Chapter 24

Walker Chapter 24

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Present – Linus – C130 somewhere in flight


Damn! I'm sure glad I'm not one of the doctors taking care of me! Maria has chewed their asses until they don't have any meat left. Shit, if Maria wasn't here I'd just slap a Band-Aid on my little flesh wound and get back to work.


I finally get Maria to mellow out and I suggest, "Thanks Maria for taking care of me. But, I still have work to do."


She gives me a dirty look but pleads, "Linus, you need to rest and heal."


I answer, "Maria, if we don't find someplace safe and defensible, we'll all be resting six feet under. Now let me go discuss everything with Jens."


She helps me up (even though I didn't need help) and walks with me to where Jens is talking to Matt and watching Masha. I state, "Jens sorry to interrupt, but since we were attacked at an airport on the outskirts of DC, I feel we need to find someplace safe which we can adequately defend."


I watch her think for a moment as she decides, "Linus I know the perfect place. Please keep an eye on Masha while I go and talk to the pilot. And Maria, I hate to take you away from Linus, but I need you to do some girl Friday stuff."


Maria looks at me and orders, "Linus, you take it easy or I'll hogtie you."


I know better than to mouth off to her, because then she just might make good on her threat. So I smile and answer, "Yes dear." But that still earns me a bit of a dirty look from her. She walks away with Jens and leaves me alone with Matt so I ask…


Present – Jens – C130 somewhere in flight


Maria and I need to have a little talk! As we walk together toward the flight deck, she starts to complain about being taken away from Linus. I stop her and say, "Listen Maria, unless you want to lose Linus you'd better listen to me."


She answers, "Jens what are you talking about?"


I softly reply, "Maria, I learned my lesson the very hard way with Ben. I was too smothering with him and it's probably cost me the only real love I will ever have. I don't want to see you do the same thing with Linus."


She gives me a shocked look and blurts out, "Don't tell me you've given up on marrying Ben!"


I grin at her and say, "Hell no! It's just that with what I found out from Mike, I need to regroup and reconsider my tactics."


We reach the flight deck and I ask Maria, "Wait for me while I talk to the pilot. Then I really do have some work for you."


I think, yeah I know the perfect place, safe defensible and impenetrable because I had it built that way. We're headed back to Ben's and my cabin but it won't be the homecoming I had dreamed of – oh well. I know the C130 can't land at Leadville's airport so we will have to…


Present – Maria – C130 somewhere in flight


What the…! My Princess Boss is acting crazier than she usually acts, but she did give me something to think about. I reflect on my actions with Linus and oh shit she's right! I've been smothering the hell out of Linus. It's just that I haven't had a real man in such a long time I've dedicated all my pent up energy on him.


Jens walks back and I ask, "So what do you think I should do about Linus?"


She explains, "First Maria, call Jack and tell him we're headed to the cabin in Leadville and to meet us at Denver International Airport - DIA. Then I need you to arrange for transportation for all of us from DIA to Ben's and my cabin in Leadville Colorado. Find out from the doctors on the C130 if the wounded we have can safely make the trip - if not then let's put them in the Swedish Medical center in Englewood." She hands me two numbers and says, "If they have to go to Swedish, call the top number, tell them who you are and that you work for me and that we need some friends protected." Then she finally says, "Call the second number on the card. Again tell them who you are and that you work for me and get them to pack our rooms at the extended stay hotel and truck everything out to Leadville. Tell them to call you when they arrive and we will arrange to get everything to the cabin."


I question, "Who are these guys?"


She answers, "The first group is ex black-op guys you don't want to mess with that owe me a couple of favors. The next is a moving company that Ben and I own part of. Now let me tell you my thoughts about Linus." When she whispers in my ear, I smile at her and say, "Jens that's brilliant! Are you going to do that with Ben?"


She grins and answers, "Well sort of but Ben's a special case, so he needs handled a bit differently and we still need to find him first before he marries that Stacy bitch."


I seriously question, "You don't really think he would marry her do you?"


She looks really sad and says, "Maria, with what Mike told me, right now Ben's liable to do anything. I can only hope that Stacy bitch makes…"


He phone beeps and interrupts her…


Present – Matt – C130 somewhere in flight


Linus asks me, "Matt, you've been married for a while so how do you handle it when your wife gets clingy as hell?"


