Chapter 27

Walker Chapter 27

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Linus – C130 headed to Denver International Airport (DIA)


I find Maria to give her Jen's order and hope… I see her talking to Thom and Byron: They are laughing and having a good time - possibly too good a time. I walk up but Maria doesn't even acknowledge me so I clear my throat and say, "Maria, Jens asked if you would order her a new mobile phone."


Maria turns, smiles at me and says, "Thanks Linus, I've already turned in a claim on her phone insurance so they should have one waiting for us in Leadville." Then she turns away from me and continues talking to Byron.


She says, "You're trying to blow smoke up my ass. Telling me you fired a three inch group at a thousand yards! I bet I can shoot better than you any day of the week."


Byron retaliates, "Like hell! If I'm lying I'm dying! You can ask Thom."


I clear my voice again, Maria turns and says, "Hey Linus did you forget something?"


I reply, "Jens said we should catch some rack time."


She smiles and states, "Okay Linus, you go hit the sack. I'm not tired right now." She turns and continues her animated conversation with Thom and Byron.


I wander off dazed and confused. I thought Maria and I were… Damn it all anyway. Women!!!


Present – Maria – C130 headed to DIA


My princess boss is a fucking genius - I'd kiss her if I was into that sort of stuff. It was hard as hell not to follow Linus to share the sack since I could tell he really wanted to. It was worse when he left because he looked like a lost puppy dog.


I continued to sling the BS with Byron and Thom. Byron was relatively believable. But Thom - this old fart was trying to impress the pants right off me and there's no way in hell that is going to happen. I may be giving Linus the cold shoulder, but that sure as hell doesn't mean I am available.


I wonder? If my princess boss is such a fucking genius about men, how did she screw up so much with Ben? Then I remember the conversation we had with Mike in the helicopter before the attack… Yeah with what happened to Ben, my princess boss didn't have a chance because everything she did would have normally worked, but with Ben it was all bass-ackwards.


Jens has helped me so much with – well everything. But she was especially helpful with Linus so I have to find some way to help her.


Present – Jens – C130 headed to DIA


Masha drifts off to a troubled sleep. After everything that's happened recently, I've decided she was at one time some sort of agent. But I don't think she is still active. The problem is that if I've figured it out, in my distracted state, I'm sure Jack has at least a heck of a lot of questions. And sometimes that COF acts before he thinks. I need to have a big fricken talk with him because it's evident to me that she married him because she is madly in love with him.


Just as I am with Ben! Yeah that reminds me Ben is running amok somewhere in Texas. I wonder if Maria has started the hunt for him and I really need to contact that fricken Stacy bitch's parents. Let's get them after her skanky bony ass. Then with what Mike told me I need to come up with some sort of way to fix my Ben and undo the damage I've already done. This is not going to be easy.


As I slip away from Masha, her breathing changes and she complains with a sigh. I hear Maria towards the front of the plane and I head up front. I see Linus sacked out by himself and smile - my girl Friday learns very fast…


Maria's talking to Thom and Byron. I walk up and apologize, "Sorry to break up this hen party, but I need Maria."


Byron laughs and Thom complains, "Hen party! Watch your mouth little girl."


So I stick my tongue out at him and taunt, "Unless I'm in front of a mirror there's no way I can do that."


Byron and Maria laugh as I move away with her. I comment, "Girl, you're giving Linus the cold shoulder."


She looks around then softly laughs, "Yeah, and it's working great. He is so confused. I might just keep it up until he puts a ring on this finger." She wiggles her left hand.


I caution her, "Maria, don't push him to hard. Give him a taste and then pull back, but don't cut him off completely."


She grins and responds, "Thanks Prin… I mean Jens. Because I'm not sure I could hold out that long myself. So what did you need?"


I giggle because young love is grand! I remember… Oh well, lets forget that derailed train for a while. I explain, "Maria, Ben and Stacy are probably in a fallout shelter in Texas or Arizona. We need to get someone to do a record search for Texas to see if any building permits were pulled for the construction."


She replies, "I'll make some calls right away."


I continue, "Do you have your laptop?"


Maria responds, "Yes Jens, you told me to never go anywhere without it so it's in my TAC backpack."


I smile, "Good because I don't have mine and I'm going to commandeer yours. Please go get it for me."


I look at Linus and smile - she just might catch him yet…


Maria hands me the laptop bag so I head over to a table and set it up. I login since I made sure I know her password then I begin looking for one of those fricken rewards ads. I finally find it.


