Chapter 31

Walker Chapter 31

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Mystery Guy – In the early evening


After the bloke 'n' his Sheila went into the bunker, I moved a bit closer to their location. I wanted to scan things a bit better 'n' figure out a plan, a plan to grab the Sheila 'n' go. It took some hours then the bloke came outside with a brumby 'n' began mucking with an old looking rifle. Soon his Sheila followed him 'n' when I saw her duds, I knew I had to get her away from the bloke 'n' sample some of that for myself. He was one lucky bastard!


The bloke appeared to be distracted with the rifle 'n' the Sheila. She was sure giving him a show 'n' it was causin' some discomfort in m’ duds. I decided that the time was right, with the distraction to see if I could sneak up 'n' catch him by surprise…


Present – Stacy – In the early evening


Bo and Patches whinny, Ben shoves me down to the ground, pulls the rifle up to his shoulder and shouts, "Freeze or your dead!"


I don't know what's going on so I draw my pistol. Ben fires the rifle, it scares me and in the excitement… I accidently fire my pistol.


Then I hear a bunch of swearing. "Cricky you bloody bastards don't shoot! I'm not a Mexican."


Ben orders, "I saw you sneaking up on us 400 meters away. I told you to freeze and you moved your hands so that shot was the only warning shot you will get. If you were a bandito, you would already be dead. Now move again and you die."


The voice complains, "What about the second shot?"


Ben embarrasses me, "That was my traveling companion who made a mistake and fired. Stacy, make sure that never happens again. Stacy stand up slowly and back towards the stables. And you, whoever you are, don't make any sudden moves and keep your hands where I can see them."


Present – Mystery Guy – In the early evening


Well the best rooted plans of mice 'n' men fail 'n' this was a total failure. The bloke totally fooled m' noggin’ into thinking he didn't see me. Then when the brumbies sounded the alert, he had his rifle up faster than I could believe. I thought I might slip my hands to m' pistol but the second m' hand moved he fired a shot between my feet. He worked the lever so fast I couldn't even see it 'n' drew a bead on m’ center mass. When I heard the second shot I feared m' life was ended! But it wasn't a total failure since I know the bloke is not to be messed with. But the Sheila, now she's green as the grass is long.


I need to handle this very carefully 'n' needed to use m' art of being an expert dodger to the max. So naturally I grin 'n' lie, "Now don't go doing anything rash, I'm just a fellow traveler like you two 'n' I had to be careful approaching the two of you because I didn't know who you were. For all I know you might have been Mexicans."


The bloke keeps his rifle trained on m' chest 'n' answers, "That's a load of bullshit. You've been glassing us from the hills all day, ever since I first chased you away. Stacy get your rifle and help me cover him - if he so much as flinches shoot him in the crotch."


The Sheila grabs a rifle 'n' now I’m really worried since she might just shoot me accidentally. So I burl a different tactic 'n' tell the truth (at least as much truth as any dodger will admit), "Okay, bloke, you've got m' stone cold. I was hoping to join up with the two of you but wasn't sure you was bonza 'nuff. Now I can see you're more than bonza 'nuff. So what you say?"


Present – Stacy – In the early evening


So Ben's known about this man watching us all day and hasn't shared it with me? I blush because I wonder if he saw the show I was putting on for Ben. That show was supposed to be just for Ben. He seems like a nice enough man: He's clean, certainly not Mexican and has a charming accent. But he did try to sneak up on us, which I don't like.


Ben orders, "Stacy, do you have him covered?"


I grin and say, "Hell yes, my gun is ready to turn him from a rooster into a hen."


Ben says, "Okay mister, you're going to slowly raise your hands over your head and keep them there. Then you are to kneel to the ground, keeping your hands above your head and fall face first to the ground. If you deviate from these orders, you die."


He complains, "But that's going to muck up m' face when I fall."


Ben answers, "Tough shit, you can either do as told or die. Now move it."


I tighten my finger on the trigger as he raises his hands, then he kneels and finally falls face first to the ground.


Ben moves closer to him and orders, "Stacy make sure you don't shoot me by mistake."


I'm shocked at what Ben does next!


Present – Ben – In the early evening


I walk quickly up to this OPFOR, crack him a good one on the back of his head and knock his ass out. Stacy gasps and complains, "What the hell did you do that for?"


I look at her and reply, "Because he's an unknown threat to us who has been stalking us for at least a day and I wanted to be able to take my time while examining his gear and credentials. Now keep covering him while I restrain him, then get your ass back inside and get back into some decent clothes. You look like a whore and that's probably what caused him to try to sneak up on us."


I hear her cry as I pull some tie wraps from my tactical vest and restrain his hands and feet. Once I'm done she bitches, "Whore my ass! I was just putting on a show to try to cheer you up! See if I ever do that again." As she heads inside sniffling, Bo nickers at me and I yell, "Shut the hell up you hay burner."


