Chapter 30

Walker Chapter 30

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens – C130 headed to DIA


I look around the plane and note that everyone either has someone or is asleep except for me. Once again I'm alone and lonely as heck for Ben. But now, thanks to Maria, I understand things much better. I'd kiss the heck out of her if I was into that sort of thing…


So I wander up to the flight deck to see what's going on and how soon we will be at DIA. I almost reach the flight deck when IT hits me! I slump to the floor…


Present – Thom and Byron – C130 headed to DIA


I've had a few too many cups of coffee to be able to rest or sleep, and I lost my chance with Maria when she took off with Linus. But that's okay because I can tell she's looking for commitment – the sort of commitment that starts with a W and ends with an E-D-D-I-N-G. And I'm too old to be around one woman long enough for my boots to wear out. Besides, since my TSIFFTS team is back together, I'm going to be busy.


I look at Byron and ask, "Byron, what's your take on Linus and Maria?"


Byron grimaces and responds, "Thom, you already know how I feel about emotional entanglements with team members. They aren't good."


I add, "You're only half right, they aren't good but are dangerous."


Byron asks, "So since you're back in the saddle again, how are you going to handle this?"


Damn him! He's my best friend but sometimes he's also the biggest pain in my ass.


I scratch my chin and come up with a hell of an idea. Just as I get ready to answer, I notice Jennifer Donaldson fall to the floor. I yell, "Hey something's wrong with Jennifer Donaldson!"


Present – Maria – C130 headed to DIA


Linus and I are just starting to get busy (well as busy as we can get on this crowded flight) when I hear someone yell, look over and see my Princess Boss fall to the floor. I go with my normal response and say, "Shit!"


Linus looks worried and asks, "Did I do something wrong?"


I answer, "Hell no! Something's wrong with my Princess Boss, she just fell to the floor."


I jump up and begin to get back into my clothes. Linus is up and like a typical man, finishes before I do and takes off to help Jens…


Present – Linus – C130 headed to DIA


Shit is right! Things were just getting good between Maria and me and then Jens (I laugh like hell that Maria calls her 'Princess Boss' but think I will start doing the same) is on the floor.


Maria dismounts and starts to get dressed, I beat her to it and head toward Jens...


As I run past Jim and Megan, I glance toward them and yell, "Something's wrong with Jens."


Present – Megan – C130 headed to DIA


I'm languishing, enjoying being held by Jim even though he's asleep. He is so gentle and kind he just might change my mind about men. Then one of the men runs by and yells, "Something's wrong with Jens."


It wakes Jim and he asks, "What's going on?"


I'm feeling better, so I begin to get up and answer, "I guess something's happened to Jens so I'd better go see if she needs my help."


Jim is so sweet when he inquires, "Are you sure you can walk, because I can carry you."


I give him a kiss and say, "Thanks honey but I can walk now." Then we stroll hand in hand towards the front of the plane.


Present – Masha – C130 headed to DIA


I am awakened from a very troubled sleep - I had a terrible nightmare that I lost Jack and Ivan. If that ever happened, the only recourse for me would be to terminate my life: Because life without Jack would be hell and life without Ivan would be terminal.


I listen and surmise that something is once again wrong with Ms. Donaldson. She and her queen of drama antics are wearing on my patience and if she does not terminate her follies then I will be forced to find a permanent solution.


As I slowly rise, my shoulder is throbbing but I use my training to ignore the pain and head toward the crowd at the front of the aircraft…


Present – Megan – C130 headed to DIA


I get to the crowd, push my way though and see that Jens is on the ground half undressed with her chest bared to the entire world. Thom is over her giving her mouth to mouth and chest compressions.


I demand, "Thom what the hell are you doing?"


He stops the rescue breaths, begins the chest compressions and says, "She fell to the floor and I figured she needed some help."


I angrily respond, "You have a plane full of doctors and YOU decide she needs CPR? Don't you think you should have consulted one of the doctors?"


