Chapter 37

Walker Chapter 37

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


The horses are more than spooked - they are scared and are running like hell! I'm holding onto the travois for dear life and decide I desperately need Ben. I free one hand, thumb the hammer back on the shiny rifle and fire a shot! Well that was a mistake because now the horses are even more out of control and running faster!


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker - Recon


Well whoever was stalking us, is stalking me now which is much better since they are leaving Stacy the hell out of this. Now it will just be between the two of us, mano y mano! As I decide to start stalking this bastard, I think I see something but then I hear the distinctive report of the Winchester Centennial '66. I snap my rifle to my shoulder, fire a couple shots in the general direction of what I thought I saw to try to deter whoever's stalking me. I begin running in the direction of the report.


I hear a second shot from the Winchester and realize I'm much further away than I first thought. I run the best I can but my leg still bothers me some. As for whoever is stalking me, the shots sure didn't deter them because the hair on the back of my neck are still standing tall.


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


Where the hell is Ben? I operate the lever on the rifle (hey this is a pretty cool rifle) and fire a second shot in hopes that he will hear me this time. I'm looking forward trying to see if the horses are any more calm, when I hear a noise behind me. I turn and I can't believe what the hell is chasing us. I yell, "Faster you nags and get us the hell out of here!"


I figure it's gaining on us, probably because Knacker isn't very damn fast pulling this travois. So I try my best to snuggle down into the travois, let go with both hands, operate the lever on this cool rifle again and fire at it. But of course I miss because there's no way in hell I can hit it while I'm bouncing around on this travois. Let's see that's three shots. How many shots did Ben say this cool rifle held?


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


I hear another shot from the Winchester. That's three but I determine I'm much closer. There was one in the chamber so she only has four rounds left. I sure hope she remembers to reload before she runs it empty.


I ignore the pain and find the energy to run even faster and I know the extra speed must be pure adrenaline. I still feel the hair on the back of my neck. In fact it's worse than ever so whoever is stalking me is also faster than I am. I chuckle for a moment when I remember Mira and how she was faster than I was. It would be funny as hell if it was her – again.


Shit, there's another shot from the Winchester, but I'm much closer now and soon I will be on the same road the horses are on, then I can really fly.


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


I fire again, more out of fear than anything else. Ben sure the hell is right, controlling fear in a confrontation is the hardest thing of all. I operate the lever and fire again and of course I miss so I do it again and miss again. Frack it all how many shots was that? I decide I'd better reload, start looking for the box of ammo for the rifle and realize it's gone. I frantically check and thank God I still have the revolver. I pull up the revolver, cock it and fire - and dammit I miss!


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


I hit the road and crank up the speed, but whoever's chasing me must do the same because the hair on my neck feels like needles. I hear the report of the revolver and figure Stacy's in real trouble. I round the bend and I can't believe what I see! I almost stop running because I'm so damn surprised. It's a fucking lion chasing her. I hear a growl behind me and realize I've got another fucking lion chasing me. Where the hell did lions come from in Texas?


When Stacy fires again, the round whistles past my head and I hear a yowl from behind me. Dammit, she missed her lion and hit mine. I see her cock the revolver again and figure I need to be out of the line of fire so I jog to the side as she fires again and misses everything.


I glance over my shoulder to check the situation - my lion is hurt and pissed! But thank to Stacy's lucky shot, it's running slower and I'm improving the distance between us some. I decide that if I fire at her lion, it might just distract it. So I pull my pistol…


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


Ben finally shows up but I can't believe it, he's bringing another fracking lion with him. I fire, miss my lion, miss Ben (thank God) but somehow it hits his lion, which lets out a yowl and noticeably slows. I watch as Ben pulls his revolver, fires and he hits my damn lion. It yowls like crazy, Knacker freaks out and swerves and I get thrown off the travois. The last thing I remember is hearing a hell of a lot of gunshots. Then I hit the ground and…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


I'm distracted by Stacy falling off the travois, then when I regain my composure I realize I have a wounded lion in front of me, another wounded lion behind me and five rounds left in my revolver. I'm gaining faster on the lion in front of me so that's my first target. Besides, it's still after Stacy. I figure if I can take it down with the revolver, I just might have time to use my rifle on the lion chasing me. So I empty my revolver into the lion chasing Stacy and it finally collapses in a heap.


I keep running, bring my rifle around, spin and face the lion behind me. It let's go a blood curdling yowl, I fire offhand but dammit I miss! I operate the bolt, fire again and this time it's a hit. The lion slows some more but keeps coming. I operate the bolt and fire - it's another hit but the damn thing still won't go down. I operate the bolt, fire again and the rifle goes click! Dammit, I forgot the mag on this rifle only holds four rounds so I'm out of ammo (and out of luck).


