oh I know she came here to 'rescue me' from what she incorrectly perceived to be a fate worse than demise. Now I would need to rescue her from my wonderful boyfriend. She would be most embarrassed and distressed that a mere male deciphered her deception and then easily neutralized her.


I walked into our room, and immediately noticed she was restrained to the chair and the chair secured to the bed. I paced in front of her and teased, in our own special language, "Ah ha! Ah ah ha! I perceive my sister did not heed my warnings about L.Cpl. Blaine's skills and it seems to me she has been captured. I wonder how it must feel to be thusly restrained. Wait, did not my own sister perform the same restraining exercise upon me? – No wait, she did not exercise the same care for me as the L.Cpl. exhibited for her."


I showed her the many welts on my arms from her tie wraps and continued, "Yes it seems that my L.Cpl. cares more for my own sister than she cares for me…"


Flashback – Ira – Night eight spook school


I was truly ashamed! Not just for being so easily captured by Mira's L.Cpl. Blaine, but also for not exercising the same care for her as he performed for me. Yes Mira was right. I did make such a monstrous mistake that had her L.Cpl. decided to end my life, he easily could have. I was angrier at my failures than anything else. I did want a rematch with the L.Cpl. but I must also perceive how he could discern I was not Mira.


A few salty tears burnt my cheeks…


Flashback – Mira – Night eight spook school


Oh no! Perhaps I have exceeded the distance traveled! My sister Ira is crying and I did not mean to inflict such discomfiture. I quickly removed her gag and she plead, "Please forgive me my sister."


I hugged her and said, "Of course my sister, I am sorry I made you cry."


Ira said, Please loosen my bonds and then I will help you ascertain where your L.Cpl. is abiding this night."


I loosened her bonds (perceiving how she was not injured by them as I was – I must thank my boyfriend for being so caring) and queried, "Ira I do not comprehend what you are verbalizing."


She answered, "My sister, did you not notice your L.Cpl.'s equipment was removed from the room?"


I frantically surveyed the room and determined Ira was correct! I was so busy concentrating on my sister, I failed to notice my boyfriend's gear had once again disappeared from our room. I asked, "Ira, what information do you have on this."


She replied, "Mira, two other men removed all his gear and they both slightly teased me about my predicament."


I asked, "My sister do you have any information as to where they relocated the gear."


Ira answered, "No my sister, however I will assist you in searching for him and his gear. I would suggest we interrogate Sgt. Reynolds first."


I kissed my sister on the cheek and answered, "Ira that is an excellent idea. I just left the two of them in the Sgt.'s room. The Sgt. wanted to abuse Kai for his part in this failed kidnapping."


We ran down to Stinky Sgt. Reynolds room but found it was unoccupied except for Kai. But once again my boyfriend had left me one of his damned notes!


I read it and dropped it to the floor…


Flashback – Jack – Night eight


Banzai was right! Mira was hard enough to handle, but the thought of Mira and a twin sister Ira was too much to bear. So I grabbed my small go bag, we jumped in the car and left the school. I asked, "Okay, where are we going?"


Banzai answered, "Jack, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. So just be glad we're away from the school."


I questioned, "But won't we have to face Mira and Ira tomorrow?"


He replied, "Jack, I can't see how Ira can stay around. It would be too hard to explain why there are 'two Miras at the school."


I remembered all the ass kickings I got from Mira and continued, "Okay then what about Mira. Won't she be pissed about things?"


He simply stated, "Jack, I can handle Mira."


I shut my mouth and decided, "Okay if you think you can handle her, go for it."


Flashback – Charlie – Night eight


I was certainly glad I didn't answer the door in my teddy (or even less) because this time Ben had company with him – Jack tagged along.


I was probably too crabby when I demanded, "Ben, what's he doing here?"


He gave me that sad, lonely, puppy dog look which melted my heart and answered, "Charlie, all hell broke loose at the school and it isn't safe for Jack to stay by himself tonight. So I told him he could stay here tonight. But don't worry, he can have the guest bedroom and I will sleep on the couch."


I really wanted Ben to sleep with me, but I knew that wasn't going to happen tonight. I responded, "Well Ben your friends explained to me the situation and have already delivered all your gear, it's in the extra bedroom. I understand why Jack needs to stay here and he's welcome but just for tonight."


Jack answered, "Thanks Charlie, I owe you one."


I turned, walked towards my bedroom, tried to hide my anger and said, "Well, I need all the beauty sleep I can get. Ben, you know where everything is, I'm going to sleep…"


Flashback – Jack – Night eight


I headed to the bar, grabbed the bottle of bourbon and stated, "I don't know about you, but after today I could use a drink."


Banzai replied, "Yeah I'd take one and a half fingers, but we need to make sure we put the bourbon back and use coasters. Charlie doesn't like it if we leave rings on her furniture."


I poured our drinks and thought, yeah no women like that. I asked, "Well let's see my room for the night."


Banzai led me into the second bedroom: It was a fucking mess and was in the middle of a huge remodel. I said, "I sure as hell don't know what went on in here, but it sure looks like I can't sleep here."


Banzai poked around some and then said, "Jack, I think Charlie had a blood bomb go off in here just like in Mira's room. You can take the couch for the night and I will sleep on the floor."


We finished our drinks and hit the sack exhausted. I was having a great dream about… what the fuck!