He stops and answers, "Well everyone else was just standing around and she didn't seem to be breathing."


I order, "Move your ass out of the way and let one of us professionals look at her." As I motion to one of the doctors, Thom moves and taunts, "Have at it Sigmund." I ignored his crass comment and we kneel beside Jens."


Present – Thom – C130 headed to DIA


Excuse the hell out of me! Is what I really wanted to say to this psych bitch! I have no use for psychologists; they are all just Sigmund Frauds. When I was in Nam, we had to act and act fast. We didn't have time to sit around and have tea parties while we discussed politics. Hell no, that was war and war is hell!


I move toward the back of the crowd where Byron comes up and says, "Thom, you did the right thing even if they didn't appreciate it. But Megan was also right."


I look at him and say, "Byron, what sort of half assed statement is that? How can we both be right?"


He shrugs his good shoulder and says, "Well you felt like the situation required action but Megan was right you should have motivated the doctors to look at Jennifer."


I give him a dirty look and complain, "After the way we have both been treated by doctors you have the gall to say that?"


He smiles and explains, "Thom these are TSIFFTS doctors not VA doctors."


I stare dumbfounded at him - I hate it when he's right…


Present – Maria – C130 headed to DIA


I was about ready to rip Thom a new asshole! CPR my ass, he was using the situation to feel up my Princess Boss. Linus sensed what I was going to do (how did he know?). He pulls me to the side and cautions, "Maria, your assessment of what's going on is incorrect."


I give him a nasty look and demand, "How do you know what I was thinking?"


He smiles at me, "I saw your body become tense, like a cobra getting ready to strike. Thom is really trying to help, but sometimes he goes about it in the wrong way. If we're going to be on his team together, you will need to learn to cut him some slack."


I turn back and note that Thom's been replaced by Megan and a doctor. My anger melts, Linus smiles at me and I inquire, "So what team is this that I am going to be a part of?"


Present – Linus – C130 headed to DIA


Shit! I might have just fucked up. I didn't clear bringing Maria on the team with Thom yet and I already asked her. Now she wants to know more about the team. Yeah I really screwed the pooch on this one! Perhaps I can distract her with some loving. I hug her and say, "Maria, you're a wonderful woman."


She pulls back and says, "Linus, that statement had better not be followed by a 'but.'"


I give her a shocked look and say, "No Maria, you have it all wrong."


She pulls her hand out of mine and states, "Linus until you get your head out of your ass, I don't want you touching me."


She moves over by Jens and I mentally yell: Women are sure fucked up! Here I was trying to be nice to her and all I did was get her upset…


Present – Masha – C130 headed to DIA


I determine that once again Ms. Donaldson is holding this entire aircraft hostage with her antics. I look at everyone watching her and make a decision. If Jack leaves me and takes Ivan, then I will terminate Ms. Donaldson before I terminate my own life!


I smile inwardly, yes I will torture her so slowly she will think it is her new career and when the time comes, she will gladly beg me for a merciful death…


Present – Megan – C130 headed to DIA


Jens is a stiff as a board. When the doctor is finished examining her and pulls back, I look at him and inquire, "Well?"


He shakes his head and responds, "Physically Ms. Donaldson seems to be fine. She has a strong heartbeat in spite of the unnecessary chest compressions; her breaths are regular but extremely slow."


So I question, "Psychological catatonic schizophrenia?"


He nods his head, "That would be a possible diagnosis."


Damn sometimes I hate doctors even though I am one. We hate to go out on a limb with a diagnosis unless we run hundreds of tests. Oh well it's not our fault, it's the damn lawyers and all the fucking malpractice cases.


I decide this is my realm so I order, "Okay let's carefully move Jens to a bed."


The doctor asks for confirmation, "Are you sure it's wise to move her?"


I give him a dirty look and say, "Listen Mengele, you can't do anything for her so she's my patient."