It charges me so I wait until it's close enough and swing the rifle like a baseball bat with all my might. It connects squarely with the head of the lion, snaps the stock of the rifle in two and the lion collapses right on top of me. I scramble, trying to get my hand free to find my knife and realize this is not my tactical vest so it's in a different place. Then I realize the lion on top of me isn't moving anyway and begin to laugh like crazy!


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker – SA and SLLS training


I wake up to the sound of Ben's laughter and I wonder what the frack is so funny. I slowly get up, realize how damn sore I am now, look over and see a lion on top of Ben. I pull up my revolver, fire and hit the dirt in front of the lion. Ben yells, "Stacy stop firing! This damn lion's already dead. Come over here and help get this damn smelly thing off me."


I shuffle over look at the two of them and ask, "How in the hell do you expect me to move this fracking lion in the condition I'm in?"


Ben says, "Shit I forgot that you're a little hurt."


I interrupt, "No I'm a lot damn hurt now!"


He whistles. Bo shows up this time by himself but won't get close to Ben. I say, "Well a lot of good that did."


Ben answers, "Well, get the rope off Bo, and bring it here."


I walk towards Bo, but his ears are back and he's pawing the ground like crazy. So I begin to talk to him till he calms enough for me to reach him. I take the rope, bring it over by Ben, he loops it around the lion's neck and says, "Now hook this over Bo's saddle horn and have him pull."


Again I have to soothe Bo as I walk toward him, tie the rope to his saddle horn and begin to lead him. It drags the lion off Ben with a thud. Bo looks back, sees the lion is moving and takes off running - dragging the lion behind him. Ben cusses, "Dammit! I thought I told you to hook it over his saddle horn, not tie it over his saddle horn. We'll never see him again!"


Ben begins to whistle and I sit down and do the only reasonable thing - I cry…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Shit! I got upset at Stacy, yelled at her and in the condition she's in she becomes more upset and starts crying like hell. I sit down beside her, try to hug her but she pushes me away and blubbers, "You, you, you yelled at me."


I apologize, "Yeah, I was upset about Bo, worked up from dealing with the lions and I let my emotions get the best of me. Please forgive me."


She was going to say something else when I see movement beside the road and order, "Listen Stacy, you need to calm down right now, stand up slowly and we need to move toward those trees."


At least she stops crying looks up and says, "It's that damn rhino - he's what spooked the horses in the first place."


I calmly tell Stacy, "Do what I said." I notice she still has the Winchester and add, "Don't forget to take the rifle."


As she starts to stand, the rhino's ears are twitching and he snorts. I caution her, "Move slowly Stacy."


She's finally standing, we back towards the trees, are almost there when the rhino begins to paw the ground. I look at Stacy and say, "Quick run! I sure hope you can climb trees!"


She yells, "I can climb them better than you!"


We reach the trees and find she's right: She goes up the tree, even in her condition, like a monkey. I barely make it up my tree when the damn rhino runs into the tree. It shakes the hell out of it and I lose my grip, begin to fall, but reach out and snag a branch just in time! Just as the rhino repeatedly rams my tree, paws the ground and snorts.


I get a better grip and climb higher.


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


I sure as hell can climb trees better than Ben. Ben barely makes it into his tree as the stupid rhino runs into his tree and almost knocks him out of it. Ben catches a branch at the last moment, pulls himself up and then scrambles higher up in the tree as if he is worried the rhino is going to climb the tree after him. I find this thought funny and begin to laugh.


Ben demands, "What's so funny?"


I taunt, "You do know rhinos can't climb trees don't you?"


I guess Ben finds it funny too because he also begins to laugh. However the rhino sure doesn't like the laughing because he begins to ram my tree! It shakes the hell out of it and I climb even higher. Then Ben really laughs and says, "Yeah it's not so funny when he's ramming your tree."


I take a pinecone and bounce it off the rhinos head. He looks confused then attacks Ben's tree. Ben yells, "Hey cut that out."


I throw another pinecone and this one sticks on the rhino's horn which really gets it upset and it attacks the hell out of both of our trees. Finally it knocks the pinecone off and goes back to snorting and pawing the ground. I decide that throwing pinecones at rhinos isn't such a good idea - even if it's funny.


I ask Ben, "How in the hell are we getting out of this situation."


He quickly answers, "The best way - we are going to shoot our way out of it."


I reply, "Well I don't have any bullets left."


He smiles and says, "But I have a whole box of ammo for your rifle in my pack."


I question, "How am I going to get the rifle to you?"


