Chapter 33

Walker Chapter 33

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Jens – C130 headed to DIA


I scream at my loss, "Noooooooo! Please don't!!!!!!!!" But it's too late and it's already gone!


I sit up and see everyone is gathered around me so I blush and explain, "Sorry guys it was just Ben thinking about me and while I was connected to him I saw ev-ery-thing."


You would think by now people would believe me but they all leave except for Megan and Maria. Megan condescendingly says, "Jens you just had a psychotic episode and need to rest."


I look at her and Maria and reply, "Megan, psychotic episode my ass! When are you going to believe that I can sometimes connect to Ben?"


She throws up her hands in disgust and says, "Maria, I can't talk to her when she gets this way. See if you can talk some sense into her."


Megan leaves, Maria comes over and I excitedly say, "Maria, you are such a genius. You are totally right about Ben because I saw it. The skanky ho tried to get him to bed by coming out of the bathroom in her skanky panties…" I laugh and then continue, "And my Ben shot her in the leg with a paintball gun. Then he spent all day shooting her with a paintball gun. I wished I had been there, I would have shot her too!"


Present – Maria – C130 landed at DIA


I look at my Princess Boss and feel sorry for her. I mean I don't know if she really can connect to Ben because when she talks about what she sees, it seems so real. But if it isn't real – then Ben leaving her has permanently fucked up her mind (and when we find him I'm going to permanently fuck up the rest of him!).


I can't believe all her other friends (maybe they should be called vultures) left her. What a bunch of mercenaries! Yeah, I admit at first I was one too, but I've grown to love my Princess Boss even if she's is bat-shit-crazy. Then I remember Crazy Cora, my Aunt who was supposed to be some sort of Mexican female shaman that supposedly could do the same thing. I wonder if she is still alive? Perhaps… Well I can speculate on that later but right now my Princess Boss needs my support…


I sit beside her on the bed and ask, "Jens do you feel okay?"


She gives me that dazzling smile, hugs me and says, "Hell no you should know by now I'm not just okay, I'm fantastic."


Well, it does seem like my old and stable Princess Boss is back. The door to the flight deck opens and one of the crew announces, "Please take your seats and prepare for landing."


I help my Princess Boss to a seat and she begins to tell me all about her connection to Ben. I have to admit, it sounds so real she has me believing in her. Plus, it is funny as hell and by the time we land she has me in stitches. If her Ben is really like this I can certainly understand her love for him…


Present – Megan – C130 landed at DIA


I'm upset as hell! Jens and her continued insistence that she can somehow mentally connect to Ben has gone too fucking far. I go back, try to sit by Jim but when I sit down he says, "Excuse me!" And then he moves away. I'm thankful now I never let him into my panties - where no man has gone since my husband. Fuck men! Who needs them anyway!


What I need to do is concentrate on Jens and how to get her well. If I can fix her, perhaps she will be really grateful and might finally see how much I really love her. The plane lands and I begin to contrive a plan while I make a few hurried phone calls…


Present – Jim and Matt – C130 landed at DIA


Megan tries to sit by Jim and me but Jim says, "Excuse me!" He then leaves. Yeah his short time reprieve from ex-wife prison is over. I move back beside him and he asks, "Matt did you know prostitutes are the most honest women in the world?"


I look at him as if he's crazy and answer with a question, "Jim what the fuck do you mean?"


He laughs and explains, "Well with a whore you know up front exactly what screwing is going to cost you. With a girlfriend or wife they nickel and dime you forever."


I have to admit he's right in most cases, and yeah, he's back to hating all women…


Present – Thom – C130 landed at DIA


The plane lands and I say, "Well Byron, we need to check on Hammer and Todd and see when they will be back in action."


Byron replies, "I checked on them a bit ago and the doctors said they both need to stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks. I found out Jennifer has already arranged for them to be transferred to Swedish Medical Center and has even arranged for some 'friends' to keep an eye on them."


I blink at Byron and wonder how the hell he has the time to do all that he's done lately. Oh well, it's damn nice he's helping to take care of things. I will check in with the guys before they move them and then later at the hospital. So I question, "Well then what the hell are we going to do with ourselves for two weeks?"


Byron responds, "Maria asked Linus who asked me if we could do some work for Jennifer on our down time and I said it would be fine."


I give Byron a critical look and ask, "What sort of work, because I'm sure not interested in being around that female panther Sigmund Fraud psych friend of hers."


Byron grimaces (I wonder what he knows that I don't know) and answers, "Thom neither do I, she sours my stomach."


This piques my curiosity, because I've never seen Byron act this way toward anyone. Yeah, I need to find out what he knows about that female panther. But that will have to wait until later.


