Chapter 29

Walker Chapter 29

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Flashback – Jack – Last day of week four of spook school


God damn! Where the hell is Banzai? He's been fucking AWOL for the last two days. The only good thing is that because of all the trouble he'd caused no one has asked where he was. But today is our last day of week fucking four.


Spook school was only supposed to be two weeks long, but Banzai loved the classes so much he talked them into letting us stay two more weeks for advanced study. But he had to promise to behave: He mostly behaved unless someone gave him shit, then he kicked their asses. He also continued to refuse to wear the school uniforms. He only wore his Marine gear, which was probably for the best because everyone learned to run when they saw him coming.


Mira had to leave right before the end of week two. I suppose I should tell everyone what happened the night we all ran into Banzai's hospital room…


Flashback two weeks earlier – Jack – Banzai's hospital room


We heard a hell of a noise, ran into Banzai's room to find Mira and Ira having it out with each other. Unwisely Banzai tried to stop it and Ira (or maybe it was Mira) cold-cocked him and he went out like a light. Then Mira jumped on top of Ira, cold-cocked her and started to try to wake Banzai.


I looked at Major M and asked, "Sir! What would you like me to do?"


He was just starting to answer me when his phone rang. He looked at it and said, "Shit! I need to answer this right now. Sgt. just make sure that if Ms. Sedankina wakes up they don't start fighting again."


I looked at him in disbelief - how in the hell was I supposed to accomplish that?


Flashback two weeks earlier – Major M – Banzai's hospital room


I received a call and quickly recognized it was from my emergency number. I wonder what the fuck is wrong now. I walked to the side of the room, took the call and grimaced: This wasn't going to be easy and could end up being hard as hell.


I looked over and at least one of the Sedankina twins was still unconscious. I walked over just as the L.Cpl. revived and announced, "Ms. Sedankina, we are thankful what your sister did to rescue the L.Cpl. However…"


She glared and me and declared, "Malodorous Major M, from you there are never acceptable 'howevers'."


I continued, "However, the FBI is headed this way as we speak and plan on taking you and your sister into custody."


She jumped off the bed and announced, "Then I will terminate all of them because I'm not leaving my boyfriend!"


I was afraid that was the response I would get. I slipped the taser from behind my back and fired; Ms. Sedankina hit the floor like a feather.


Then the L.Cpl. yelled, "What the hell did you do that for?"


I commanded, "L.Cpl. who the hell told you that you could speak to me in that manner! Listen, if you don't want both of them to spend the rest of their lives in prison, we need to get them out of the country ASAP. Now shut the fuck up!"


I looked at the L.Cpl.'s bodyguards and ordered, "Restrain the Sedankina twins and get them the hell to the basement. There's a van waiting to take them to a private airport."


The Sgt. added, "If I were you I'd double restrain them because if they get loose they will kill both of you."


The bastards ignored me and looked toward the L.Cpl., "Banzai what would you like us to do?"


I glared at them and then at the L.Cpl. but he wisely advised, "Get them the hell out of here. And Jack will you go with them to make sure they are both taken care of?"


Sgt. Reynolds said, "I'm not sure that's such a good idea."


I scratched my chin thoughtfully and ordered, "Well Sgt. it sounds like an excellent idea to me. Now the three of you need to move your asses."


The Sgt. showed a spark of intelligence when he commented, "If we go hauling them out of here over our shoulders, we're going to attract a hell of a lot of attention. Let's double restrain them and transport them using the gurney."


They restrained and gagged the Sedankina twins then loaded them on the gurney and took off. I looked at the L.Cpl. who'd been remarkably quiet during all of this, sat down in a chair by the bed and stated, "We need to have a long talk…"


Flashback two weeks earlier – Jack – Mira's and Ira's exfiltration

I thought we had it made when we hit the hallway with the twins on the gurney and started heading toward the elevators. That was until we reached the elevators! The doors opened and it was crawling with Feebs! They all blew past us as I again thought we had it made until one of the bastards turned and yelled, "Stop those men getting on the elevator!"