Now to see who our mystery man is…


Present – Stacy – In the early evening


I can't believe Ben! The bastard called me a whore! I sure as hell don't know what's wrong with him, but ever since we almost made love he's been… Well nasty to me and in a foul mood. I begin to change, look at the bruises his damn paintball gun gave me, look at my body in the mirror and decide: I'm too fracking good for him! So I come up with a new plan to teach him a lesson…


Present – Ben – In the early evening


Well, I've searched his back pack and I'm disgusted with what I've found. First his name is Guy Fawkes and he is from Australia. The part of his journal I had time to read, was disgusting because he detailed how he tortured the Mexicans he captured including the women. Yeah if he wasn't lying, what he did to the women was definitely perverted. But what was worse were the drugs I found in his pack, while I might have tied one on the past (I remember the shit that almost happened last time with Stacy and grimace) I never used pot or narcotics and his pack was full of both.


I start a little fire and begin to burn the pot. Stacy walks out of the stables and bitches, "What the hell are you doing."


I decide that my 'looking like a whore' comment was probably uncalled for, but I'm sure as hell not going to apologize to her while she's in a pissy mood so I respond, "I'm burning the pot I found in Guy's backpack."


She gets ready to answer when Guy wakes up and starts yelling, "Hey bloke, what ya' doin'? That's some high class Mexican gold you're muckin' up."


Stacy adds her worthless comment, "Ben just what right do you have to destroy his property. Now stop that and help me sit him up against the wall."


I throw some more shit on the fire and state, "My might makes it right. I sure as hell don't want some stoner stalking us or traveling with us."


Stacy is insistent, "Ben cut it out and help me sit him up." She begins to struggle with him, Guy begins to yell that she's hurting him, so I decide to help just to get him to shut up. I move him against the bunker, and order, "Now shut the fuck up or I will gag you."


Stacy sits beside him and begins talking to him and I decide there's a fool born every minute. Can't she see that he's BAD NEWS? Then it hits me - he's bad so she's attracted to him like a bee to honey. What the fuck is it about so many women that they find bad men attractive? It's not like she's going to change him. Oh well at least she's leaving me the fuck alone, but I do need to get her to read his journal.


I continue to burn his pot while listening to their conversation to see if I can figure out what the hell he's really doing here. And I continue to SLLS, because for all I know he could have an accomplice…


Present – Stacy and Guy – In the early evening


I sure as hell don't know what Ben's problem is with this man. So he uses a little pot, it's not like we all haven't tried it at one time. I sit beside him and say, "Sorry about Ben, but once he sets his mind on something there's no changing it. I'm Stacy, what's your name."


He gives me a dazzling smile and answers with his cute accent, "Please t' meet ya' Stacy. M' name's Guy Fawkes."


I begin to giggle because he has the same name as the revolutionary in UK who helped to plan the Gunpowder Treason in 1605.


I recite:  

"Remember, remember the fifth of November,
The gunpowder treason and plot,
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot."


He gives an easy laugh and says, "Yep that's me. M' mum thought it would be a bonza joke, since m' last name was already Fawkes if she gave me the first name Guy."


I laugh and decide I like him. We watch Ben throw some more pot on the fire. I can see it upsets Guy and he pleads, "Stacy, I wonder if you could have your bloke stop burning m' medicine. Ya' see I have some back problems 'n' I only use it medicinally."


I make up my mind. Ben is one out of control bastard so I promise, "You bet I will!"


I jump up, run over to Ben and complain, "Ben you need to stop burning Guy's pot immediately. He only uses it medicinally for back pain!"


Ben sneers and says, "Yeah right, and what other fairytales has he told you?"


I stamp my foot and threaten, "If you burn any more of his pot, I will make your life a living hell."


He opens his mouth to say something, stops like he's reconsidering what he's going to say and continues, "Have it your way, but before you believe anymore of his lies or trust him any further, you should read his journal. Now you've got the watch because I need to go inside and use the head."


Present – Ben – In the early evening


I wanted to tell Stacy she already makes my life a living hell, but decided I'd already pissed her off enough for today. I did need the head, but I also needed some time to think without Stacy's infernal whining.


What the hell to do about Guy? We sure can't take him with us, but I'm not happy about letting him go. If what he wrote in his journal is true, the bastard deserves to die. But with Stacy liking him there was no way I can do that. I curse myself for not just shooting him in the first place and being done with it.


I guess I take longer in the head than I thought. I hear a hell of a noise outside the door and wonder what the fuck is going on! I quickly finish, prepare my weapons and hear a familiar snort outside the door. Shit! What the hell is Bo doing in the bunker.


I'm still careful opening the door, until I get it part way open and Bo forces his head inside. He is upset as hell about something! I start to ask him what the hell he wants when he latches onto my tactical vest and hauls my ass outside.