I look at him and laugh, "Yeah I saw Maria with the doctors and they're still picking up pieces of their asses from the chewing she gave them. So how long have you and Maria been a couple?"


Linus looks around, moves closer to me and admits, "Matt that's just it. I'm not sure we are a couple. We just sort of hooked up after Jens' trial."


I laugh my ass off then answer, "Linus, there is no 'sort of just hooked up' when a woman is concerned, at least a woman that's not a skank or a hooker. So tell me how she was?"


He blushes and stammers, "Matt, I've never been with a woman like her…"


I interrupt to save him from more embarrassment, "Linus, let me tell you. Every man needs to have at least one Latina lover in his life. They are some of the most exciting and sensual women you will ever find."


He questions, "Then why aren't you married to one?"


I chuckle, "I almost was, then I met Molly and she had me roped and hog tied before I ever knew what hit me. Listen if Maria is all you say she is you'd be a fool to let her go. Latina women love to take care of their men and she's being overprotective right now. Be patient, give her time and it will get better."


He shakes his head, "There's nothing else I can do?"


I laugh and add, "Yeah you could be a fool and break up with her."


I hear a hell of a noise coming from the front of the C130, look at Linus and demand, "What the fuck is that?"


He answers, "I don't know, it sounds like someone's in trouble. Let's move it."


We jump up and head toward the front of the C130


Present – Byron and Thom – C130 somewhere in flight


Thom looks at me and asks, "What the hell is going on at the front of the plane."


I reply, "I sure as hell don't know! But it sounds like someone's in trouble so let's beat feet."


I grab my rifle just in case (yeah it's not locked and loaded, not on an airplane, but I'm sure as hell not going anywhere without her anymore) as Thom remarks, "I sure as hell hope we don't have any more issues, especially on this plane…"


Present – Jim and Megan – C130 somewhere in flight


I'm taking care of Megan. Thank God she's finally awakened but she's sick as hell. Despite how she feels, she apologizes to me, "Jim you're such a great guy. I'm sorry I'm such a mess right now."


I smile at her, squeeze her hand and say, "Megan you look beautiful to me."


Somehow she squeezes out a smile and says, "Well I'm sure not going drinking with Jens again - she drinks like a fish. And what are you trying to do being so nice, get into my pants?"


I grin and boldly ask, "Well, is it working?"


Megan smiles, gets ready to answer then there's a hell of a noise form the front of the plane. Matt and Linus run by and Matt commands, "Come on Jim, we need to see what the hell's going on."


I look at Megan, she winks at me and offers, "Go get ‘em tiger, I might answer you when you get back."


I take off after Matt and Linus and hope the answer will be yes…


Present – James – C130 somewhere in flight


I'm taking care of Hammer and Todd, they're both conscious and doing great for all they've been through.


There's a huge commotion close to us and Hammer asks, "Whit th' heel is aw 'at stooshie?"


Todd begins to sign, "It sounds like we are we under attack?"


I'm pissed as hell because they're being disturbed and they need their rest, so I say, "Don't worry, I don't know what it is but I'm going to go and find out."


Present – Maria – C130 somewhere in flight


My Princess Boss has gone moonbat-totally-in-fucking-sane! I see she's watching a video on her phone, turns really white and throws her phone against the side of the C130. It explodes into hundreds of pieces as Jens starts jumping up and down, yelling and cussing like a sailor…


I command, "Jens simmer down and tell me what's happened."


In reply, she screams, "That no good sorry skank!"


I question, "Who? Stacy?"


She yells, "Hell yes! That fricking little boney, skinny, skanky slut! Don't ever mention her name around me again!" She then descends again into incoherent ranting. I look around and everyone, even Linus, is here watching Jens' tantrum.


I walk close to Linus, but not too close and he asks, "What the hell is going on?"


I grin at him, shake my head and answer, "I don't have any idea. She was watching a video on her phone then went bat shit crazy!"


She starts throwing stuff around and Linus says, "Well, I'd better see what I can do, otherwise someone's going to get hurt."