I plug in the headset, fire up Skype and make a call to the reward hotline. After a whole bunch of BS from the flunky so I can prove I know what I am talking about, he finally connects me to the bitch's parents phone number. Little did he know I tracked the number so I quickly make a note of the skanky whore's parent's phone number for future reference.


Another flunky (what is it with flunkies today?) answers the phone, "Summer's residence. How may I help you."


I reply, "Listen Jeeves, this is Jennifer Donaldson, I need to talk to either Mr. or Mrs. Summers because I have a good idea where their daughter Stacy is located."


He clears his voice and sneers, "My name is Ricardo not Jeeves. I will see if one of them is available."


This strikes me as sort of peculiar because he didn't seem the least bit interested in the information I had. I wait for what seems like forever and I finally hear, "Hello, this is Mr. Summers."


I answers, "Mr. Summers, this is Jennifer Donaldson and I think we might have a common cause."


He interrupts, "Excuse me my butler told me you had some information about Stacy, what does that have to do with a common cause?"


I start getting frustrated and respond, "Well if you didn't fricken interrupt me I would tell you! Now, Stacy (I wanted to say skanky ho bitch!) is with my fiancé Bennie Blaine and that's our common cause."


He sounds really weird when he says, "Oh yes I finally recognize your name. You’re the young lady who chased off her fiancé and did those terrible commercials. So do you know where Stacy and your fiancé are currently located?"


I guess I will never live down those fricken commercials, however I control my anger and think: This guy is as queer as a three dollar bill. But I really think we might be able to help each other so I reply, "Yes sir, we have reason to believe that my Ben and your daughter (I fought calling her skanky puss filled bitch) are in a fallout shelter located in Texas. I was hoping we could work together to find both of them."


He laughs (the bastard) and answers, "Thank you young lady for the information, but I know you're only after the reward money. If we do find Stacy we will make sure to tell your fiancé to run away from you." Then the phone goes dead!


What the heck just happened! Maria walks up and says, "Jens I can tell things didn't go as well as you hoped, but don't dare break that laptop since I need it. So tell me what happened?"


I look at Maria, shake my head and whine, "Well if that fricken skanky ho's mom is anything like her dad I can understand why she ran away. He wasn't interested in her - he just wanted to make sure he wouldn't have to pay me any reward money."


Maria seems like she's in thought, then replies, "Jens from what you just told me – and don't kill me because I am only the messenger – it sounds like Ben and Stacy share common problems which for them have become common goals."


I wrinkle my face and demand, "Maria what the heck do you mean?"


She answers, "Jens first you have to promise me to stay calm. While I'd like to have a rematch with you, now is not the place or the time."


I started getting upset so I resort to a lie, "Okay Maria I will try my best."


She answers with a smirk, "Try not, just do!"


I relent, "Okay Yoda, I won't get upset. Now tell me before I kick your ass."


She says, "Well Jens, Stacy is running from her possessive weird parents and – what's Ben doing?"


I think for a minute and it hits me! I jump up, Maria steps back in a defensive position and I yell, "Son of a fricken fracken bitch! Maria, you're right, Ben's running from me because I became weird and possessive!"


Maria adds, "Yes, but now add what Mike did to him!"


I stomp my foot, "That fricken bastard, you're right again! With the programming Mike crammed into Ben's head it's even worse than just that skanky ho!"


Maria nods her head and further explains, "Yeah Jens this is the way I see it: Mike brainwashed Ben so if he felt captured he would remain initially passive and then do all he could to escape. So when has Ben felt captured?"


I jump up and down and admit, "Dammit! He was captured and then escaped and came back here and was never debriefed so…"


Maria interrupts, "That's right Jens, when you started to get close to him, because he wasn't debriefed, he interpreted…"


I finished her sentence, "…my actions that I was trying to capture him. Damn Maria, when did you get so smart?"


She laughs and explains, "Jens, just as you can see things for Linus and me better than I can because you're not in the middle of things; I can do the same thing for you and Ben."


I smile and ask, "So you think the same thing that's working for you and Linus would work for Ben?"


She smiles, "Well, it's certainly not going to work any worse than what you're currently doing. But I would make one minor change."


I get excited and demand, "Okay spill it sister!"


She answers, "Well, I think we should still find Ben and keep an eye on him."


