Chapter 36

Walker Chapter 36

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Thom – C130 landed at DIA


I was tired of everyone reacting to everything (mostly in an incorrect way) and no one taking charge, so I took charge. I scrutinized the vehicles as they approached and wasn't sure they posed a real threat.


Now I needed to make sure we didn't pose a threat so I ordered Byron to lay down his rifle, I could tell he sure as hell didn't like that idea and I ordered Jim to stand down. We sure as hell don't need another fire fight, especially not on the private runways of DIA.


Jim complains, "Who the hell died and made you the fucking boss. If I feel like getting my weapons, I'm going to get them."


I order, "Linus, take him down."


Linus takes him down hard, the vehicles circle us one door opens and the person in charge steps out. Just like I thought, they were paramilitary. He struts towards us like a banty rooster and asks, "Where is Ms. Donaldson."


I decide this could be fun so I grin and answer, "You just missed her. The police took her away."


I watch as visible signs of anger cross his face and wish I could play a few hands of poker with him. He again demands, "What the hell happened?"


I reply with my own question, "Well just who the hell are you to be asking and what concern is it of yours?"


He spouts, "It's my concern because my orders were to secure Ms. Donaldson and her party, smartass! So tell me where she is or I will have my men teach you a lesson."


I grin at him (again) and threaten, "That would be the last order you ever gave and you would lose all your men."


He laughs and taunts, "Just how the hell do you plan on doing that? You're not even armed."


I whistle, the door on the C-130 opens and James is there with the mini-gun pointed right at the asshole. I yawn and reply, "Well, I'm not armed but my friends are."


Yeah it is SOP for James and the rest of the crew of the C-130 to stand by in situations like this, that's why I'm not worried.


I watch as his face turns red and then green as I again request, "Now who exactly are you?"


He says, "I was sent here to make sure Ms. Donaldson and her party are safe and to see you to stay here until Ms. Sedankina and her party arrive."


I poke him in the chest, "Was that to request that we stay here until Mira arrives or to detain us until Mira arrives."


He shrugs his shoulders and asks, "Aren't they basically the same?"


I shake my head and try to get through his thick skull, "Hell no! We might actually stay here if it was a request, but if you think you can forcefully detain us, then you're barking up the wrong damn tree."


I was losing my patience with this bastard so I repeat my question, "So is this a request?"


I can see him scanning the armed men behind me and calculating the survivability (which was almost zero) he finally surrenders, "It's a request Sir!"


I laugh, "Don't call me fucking Sir! I work for a living. Now since it's a request most of us will stay here."


He starts to complain and I explain, "Shut up and let me finish. Most of us will stay here while the rest of us go and liberate Jennifer Donaldson. I could sure use some of your men to help secure our perimeter."


He answers, "That's what we were sent to do in the first place." I watch as he deploys his men.


I shake my head and wonder what sort of mall-soldier this jerk is. Then I do a mental inventory of all we need to do, the resources that we have and realize this is going to take some work because it's a logistical mess and I hate logistics.


I smile broadly - it's time to delegate…


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


Thom orders, "Byron, James, Linus and Maria front and center."


It's a surprise when he includes Maria. We gather in front of him and he says, "Okay guys, here's what I need you to do."


Byron, you handle getting Hammer and Todd to the hospital and find out where the hell those guys are that Jennifer arranged for to watch them. We're too short of crew right now to allocate anyone for protection."


I question (more just to bother him because I already know the answer), "What about using some of these new guys."


He laughs, "Byron, don't tell me you've gotten so old you can't recognize weekend warriors. These guys aren't fit to even hold a weapon, much less give us any real help."


He looks at Linus and orders, "Linus, throw together a rescue team for Jennifer using Matt and Jim. Make sure they know you're the boss and understand the rules of engagement."


Linus questions…


Present – Linus  – C130 landed at DIA


It's good to see Thom (or anyone) taking charge and I'm happy (but surprised) he included Maria because I didn't think she was part of the team yet.


He gives me my assignment but I need clarification so I ask, "And what are those rules?"


Thom answers, "Non-lethal unless Jennifer's life is in peril."


I continue, "Do we know where she's being held?"


He grins and says, "Not right at the moment, but I saw her pickup a cell phone when she left the C-130 and tuck it in her pocket. Now James, this is where you come in. Figure out whose phone she grabbed, then get on our systems and use the phone to figure out where they've taken her. Then assist Byron with Hammer and Todd."


James says, "I'll start on that right away." Then he leaves.


Maria asks, "What am I doing? Helping Linus."


Thom smiles and says, "No sorry about that. Since we've lost James, you're logistical support."


I worry what's coming next when Maria asks, "Just exactly what does that mean?"


I can't believe what Thom says to her. She's left speechless and dumbfounded as I grab her arm and lead her away. I need to have a talk with her before she kicks Thom's ass.