I want to grab him and keep him safe from Jens, but before Jens became really crazy she made a hell of a lot of sense so I say, "Go do your job, I've got your six."


Present – Linus – C130 somewhere in flight


Women are a fucking mystery! No, not just Jens. I can understand that something has her all fired up and it must have something to do with Ben and Stacy. It's Maria! She's acting like – well just like we're friends. And I thought… Anyway, I need to take control of this situation before Jens hurts someone or herself.


I approach Jens, but not too closely and try to reason with her, "Jens I don't know what happened but your reaction isn't helping us find Ben."


She explodes some more, "I'll find that bastard and his skanky Stacy ho and blow them both to hell!"


Okay that didn't quite work like I had hoped - time for a new approach. I approach with a different question, "So, do I understand Ben did something with Stacy?"


Jens swears, "By now, probably hell yes! That skinny, skanky, ho!"


Shit! I'm not getting anywhere - all I'm doing is just upsetting her more. Then something even more surprising happens…


Masha walks up to Jens, puts her good arm on Jens shoulder and states, "Jennifer, so this Stacy girl performed some prank to anger you and you unwisely let her win. That is not like the Jennifer I know. Come tell me what it is and we will plot a revenge which will make her sorry for the day of her birth."


Jens stops throwing her fit, looks at Masha and agrees, "Masha, you're right. I let her piss me off and win! And I love the idea of getting revenge on her for the skanky trick she played. Come on Linus, I need your help and your computer."


Maria says, "Go on Linus, I'm going to clean up this mess and then I've got some work to do."


Shit we just get Jens under control and now Maria is acting weird. What the hell is going on? Are all the women hormonal at once?


Jens, Masha and I rush to the back of the plane and Jens says, "Thanks Masha for the revenge idea. Okay Linus, since I destroyed my phone, I need to borrow your laptop so I can get into my e-mail and show you what that ho sent me. I bet we can use it to locate her and Ben."


I log my laptop into a guest account and hand it to her. She looks at me, grins and teases, "So you aren't letting me into your real account?"


I grin back at her and reply, "No way in hell, not after the last time you screwed up my computer in Afghanistan."


Her fingers fly across the keyboard opening her e-mail account. She pulls up the e-mail and directs us to look at what this fucking, skinny, skanky, slut sent…


Present – Masha – C130 somewhere in flight


Jennifer, Linus and Matt had incorrectly assumed I was unconscious when I was using my superior skill in meditation to render the pain of my fractured clavicle insignificant and to contemplate on how to mitigate the damage the current situation had done to my once perfect life.


The damage done to my shoulder is insignificant compared to the threat of damage which looms over my marriage. My perfect husband Jack has begun, because of my recent ill-advised but necessary acts, to ask too many questions. I am actually thankful for the wound because now he will concentrate on my disability, taking care of me during my self-prolonged recovery and retrieving our wonderful boy Vanya. Yes wonderful Ivan might be the thread that holds our precarious marriage together – unless I can persuade Jack that I really married him for love.


I listen with much interest to Matt's advice to Linus almost breaking into laughter several times. Men are such children. Hum, that gives me an idea which might help with my current marital predicament.


My senses are immediately alert and I snap out of my meditative stupor when Jennifer begins her childish tantrum! I comprehend that not one of the persons on this plane has the intelligence God gave a гусь (goose in Russian) and know how to apply the correct motivation to Jennifer to end her tantrum.


So, I wearily walk to the front of the airplane and once again control the unending drama of Jennifer and Ben. If I did not owe such a debt to Ben for introducing me to Jack, I would shoot both of them and be done with it. But I have concluded that the two of them truly need each other to complete their happiness – I just pray to God their happiness doesn't totally fracture my own happiness.


Now we are to see the famous video that launched the tantrum, but first I must cloak what I am about to do in a little lie in order to alleviate any possible questions. I cunningly declare, "Jennifer and Linus, part of my job in Russia was to analyze people, videos and photos. Many people do not realize how much information is revealed, not by what is said or seen in a video or photo, but by what is in the background and also by the micro-facial expressions displayed by the subject. Jennifer, if it would not be a bother and if you would trust me not to snoop in your e-mail would you leave me undisturbed for about ten minutes so I might be able to totally focus upon this video."


