Chapter 32

Walker Chapter 32

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Most people wrongly assume that scout snipers get to run around shooting people all the time. That's just not the case since we take the scout part of the mission very seriously. Many times we infiltrate a place to gather intel and the last thing we want is to be seen and we are never allowed to be captured…


We moved slowly and stealthily down this fucking goat path where it was hot as hell and the wind kicked up dust everywhere. I sneezed and Banzai whispered, "Jack! Take another damn antihistamine and stop making so much noise. You know what will happen if we're caught since we're not supposed to even be here."


I was fucking miserable! I had a bad head cold and it felt like my sinuses were going to explode. Since we arrived in this God forsaken, bass-ackwards, goat herding country it had been hot as hell during the day and then cold as a cemetery at night. Why the fuck anyone would live here was beyond my comprehension.


I whined, "Well what the hell happened to that country club mission to Russia you told me about."


Banzai countered, "Jack, right now in Moscow the high temperature is about minus twenty Celsius. At least here it's warm during the day. Quick, someone's coming."


We slipped off the side of the trail, hunkered down in our ghillie suits and became one of the worthless scrub bushes that somehow survived in this fucking desert. Once again Banzai's keen eyes saved us, because a few minutes later a RG (Republican Guard) patrol passed by so closely that even with my head cold I could smell the bastards. Well that's not quite true. Since my nose was filled with concrete, they made my eyes water but I couldn’t really smell them. But perhaps it was the head cold and all the damn dust that just made everything worse.


I didn't fucking care if it was -40 in Moscow right now since I would have rather been there than here. At least there I would have vodka and the sexy as hell Russian women. I felt another sneeze coming. I tried to stop it but…


Flashback – Banzai Ben – Undisclosed location


Son of a bitch! Jack just sneezed again! I got ready to attack the fucking RG patrol, but once again we got lucky - because of the wind they didn't hear us. Jack was a RPITA when he got sick. He was worse than a fucking baby and he'd been sick from almost day one when we arrived. He tried to blame it on the weather, but I was sure he picked it up from some sweet young thing he met right before we left. And I used the word sweet in a very generous manner; personally I thought she was an ugly skanky ho that looked like she'd been rode hard and put away wet – many times over. But she was young and willing and Jack was able and that was about all it took.


But he was right, this place was a far cry from Russia! I had my sights set on going there and I had heard that was where we were supposed to go and even bragged to the Major about it. Then he laughed and explained how, 'Old intel is no intel'. The next thing we knew we were headed here to the fucking desert! Where we weren't supposed to be and where if we got caught no one would admit we were here, to recon weapons that they weren't supposed to have. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this was a mission to identify targets as a preparation for taking those targets out. So far we'd been lucky because we hadn't been caught, no thanks to Jack. Even though he had rank on me, I made a decision.


"Jack, with your damn cold, you're a detriment to this mission. We're moving you further away from this path and you're going to hunker down and take those damn drugs I've been trying to get you take for the last three weeks."


I knew he was really sick when he didn't complain. Besides, Jack was hiding something from me and I wasn't sure what. Yeah, when you work with a guy for this long, you can tell when they conceal something. According to the maps, which sure as hell haven't been perfect, there's supposed to be a ravine about half a click away. I made a beeline towards it, checked to make sure Jack was following but found he wasn't wiping out our tracks. However I noticed it was windy enough I didn't have to scold him for that. Yeah when he got sick, he also got sloppy.


We found the ravine. It looked perfect so I bedded Jack down in the ravine, marked his location on the GPS and maps and ordered, "Take those damn drugs, stay in your ghillie suit and sweat this cold the hell out. Whatever you do, keep a low profile because I sure as hell don't want you getting caught, not in your condition. If I'm not back in two days, bug the hell out because I will have been captured."


He just waved his hand at me and said, "Looks who's telling me how to be a Marine." I shook my head and left, made sure to follow our path in and wiped out our footprints. Damn he was a cranky old bastard when he got sick. I hated to leave him, but someone had to finish this mission…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Damn! I never thought Banzai would leave! When he left, I got up stumbled about 5 meters away and took a leak, it burnt like hell and had some blood in it. Yeah the skanky ho got me on both ends, because not only did I get the head cold from her, I also got a case a clap from her and let me tell you V.D. is nothing to clap about.


I hated being left here alone, but I knew I couldn't go much further so Banzai did the right thing. I went back to where he left me, pulled out my medkit and began to fix both ends. Whenever I take medicine I subscribe to the philosophy of 'that which doesn't kill me makes me stronger.' Besides as sick as I was I would just as soon be out of it until I was either better or dead. So I gave myself a hell of a dose of everything, laid back and felt myself relax…


Flashback – Banzai Ben – Undisclosed location


When I left I knew Jack hated it, but it was better than getting caught which would have happened if he continued with me. They dropped five teams in here, three from the Army and one Seal team and from what I heard on the nightly reports, we and the Seals were the only ones left. But there were no prisoners from the other teams. When you went into a country like this, carrying Israeli equipment capture was not an option.