I say, "Well let's go check on the guys."


We head up and find James taking care of the guys. I ask, "How are they doing?"


Hammer says, "Och I've bin baith better an' waur."


"Oh I've been both better and worse."


I forgot how damn hard it is to understand him so it takes a moment before I figure it out.


Todd signs, "I'm not bad but need a while longer to heal."


 I smile reassuringly and tease, "You two slackers are getting a couple weeks off but I want you to know I'll be keeping an eye on both of you and I'd better not hear that you're chasing the skirts too much or I'll talk to the doctors and see if they can arrange a procto for the offender."


Hammer laughs which causes him to cough and Todd signs laughter. Jim cusses me, "Damn Thom, stop making Hammer laugh - it's not good for him."


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


I marvel at how good Thom is at handling the guys, well most of the guys. The only one he has real problems with is Linus because he's as much an alpha male as Thom. But somehow the two of them have developed a working relationship. Which is a good thing because guys like Linus and Hammer are going to be the future of the TSIFFTS, and to be truthful I would like to take a little break. I'm beginning to feel my age. That's the reason I took Jennifer's assignment. I figured it would be better than a TSIFFTS mission for right now, especially since I only have the one good wing.


I compliment Thom, "Thom you would have made a hell of an officer."


He gets all upset and challenges me, "Byron, what the hell is going on with you. That's the most hateful thing you've ever said to me. You know how I feel about officers."


I realize my mistake and try to rectify it, "Hey I was just trying to tell you what a good leader you've become."


Thom counters, "Well next time I want your opinion, I will ask you for it. I should kick your ass for even mentioning my name and officer in the same sentence."


I grin at him and lie, "Thom we've been down this road before and you know I can kick your ass even with this broken arm."


He laughs and replies, "Yeah right! The only way that would happen is if you didn't fight fair."


He looks out one of the few windows and says, "Hey something's going on outside."


I look out the window and ask, "Thom, do you think we and the TSIFFTS have been caught?"


He replies, "I sure as hell hope not!"


Present – Jim and Matt – C130 landed at DIA


I say, "Hey Matt, it looks like we have a welcoming committee."


Matt leans over, looks out the window and replies, "Now just what the hell do they want?"


I question, "You don't suppose they're after us for taking out those choppers in DC do you? Because the last thing I want is to spend some time behind bars. I would either go out in a blaze of glory or cap myself before I let that happen."


Present – Linus – C130 landed at DIA


I notice a welcoming committee outside the C-130, head up to Jens and Maria and say, "Hey you two you'd better take a look out the window."


They both do and Maria says, "Shit! Look at all the fuzz. I wonder what they're doing here."


Jens adds, "I bet their pissed off because of the way we left DC."


I laugh, "Yeah almost destroying an airport is usually frowned upon."


Jens states, "Well, I'd better go talk with them to see if I can smooth things over."


I look outside again and wonder if that's such a wise idea…


Present – Maria – C130 landed at DIA


My Princess Boss seems normal again so I really don't worry as she heads off the C-130 to talk to the fuzz. Better her than me because I would just end up kicking their asses. We watch from the window and things look like they are going fine. Then Megan shows up and the police grab my Princess Boss!


I head to the exit, try to get off the plane, but it looks like everyone else has the same idea because it's a huge fucking traffic jam. Finally we all boil out of the C-130 just as the police car drives off with my Princess Boss and Megan in it. Megan blows me a kiss and I swear, "I'm going to kick her ass again."


Linus comes up and asks, "What the hell just happened?"


Masha offers an explanation, "I would speculate that Megan has arranged to take Ms. Donaldson somewhere for psychological treatment."


I curse, "How the fuck could she do that?"


Byron replies, "She probably talked a judge into issuing a seventy-two hour hold on her for observation."


Thom shouts, "I hate that Sigmund Fraud bitch."


I notice some military looking vehicles heading our way and I warn, "Well guys I hate to tell you this, but we might also have some issues." And I point out the vehicles


Linus questions, "Orders Thom?"


I watch as Thom is keenly observing the vehicles and wonder what he will say. They are getting closer and he keeps watching them.


Jim says, "Fuck this shit! They aren't taking me alive, I'm getting my weapons!"


Thom turns to him and orders, "Like hell you are! Stand down soldier! Byron lay your rifle on the ground and step away from it" Byron complies.


The vehicles encircle the C-130 and I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. But Linus hugs me which makes me feel better.


The door opens on one of the vehicles and…


Present Yasmeen and Zarika a different C-130 to DIA


The Liz Lady was very rude and changed the channel on my TV without asking me. I complained but she didn't understand me. I will make my husband Ben have her lashed when we meet him again.