I looked at Frick and Frack and ordered, "You two need to buy me some time." I flew out of the elevator with the gurney as Frick and Frack ran towards the Feebs. I rounded a corner and heard what sounded like big fight behind me. Now where the fuck were those other elevators and what the hell am I going to do if there are agents there?


Have you ever noticed that hospitals all seem to be designed by morons? At least all the ones I have been in fit that description. I ran down hallways, turning left and right until I was thoroughly lost. A nurse was coming by so I asked her, "Excuse me, can you tell me where the elevators are?"


She directed me back to the ones I just left and I explained, "Excuse me miss, but I don't think you want me taking these bodies down the patient elevator, I need the freight elevator."


She gave me the directions then stared at me and said, "I don't really recognize you, where is your security badge?"


At just that time one of the twins woke up and began to squirm and make noise. I flipped off the nurse and declared, "That's my fucking badge." Then I took off pushing the gurney toward the freight elevators.


The nurse began screaming bloody murder (now I wish I had taken a page out of Mira's book and decked her). As I found the elevators and pushed the button I was surprised when the door opened immediately. I was real pleased there were no agents inside. I rolled the gurney inside, pressed the button for the basement parking and yelled at the squirming twin, "Listen Mira or Ira, you need to calm down so I can get you out of the building."


Well that didn't work because she just started squirming more and I worried she was going to tip the damn gurney over. I pulled back the blanket but then I wished I hadn't because the look the twin gave me made my blood run cold. Even until this day I have never seen such a look of hate on a face - if she ever got loose I would be a dead man.


I looked at her and asked, "Mira?"


She shook her head. I immediately panicked: Fuck me it's Ira - and if Mira's bad and Ira almost always kicked Mira's ass, then Ira must be one scary out of control bitch!


I chose my words carefully, "Ira, sorry about this. But the FBI was coming to take you and your sister Mira into custody and it's my job to make sure you two get to the basement and out of the country." Then I continued with a lie, "It wasn't my decision to restrain you, it was the Major's."

She calmed down, nodded her head and moved her hands. I understood she wanted released – now I had a big problem… If I released her she could kick my ass, but if I left her restrained then she'd get pissed at me. So I decided on an intermediate step and just removed the gag from her mouth…


Flashback two weeks earlier – Ira – Mira's and Ira's exfiltration


Once I perceived the reason for my current restrained state, my mind commenced to function and I surmised this was apropos for my requirements. Once again fortune had smiled upon me and I was handed the opportunity with which to extract my sister from her relationship with her L.Cpl. However, the situation required that I be liberated from my bonds therefore I motioned my desire with my hands. I was not certain Sgt. Reynolds possessed the required intelligence to understand my movements because he only removed the gag from my mouth. So I stated, "Sgt. what circumstance has rendered my sister incapacitated and please release me from my restraints – posthaste."


Hey gave me a panicked look and replied, "Ira, the Major tased Mira and I had nothing to do with it."


I inwardly smiled; Mira's reports had mentioned some conflict with the Sgt. and I perceived by his attitude and response that the conflicts were more severe in nature than Mira had reported. I had now ascertained the Sgt. was concerned for his personal safety if he released me. I reassured him, "Sgt. I perceive you are concerned that I will inflict pain upon your corporeal person. However you fail to realize I am in complete support of the plan to exfiltrate America. Please release me posthaste."


He gave me a worried look and replied, "Ira, I'm not sure that is such a good idea…"


I raised my voice and terminated his timidity, "Sgt. Reynolds! Release me posthaste or the lessons my sister performed on you will be miniscule compared to the pain I will inflict upon your corporeal body."


Flashback two weeks earlier – Jack – Mira's and Ira's exfiltration


Dammit all! Why do women have to be so difficult? Ira is demanding to be released and if I don't she's going to hurt me even worse than was done by Mira?


I paused after her last threat. Ira moved her hands again and fuck me! There was that cold blooded killer's look again, then a wicked as hell smile crossed her face as she said, "Sgt. Reynolds, if you do not honor my request for release posthaste, I promise I will amputate your training tool and enlarge the collection on my trophy wall."


