Chapter 23

Walker Chapter 23

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Flashback – Ben – Charlie's apartment – early morning day nine


A commotion in the living room woke me and it was all I could do to keep from laughing. Charlie must have snuck out of her bedroom to visit 'me' on the couch - just like I knew she would. But I wasn't on the couch and now she and Jack were getting better acquainted…


Flashback – Jack – Charlie's apartment – early morning day nine


I was tired as hell, fell right to sleep and had a great dream about Mira. When I was rudely awakened by – shit maybe my dream was for real because someone was touching me in a very personal manner. I opened my eyes and foggily announced, "Mira, I knew sooner or later you'd be back for more."


Charlie (what the fuck – oh shit now I remembered I'm in her apartment with Banzai) yelled, "Jack, what the hell are you doing on the couch!"


I laughed, "It's more like I should ask you what your hands are doing?" Then I relearned an important lesson: Don't smart mouth a woman who has your family jewels in her hands.


After inflicting injury on me (and it wasn't even my fault this time) she stormed back to her bedroom! I swore I heard Banzai laughing from the floor of the second bedroom…


Flashback – Ira – Early morning day nine spook school


I must assist my sister in her search for her L.Cpl. Blaine! My ineptitude caused his untimely departure from her domicile. We hastened to Sgt. Reynolds room to interrogate him but L.Cpl. Blaine and Sgt. Reynolds had departed and we encountered only Kai who was restrained to the chair.


Mira discovered a note. Her face became ghastly white and her hands quivered as she opened and comprehended the note. She sharply inhaled, released the note from her hands and as it fluttered to the floor she slumped and released a heart-wrenching wail!


I queried, "Mira, what is the problem."


She refused to answer me, assumed a fetal position and continued to weep. I dropped to the floor beside her, unsuccessfully attempted to comfort her, acquired the note and read:



Your sister Ira's arrival here and the actions she's taken have shown me that without meaning to, I have come between you and your sister. Being an only child, I always wished for a brother or a sister to share my life, and I can only imagine how much stronger that bond is because you two are twins.


I will not allow myself to continue to separate you and your sister. So I have moved out of your room and found another place to live until the school is over in a few more days. When those days are gone, we will both leave the school and life will return to normal between you and your sister.


I'm sorry Mira that I must break up with you; I will miss you and will always look fondly on both the good and trying times we shared together.




Flashback – Mira – Early morning day nine spook school


The… the… the dreaded note to complete all dreaded notes! My… my… my boyfriend had terminated our love, thereby inflicting a pain worse than death! And, we never even…


Oh cruel, cruel fate! To arrange such a circumstance whereby his honor required him to sacrifice his recently energetically emerging emotions toward me (a faint trace of his sweet last kiss lingered on my quivering lips) to preserve the sanctity of our sisterly bond! Fate, I hate thee and curse the day you were conceived!


There is no joy left in life, there is no reason remaining to live. Cruel fate, who rived my heart from my chest, terminate my life also!


Flashback – Ira – Early morning day nine spook school


This… this… this was a most inopportune and impertinent manner in which to terminate the relationship with my sister! I was astonishingly, amazingly, acrimoniously angered! I leapt up, slapped Kai awake, proceeded to extricate him from his restraints and ordered, "Kai, we must immediately find and terminate L.Cpl. Blaine! He has grievously and gravely insulted my sister and must pay for his impertinence with his worthless life!!!"


Many hours later…


Flashback – Major M – Early evening day nine spook school


I was just getting ready to head to the spy school for a meeting with Sgt. Reynolds and L.Cpl. Blaine to debrief them about yesterday's mission when my phone rang. I picked it up and Sgt. Reynolds said, "Major M, we have an issue." I thought, not again - what the hell has happened now.


I controlled my anger and questioned, "Sgt. Reynolds what seems to be the problem?"


He answered, "Sir, I don't know how to put this, but we've lost Banzai."


I shook my head, wondered and then asked, "Sgt. I think you need to explain yourself better."


Sgt. Reynolds explained, "Well Sir, Banzai and I showed up at the school together this morning. Then we were separated for today's training. Neither myself nor Mira have seen him since and to be truthful we're worried something has happened to him."