He spouts, "Well I never!" He leaves and I say after him, "Yeah, I bet you never did."


I look at the crowd and say, "Are you all deaf? I said let's move her to a bed."


I'm shocked when Jim doesn't offer to help, but turns away and leaves. What did I do to make him upset? Well, I need to look after Jens first then figure out what has Jim upset. Men!


Present – Jim – C130 headed to DIA


Hmmm. Megan is cute as hell and I'd love to get in her panties, but this situation has shown me something I hadn't seen before: A bitchy side of her that sours my stomach. I turn, walk away and head back to my bed where this bitch sure as hell isn't welcome. Women!


Present – Matt – C130 headed to DIA


I guess the show is over - at least Jens isn't dying for right now. But Megan has a hell of a lot to learn about men. She's pissed Jim off with her attitude and he took off sulking like a scalded dog. I catch up with him and advise, "Jim, you need to cut Megan some slack."


He glowers at me and complains, "I'm fucking tired of cutting women slack. Look at what it got me with my ex. I cut her slack and she removed my balls."


I try to counter, "Jim, she never was right for you?"


He snaps at me, "Then why the hell didn't you tell me before I married the bitch?"


Shit! He has a valid point, I should have told him…


Present – Maria – C130 headed to DIA


We get my Princess Boss to a bed and Megan starts studying her more closely. I ask, "Can't you give her something?"


Then the bitch gives me a foul look and snaps, "Yes I can and will, but first I need to do a total physical assessment, so back off."


Back off my ass! I just get ready to open up a can of whoop ass on her when Linus comes, grabs my arm and whispers in my ear, "Maria, let Megan do her job." Then he leads me to the edge of the group, I watch her work on my Princess Boss and dream about later when I'm going to teach her a lesson…


Present – Byron – C130 headed to DIA


Megan has done a good job of alienating nearly the whole plane, so I guess once again it's up to me to try to patch things together.


I walk over close as Megan begins to prepare a syringe and ask, "What are you going to give her, a benzodiazepine?"


She snaps at me like I figured she would and says, "That's right gramps, I'm giving her Ativan to try to bring her out of the seizure. What business is it of yours?"


I just love shrinks, they think they really know how to help people, but they sure hate it when you use their own weapons against them. I smile at her and say, "Well just like you I care for Jennifer so that's my concern. Now would you like to tell me how her current condition is making you feel?"


She gives me an ugly look and answers, "Hell no I wouldn't like to tell you how her current condition is making me feel."


I smile and answer for her, "Isn't becoming defensive a typical response to stress and doesn't it precipitate making mistakes? You might want to double check that dose before you inject her."


Megan looks at the syringe, looks at the bottle and then she slumps to the floor and begins to cry. Shit, I hate crying women!


I look around and motion to Thom. He comes over and I ask, "Thom can you take care of Megan?"


He gives me a dirty look and refuses, "That's a hell of a thing to ask after what she did to me." Then he leaves.


I look around and the only one she hasn't insulted is Masha. I give Masha a pleading look and ask, "Masha can you help?"


Masha walks up, smiles and states, "Byron, I can not move Megan because of my shoulder. If you would remove Megan I would be more than happy to administer the proper amount of Ativan and then monitor her response."


I help Megan up and lead her away.


Present – Masha – C130 headed to DIA


My hopes are dashed! I recognized Megan was going to overdose Ms. Donaldson. While unfortunately it might not have been fatal, it would have prevented her from being a nuisance for an extended period of time. Now I must perform my duty with care and concern because if Ms. Donaldson dies in my care then the light of suspicion will be cast upon me. Especially since Ms. Donaldson's aide is right at her side scrutinizing everything I am doing.


I draw a dose of Ativan, apply a tourniquet around Ms. Donaldson's arm, sterilize her skin, get ready to apply the injection when the aide interrupts, "Are you certain that is the correct dosage?"


I stop and offer, "If you would prefer to administer the injection, it would not offend me."