I damned if I do and dead if I don't, so I pull my knife, cut her restraints and loosen the straps. She lightly jumped off the table and surprised the hell out of me when she grabbed me, gave me a hell of a kiss, squeezed my crotch, gave me that wicked smile again and promised, "Sgt. Reynolds, if you value your training tool never disobey me again. Now, supply me with your weapon."


When I handed her my knife, she looked at with incredulity and said, "You do not have any firearms?"


I replied, "Nope, I didn't think I would need any. Besides there were Frick and Frack and they were armed."


She stared at me and questioned, "Just where are Mr. Frick and Mr. Frack so I might obtain a firearm?"


I forced myself to not even smile about her comment and answered, "They took care of the FBI agents upstairs."


She turned away and muttered something under her breath…


We were almost to the basement with only one more floor to go when the elevator door opened and there stood a FBI agent. Like a flash Ira was on him: Before he could even move she pounded the hell out of his head with the bolster of my knife. I was thankful she didn't use the sharp end or he would have been mincemeat. She then calmly reached inside his jacket, pulled out an Uzi, performed a function check and ordered, "Now we may continue to the basement."


I pushed the button for the basement but nothing happened. Then Ira swore, "Those female dogs have disabled basement access from the elevators. Sgt. Reynolds gently hoist my sister and follow me to the stairs."


I gently hoisted Mira over my shoulder and followed a now armed Ira as she expertly moved through the corridors. I couldn't resist and let my hand creep up to Mira’s ass and began stroking her. I was sure she wouldn't mind, after all it wasn't like I hadn't screwed her.


Ira turned as I barely moved my hand in time and she scolded me, "Sgt. Reynolds, pay attention to the task at hand. I know you are only a Marine, but try to mimic my moves and be quiet."


Ira turned away. I did try to mimic her, but I couldn't resist and my hand travelled to Mira's lovely ass again. This time I was interrupted when we rounded a corner, Ira fired the Uzi then yelled, "Sgt. Reynolds transverse your direction posthaste to the rear." I figured out that meant retreat so I turned and began to run as there was more gunfire behind us. Ira snagged my arm, pulled me into a janitor's closet and pressed her ear against the door.


Then she ran over to some cabinets pulled out a crap load of stuff and started to mix it together. I wandered over and questioned, "What are you making?"


Ira didn't even slow down as she stated, "I am creating a diversion."


She put the ingredients in a big jar, put some powder in a cloth, put the cloth across the top of the jar and carefully put the lid on the jar. She gently carried the jar like it was a baby to the door, listened again, then smiled, opened the door and heaved the jar into the hallway. There was a moderate explosion with enough flash that it lit up the janitor's closet. The fire alarm and the sprinklers went off.


The water finally woke Mira and she began to struggle. Ira came over, looked in Mira's eyes and said something in a strange language and then knocked her ass out again. Ira looked at me and ordered, "Sgt. Reynolds, be very careful conveying my sister as the hallways will be treacherously slick."


I was shocked when Ira opened the door: The 'moderate' explosion ripped the hell out of things! There were shards of glass embedded everywhere in the walls. We took off up a different hallway, Ira finally found the stairwell, we entered and headed to the basement…


 When we hit the basement, Frick and Frack were there along with Major M's other men and had secured the area. Since Ira didn't know who Frick and Frack were, she raised the Uzi, they raised their weapons and I yelled, "Everyone stand down. Ira these men are Frick and Frack."


Amazingly everyone listened, Frick and Frack ran up and Frack said, "Hey who let one of the bitches go?"


Well, there's a fool born every minute and this was Frack's minute. Ira didn't just tear him a new asshole, you might say she really fracked him up! Then it was Frick's minute, he said, "You cunt, I'm going to…" He never finished because Ira fricked him a new one.


Major M's men came over after they witnessed Ira, the one woman man-wrecking crew and the Lt. said, "Excuse me Miss, but we are here to make sure you and your sister get safely out of the country, now if you will please follow me."


I said, "Sir, you might want to have someone grab those two."


He nodded to his men and said, "Yeah I suppose we need to bring them."