I attempted to clarify, "Are you sure the L.Cpl. hasn't gone AWOL?"


Sgt. Reynolds countered, "AWOL? Oh no Sir, we all had plans to meet for lunch and then for dinner and he's missed both meetings. I know Banzai and he would never miss occasions like this."


Ms. Sedankina (she must have taken the phone from Sgt. Reynolds) yelled in an extreme state of agitation, "Mike do not grow a bush around the beet (it took me a moment to decipher she meant beat around the bush)! L.Cpl. Blaine has not Left With Out Absence - someone has absconded with his cute corporal derriere."


I heard a huge fight and then Sgt. Reynolds was back on the phone, "Sorry about that Sir. Mira grabbed the phone away from me. Not to tell you what to do, but if you don't get here soon, I'm concerned Mira is so upset she's going to make this an international incident."


I questioned, "Can't you stop her Sgt."


He replied, "Sir I'm doing my best but by the time I caught up to her, she'd already beaten half the instructors in this piece of shit school senseless trying to find Banzai. Now she has her sights set on the Commandant…"


I heard Ms. Sedankina yell in the background, "Stinky Sgt. Reynolds, remove your malodorous ministrations from my corporal body. My lower bipedal extremity has an appointment with the Commandant's posterior orifice."


Shit! Once again more went on here than I had been told. I gave Sgt. Reynolds an order, he replied, "Sir, are you certain you want me to do this? You do know what's going to happen if I do as ordered."


I commanded, "Sgt. do as I ordered and I'll be right there." Dammit! What the hell had gone on!


Many hours earlier…


Flashback – Mira – Morning day nine spook school


I anxiously awaited the arrival of my absent boyfriend. After I comprehended the note and collapsed and then Ira threatened the demise of my L.Cpl., I leapt into action! Ira and I had a not so compassionate or gentle discussion last night about the situation and she now understood a fact which my L.Cpl. might not comprehend – yet! He was my boyfriend until I adjudicated differently!


The culmination of our not so little sisterly altercation was when I forced both her and Kai to ingest tracking devices before they departed the school. I did not trust they would not still attempt in some manner to return and damage my L.Cpl. Being forearmed is being warned four times. Now they were headed back to the Hades they groveled from in markedly different condition than when they arrived. No one, not even my loving and naïve sister could muddle with my boyfriend without suffering Mira's wrath!


I was succinctly and scintillatingly smug as I awaited my swain's arrival at school for two reasons: First I had for once defeated my sister in combat because I was properly motivated; and second now it would be my swain's turn to become equally enlightened – ending his endless irascible, irrational, irritating notes!


Flashback – Ira – Flight back to…


My cranial unit was assaulted in amazing anguish, terrific turmoil and prodigious pride! Anguish from the multiple marks upon my corporal self, inflicted by a massively motivated Mira. My only solace was Kai appeared to be utilized worse than me. In turmoil over the fact that I no longer had sole possession of my sister's love – I was now forced to share it with her L.Cpl. This was a circumstance which she forced me to tolerate for the present time. And pride because at endless last, Mira found the proper motivation by which to defeat even me.


I metaphorically applied my taste bud repository to the aforementioned wounds and cogitated on the many mistakes which precipitated my predicament - pondering to perceive the perfect resolution to an irresolute position.


Mistake one – I postulated, was allowing Mira to undertake this mission. I had not recognized her emotionally endangered state when she left – her endangerment due to the demise anniversary of our parents.


Mistake two – I failed to immediately recognize the obvious signs (partially due to Mira's cunningly extreme deception) of her impending emotional entanglement with the L.Cpl.


Mistake three – I assumed her reports about the aforementioned L.Cpl.'s skills were greatly exaggerated. He was a man who mastered motivation and applied such motivation masterfully.


Mistake four – was my failed attempt at a full frontal assault to terminate the terrible circumstances which troubled Mira. In hindsight and in the future such attempts needed to be wrapped in the invisibility cloak of intrigue and deception.