Present – Maria  – C130 landed at DIA


I can't believe it when I ask for a clarification of my duties and Thom says, "Well sweetie, I broke a coffee pot that needs cleaned up and while you're at it see about making some more coffee. Oh and I think we could all use a little snack - I know sandwiches would be great. And if you could deliver mine I would appreciate it."


I'm stunned since I thought I would be helping Linus. Linus leads me away, then it hits me and I spout, "I'm going to kick his ass! Just who the hell does he think I am - a fucking servant?"


I try to yank my arm out of Linus's grasp but Linus holds tight and answers, "Maria, you need to see this for what it really is. Thom's just testing you to see if you will follow orders before he lets you on the team."


I continue to complain, "Well I sure as hell don't want to be on this team if I'm a REMF!"


Linus continues to try to soothe me, "Come on Maria I know you've had shitty assignments before. So just play the game with Thom and make me proud."


I finally yank my arm out of his grasp and reply, "Just why would you assume I've had shitty assignments. It wouldn't be because I am a woman, would it?"


Linus gets serious and answers, "Listen I don't think that way and I sure as hell don't like you assuming I'm that I think that way. I let it slide the first few times, but I'm tired of it so cut it the hell out. Now we both have missions to do: I'm doing mine and I would suggest you keep your mouth shut and do yours, because it really is a test."


He storms away and I worry I've pushed him too far but then I remember my Princess Boss's advice. I run, catch up with him, spin him around, give him a smoking hot kiss, pull away and say, "Thank you Linus for helping me get the right perspective on this, sorry I got all bitchy about it. But when you get back, I'll be looking forward to some make up sex."


I stroll away with a little more than usual sway, look over my shoulder and YES Linus is watching me. I head into the C-130 and decide, make a sandwich my ass! I'm going to fix Thom a sandwich alright, and a little bit more…


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


Thom handles the situation with the weekend warriors masterfully and defuses what could have been a big fight. Then he gives me my assignment, which I already knew was coming. He gives Linus his assignment, which was also expected. But I wondered what the hell he was going to have Maria do? I couldn't believe it when he told her to clean up his mess, make coffee and sandwiches and bring him one. Linus wisely gets Maria the hell away from Thom before Thom gets his ass kicked.


I smile at him and say, "That was a stroke of genius and masterfully played."


He laughs, "Yeah I figure right about now she's giving Linus hell."


I reply, "And knowing Linus he's not going to put up with that very long."


Thom rubs his chin then says, "Shit! It looks like it didn't work out quite like I planned."


I turn just in time to see Linus watching Maria as she sashays away and add, "Yeah Thom, I would say Linus is in love."


Thom answers, "Well, it was a good try but I still have a few more tricks up my sleeves and she still has to follow my orders. By the way, shouldn't you be doing something about now?"


I turn back but notice another group of vehicles heading our way. I alert him, "Thom looks like we have more company."


He watches the vehicles leans over and says, "Now this could get interesting." Then he orders, "Everyone regroup around the C-130."


This group stops outside the first group. I watch as they all exit the vehicles and take up positions behind their vehicles, a totally different move from the first group. One of them asks, "Who's in charge here?"


Banty rooster answers, "I am."


Thom whispers, "That was the wrong answer, now this should be fun."


Present – Jens – Headed to the psych hospital


I can't believe Megan! I am sooooo angry at her that if I ever get loose I'm going to kick her ass so hard she'll be smiling out her ass!


She can tell I’m upset and tries to calm me, "Jens, this is for your own good."


I glare at her but know better to say anything. Damn shrinks use anything you say against you. Instead I take control of my temper and just smile at her…


Present – Megan – Headed to the psych hospital


Jens gives me a scary smile and won't talk to me. So I pull out my notebook, write and say out loud, "Patient refuses to respond verbally to simple questions."


She smiles and asks, "Megan, what would you like me to say?"


I return her smile and answer, "I was hoping you would tell me how this makes you feel?"


She answers, "Well I am surprised that you feel the need to hold me for observation."


I tell her, "Well Jens you did have that catatonic schizophrenic episode on the flight."


Jens smiles and answers, "Megan I have no idea what you are talking about."


I analyze her answer; it makes me wonder what the hell sort of game she's playing. This is a new one to me…


Present – Jens – Headed to the psych hospital


I figure out Megan's game and she's made a huge mistake since she assumes that someone on the C-130 will back up her story about my 'episode' as she likes to call it. However I know that everyone on the C-130 is faithful to me. All I need is to buy some time until they come and take me out of whatever hell-hole psych ward Megan wants to cage me in.


Besides I'm really not crazy. I can really connect to Ben and I sure as hell saw him give that skanky ho the treatment she deserved. But I can't afford to think about that right now as I need to remain calm and collected.


She writes in her notebook and I ask, "So Megan my best friend, what are you writing now?"


She smiles and says, "I'm simple notating that you are now either in denial or have amnesia about your catatonic schizophrenic episode."


I smile and question, "Megan are you sure you haven't let your feelings for me cloud your professional judgment? Because I think you're delusional."