She gives me a troubled look and answers, "No thanks, I am just doing my job."


I apply the injection, then I check my watch because I know we should see some results soon.


Present – Maria – C130 headed to DIA


I move back to my Princess Boss's side after the psycho-bitch is gone and watch closely what Masha is doing. I don't trust her one bit since she and the twins are certainly on my fecal roster! If she knew Megan was going to OD my Princess Boss, why didn't she stop her?


I ask her to double check the dosage, and she offers to let me administer the injection. Because I sure as hell don't know the correct dosage, I relent and Masha injects my Princess Boss then looks at her watch.


I question, "How long will it be until we see some effect?"


Masha calmly answers, "It varies with the individual but I would hope to see some response in twenty minutes."


I check my watch and say, "I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and will be right back."


I take off to get some coffee and to have a little tête-à-tête with Linus.


I find Linus sleeping (What is it about men - they can sleep any fucking time!), kick his ass and demand, "Wake the hell up! I need you."


He rolls over, gets all excited and says, "Finally, I've been hoping to finish what we started earlier."


I give him a dirty look and explain, "Not that way and not right now. I need to talk to you about my Princess Boss and what the hell has happened."


He gives me that sad puppy dog look so I bend over give him a smokin' kiss and promise, "But later I will make up for it."


He jumps out of bed, we head to the coffee pot and when I am sure we're not being overheard I begin…


Present – Linus – C130 headed to DIA


Maria tells me, "Linus, I'm not completely sure that my Princess Boss is safe. I mean Megan almost ODed her and then I had to trust Masha to give her the proper amount for the injection."


I question, "Maria, what don't you like about Masha?"


Maria gives me a long list that I have trouble believing and then finishes with, "Plus it's just a feeling I have about her. It's the same feeling I have about the twins."


I look at her and know I have to tread lightly otherwise I will piss her off. So I say, "I do know that Ben got Jack and Masha together so I'm pretty sure Masha is okay."


Maria starts to reply, when we hear screams of anguish. Maria says, "Shit that's Jens. I'm going to kill Masha if she's hurt Jens."


And we run toward the screaming!


Present – Byron – C130 headed to DIA


I just get Megan to a bed and tuck her in. She blubbered the whole time about almost killing Jennifer. I say, "Megan it was an honest mistake that anyone could make."


She shakes her head, "But I almost hurt the woman I love."


I am flabbergasted by that statement (and it almost makes me physically ill)! I try to come up with an answer other than 'you are one sick bitch' when I am saved by the sound of Jennifer screaming bloody murder.


Megan jumps up and says, "Oh hell no! What's happened to my Jens."


We both take off for the front of the plane.


Present – Thom – C130 headed to DIA


I still can't believe Byron asked me to take care of that snooty bitch, he should know better. I'm back at the coffee pot but find it's empty so I just start making a new pot when Jennifer starts screaming like crazy. It makes me jump, I drop the damn coffee pot, it breaks and scatters glass all over the floor but I decide I'll leave it for later because I'd better see what the hell is going on this time with Jennifer. I sure hope that snooty bitch doesn't show up again.


Present – Matt and Jim – C130 headed to DIA


I just get Jim to settle down and figure I need to go find Megan, rip her a new one and tell her she'd better get her ass over here and beg Jim's forgiveness. When I hear ear splitting screams from the front of the plane and see everyone running toward the front. Jim joins me and says, "What the hell is going on now?"


I answer, "Well I sure as hell don't know but I'm getting tired of all this bullshit."


Jim nods his head and agrees, "Yeah if Jens didn't pay so well…"


And I continue, "And if we didn't really need the jobs, then we'd leave."


Jim finishes, "Well, I guess we'd better see what sort of shit's happening now."


Present Liz different C-130 to DIA


I wake up, feel much better and decide I'd overreacted to the situation. However I feel out of touch with everything which isn't at all good for a reporter.