Now to devise a delicate demise for this deleterious debacle…


Flashback – Jack – Morning day nine driving to the spook school


Banzai grinned like the fucking Joker in a Batman movie at me and teased, "I thought I heard some funny noises from the couch last night? Did you and Charlie have a liaison?"


I griped, "You sure as hell know we didn't you smug SOB. You knew that was going to happen."


He laughed, "Jack I knew Charlie was going to come out for a visit and I hoped you'd pull out some of that famous charm of yours and work the pants off her. To be truthful I'm not comfortable having a real relationship with her or anyone else right now. So what the hell went wrong, because she's a woman so she is your type?"


I confessed in embarrassment, "I was having a dream about Mira and accidentally called her Mira when she woke me up."


Banzai laughed so hard, he almost lost control of the car and answered, "Jack, you need to get Mira the hell out of your mind. She's got a one track mind: She's tied me to that track and is trying to railroad me."


Now it was my turn so I teased, "Okay mister smarty pants, how do you plan on handling Mira, her sister Ira and Kai."


He grinned and smugly remarked, "Jack it's already taken care of. I left Mira a very logical note last night and I told her I was breaking up with her so I wouldn't interfere with the relationship she has with Ira. Ira coming here worked perfectly into my plan."


I looked at him and demanded, "Were you fucking born yesterday? There's no way in hell Mira's going to swallow that load of bull – no siree Bob! All you did was probably get Mira really pissed off – you should know better than to ever break up with a woman using a note. You either need to do in in person and take the pain that follows or take the coward's way and do it over the phone. Notes always lend themselves to misinterpretation."


I grinned as the smile disappeared from his face. Imagine, Banzai trying to teach me about women…


Flashback – Ben – Morning day nine driving to the spook school


Shit! Jack had me concerned that I possibly fucked up with Mira! What if he was right and I was wrong, what if I really did just get Mira pissed off at me. I remembered all the times she kicked Jack's and other's asses and hoped mine wouldn't be the next ass she kicked!


As we drove into the school parking lot, I saw Mira waiting for me and my concern grew as she saw the car and made a beeline toward us…She reached the side of the car, then smiled at me and I felt a little better but I wasn't sure I wanted to open the door…


She rapped on the window, I rolled it down slightly and Mira cooed, "My long lost boyfriend…" I couldn't hear the rest because Jack laughed like a fucking hyena…


I shushed Jack, tried to respond when Mira ordered, "Extricate your corporal self from the vehicle my errant boyfriend. There are items which I must make you cognizant of before classes commence." Once again Jack laughed his ass off… At least Mira didn't seem – well really pissed at me. I unlocked and opened the door, Mira latched onto my arm again like that damn leech and led me away. I felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter…


As we got to the side of the parking lot Mira turned toward me, smiled, handed a piece of paper to me and patiently explained, "My boyfriend, I believe you accidentally dropped this last night. It would be prudent not to leave such fallacies to be found otherwise I might receive the wrong perception."


I looked at the paper which was a crumpled mess. I opened it and verified it was my damn note from last night. I looked up, scanned Mira's eyes and then her slight grin. I just knew I had to choose my next words very carefully. I smiled and lied through my teeth, "Thank you Mira, you are correct. It must have slipped out of my pocket."


She hugged me, gave me a hell of a kiss and Jack again laughed like crazy…


Flashback – Jack – Morning day nine - spook school


Damn! This wasn't quite enough fun. Somehow Banzai avoided the ass kicking from Mira (which he deserved) and it still appeared, at least in Mira's eyes (and the woman's eyes are all that really counted in a situation like this) that she and Banzai were still a couple. Wisely, Banzai didn't say anything stupid (I guess he'd finally listened to some of my teaching) and Mira was all grins as she dragged him back towards me by his arm.


She beamed when she said, "Glorious morning Sgt. Reynolds. What did you find so comical already today?"


Now I needed to save my bacon so I lied like hell, "Mira that was laughter of joy seeing you two together." She grinned at me and Banzai looked like he was going to shit his pants.


We were just getting ready for PT when a student ran by and said, "I guess you guys didn't hear -they want everyone in the main building ASAP."