I get outside and I'm pissed as hell because no one's standing watch! Stacy's gone, Guy's gone and both Patches and Knacker are gone. I look around and see that Guy must have packed in a hurry because he forgot some of his things. Bo nickers and I tell him, "Good riddance to bad garbage. Those two deserve each other."


I turn to walk away but Bo grabs my tactical vest again and then he pitches a bigger fit than Stacy ever did. I need to quickly figure out what the hell he wants because a pissed off woman isn't nearly as dangerous as a pissed off horse…


Present – Guy – In the early evening


Lady luck smiled on me again. The bloke left to use the crikey, leaving Stacy to watch me. It took me about two seconds to charm her into lettin' me go; another two seconds to knock her out; and then about ten minutes to pack, tie her over the saddle of the small brumby and get on the old brumby. I wanted that cool-bananas big brown brumby, but he about kicked the crikey out of me when I got close to 'im then he took off. Well that's fine cause the bloke ain't going to catch us without a brumby…


I can't wait to get fur' 'nuff away to stop and drug up Stacy. I figure if I keep her doped up enough I can tap her all I want and she won't be any wiser. Then when I grow tired of her I can give her to them parents and collect a bonza reward…


Present – Stacy – In the late evening


I wake up and mmm, I feel really good other than I'm cold. I realize I don't have on any clothes, begin to move to find my clothes when Guy comes over and says, "'Bout time you woke up. I sure hope you're a better root awake than asleep."


Then he climbs on top of me but something just doesn't seem right to me only I can't figure it out. Anyway he feels really good until he tries to do something really nasty and even in my mellow state it really hurts… I begin to struggle but he laughs and says, "Now that's better. I like it when m' women fight."


I cry and scream, "Ben!" But all I hear is Guy's evil laugh, then things go black…


Present – Ben – In the late evening


I thought Stacy was a pain in the ass but she was nothing compared to Bo! When a woman is a pain in the ass, you can ignore them; but have you ever tried to ignore a horse? It's like trying to ignore the freight train barreling down on a car that's stuck on a railroad crossing.


Every time I tried to leave he grabbed my tactical vest. If I turned and swatted at him with my hat, he'd dodge it and then try to grab it from me.


Finally I keep swatting at him with my hat, back into the bunker and close the door before he can force his head through. Now for some peace and quiet. I move away from the door and then jump like hell - that damn horse is kicking the door. I've had my fill of this bullshit so I'm going to beat the hell out of him. I grab a shovel in the corner, open the door and… SHIT!


The next thing I know, Bo is standing over me snorting in my face and I feel like that car on the railroad crossing that couldn't get out of the way and got hit by the train. I remember seeing two big hooves right before they hit me in the chest. I begin to move and my chest is sore as hell, I sit up and lots of things go crunch! Thank God it's only the gear in my tactical vest and not me. I begin checking my gear and sure enough, it's all busted to hell - but for once it's not me busted to hell. Bo's head is still hovering over mine, so I slap the hell out of him and scold, "If you ever do that again I'm going to fire you and ride Knacker."


He shakes his head, nickers and then becomes the infernal pest again, pulling at my destroyed tactical vest. I relent and say, "Okay, you've made your point, we can go get Patches and Knacker. But first I need to figure out what the hell gear I'm taking because you've destroyed my tactical vest."


I look at the Winchester Centennial '66 in the corner and the two Ruger Vaquero revolvers in a quick draw rig and decide. What the hell, when in Texas act like a Texican. As I begin to stand up, Bo grabs the tactical vest and helps me up. I scratch his head and say, "It's about time you did something useful because I'm tired you just eating and shitting. Now if you could just saddle yourself you'd be a damn fine horse."


He takes off at the comment and I shake my head and wonder what the hell! Then I head to the corner to change out my gear. As I go to take off the AK slung over my chest, my chest hurts like hell at the movement. Then I figure out why: The damn AK has been kicked to hell! Damn hay burner! That was one of the best AK's I'd ever fired. Well, better the AK taking the brunt of the blow than my chest and I again remind myself just how dangerous a pissed off horse is…


I function check the revolvers and rifle and smile at how much easier this is with these fine old style weapons. I grab some saddle bags and load up with ammo for everything. I stop to think for a second and decide to grab the bolt action rifle I saw earlier too. I pick it up and I'm glad I did since it's chambered in .300 Win mag - now I will have a long range and a short range rifle. I load the Win mag, load up ammo for it in the saddle bags and grab all the rest of the gear I might possible need. I heft the saddle bags: They're heavy as hell and I smile - yeah it's about time the damn hay burner does some work. He's been getting fat and lazy.