I bite my lip and ask the question I dreaded, "But what if he marries the skanky little bitch."


Maria laughs and continues, "Jens, Ben loves you and if he couldn't marry you, there's no way he will ever marry Stacy."


I smile and state with relief, "Maria you're exactly right, the minute she pushes Ben…"


Maria finishes, "Yep Jens, he will attempt to escape from her."


I feel much better and reiterate, "So we find out where Ben is but we leave him alone and then what?"


Linus walks up and says, "Maria, there's some things I want to talk to you about."


Maria smiles at Linus and says, "I'll be right with you I just need to work with Jens on one more thing."


Linus leaves, Maria smiles and says, "Jens just like a moth drawn to a flame, sooner or later Ben will come back to you. Now excuse me because I hope that Linus is going to ask me something important."


I laugh and encourage her, "Go get him tiger."


Maria leaves and I silently scold myself for pushing Ben away. I like our new plan but there is the one last part Mike told me that I will worry about. I know Ben and he could easily respond like that…


If I ever meet Mike I'm going to kick his rear! And I don't even care if he is in a wheelchair! I really need to talk to Megan about this since she's the psych expert and Maria and I shouldn't have to figure this crap out by ourselves.


I walk over to talk with Megan but I can't because she's asleep while Jim's hugging her close to him.


I look around the plane and note that everyone either has someone, or is asleep except for me. Once again I'm alone and lonely as heck for Ben. But now, thanks to Maria, I understand things much better. I'd kiss the heck out of her if I was into that sort of thing…


So I wander up to the flight deck to see what's going on and how soon we will be at DIA…


Present – Jack – Different flight to DIA


Well a couple snorts turned into four snorts and the flight attendant cut me off - the bitch! You ever notice that sometimes after a few drinks, things seem to make more sense than when you're sober? I feel that if you relax the body, the mind will follow and a relaxed mind, uncluttered with turmoil can solve all the problems in the world.


Yeah my loving and beautiful and hot as a firecracker wife is or was some sort of agent and I fell into her trap. I recollect, as well as I can, all we have talked about. But something just isn't right because Masha has never pumped me for any information. Shit she's never even looked through our paperwork. So if she isn't after information, what the hell is she after with me? It can't be money. Hell it's sure not my looks, so what the hell is her game? And what the hell should I do about it?


I look over at a sleeping Vanya and know I can't report Masha to our government. That would leave my boy without a mother and she's a hell of a wonderful mother. What the hell to do? I ponder these thoughts as the alcohol slowly helps me drift off to sleep…


Present Liz in the Marine helicopter


Yes, just what does "comrade" mean to Mira? Who called her “comrade” and why is she so happy about it? I question her, "So did he say anything else?"


Mira seems distracted and responds, "Oh yes he did additionally mention there is an aircraft awaiting our arrival to convey us to Denver International Airport. Upon our arrival we will unite with Ms. Donaldson and her party. Now if you would please excuse me for I must formulate further actions with my brother Alexi."


She goes back to the corner by Alexi and they have an animated conversation. I see Zarika and Yasmeen holding each other. They look like scared, drowned rats.


I look toward Bernie. He looks up at me and I question, "Is everyone acting a bit strange ever since the plane was ditched?"


He laughs and says, "Well we all just looked death in the face so I suppose we are behaving a bit abnormally."


Shit, even Bernie's acting strange. Perhaps we are all drugged?


I'm stirred from my thoughts when the chopper descends. I look out the window and see a C-130 surrounded by troops. We settle down, the doors fly open and we are hustled from the chopper into the waiting C-130. I am shocked that Mira seems complacent at this treatment - but if she's not worried, then I guess I don't need to be concerned.


The C-130 takes off immediately and as I look out the window I see a jet fighter escort. Well whoever our mystery man is, he sure can pull some weight and he's making sure we're safe. And Mira, who's my danger barometer, is very happy so I guess we're okay.


They give use dry clothes (military uniforms) as soon as the C-130 is airborne and it feels good as hell to get out of my clothes and into something dry - even if I couldn't wash the salt water off my body. Then we are given MREs. I didn't realize I was so hungry so I eat everything and wish for more.


I lean back in the seat, and even though it's uncomfortable, drift off to sleep with more questions rolling around in my mind than answers… Huh, DIA I know. I bet we are going to Ben and Jen's cabin. But why the hell are we headed there…