I looked at the half-happy couple and remarked, "I wonder what the hell's going on now. I guess we'd better head to the main building." And for once those two didn't get a chance to run my poor ass off…


Many hours later…


Flashback – Jack – Early evening day nine spook school


I just finished my conversation with the Major while fighting to hold on to Mira. At the same time I announced, "Mira, Major M is coming and he has ordered me to do something."


She stopped fighting me and asked, "Sgt. Reynolds, inform me of your conversation and especially of Mike's request."


I motioned her close to me, I did as Major M ordered then all hell broke loose…


Flashback – Major M – Early evening day nine spook school


I drove like a maniac to get to the school, arrived and saw Sgt. Reynolds had followed orders and had suffered for it. I had ordered him to handcuff himself to Ms. Sedankina so she couldn't go more berserk than she already had. It wasn't meant to totally stop her; it was simply a delay tactic until I could arrive at the damn school and take control of things. I calculated that in Ms. Sedankina's agitated state, she would be distracted and forget she could pick the handcuff locks - and I was right. But Sgt. Reynolds paid a huge price: It looked like he was unconscious on the ground – the scene was comical as hell.


I stopped the car, jumped out and ran over to Ms. Sedankina while still laughing. She saw and heard me and complained, "Mike! This is not a comedy! Sgt. Reynolds assaulted my corporal self by attaching himself to me. I demand that you reprimand him to the full extent possible."


I grinned at her and replied, "Sorry Ms. Sedankina, I cannot do that. He was just following my orders."


In hindsight, that might not have been the wisest thing to say. Ms. Sedankina lunged at me, dragging Sgt. Reynolds behind her and nailed me pretty good on the side of my face. I jumped further away and she yelled, "Mike, when I extricate myself I will graft gnarls on your cranial globosity."


It was time to defuse the situation so the Sgt., and more importantly I, didn't get further injured. I answered, "Ms. Sedankina if you calm down and stop wasting your energy, we can all begin to look for L.Cpl. Blaine. Believe me! I want to find him almost as badly as you do!"


While I watched her, she seemed to calm some and stated, "I do not believe you have the same motivation for finding him which I have. However, if we work together as a team it would be advisable. Now release my appendage from Sgt. Reynolds."


I looked at her with my best poker face and asked, "Don't tell me you don't have a handcuff key or can't pick that lock."


My assumptions were again correct and that comment took all the fire out of her. She fumbled in her pocket, took out a key and removed the handcuff from her wrist and then kicked Sgt. Reynolds one last time and shouted, "If you ever do that to me again I will remove your upper phalangeal unit to extricate myself."


She turned towards me and continued, "Now Mike how will we locate my L.Cpl.!"


I probed, "Just what was the training schedule for today?"


When she told me and I got really pissed off since I now had a good idea what happened. I ordered, "Ms. Sedankina to try to revive the Sgt., while I make some phone calls. I will get to the bottom of this."


Flashback – Ben – Early evening day nine - somewhere


Son-of-a-bitch! Not again! The bastards lowered me into the ice bath one more time.


This day had been one FUBARed mess! Even as good as I am, I didn't see this coming. When they separated us at the beginning of the day for torture techniques and training I was placed in a room by myself and they must have gassed me, because I woke up in shackles while the bastards-fucking-going-to-be-dead-soon laughed at me.


Then the torture started. Only they weren't interested in seeing if they could break me, they were interested in retribution for all the shit I'd handed out at the school. The whole fucking time the bastards laughed at me! They were going to pay for this one way or another!


It started with the water boarding. And that told me who the fuck I was dealing with because it's one of this agency's favorite 'interrogation' techniques. But I guess I resisted too well because they stopped after an hour or so and moved on…


Yeah they moved on to little sparky – their version of a non-lethal electric chair which if you had a bad heart wasn't entirely non-lethal. I bit the hell out of the bastard that put the gag in my mouth so he beat the hell out of me for it, but I think I drew more blood than he did. But he was good at running the current just right so I wouldn't pass out from the pain. Then he would crank it up and down and up and down till my body jumped like I had a seizure…


I fought like hell until hard Ben finally showed up. While the shackles were too strong for him to break (just as when I was a boy) he took the punishment so I didn't have to bear it. He even inflicted some of his own retribution. Yeah when the bastard released us from little sparky – hard Ben kicked him in the crotch so hard he passed out and shit himself. It might not have been the best thing to do, because that really pissed everyone off and then they started to hammer on me…


Finally they became out of control bastards and while the briefing at the school stated they weren't allowed to inflict any marks on the people tortured, they threw that out the window and they took turns beating me until they were worn out and I was a bloody fucking mess. They thought I was unconscious when they took me down from the hooks in the ceiling - that was a big mistake because hard Ben head butted the hell out of one of the bastards and knocked his ass out too!