She snaps at me, "Jens you're not a psychologist so don't try to pull that bullshit on me."


I smile and snidely reply, "That's right Megan I'm not and I'm sure that everyone will believe you."


Present – Megan – At the psych hospital


Jens is really frustrating me: First she insinuates she knows about how I feel towards her but… I'm sure she doesn't understand the depth of my feelings. Next she tries to play her amateur psych games on me. She did make a mistake since she assumed I had her taken here just because of her catatonic schizophrenic episode. However that was only part of it and is she in for a big surprise.


The officers escort us into the hospital and I ask, "Will you watch her while I check in."


I finish, the officers take off the handcuffs and leave as the orderlies escort us to Jens room.


I tell her, "Jens go ahead and change I will be right back."


Jens smiles again at me and says, "Don't worry Megan I will be here waiting for you when you come back."


Now to arrange for the real reason I had her brought here…


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital


The orderlies leave my room and I wonder what sort of country club place I'm in because no one bothered to even search me. I slip the mobile phone out of my pants pocket, and son of a fricken fracken bitch - there's no signal here. I scan the room, find a great hiding place and stash the phone for later. I look over and swear I'm going to puke! Not another fricken-fracken orange jumpsuit, I look putrid in orange.


I change, fold my clothes nicely, put them on the end of the bed, lie on the bed and wait for Megan to come back.


Megan finally comes back and she's all alone! I decide to spring into action and escape! I jump up, grab the bitch around the neck and choke the hell out of her. I let her lifeless body fall to the floor, run out into the hallway and – Frack, Double Frack and Triple Frack!!!


Present Liz different C-130 landed


I wonder why the hell we've landed. Mira comes up with Alexi (carrying the no longer mysterious cylinder) and Zarika, who appears to be her new best friend. She smiles at me and states, "Ms. Morgan we are departing this aircraft."


I look at her and question, "What for?"


She states, "I can not abide residing in the same aircraft as the sham soldiers who abused Zarika. Therefore we will transfer to a different aircraft and leave the soldiers behind."


I question, "What about Yasmeen? She needs medical care."


Mira waves her hand and coldly states, "Ms. Morgan, she may accompany you. However we will not perform indulgencies for her medical condition as it is not life threatening. The pain which I inflicted upon her should be a stern reminder to never torture another human again. Now we are leaving, would you please accompany us."


I look at Bernie and I'm completely speechless. Bernie advises, "Come on Liz, we need to move it."


We follow Mira outside and there's a much nicer aircraft waiting for us. Bernie nudges my arm and comments, "Nothing like trading up."


We enter what has to be one of the nicest corporate jets I have ever traveled in. We are assisted to our seats and offered refreshments. Then the jet takes off for DIA. There is even a private doctor on board to look at the girls. Mira insists he examine and treat Zarika first then allows him to look at Yasmeen.


I recline in my seat, sip my Gin and Tonic and wonder about Mira's mystery boyfriend. Whoever he is, he must be richer than Daddy Warbucks!


Present Mira's mystery man


I should have known better than to send mercenaries to transport my tavarish, because they really fouled things up. I wasn't aware of the power struggle between the two young girls they brought with them. I discovered it was over which one was the first wife of the unfortunate (if he ever meets them) Ben Blaine. The youngest one's actions were well within the realm of a first wife and would be acceptable in their culture. However due to previous experiences by my tavarish they greatly angered her.


However it was the mercenaries’ role in everything which majorly angered me. To eliminate their distraction, I sent my private jet for my tavarish. Once I was assured the jet was safely in transit, I ordered the flight crew to abandon the C-130 leaving the mercenaries to die in a fiery crash.


The flight crew was successfully recovered however the C-130 and the mercenaries were lost. I knew my personal secretary would report the loss of the plane to my insurance company and they would gladly pay so it wasn't a financial loss to me. However when other mercenaries heard of what happened, they would think twice about infuriating me again. Now that's the type of insurance that's worth more than money.


 I lean back in my chair and remember when the tavarish twins rescued me - it was unforgettable for me. They might have the moniker of 'Angels of Death' to most people, but I will always remember them as my ‘Angels of Life’. Yes their actions took me out of the hell I was in, nursed me back to health and gave me back my life. So the little repayment to my surviving tavarish was not close to what I owed her. I only wish I had been able to provide the same for her deceased sister.


The flight crew informed me of the cryogenic canister and I smiled: Yes my surviving tavarish would finally have the offspring of her one and only love, Ben Blaine. I immediately sat bolt upright! How could I have been so dense. I press the button, summon my aide and order, "Make sure the best fertility clinic in Denver is standing by for my jet when it lands. My tavarish will require their services. And also summon the head of my security. We need to discuss a plan to find my tavarish's missing Ben Blaine."


Yes If she becomes pregnant with his offspring and if I could find him for her and arrange a marriage, it might go a very long way at repaying a debt which cannot be repaid...


I wonder if my tavarish has figured out who I am or if she even remembers me…