Ben answers with a question, "Are you any good at throwing or do you throw like a girl?"


Ben's distracted because he's watching the rhino so I throw a pinecone as hard as I can. It bounces off his head, he jumps, about falls out of the tree and yells, "Dammit that hurt like hell, no wonder the rhino doesn't like it."


I giggle, "Yes but it answered your stupid question. So you want me to throw the rifle to you?"


Ben doesn't immediately answer and I realize he's thinking, finally he explains…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Damn this is one fine mess! Treed by a fucking rhino and there's no way in hell anyone's going to believe me when I tell this story! I barely believe it myself. I decide to try something and say, "Stacy, let's try something: If we're totally quiet maybe this damn rhino will just go away."


We sit motionless (well I do but Stacy still fidgets a little) for five minutes but the damn rhino is still right below my tree pawing and snorting. I'm frustrated and complain, "I know rhinos have bad eyesight, why doesn't this damn rhino just leave?"


The rhino attacks my tree again at the sound of my voice and Stacy answers, "Well you do smell like a lion."


I smack my head and realize: The rhino thinks I'm a lion and there's no way in hell he's going to leave until he's damn well ready to.


Stacy asks, "So why don't you just shoot the rhino like you talked about earlier?"


I answer, "Well I thought about it and ran the numbers in my head1. The thirty-thirty round the Winchester fires doesn't have enough energy to kill the rhino unless I'm lucky as hell. And an angry rhino is one thing, but a wounded, angry rhino is a totally different thing."


1 General rule of thumb for larger thick skinned animals (rhinos, elephants and hippos) you want at least 5000 ft/lbs of muzzle energy but the standard .30-30 factory load only produces 1905 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.


Then I make the decision to try something else…


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


I'm watching Ben remove his camouflage suit and ask, "Are you finally getting tired of smelling like that nasty lion, because I don't know what you did to that thing but you smell so bad it makes my eyes water."


Ben replies, "I think it was you and I think you hit one of its scent glands. By the way thanks for letting me know I smell like a lion because I sure can't smell it. And it's that smell that's attracting the rhino."


I answers, "Oh yeah I remember reading that rhinos hate lions. So, what's the plan?"


Ben replies, "Well it's pretty half-baked and I'm not sure it's going to work. So I'm not telling you until I try it."


The rhino attacks Ben's tree again, he almost falls and grabs for the branches then he asks, "Hey, you think you can distract the rhino with a few more of those pinecones?"


I question, "Well the last time I did that, he went crazy so I'm not sure I like that idea."


Ben adds, "Well this time don't hit him but see if you can make some noise over to the side by those bushes."


I easily sling a pinecone into the bushes. The rhino turns towards the bushes, snorts and paws the ground. I say, "Hey it worked."


Then he attacks my tree and I hold on for dear life. Ben laughs, "Yeah you're doing a great job of distracting him. Then the rhino attacks Ben's tree and I laugh and he turns again to my tree so I decide to shut up.


Ben motions to me to throw another pinecone, so I hit the bushes again and the rhino turns towards the noise. Ben grunts and I look over and see he's stuck. The rhino charges his tree and slams into it really hard. Ben falls, I scream but Ben grabs a branch just in time and the rhino attacks my tree after hearing my scream.


I'm pissed off at the damn rhino and begin pelting the hell out of it with pinecones. I guess it gets tired of it and finally runs past the trees and into the bushes…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


I guess Stacy gets upset because she's nailing the rhino with pinecones like crazy. He looks confused, but finally takes off into the bushes. I laugh and tease, "Good job, I guess this proves that you can even annoy a rhino."


She flips me off and says, "Well at least I was able to get rid of him. I can't wait to get out of this tree because it hurts like hell."


I get angry as I remember what the bastard did to her and I can only imagine the pain she must feel sitting on the branches, but I caution her. "Stacy, I hate to tell you this, but we need to stay up here until we are totally sure he's gone."


She complains, "Ben, I really need to get out of this tree. I think I'm bleeding again."


I tell her, "Well let me finish getting out of my ghillie suit and then I will drop down lower and see if the bastard is really gone."


I finally get out of my suit, drop down lower, just as the damn rhino charges out of the bushes and rams my tree. He's also in the perfect position for my plan. I drop the ghillie suit, it falls on top of him and gets stuck on his horn and ears.


That pisses him off, so he goes fucking crazy and stars ramming into everything. The trees are shaking like they're being hit by a tornado. I can barely hold on when finally the rhino takes off up the road. I sigh, look around and say, "Okay I think for now it's safe to come down out of the tree."


I expect and answer from Stacy, but when I look up I see she's slumped over in her tree. Shit what the hell is wrong now!