So far the score was hard Ben two - fucking spook torture idiots zero.


Next was the famous standing torture, which doesn't sound that bad unless you've been forced to do it. The way it's supposed to work, is they strap your feet tightly to the floor so they can’t be moved. After an extended time your ankles swell and bruise and it gets really painful. However, they didn't count on the fact that I could alternate the muscle tension in each leg so it didn't really bother me and even gave me time to plan their upcoming deaths!


It must have been lunch, because they unstrapped me from the floor and while I tried to nail one of them this time, they'd gotten wise to my attempts and I didn't get in any good hits. They forced my hands behind my back, then connected my hands to a rope and pulled me up in the air. This was known as the Palestinian hanging. My arms, which had the hell beat out of them, fatigued fast and if hard Ben hadn’t shown up the bastards would have dislocated my shoulders or killed me from suffocation.


They made another huge mistake. They didn't have my wrists tied tightly enough, and I was able to flip over so I was just hanging by my arms.


I surprised the hell out of them when they came back into the room because hard Ben had us swinging and having a good time. The minute I heard the door start to open, I swung over and slammed into it as hard as I could with both feet. There was a satisfying crunch and screams from the hallway.


Hard Ben many – fucking torturers zero…


Then they took perverse pleasure as they tased me into unconsciousness…


I woke up, had been stripped and had sweat pouring out of my body. They'd put me in the hotbox. I'd just about get parboiled then they'd yank me out of the hotbox and dump me in the ice water bath.


You might not think that ice water is much of a torture, but when you're in there long enough, and when they alternate between ice water and the hotbox, your body screams out in intense pain! I felt my muscles begin to knot as I shivered uncontrollably while the bastards laughed – these fuckers were going to die!


I don't know how long it went on, but finally I…


Flashback – Major M – Early evening day nine spook school


I called all over hell and couldn't find the L.Cpl. Ms. Sedankina had awakened Sgt. Reynolds, came over with fire in her eyes and demanded, "Mike I have performed my portion of the agreement. Have you discovered the location of my L.Cpl. if you have not I will beat you with a millimeter of your corporal existence."


Damn, with that look on her face and threat from her mouth, I was going to be the next one unconscious. I just started to open my mouth and face her fury when…


Two shadows stepped out from the bushes and one of them announced, "Mira he doesn't know where Ben is but we do and we've been waiting for the Major so we can go and rescue him."


She spun, pulled her weapon, aimed it at them and at the same time demanded, "You and your compatriot are not the ones from before who assisted my L.Cpl. If you have knowledge of the coordinates of my L.Cpl. you will instantly inform me!"


I was impressed, because even as fast as Mira was, the two shadows had her covered with their weapons. A different voice announced, "Mira we are at a Mexican standoff. The longer we argue about things the more damage Ben is taking. We have been watching you but we had to wait for the Major because we need his authorization to enter the location where Ben is held."


Ms. Sedankina spun, grabbed me by the shoulders shook the hell out of me and further demanded, "Major Mike, authorize them! If my L.Cpl. has been damaged I need to rescue him posthaste!"


I knew better than to argue with her…


Flashback – Ben – Late night day nine – somewhere


Ohhhhh Damnnnn! I feel like shit! Where the hell am I? Shit, I'm hot as hell, am I still in the hotbox? No, I'm lying in some sort of bed with something hot and heavy as hell lying on top of me. I hear a voice in the hallway, "Paging Doctor Douglas Pepper, Doctor Pepper please come to the third floor nurse's station." I find that funny as hell, begin to laugh and then I realize the reality of the heavy thing on top of me…