Yeah that reminded me, I'd better make sure the M89SR1 rifle I'm carrying hadn't gotten full of sand and jammed again. Who the hell made a semi-auto sniper rifle anyway? So far we had avoided detection so I hadn't had to fire this piece of shit weapon, but I wanted to make sure it was working if I needed it. Even though it was based on the M-14 it was still more prone to jams than my M-40. My M-40 was like a Timex watch: It took a licking and kept on ticking. Plus this piece of shit felt like a fucking toy because it used a bullpup2 design. Because of the design flaws, I'd seen guys lose part of their face when a bullpup failed. I stopped, performed a function check and I was glad as hell I did…


1 M89SR - a gas operated semi-automatic sniper rifle, currently produced by Technical Equipment International (TEI), an Israeli company based in Tel Aviv.


2 Bullpups are firearm configurations in which the action is located behind the trigger group and alongside the shooter's face, so there is no wasted space for the buttstock as in conventional designs. This permits a shorter firearm length with the same barrel length for improved maneuverability and reduced weight.


No there wasn't a problem with this piece of shit, however there was another damn RG patrol and these guys SA (Situational Awareness) was extremely high which told me I must be getting close to my objective. I patiently waited for the patrol to pass, moved back onto the goat trail and headed toward what was thought to be a chemical weapons plant. Now that was scary shit: Getting killed in a fair fight or even by another sniper was one thing but being gassed – that was a pussy-assed way to kill a person.


My goal was an area of higher ground where I could get eyes on the target, hopefully without being seen. I left the goat path, and bushwhacked my way towards the higher ground. I reached the far side of the dune, crawled towards the top, peeked over the crest and – Shit! This really sucked!!!


Flashback – Major M – Mission C&C


This mission was necessary but it was also the absolute worst mission to send teams on because the chance of survival was in the single digits. I hated sending in my Sgts., but they were my best team and if anyone could live through this mission, they sure as hell could. That was because they had a really quirky way of adapting and overcoming obstacles that worked like magic for them. And also Sgt. Blaine seemed to be the luckiest person on the planet. I counted on these facts to get them in and more importantly bring them back alive.


We'd already lost all the other teams that went in. The Seals were the last to go and from the intel we had, they went out in a blaze of glory and destroyed the hell out of a weapons cache after they were discovered. The place would be radioactive for years.


I waited at the appointed time for the message from my team. No, this wasn't the old fashioned radio contact, this was a high speed burst of uploaded data which contained GPS coordinates and pictures. Then they were sent a very quick update with any FRAGO3s…


3 Defined earlier – FRAGO – Fragmentary Order Change – a change to the initial OPPLAN which happens frequently.


I watched the clock. The time passed with no contact and I feared the worst but ordered, "I want someone here monitoring this twenty-four/seven."


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


I woke up, checked my watch and figured out I'd been out of it for a whole damn day. I felt much better so once again Jack's way was the best way. But I was hungry as hell! I couldn’t remember the last time I ate. Plus these Israeli rations weren't half bad if you could get past the kosher part. Man what I wouldn't give right now for a nice piece of ham or some bacon.


My stomach growled. I decided it wouldn't hurt to heat up the rations just this once, so I pulled out two packs and began to heat them. I just got them opened, got ready to take my first bite when Banzai came flying into my camp, scared the hell out of me, and yelled, "Jack what the fuck are you doing! I and everyone else for ten kilometers can smell those damn rations. We need to get the hell out of here right now because I'm sure the RG patrols will be on us like flies on shit."


I waved my hand in front of my nose and complained, "You're a great one to talk you smell like piss. What the hell happened?"


Banzai said, "Jack, open your ears and listen. Don’t you hear the RG patrols closing in on us now?"


I listened and dammit he was right. I started to dig a hole, Banzai helped and we threw my meals into a hole, then we did our best to cover the mess I had made. Damn I was still out of it some from the meds I took and wasn't thinking straight. Thank God Banzai came back before the RG patrols showed up.


Banzai ordered, "Jack these RG patrols are damn good so we're going to pull a switch-a-roo on them. They will think whoever was here would be trying to head away from them, but we're heading toward them. Then we're going to hope they pass us by." So we took off up the ravine toward the bastards and this time my eyes watered from the smell, but it wasn't from the RG it was from Banzai: He smelled like the south end of a north-bound goat.


We went about half a click up the ravine, heard the bastards, settled down and became bushes. The patrol was almost past us, then one of them stopped, came toward me and I discovered first hand why Banzai smelled as bad as he did…

Flashback – Banzai Ben – Undisclosed location


One thing about the RG patrols, they sure weren't worried about making noise! This was to our advantage, but I also knew that could change at any moment. My SA had been running on high for days now and even with the uppers they gave us, I was tired as hell. The patrol was almost past us as one of them said something, they all stopped then he came over and watered Jack. Yeah I guess the goat herding fuckers thought it was their job to piss on the bushes. I fought like hell to keep from laughing. Now Jack would know why I smelled like piss, because he was going to smell the same way. The fucking bastards had been pissing on me for a day because when I topped the ridge, their encampment and the chemical plant was right below me and unfortunately I became the convenience station.