I wake up Bernie and ask, "Do we still have our portable TV?"


He shakes his head, "Sorry, it went down with the plane like the rest of the gear."


Then I remember the gold and come to the conclusion that I have to find a way to get a salvage team (to be more precise our salvage team) onsite to recover the gold. I decide to head to the flight deck to see if I can find a mobile phone or someway to make things happen. As I walk by the girls, I notice they are glued to a TV set watching music videos. Now how in the hell are they getting a TV feed on this aircraft? Oh well, that's a question for later. I casually glance at a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen, it's talking about an attack at a DC airport and that immediately catches my attention.


I go over and flip the channel to my network as the girls complain – well more exactly Yasmeen complains while Zarika just smiles. Those two are sure strange - I still can't believe I brought them with me.


I am shocked when I see the report about how a private airport was attacked in DC. The attack resulted in the destruction of several attack helicopters and how a lone aircraft took off – without a flight plan – right after the attack.


Now I really need a mobile phone. I am almost to the flight deck, when an armed soldier stops me and says, "Sorry, you aren't allowed on the flight deck."


I pitch a fit, "Listen grunt, I'm Liz Morgan, the one you're rescuing and I need to get a mobile phone to contact my station ASAP."


He replies, "Sorry miss, but you're not the one we were sent to rescue. We were sent to rescue Ms. Sedankina. You are simply collateral to her rescue."


What the fuck! They were sent to rescue Mira! Then I remember the 'tavarish' comment earlier and suddenly things make a little more sense. I hightail it to the back of the plane, find Mira and ask, "Mira, I really need a mobile phone to contact the Network and the soldiers won't let me have one. Do you think you could ask them for one?"


She smiles at me and answers, "Certainly Ms. Morgan, you know that I will assist you with anything."


We both walk toward the front of the plane, reach the armed soldier and he challenges, "Sorry but only Ms. Sedankina is allowed past this point."


Mira grabs my hand and says, "Do not concern yourself Ms. Morgan, I will acquire a mobile telephone for your use." Mira leaves me, goes onto the flight deck and returns in a few minutes with a very big smile on her face and a mobile phone.


I question, "Mira, why the smile?"


She answers, "I was able to persuade the pilot to make a brief stop to take on some supplies which are essential to my mission."


She no sooner tells me that then I hear the sound of the engines change and the pitch of the C-130 changes. Mira says, "Ms. Morgan, here is your mobile phone. Now please acquire a seat while we land."


I shake my head and wonder what sort of fairytale I've become an unwilling participant in…


Present Mira different C-130 to DIA


When Ms. Morgan informed me they would not allow her to acquire a mobile phone it was very interesting. Even more interesting was that the guardian let me continue but detained Ms. Morgan. When I collocate upon the flight deck, it becomes apparent to me what transpired by the manner in which I am treated. I assume the characteristics of a donkey posterior because I wrongly assume this flight was to rescue Ms. Morgan. In actuality this mission was to secure my continued viability!


I determine the change in situation perception is very interesting. It is clarifies the intention from the conversation which transpired earlier on the telephone. 'Tavarish' which was previously slightly puzzling is now totally understandable to me. I had not taken time to consider the ramifications of 'tavarish' because I was engaged in a more urgent and pressing matter. I required some method in which to preserve the only male procreation component from my L.Cpl. Ben. The time is critically approaching when the liquid nitrogen bath which preserves my future happiness would be depleted - extinguishing all hope of begetting his offspring.


I casually mention my needs to the flight crew without revealing the precise truth of the situation and they surprise me by immediately honoring my wishes with a flurry of activity. They locate a different, and very close, clinic which has the required expertise, discuss the needs with the aforementioned clinic, arrange for their personnel to meet us at the airport with the necessary equipment and staff, change their flight plan and begin a descent to the airport. I was so preoccupied I practically disremembered to request a mobile phone for Ms. Morgan. I recall at the last moment and a phone magically appears for my use.