I head to the stable and about laugh my ass off. Damn! Bo's been trying to saddle himself but what he's really done is what he normally does: Make a mess out of everything. I yell at him, "You crazy cayuse! Don't you know when I'm being facetious? Now just look at the mess you've made, I hope you're damn happy with yourself!"


He hangs his head and I wonder if I've gone too far. Do horses have feelings and can you hurt them? I decide after almost having my chest stove in by him, that I'd better not piss him off so I walk over and apologize, "Listen, I'm just upset right now so forgive me for saying what I did to you."


He raises his head, gives me a big lick across the face and I sputter, "Damn! If I didn't need you to find the other horses I'd shoot you and let the coyotes eat your carcass. Don't ever do that again. Now hold still while I saddle you."


Of course he doesn't listen and he's a fidgety as a teenage boy at his first dance. I keep moving my feet so he doesn't step on one and bust it. Finally he's saddled, I throw the saddle bags on, he lets out his breath and I comment, "Damn right it's heavy. Be thankful I don't make you carry twice as much."


I put the rifles in twin scabbards and lead Bo outside. He's prancing like crazy as I close and lock the doors (after making sure I have the keys), mount up and complain, "It's dark as hell. I sure don't know how we're going to find them." And then I have to hold on with both hands around his neck for dear life. He takes off like a horse cruise missile! He is a horse on a mission! I sure didn't know he cared for Patches and Knacker that much…


I smell the smoke before I see the fire. I see the fire before I see Stacy but when I finally do see her, I'm pissed as hell at myself for not shooting that bastard when I had the chance! She lying on the ground nude and even from here, I can see some bruises. She was a pain in the ass but no woman ever deserves what the bastard did to her. I worry that she's dead, jump off Bo before he even stops and run to her side…


Present – Guy – In the late evening


I was having m'self a beaut of a time with Stacy, teachin' her things she'd never been taught. I took a fair dose of Viagra and was going to keep it up all night until the brumbies started actin' up and I figured her bloke had found some way to find us.


I grab m' gear and take off on foot. Then I heard a hell of a commotion from the brumbies behind me. So I begin to run as best I can takin' into account my delicate condition…


Present – Ben – In the late evening


I reach Stacy's side and thank God she's not dead. But with the waning firelight I'm certain if she remembers what the bastard did to her, she's going to wish she was dead. He ripped her up, the sick bastard. Hate and rage flare in my mind. I want to find the bastard, stake him over an anthill and let them slowly eat him to death. But my first concern has to be Stacy, because she's really messed up and bleeding. I yell, "Bo get your ass over here with that medkit."


All the horses run over. I jump up, grab the medkit and go to work. This is going to hurt like hell so I hope she doesn't wake up…


It takes hours. The more I work on her, the more I find he did and the greater my rage! I finally finish, get some clothes on her, lay out some blankets and gently place her on them. And I promptly fall down beside her - exhausted. I tell Bo, "I'm too damn tired to do anything so you horses have the watch. If that bastard comes back, I hope you kill him."


Present – Stacy – The next morning


I wake up and find myself outside, in extreme pain, and with Ben beside me. I wonder what the hell happened. The last thing I remember, I was at the bunker with Ben and Guy… I nudge Ben, he jumps up and yells, "I'm going to kill the bastard!"


I look at him and question, "Ben what the hell happened?"


He gives me a concerned look and simply says, "Stacy, it's better if you don't know."


I reach down, and feel that I have pads everywhere. With a frown I complain, "Things sure hurt down here."


Ben orders, "Don't mess with things because if you do, you will start bleeding again. Now that you're awake we need to get you back to the bunker."


I sit up, my rear hurts like hell and I complain some more, "Ben I don't know what happened, but I'm not sure I can ride in a saddle."


He smiles at me and explains, "Yeah I didn't think you'd want to ride so I made you a travois." He picks me up so carefully, sets me on the travois behind Knacker and says, "Let me know if you need something for pain."


I smile at him and say, "Thanks Ben, it's good to see how nice you're being to me."


I lie back and slowly drift off to sleep. At least Ben is back to his normal self, but what the hell happened to me?


Present – Ben – The next morning


It's good that Stacy doesn't remember anything right now. I was pretty sure he gave her roofies. I'm also glad she fell back to sleep because travel for her isn't going to be easy right now and I didn't want to give her anything for pain if I could avoid it.


I look at Bo and ask, "Get us back to the bunker and take it easy, Stacy is really hurt."


We take off and I continue to curse at myself. I broke one of my rules – have a plan to kill anyone you meet – if I ever meet that bastard again he's dead…


Present – Guy – The next morning


Luck smiles on m'self again. I catch a ride in the back of a lorry into the closest town, find a local diner, sit down and order up a big plate of chow. After a night of debauchery, 'm always hungry as hell.


I finish, walk outside and lo and behold! Luck grins at m'self again and this time and is solid gold…