We high-tailed it to the van, hopped inside and the driver sped away, imitating Mario Andretti…


Ira started taking care of Mira and part way to the airport she woke up and I thought it was going to be a big fight, but it only ended up being a verbal fight (in a language I couldn't understand) because Ira wisely left Mira restrained.


I was busy taking care of Frick and Frack since they both had a beating they wouldn't forget for a long time. It felt good to see that the twins were equal opportunity ass kickers because I was tired as hell of having my ass kicked by one of them.


Just as I thought things were over I heard, "Sgt. Reynolds please locate your corporeal self adjacent to me."


I went over and asked, "What can I do for you Mira?"


She frantically pleaded, "Sgt. Reynolds, please inform my L.Cpl. of my un-terminating devotion to him and elucidate to him the circumstances under which we had to vacate America."


I thought to myself that this is just more bullshit - like I'm going to tell Banzai any of this. But I decided to lie, "I will make sure he knows Mira."


Then she asked for one more favor, "Sgt. Reynolds, I am also concerned about all the equipment I left in my domicile. Ira will transfer to you an address if you would arrange for all of it to be transported to my future location. For this unwelcome task you would effect my un-terminating gratitude."


I looked at Frick and Frack and promised, "Mira, all of it will be moved today."


Mira calmed down and as I looked at her I for once felt sorry. She was a hell of a woman that got tangled up with Banzai at precisely the wrong time for both of them. Ira gave me the address. I went back by Frick and Frack and made sure they had their assignment and reiterated that Mira was just as bad as Ira about kicking asses for real or imagined sins. That got their attention and they promised to make sure all the equipment was moved.


We made it to the airport, the twins were loaded on a plane and it took off. We were just getting ready to leave, when we were surrounded by FBI vehicles. I kicked back and thought, I will let the Lt. handle this one – after all that's about all a Lt. is good for…


Flashback – Jack – Last day of week four of spook school


So that was what happened the night Ben was rescued by Ira from the spooks and how we got the twins safely out of the country. Banzai asked if Mira said anything before she left and I decided it was better to let sleeping dogs lay so I lied and told him she didn't say anything. He looked hurt and suddenly developed a 'pissy' as hell attitude. Shit if he had a chip on his shoulder before, he had a log on it now.


Things were really shaken up at the spook school: The commandant and all the instructors disappeared and we had replacements which were much better than the old fuckers. And Mr. Smith also seemed to fade away – other than the occasional report where he would try to rip us a new asshole. The only purpose the reports served were to further piss off Banzai.


The one thing Ben did like was the classes. He was totally different in class - respectful and inquisitive. And he spent all his free time at night studying instead of socializing. What really clicked with him were the classes on tactics and techniques of other countries. He ate that shit up for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it was just about all he talked about.


So without Banzai's and Mira's shenanigans, the last two weeks have been fucking boring. And now he's been gone for two days. The interesting thing is that no one has bothered to look for him or ask where he was…


Flashback – Ben – Last day of week four of spook school


School had totally changed - oh the martial arts, rifle range and pistol range were the same boring shit I'd done a million times. The only decent parts were the classes and they were interesting as hell. Shit, I even put up with two more weeks of this vacation they tried to pass off as training just so I could study more.


Jack thought all I'd been doing at night was studying, but I'd been doing a hell of a lot more than that. I now had a plan to get more control over our situation, especially since Jack sold us down the river in our meeting with fucking General Donaldson.


I had been gone doing 'something' for two days. When I walked into our room, Jack looked at me and demanded, "Where the hell have you been?"


I grinned at him and replied, "Hello the fuck to you too! I've been busy."


I could tell he was pissed and wanted to do something about it, but he knew I'd just kick his ass again. I started packing my gear, changing into my Service A's1 and told Jack, "You might want to start packing and change."


1Service "A" (or Alpha) is the base uniform. It consists of a green coat, green trousers with khaki web belt, khaki long-sleeve button-up shirt, khaki tie, tie clasp, and black shoes. The coat is cut to be semi-form fitting, with ribbons and marksmanship badges worn on the left chest of the coat.


He gave me a funny look and complained, "We don't leave until tomorrow."