I got the intel quick enough - once again our boys had it right, this was a major chemical weapons plant. I saw and photographed all the equipment needed to work with the scary shit but these bastards must piss more than anyone I ever knew because it took me a whole day to slip off that ridge.


The RG patrol finally left but I was damn comfortable here so I decided to stay for a while until Jack whispered, "Banzai let's get the hell out of here before they come back and piss on me again."


I fought back a laugh and replied, "Jack did you remember to do the data dump last night?"


He replied, "Shit no, I was out of it and thought you would do it."


Dammit, I forgot to tell him to do the dump and I knew Jack, he'd drugged the hell out of himself and probably passed out. That was why he was still so out of it today. At least he sort of seemed to be himself again and was moving much better.


I decided, "Listen Jack, I know it's outside protocol, but because we missed the dump last night, I'm going to setup and do it now. I want to make sure if the RG finds us Major M at least has our latest intel."


He answers, "So it was that good."


I began to prepare the data dump and answered, "What I saw was scary as hell."


Jack said, "Well if it's that bad then hurry the hell up. With the incompetence of these bastards I sure don't want to be here if they accidentally blow the place up."


Jack didn't have to remind me of that - the protocol specified we made the data dump then got the hell out of Dodge just in case the bastards were able to track the signal.


I did the dump and it seemed like it took forever to receive the FRAGO. It finally came in, I looked at it and spit, "Well fuck me!"


Flashback – Major M – Mission C&C


We were all in a meeting getting our asses chewed about how we had lost all the teams. It was bad enough losing the teams, but the boneheads didn't even care that the teams represented real living and breathing men - all they cared about was their fucking intel.


My aide came in, handed me a note and I smiled. Now it was time to make these bastards eat some fucking crow!


I interrupted, "Excuse me but I just received an out of protocol message from my team. They are still alive and sending back intel. They were unavoidably delayed last night from sending any messages."


The new intel was quickly displayed and I again smiled. The Sgts. were kicking ass on this mission and had just made me look really good. I was basking in the knowledge that I'd made the right decision, but then the fucking boneheads got together for a conference and then they gave me a FRAGO I couldn't fucking believe. Dammit, I hoped like hell this didn't get Sgt. Blaine as pissed at me as he got at Mr. Smith…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


I was glad we stopped. Other than getting pissed on, I wanted to take my knife and cut off the bastard's pecker, but it was so small anyway I figured it wouldn't bother him. But the stop gave me time, after he left, to give myself another good dose of antibiotic. I sure as hell didn't know what miracle antibiotic they included in the medkits, but it sure was kicking the shit out of the dose the bitch gave me.


I just finished when Banzai said, "Well fuck me!"


I got nervous and asked, "What the fuck is wrong now?"


Banzai just muttered, "Those fucking bastards."


Now I was really worried, and queried, "Well are you going to tell me or make me guess."


Flashback – Banzai Ben – Undisclosed location


I couldn't fucking believe it! They had to be fucking crazy so I seriously broke protocol and requested clarification on the FRAGOs.


I kept muttering under my breath and Jack kept bugging me so finally I said, "Jack shut the hell up. I'm waiting for clarification on our FRAGOs."


After what seemed like forever, the clarification came and it wasn't a mistake. And totally out of protocol was a private message from Major M which stated this wasn't his fault and he'd fought like hell with the brass above him but he had no choice. I fought back a laugh because I was sure that he did this to cover his ass, because he was worried if we ever got back from this mission I would take care of him like I took care of Mr. Smith.


Finally I told Jack, "Well Jack you aren't going to believe the FRAGOs we've received." And I told him of the changes and included the Major's message…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


These FRAGOs smacked of the brass pulling them out of their collective asses! What the fuck! It was obvious whoever came up with these hadn't been in the field for a very long time or possibly forever.


I laughed at the personal message from the Major since it was obvious he was concerned that Banzai was going to go ape-shit-crazy again and kill his ass. But for some reason other than the initial upset I heard from Banzai, he didn't seem that bothered. I was pissed as hell and I might just go after the fuckers myself because with these orders our chance of surviving this mission – well I didn't even want to try to figure that out because it might jinx any luck we had left.


Banzai was quiet, too quiet! And when he got quiet it wasn't always a good thing. So I asked, "Banzai what the hell are you thinking."


I sure as hell didn't like how he sounded when he answered, and I liked what he said even less, "Jack these mother fuckers need to be taught a big fucking lesson." I knew when Banzai talked like that heads were going to roll…


Flashback – Major M – Mission C&C


I looked at our satellite intel and demanded, "Are we sure of these images?"


My tech replied, "Yes Sir, they are accurate."


I ordered, "Replay the last fifteen minutes again."


I watched it again and still couldn't fucking believe my eyes. I just hoped that my Sgts. survived what just happened…