Jennifer replies, "Sure Masha, there's nothing in my e-mail right now that you can't see. Come on Linus I think I need to go and apologize to everyone."


I smile and think that she most certainly needs to do that, however instead I say, "Thank you Jennifer. Please come back in ten minutes for my synopsis."


The first time I will actually just observe the video and then I will do the analysis. I launch the video, see Stacy and hear:


"Greetings, Jennifer the All Ameriskank! Yeah I'm sure you know who I am. It was soooooo much fun sending you off to Las Vegas to look for me and Ben. Tell me, how far did you get before you realized I sent you on a wild goose chase?"


She laughs at what she felt was her cleverness and the message then continues:


"And I'm sure by now even being the brainless blonde bimbo you are, you figured out I am really Stacy Summers. I'm sending this to tell you just how incredibly wonderful Ben is: He is the absolute best kisser and lover I have ever had."


Once again she pauses and laughs into the camera then finishes:


"So just go away and leave us the heck alone. Ben's chosen me because I'm younger, prettier and have more money than you. So go away and die you old broken down beotch!"


Then she flashes the bad finger to the camera and the video ends.


Very interesting! I see many things which require closer scrutiny…


Present – Jens and Linus – C130 somewhere in flight


I start heading up to the front of the plane to make amends for my fit and apologize to everyone. To be truthful, after talking with Masha I do feel embarrassed. I really let that Stacy bitch get under my skin. Masha was right, Stacy baited me and I fell for it - that's not going to happen again! I smile as I remember my dream of shooting her skanky butt in the church. Linus asks, "Jens what are you smiling about."


I sort of lie, "I was just thinking about some of the good times I've shared with Ben. I'm sure Stacy will never share those kind of times with him."


He continues, "So what do you think about Masha?"


I reply, "Well at least we now know what she did in Russia and it certainly helps to explain why she's the way she is. I'm really looking forward to seeing what sort of information she can pull from this video. I'd love to catch that skanky bitch and beat her ass." I get distracted when I visualize beating her ass so hard she can't sit for a month and then screwing Ben's brains out right in front of the bitch.


Linus nudges me and says, "Jens, did you hear me?"


I blush and ask, "Sorry, please repeat what you said."


He says, "I don't know, it still seems like there's more to Masha than I’ve discovered."


I laugh and answer, "Of course there is more: She's a woman and you guys never do understand us! Come on, now that I've apologized to everyone, let's see if Masha's ready."


We get back to Masha and see she's deep in concentration so she's not complete yet. However she does realize we are there and asks, "Be seated and please maintain silence since I am practically finished."


We sit for what seems like forever. The entire time I hear the video – well that's not right as I hear the video being played so slowly it's incomprehensible. Finally Masha looks up smiles and says, "Thank you I am finished."


I anxiously ask, "Well Masha were you able to discover anything?"


She smiles, turns the computer towards me, picks up her notepad and begins…


Present – Masha – C130 somewhere in flight

(A special thank you to a dear friend for her excellent input on this section)


Yes. Stacy made a huge tactical error by sending this video to us. I have been able to glean more information from it than she realized. This will greatly aid Jennifer in finding her errant fiancé and might also help to distract my loving husband Jack.


Jennifer questions me and I reply, "First I would like to say: What I do is not an exact science and I will have to speculate on some things but I will explain my reasons for those speculations. I first examined in minute detail the video itself, the audio and the background in the video. I have surmised they are currently located inside a concrete fortress located somewhere in the south west United States, probably Texas or possibly Arizona. I also determined it's a private fortress without any windows, probably something similar to an old fallout shelter."


Jennifer questions, "How can you be sure."


I smile at her and provide further information, "The walls behind Stacy are made of concrete and have some southwest pictures on them, but the video quality wasn't good enough that I could actually distinguish what was contained in the pictures. The cabinets are obviously not military grade cabinets so it must be a private fortress. The fluorescent lights are at a Kelvin temperature range which falls between five-thousand K and six-thousand-five-hundred K which mimics outside light so this fallout shelter was designed for comfortable long term use. In addition, the video quality is not high enough to have been produced using military equipment. There is virtually no background noise on the video which suggests the bunker is either underground or the walls are very thick. Now the clothing which Stacy is wearing is a surplus American Army uniform before the modern digital camouflage patterns were used. Adding all these facts together allows me to surmise that she and Ben must be somewhere where conflicts still exist with the Mexicans. So that also limits the choices to Texas which is the most active and Arizona."