Then she leaves so I change it right back to my music video and practice my English by singing the words,


"Why you coming home five in the mone
Somethings going on can I smell yo dick??
Don't play me like a fool cause dat ain't cool
So what you need to do is let me smell yo dick."



Yasmeen's singing is worse than ever! Plus she has no idea what she is singing about. I have been diligently studying English and I know what she is saying is rude and vulgar. The minute she uses that sort of language with my husband Ben, he will banish her. I secretly smile and lie, "Yasmeen, you are getting better all the time."


She rushes over and asks, "Zarika, you really think so."


I continue the lie, "Yes Yasmeen, if you practice enough I bet you could even be a famous rapper yourself."


The lie motivates her so she runs back to the TV and sings some more. I laugh at the words.


"Puerto Rican papi, used to be a Deacon
But now he be suckin' me off on the weekend
And this black dude I called King Kong
He had a big ass dick and a hurricane tongue."


The noise on the plane changes and I realize it is landing! I get excited because soon I will be back with my husband Ben and then I can show him my love in English because of that phrase I have been secretly practicing.


Yasmeen finally figures it out after we land. At first when the airplane bumped she screamed and thought we were crashing again. I secretly laughed some more.


She rushes over to me and asks, "Zarika, do you think we will meet Ben now?"


I smile and say, "I certainly hope so. Are you going to use some of your new English words with him?"


She giggles and says, "Yes I think I will tell him I want to 'suck his dick' because according to the songs I listen to men really like that."


I smile and encourage her, "Yes I think Ben would like it if you told him that."


I figure out the landing wasn't to meet Ben but it was so the one nice/mean lady (you never know with them which they will be next) could have something done.


She comes back onto the airplane carrying a big metal tube like it's a baby and I ask Yasmeen as the airplane takes off again, "What do you think is in that container?"


Yasmeen says, "Well whatever it is, it must be more important than the gold belonging to our husband which you lost."


I get upset, "I lost the gold? What are you talking about? It was your fault the airplane crashed."


Yasmeen uses some of the new words she learned when she continues…


Present Liz a different C-130 to DIA


The C-130 takes off again and I hear one of the girls yell, "Fuck you!" Now when and how did they learn that phrase?


Then there's a hell of a fight between the two of them. They are both swearing like well, I don't know quite what because it's so damn funny. I remember the last time I tried to stop one of their fights and decide this time I'm not going to get in the middle. Ben and especially Jens would be much better without the two of them because they are selfish, conniving, bitchy little girls. If we're lucky they will kill each other soon.


Then Bernie asks, "Don't you think we should do something?"


I reply, "Hell no! I'm not getting between those two again."


He foolishly says, "Well I sure can't let this continue."


He starts to get up and I say, "It looks like you're too late."


 Present Zarika and Yasmeen a different C-130 to DIA



I can't believe the foul words Yasmeen shouted, so I decide to put her in the proper place. I slap her and use some of the words I've learned from her music videos, "You fat bitch go make me a samwitch!"


She punches me and yells, "Yo Mama!"


She forgot again and insulted my mother. So now I need to get serious with her. I grab her hair, begin pulling and yell, "Take that back dick breath!"


She grabs my hair, pulls and taunts, "No way maggot face."


I am surprised because she fights much better than she used to. She is using methods which Ben didn't teach her. Then I understand why. She has been spending some time with the soldiers on the plane and they must have trained her. So I decide to get really rough with her, knock her on the ground, jump on top of her and get ready to slam her head into the bottom of the airplane when two soldiers grab me and pull me off her.


Then Yasmeen lies…



Zarika does not know it, but I have made good friends with the soldiers on this airplane and they have taught me many new things. They even laugh at the English words I use. So I use those tricks on Zarika and do well until she knocks me down and tries to kill me.


My soldier friends rush up, pull her off me and I yell, "That ho tried to kill me."


They help me up and one of them says, "That does it restrain her."


I smile as they take Zarika away because now she's in big trouble and she's crying like a baby. I decide I need to go and thank the soldiers that helped me. Besides I like them, they tell me how beautiful I am and touch me all the time. And I might be able to finally use the soldiers to teach Zarika her place…


Present Mira different C-130 to DIA


Those two female children are disputing again. I observe with interest when I comprehend Yasmeen has acquired some new techniques and for a brief period of time fends off Zarika. But she foolishly agitates Zarika to an extreme extent, gets knocked to the ground and Zarika is going to seriously damage her. I arise and prepare to terminate the situation when the soldiers come to Yasmeen's aid. Most curious! This requires some further observation so I request, "Alexi, please mind my package while I attend to a developing engagement."


He responds, "I will comply with your request my sister Mira. I do hope you will apply severe force to the derrieres of both those obscene female miscreants."


