Chapter 38

Walker Chapter 38

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Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


It seemed like it took forever to get to the underground hanger. We were still doing about 60 kph but compared to when Banzai drove this thing like a striped-ass-ape this was more than sedate, it was boring as hell. I could tell even Banzai was bored because he was purposely running into and over things. Since I figured we both needed a diversion, I asked, "So Banzai, what's the plan for getting more fuel and jerry cans?"


I knew I had his attention because he was driving better as he answered, "Well I think we might do the last thing they expect us to do."


I looked at Banzai in astonishment, "You have to be fucking kidding!"


He laughed and confirmed, "Jack it's perfect because they will never expect it."


Flashback – Major M – Command and Control


We were still analyzing the debris from the truck explosion but it was scattered all over hell and the RG troops didn't help because they kept moving the shit around. I wanted to know if we had the debris of three trucks or four trucks. Finally we went back to the first snapshot of the area after the cameras regained imaging and starting adding up the pieces.


I paced the room as the techs worked. Then my aide came in and said, "Sir you might want to see this. The underground hanger was just destroyed."


I ran into the main ops room and everyone was cheering! Damn the Sgts. pulled off another one. I needed to get on the horn to the General…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed location


I was world-weary as I observed the RG inspecting the wreckage. I unfortunately did not properly control my thought processes and my mind took a visionary vacation. My imagination transported me back to the woods, the snow, and the troika. But this time we finally had arrived at our nest of love…


My Sgt. very romantically swept me off my feet and carried me through the door.  Then he sensually whispered, "Mira what is your analysis?"


I was immediately removed from my wool gathering pursuit and replied, "Ira, I am not sure."


Mira's thought patterns had been disturbed ever since we departed the USA. She did not improve in Israel and I comprehended she still possessed a romantic fixation. This could be a detriment not just to our mission, but also to our existence. In the sight of behind, not allowing closure for her terminated relationship with the infernal Sgt. Blaine was a mistake? I pondered this as a new message arrived from Israel.  Combined with unease regarding my beloved sister, the news infuriated me to a debilitating degree.


I stated, "Those female salukis are going to pay!"


Mira looked at me and inquired, "Is there some disturbing issue Ira?"


I bitterly complained, "Yes! The harlequins just demolished the underground hanger which we were supposed to be observing."


Mira additionally became agitated, "This will not appear as if we are very professional."


I postulated, "Perhaps we can still contain them if we proceed with abandon!"


We acquired our motorcycles and commenced posthaste. I was justifiably proud that this time my sister Mira was properly motivated.


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Sometimes I wondered if Banzai had more balls than brains, however this time it worked perfectly. The guards at the gate saw us coming, they opened the gates, we waved as we went through and drove through the open hanger doors. Halfway back we saw the fuel tanks and drove right up to them. It probably helped that we were wearing the same uniform as the guards.


Banzai said, "Jack cover me as I fill us up and find some more jerry cans."


He bailed out the driver’s side of the jeep and I slowly got out of the passenger side and pretended to stretch. I got concerned when he took off, but he was back in five minutes with a cart loaded with jerry cans and a crate.


I questioned, "What's in the crate."


He grinned at me, "Russian Standard Vodka, the Platinum version."


I gave him a dirty look and complained, "This is a hell of a time to think about drinking."


He continued grinning, "Hey this isn't for us, well okay we might save one bottle. This is for my GAZ."


I questioned, "You're going to get the damn jeep drunk?"


Banzai shot back, "Hell no, but I remember watching a Soviet film about how a submarine crew recovered a bunch of vodka. When the sub ran out of fuel they used the vodka to power the sub and it ran better than ever."


I complained, "Well this isn't a fucking submarine."


Banzai countered, "But my GAZ is Russian and I bet she would love a little shot of vodka now and then."


I shook my head and watched as Banzai poured a whole damn bottle of vodka in the fuel tank and I began to worry. He'd started treating this jeep better than I'd seen him treat most women - you would think he was in love. I need to have a serious talk with him later but in the meantime; I had been analyzing the situation and had come up with a great plan to destroy the underground hanger.


Banzai finished filling the jeep and all the jerry cans. Then we loaded them along with the rest of the vodka. I questioned, "How long do you think it would take for you to get us out of here."


He looked around and asked, "Do you want to leave peacefully?"


I answered, "Hell no, I want you to drive like you normally do."


He grinned and said, "Well we can get you out of here in under sixty seconds."