I leave the flight deck, inform Ms. Morgan of our slight change in plans and hand her the mobile phone. I bite my lip to keep from laughing because she is terribly confused as I take her arm and lead her back to her seat. Then I rejoin Alexi to tell him of my good news, "Alexi, we will be landing shortly and they will replenish the liquid nitrogen charge for our canister."


He excitedly answers, "My sister Mira that is excellent news because the thermometer is starting to climb at a barely perceptible rate. They only way I can ascertain the difference is because I marked the temperature location when we first entered the helicopter."


I smile at him, tousle his hair and exclaim, "My brother how did you acquire so much intelligence?" 


He gives me a sad look and answers, "Mira, I am from mama and papa like you and our dear dead sister Ira - that is why I am so intelligent. I hope you do not get upset my sister Mira, but I would like to honor Ira's death soon with a quiet service."


My emotions accelerate for one moment because with the problem concerning my L.Cpl's male procreation component, I have forgotten about the sacrifices my sister Ira made. Without her actions which brought this about, I would now be devastated and I am exceedingly shamed that I had not previously remembered! I answer, "Alexi, you are correct and thank you for reminding me. We will honor our deceased sister Ira as soon as we reach Ms. Donaldson's cabin."


The flight touches down and many soldiers swarm out of the aircraft. Finally they motion to me and I convey the blessed canister and proceed down the steps…


Present Liz different C-130 to DIA


I am distracted and forget to make my phone calls because of the way Mira is acting and because I feel the C-130 land. The soldiers set up a perimeter around the plane, then several of them check a veterinary vehicle while I watch in amazement as Mira leaves the aircraft carrying the cylinder with her on her walk toward the veterinary vehicle.


I look at Bernie and ask, "Just what the hell do you think is going on?"


He's watching the show too and he says, "Well, whatever Mira has in that cylinder, it looks to me they are doing something to it. Did she ever tell you what's in it?"


I shake my head and answer, "I don't have a clue but she has seemed preoccupied with it ever since Alexi saved it from the plane crash."


Whatever they needed to do, they apparently finished and Mira returns to the plane. Bernie remarks, "Well whatever it is, she's carrying it as if it was a baby."


Then it hits me and I exclaim, "Bernie, that must be someone's semen in that container!"


He nods his head, "Liz, that's the only thing that makes sense to me. But whose semen is it?"


My mind begins to work, I mentally add things up and suggest, "Bernie, I bet it's from the mystery man who saved Mira and called her 'tavarish.'"


He agrees, "Yeah Liz that's the only thing that makes sense. So who do you think this mystery lover of hers is?"


I watch an absolutely beaming Mira enter the plane. She is holding the cylinder just like a baby and I say, "I don't know but from the way Mira looks I would say that she's in love with him and I think we better plan on a baby or two in the future."


Bernie snaps, "Well I'm sure as hell not changing any diapers."


I laugh and think - now that's a typical male response.


Present – Stacy's parents – Driving to Texas


It was very nice of Jennifer Donaldson to inform us about the possible location of Stacy. She didn't know but we had already figured out that Stacy and Jennifer Donaldson's ex-fiancé were shacking up. We had hoped to find her before the bastard knocked her up or even worse married her, because that would put a serious damper on our plans.


My wife asks, "Honey do you think it's wise for us to be traveling to Texas to find Stacy ourselves?"


I continue driving, look at her and say, "Certainly my love, think of all the reward money we will save when we find her."


My wife laughs, "It would be better if we just found her body."


I laugh and answer, "Yes sweets, great minds think alike."


My wife reminds me, "Hey isn't there a reward for that Donaldson girl's fiancé?"


I think, then smile and agree, "Love, I do believe you are right."


She giggles, "Did it specify he had to be alive?"


I laugh, "No my dear it didn't say he had to be alive."


We both laugh. Now, to find our worthless daughter and hopefully arrange an accident for her and her new boyfriend…