Present – Jens – C130 somewhere in flight


I am fricken stunned! Where the hell has Masha been through this whole thing? I begin to take more seriously what Linus said earlier, perhaps there is more here than meets the eye. I suggest, "We could send this video off to the network for video enhancement if that would help you with the pictures on the wall."


She smiles and replies, "No that would not be necessary. It might be more beneficial to have someone search the county records in Texas to see if a permit was obtained to build the fallout shelter. But there is always a chance those records have been destroyed or it was built without permits. Now would you like to know about the many lies she told?"


That has my total attention! She told lies! I quickly answer, "Heck yeah! Tell me about them."


Masha cautions, "There is one little thing to tell you which might upset you. However do not let your emotions take control of your derriere. Jennifer you were very unwise to react at all to this video because almost the entire video is a lie. First, Stacy finds you a very potent adversary and shows much fear of you. Second, she recognizes you are very intelligent. Third, and this is the part that will slightly upset you, Ben and she kissed but it was not satisfying for her. Fourth, she and Ben did not conjoin but she greatly wishes both of the previous to happen. And finally, she's troubled that you may find her and demolish their relationship."


I shake my head at the extent of her report and all I can ask is, "How?"


Masha adds even more information, "First, her posture revealed that she finds you a threat. Second, her inopportune laugh served to mask her fear. Third, her micro-facial expressions, which are the nearly identical for everyone, showed her falsehoods when she talked about the kiss and the conjoining – especially on the conjoining. Then the timber and pitch of her voice revealed her many deceptions. Now this exercise has greatly taxed my strength and I need to call my wonderful husband and rest. So please excuse me."


I replied, "Masha I don't know how to thank you."


She requests, "Jennifer, could you have a little talk with Jack and intervene on my behalf since I am concerned he will leave me due to revelations of my past."


I look at Linus and ask, "Linus please go find Maria and ask her to order me a new mobile phone and get the search going on the records that Masha mentioned. I'm going to spend some time with Masha. And when you're complete, why don't the two of you get some sack time. It looks like you could use the R & R, just don't get too noisy and wake the rest of us up."


Masha reclines as I take her uninjured hand, look in her eyes, see some tears and promise, "Masha, we all have skeletons in the closet of our past. I will have a long talk with Jack and make sure he totally understands, because I can tell you married him because you truly love him."


Masha starts to cry and says, "Thank you Jennifer." I lie beside her, hold her and hope to God that all she's done for us doesn't wreck her marriage with Jack. So help me if that old bastard tries to leave her I'll add him to my mortal enemies list!


Present – Linus – C130 somewhere in flight


Damn! So I was right! Masha is much more than I thought she was – I wonder if Jack knows? And what the hell is Jens doing talking about Maria and me like that? We only did it… you know I don't even remember how many times, but they were all good – damn what a woman. But if Masha was a spy, it now makes me wonder what the hell Maria used to be?


Fuck it all, I just need to give Maria the messages and then hit the sack with her as I was ordered. Yeah, sometimes orders are really, really sweet!


Present – Jack – Washington DC – Extended stay hotel


I make it to the hotel, pick up Vanya and he laughs, "Good, dada come take me."


God I love this boy! I thought when I first found out Masha was pregnant that I was too damn old for a child. At least I was smart enough not to share this information with Masha. That all changed once Ivan was born. He's stolen my heart and I miss the hell out of him when I'm not with him.


I get a call from Maria telling me that because of the threat, we're all bugging out to Ben's cabin in Leadville. I'd been there before and knew it was a good location but had some issues. She also told me everything was being moved out of the extended stay hotel and I needed to get my ass to DIA as soon as possible.