I snapped, "Okay suit yourself."


I finished packing and dressing, got all my paperwork in order just as Jack's phone rang. He answered it but I ignored it since I already knew what it was going to be about.


Jack hung up the phone and I said, "I told you. You should pack and change."


Jack answered, "That was the Old Man's adjunct, he wants to see us in his office right away. I wonder what the fuck he wants. I hope he's not pissed at what you've been doing here."


I laughed and said, "Jack you really think this school would tell anyone about the ass whipping I've given it the last few weeks. Hell no they won't because they're embarrassed as hell about it and just hope we don't tell anyone."


Jack challenged, "Okay Mr. fucking know it all. What the hell does the Old Man want?"


I went and made sure the door was locked then answered, "It seems Mr. Smith was terminated by what they believe to be a foreign agent using obviously foreign techniques. The Old Man wants to see us to deliver a new handler, who is going to be Major M."


Jack's mouth dropped open and he said, "Shit Banzai, don't tell me you killed him. Didn't he even have a family?"


I smiled without humor, "Okay Jack, I won't tell you that. Yes he did have a family and he also had a huge insurance policy. He was a bastard at home so believe me his family's better without him. Shit his wife didn't even cry when she found out. You'd better get packing; we don't want to be late."


Flashback – Jack – Last day of week four of spook school


Son of a bitch! Banzai strolled in here, like nothing happened, told me to pack and change, told me the Old Man wanted to see us (which he did) and in a roundabout way insinuated he took out Mr. Smith. I thought Banzai really fucked up and there was going to be hell to pay when we saw the Old Man. But I had other things to worry about - I needed to pack and change."


I looked at my Service A's and they were a mess. Banzai was sitting in a chair grinning at me then he offered, "Jack, pack your gear and I will touch up your Service A's."


I wondered if knocking off Mr. Smith (who had it coming) put Banzai back into his usual good and semi-helpful mood? Or perhaps it was finally leaving this joke of a school? I guess it didn't matter because he was his normal self – finally!


I tossed my gear into the footlockers (because I knew there wouldn't be an inspection) ran into the shower, took a quick one, came out and saw Banzai had my Service A's looking great and was finishing with my footlockers.


He complained, "Jack if you would just learn the Marine way you wouldn't have such a fucking mess all the time."


I fired back, "Oh yeah well who the fuck taught you the Marine way."


Banzai countered, "You did and then I think you forgot everything you taught me."


He stood up tall and straight, looked me square in the eyes and declared, "Jack I'm sure as hell not going through the same fiasco as the last time we met the Old Man. So this time you're going to keep your fucking mouth shut and let me do all the talking."


I started to complain but he cut me off, "Jack I fucking mean it. Yeah you think you fixed things and kept the Old Man from sending our asses to God know where but you also negotiated from what you perceived to be a position of weakness. I have worked my ass off to rectify that bullshit and I'm not going to let you fuck it up. If you don't fucking like it then I'll kick your ass and get myself a new spotter. So keep your mouth shut and let me handle things."


Fine. If Banzai thinks he can handle the mess he's created then he can fucking try to fix it. And when we end up in some God forsaken shithole freezing our asses off I will remind him of it - every fucking day


Flashback – Major M – General Donaldson's office


Damn! The General is playing one of his fucking games again. He had his adjunct call me to immediately report to his office. I arrived and his adjunct escorted me to the conference room and now I'd been waiting for an hour.


The door opened and in walked L.Cpl. Blaine (he carried a folder under his arm) and Sgt. Reynolds. Now I was really concerned about what was happening. I'd done a few things that if the General found out about them, wouldn't be at all good for me.


They sat down (the L.Cpl. slipped the folder under his chair) and the General walked in (also carrying a folder) as we all snapped to attention. General Donaldson said, "As you were and take a seat."


He opened his folder, looked at some reports and said, "Well, Sgt. and L.Cpl. it seems me sending you two off to the spy school did some good for both of you. The first reports I received from Mr. Smith described how disrespectful you two were, but the final report praised the school for molding both of you into model students. I was especially surprised when you L.Cpl. Blaine requested a longer stay. How would you assess your time at the school?"