I smile because he is so astute. I proceed toward the fore end of the aircraft and what I perceive angers me to a severe degree! A degree which I have not experienced for many years. Assuredly not since I was rudely removed from the American spy school and my L.Cpl. Blaine. I proceed posthaste to take serious remedial action…


Present Liz different C-130 to DIA


What the hell is going on! I hear Mira's battle cry, and the next thing I know there are bodies of soldiers flying everywhere. I yell to Bernie, "Something's gone wrong and we need to help Mira."


We are both out of our seats in a flash and run toward the front of the C-130 but by the time we arrive, it's already too late. All the soldiers have been beat to shit. I look and see Mira is taking down the partially nude body of Zarika from some restraints. Her back is a mass of welts - it looks like she's been whipped.


I run up and ask, "What happened?"


Mira calmly explains yet I can detect the fire in her eyes, "Yasmeen misled the soldiers into stripping and restraining Zarika. Then she commenced to flail her with a device made of wire."


I gasp and question the circumstances, "And Zarika didn't scream out in pain?"


Mira gives me a cold look and answers, "No Ms. Morgan. When one has been tortured like Zarika has experienced in the past, one learns not to cry out because it just excites those that torture them."


I can tell there is firsthand experience in her statement and hope to someday find out more when I hear crying. I look over and see Yasmeen holding her arm and again ask, "What's wrong with Yasmeen?"


Mira blushes and explains, "Unfortunately, I allowed my anger to overcome my deliberative senses and I am quite sure I precipitated a broken arm. However, I will not render aid to her after her reprehensible actions. If you would like to assist her it is now your duty."


What the fuck! Mira won't help Yasmeen! I look at Bernie, he looks back at me and I declare, "Shit Bernie, I guess we need to take care of Yasmeen."


We head to Yasmeen, I smile at her and try to comfort her, "We're here to help you."


She responds with, "Thank you skanky ho."


I begin to look closely at her and decide if I ever have children I'm never going to let them watch music videos. As I move her arm, she winces and cries, "That hurts like a mother fucker!"


Not much swelling, tender to the touch - I'm pretty sure she has a fracture. I ask, "Bernie, go and get me a couple magazines and see it you can find some tape."


He takes off as I look at Yasmeen and scold her, "That was a terrible thing you did to Zarika."


She spouts, "Shut yo mouth bitch and make me a samwitch."


When I draw back my hand to slap her, she cringes and begins to cry. I stop and decide there's already been enough violence on this flight. So I try to explain to her, "Yasmeen, the words you learned from the music video are rude and vulgar."


At least I think she understands some of what I said because she looks like she's in deep thought…


The sound of the engines change, my ears pop and I know we're landing. What the hell is going on now?


Present Yasmeen different C-130 to DIA


I was giving Zarika the whipping she deserved. After all, I am Ben's first wife so it is my responsibility to train her. The soldiers helped me and even encouraged me so it wasn't totally my fault. When the mean lady saw what I was doing, she attacked me and hurt my arm very badly. The soldiers tried to stop her so she hurt them even worse and now she is taking care of Zarika who just has the welts she deserves, while I am left by myself.


The nice Liz lady comes and helps me so I use my new English to tell her I am thankful. She doesn't seem to like what I say and I don't understand. Then she acts like she's going to hit me, stops and tells me the words I am using are bad words?


I think about this and then I get angry again. Zarika has been tricking me and wanted me to use bad words in front of my husband Ben. If I get the chance I will whip her even harder for this bad trick.


I smile at the Liz lady try to come up with better words and say, "Thank you for watching our program."


She gives me a funny look then smiles and says…


Present Liz different C-130 to DIA


Okay I've really changed my mind: If I ever have children, even though I work on TV, they will never watch TV. Yasmeen tries to thank me and it's all I can do to keep from laughing. I say, "Yasmeen, those are better words but a simple 'thank you' would have been perfect."


She grins at me and repeats, "Thank you Liz lady."


Bernie arrives with the magazines and some tape, I look at Yasmeen and explain, "This is going to hurt, but I need to do this so your arm doesn't get more damaged."


I straighten her arm, she screams, "That's a cherry popper!" Then she passes out.


I wrap the magazines around her arm as a splint, tape the hell out of them, take a piece of cloth to fashion a sling and ask, "Bernie, can you carry her back to the seats for me?"


We head back to the seats and I decide if I ever have children, I won't even have a TV in the house.


I look back and see Mira has taken care of Zarika, and they are jabbering like long lost friends. If I hadn't seen what I'd seen with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe anything had happened to Zarika.


My ears continue to pop and I wonder why we're landing this time because we can't be at DIA yet…