As I'm packing up the essentials for Vanya (I swear it takes more crap to take care of a baby than to go on an ELRP1), the moving guys arrive and start packing things up. I get done, call the network and ask them to send someone to get the vehicles (I think Jens forgot about them), get a taxi for us and head to the airport. I sure the hell hope we don't run into issues at Dulles. We don't, we finally get on a flight, I get Vanya settled in (he's a damn good traveller) and finally have a chance to think.


1 ELRP – Extended Long Range Patrol


I remember when Banzai first introduced me to Masha, I thought I was the luckiest man alive: First, because Banzai was still in his celibate stage and didn't nail her himself; and second, because this damn beautiful woman was interested in me. It seemed too good to be true, but that feeling quickly passed, one thing lead to another and we were married. And then Masha sort of settled down into a good little soccer mom.


I say sort of because there were always little things that bugged me, things that I couldn't put my finger on. And lately, with all the things my good little soccer mom Masha had been doing, all those feelings and even more are back with a vengeance. What the hell was she doing with a gun in her purse and how in the hell does she seem to know so damn much about everything that's going on right now. Shit! Has she just been playing me these years? Well there's certainly much more to my loving soccer mom than I originally thought. Now how in the hell can I ask her about all this without getting her pissed off at me because I sure as hell don't want to lose her.


The flight attendant comes by and I decide I need a good snort, perhaps two, to help me figure this one out…


Present – Mira – in the water


The first helicopter required two magazines to destroy but I only have two magazines left with an excessive number of helicopters left to eliminate. I accommodate considerable concern for the safety of Alexi and Ms. Morgan. I commence firing then a most curious thing, even for me, eventuates. After a single shot the helicopter erupts in flames and the others retreat post haste.


Ms. Morgan questions, "Mira just what sort of gun is that?"


I giggle and reply, "Ms. Morgan it was not my shot which terminated the mosquito." Then my tympanic units detect a noise and I inform her, "It appears the horses of air have arrived and nicked time."


Ms. Morgan corrects me, "Mira that's the Air Cavalry and the nick of time."


I am truly happy to be alive and with my family even if I am missing my sister Ira terribly. I notice Alexi has saved the canister with L.Cpl. Blaine's male procreation component and I know that after some physical preparation on my part, I will finally after these many years carry my boyfriend's child. Now I must devise a method by which I inform him I will be the only female receptacle which can produce his offspring. Such magnificent information should be enticement enough to elicit the matrimonial union I still desire. I instantly infer a plan which will not only inform him, it will also metaphorically prick him for the many times he metaphorically pricked me.  So I laugh and say, "As you wish Ms. Morgan."


Present – Liz – in the water


It's damn good having Mira back and she seems happy as hell. I didn't realize how much I missed her and dammit, also Ira. I guess I will always miss Ira now. Mira's right Marine choppers show up in full force, not just recovery choppers but gunships patrol the area while we're rescued.


They get us onto the choppers as quickly and safely as possible, but we're all, other than Mira, suffering from some hypothermia. She seems ecstatic and she and Alexi take a corner and begin to talk. Once we're underway one of the flight crew hands me a mobile phone. It rings, I answer it and hear, "Ms. Elizabeth Morgan. It's good to know you're finally safe."


I question, "Just who is this that I’m talking with."


He replies, "Names aren't important right now."


I ask, "So, are you the one responsible for saving us?"


He answers, "Partially, but not entirely."


I say, "Well then I still owe you a hell of a lot."


He laughs and answers, "Oh no Ms. Morgan, we all owe you and the Truth Network a huge debt that we can never repay. Now excuse me, is Miranda Sedankina with you? If so I would like to speak with her."


How does he know about her? I reply, "Yes she is. And thank you again, if there's ever anything…"


He interrupts, "Just keep doing what you are doing with the Truth Network. That's what this country needs."


I hand the phone to Mira, and watch her closely as she speaks with the mystery man. It looks like she only says one word, then hangs up the phone and smiles. I ask her, "Mira who was that man?"


Mira grins and answers, "A man from my very distant past."


I question, "Well what the hell did he say to you?"


She smiles, "He addressed me as tavarish!"


I ask, "Why would he call you tavarish and what does it mean?"


She giggles, "Ms. Morgan it means comrade."


Comrade, now why the hell would he call her comrade?