I was worried, but then L.Cpl. Blaine lied through his teeth, "Sir! It was an honor and a privilege to have this opportunity to expand our usefulness to the Corps."


The General looked at Sgt. Reynolds and asked, "And how do you assess the situation Sgt.?"


He smiled and said, "Sir! I totally concur with L.Cpl. Blaine's assessment."


The General closed the folder, stared at us and said, "Well we have a problem. It seems that a foreign agent killed your handler Mr. Smith (I noticed an almost imperceptible smile cross the L.Cpls. face), so now what should we do with the two of you?"


I asked, "Sir! Permission to speak?"


He looked at me, smiled and said, "Major, there's no need to ask me. I've already decided that these two would be best allocated to the two-man squads you've been bothering me about. Their skills, especially now that they've proven they can follow orders, are exactly what you've been hammering me for. So Major these two are yours. Just make sure you keep them on a short leash. Now I'm a busy man and will leave you three to work out the details."


We came to attention as he stood, and then he left. When the L.Cpl. started to speak, I held my finger over my lips, pulled a scanner out of my briefcase and scanned the room for bugs – and was surprised when it turned out clean.


I ordered, "Take a seat you two, I need to make a phone call." I made my call, came back to the table, sat down and stated, "Well, L.Cpl. that was almost nice work taking care of Mr. Smith but you left a little trail back to you with the insurance policy. But don't worry, we will fix that for you."


He gave me a shit-eating grin and asked, "Permission to speak freely Sir?"


I waved my hand, "Permission granted."


He said, "Sir I left that trail on purpose for you to find. If I so wanted, you would never have known about this. Stuff like this happens to anyone who messes with us."


I angrily demanded, "L.Cpl. was that a threat?"


He gave me that grin again and answered, "No Sir! That was a just a fact. Mr. Smith had continually messed with us and he paid the price."


Yeah it was a threat, but that was okay since at least we were on the same team. The L.Cpl. didn't know it, by taking out Mr. Smith he solved the huge problem of trying to pry the two of them away from his clutches.


I looked at the two of them and started, "Okay for your first assignment…"


The L.Cpl. interrupted, "Excuse me Sir, but until we come to some agreement on the terms of our relationship, there will be no first assignment."


I became angry, "L.Cpl. just what the hell do you mean?"


He gave me that grin again, slid the folder over to me and said, "Sir! Please read this. Then we will discuss the terms of how Jack and I work for you."


I was ready to explode, but I really needed these two - especially for the next mission I had in mind. I opened the folder and couldn't believe what I saw: Inside were Mr. Smith's real reports along with the doctored reports I had submitted. I kept turning the pages and about shit my pants. There were classified files which he never should have had access to! Enough files to – well end my military career and possibly land me in the brig – for a very long time.


I looked at the L.Cpl. and stated, "I know of one way to permanently eliminate this problem."


He gave me the grin again and said, "Now that was certainly a threat and you should know all about threats. Several of my friends, who you don't know, have sealed copies of this folder. If I happen to mysteriously disappear then this folder will find its way into the proper hands."


Son of a bitch, I hated being outgunned! I glared at the L.Cpl. and said, "This is bullshit!"


He replied, "No Sir! What's bullshit is not being able to trust the officers above me. Jack and I are tired of being bent over and it's not going to happen anymore. Now my terms are really very simple and are only things that should have already happened. Would you like to hear them?"


I tapped the table and thought. The L.Cpl. was right since he and the Sgt. had really been shit on by the Corps – something that I didn't plan on doing. And I needed him not only for this mission, but also for one that I'd been planning for years.


I started the negotiations, "I agree that in the past you and the Sgt. have not received the support you've needed. And as I've told you before, that's not going to happen with me. Now that you're on my team we will either sink or swim together. So what the hell are these terms?"


He slid over a piece of paper. I looked it over and agreed, "We have a deal."


I extended my hand and said, "Congratulations, Sergeant Blaine and Gunny Sergeant Reynolds. Now let's talk about your next mission…"