I told him, "Well get ready to leave because I'm going to give you fifty-five seconds."


I placed the fuel hose behind the tanks, set a timed charge for one minute (hey I wanted Banzai motivated), started the timer and taped the fuel nozzle wide open. Then I sprinted to the jeep, jumped in and Banzai floored it. Perhaps Banzai was right about the vodka, or perhaps I'd gotten used to his slow driving, but it felt like I was in a fucking rocket! We flew past guards as they finally figured out who we were and started closing the hanger doors.


I yelled over the noise of the engine, "You better move this damn jeep."


Banzai laughed, "Don't worry, we will have just enough time."


I couldn't believe it when the idiots actually started firing at us and worried Banzai was going to want me to man the gun (again). But he was too busy driving the hell out of this jeep. We just made it through the doors as the timed charge went off. I looked behind us and saw flames belch out of the underground hanger. Banzai cut the wheel sharply and I realized why - the gate was closed and there was no way we could drive through it.


Banzai commanded, "Jack you need to get one of those damn RPGs and blow us a hole through the fence." Then he cut the wheel in another direction as we were being fired at.


I unbelted, crawled into the back, grabbed an RPG, popped the roof hatch and yelled, "I think the gates are the weakest point, when I stand up drive right at them."


I stood up, Banzai headed right at the gate. I fired the RPG, it sort of blew up the gates and the jeep crashed through what was left. I dropped into the passenger seat, belted in and said, "That was too close for comfort."


Banzai gave me a sad look and said, "Yeah I think I hurt my girl running through the gates."


I suddenly worried we'd really broken the jeep and questioned, "Just what the hell do you mean?"


I thought he was going to cry when he said, "Look at her, she's dented."


I looked over the hood and couldn't tell a bit off difference so I teased, "Well just give her some more vodka for the pain."


I was glad this time however that no tanks showed up since I hated manning the gun. Banzai floored it and we took off (literally because he hit another funny looking big assed bump) for our next target.


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed location


We arrived again at our underground hanger observation post and the miniscule cache of equipment we left had been utterly destroyed. I complained, "Somehow the harlequins discovered our location and trampled it with their infernal vehicle."


Ira added, "However I think they made a miscalculation. There is currently no wind to obliterate their tracks."


Ira and I quickly searched through the damaged equipment, recovered what was still serviceable, loaded it onto our motorcycles then buried the debris.


I looked at Ira and commented, "Perhaps the weather will hold and we will for once contain these harlequins."


Ira pointed at the horizon and said, "Mira, you observation capabilities are still underpowered. Do you not see the approaching storm?"


I directed my attention to the direction she pointed at and exclaimed, "Fecal matter! Ira you are correct! Since our shelters have been destroyed we must find alternative shelter."


Ira looked at her map and stated, "There is a ravine relatively close and in the direction opposite the storm's path, perhaps we can find suitable hospice there."


We proceeded posthaste for the ravine because being trapped outside in a desert storm was more than uncomfortable, it was possibly lethal.


We rode to the ravine and proceeded to traverse the ravine. Our luck returned by our side as there was a cave which should be serviceable shelter and it was large enough to accommodate our motorcycles. I carefully maneuvered into the cave and saw and smelled signs of previous usage.


I loudly complained, "Someone was here recently and abused this cave."


Ira added, "Yes it smells like urine and fecal matter."


I illuminated my flashlight, scanned the room but could not find any additional clues left by the former occupants. Then I surmised, "Sister I believe we have discovered the location which the harlequins used for the two days they were absent."


Ira was busy using a piece of the damaged shelter to seal the doorway. She looked up and agreed, "Sister that is an excellent analysis."


I was relieved that Mira finally seemed to have her game into the head! Perhaps now I would not have to be quite as concerned about her mental state. I requested, "Mira, please come and help me seal the opening."


She came over and once again we existed as a team and performed as a team.


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Banzai was driving more strangely than normal so I looked over and asked, "Please tell me you see that damn storm."


He gave me a serious look and stated, "Hell yes I see it Jack, I'm looking for someplace to lay low until it passes."


I complained, "Well you sure as hell don't have much time."


He finally found a ravine and did his usual trick of sliding us into it, He backed the jeep around so its ass end was toward the wall and said, "Jack give me a hand getting her ready for the storm."


We bailed out, Banzai grabbed some plastic and began to tape it over the windshield and side windows, he yelled at me, "Jack get some plastic bags and cover the air intake and the exhaust pipe."


I found some bags and more tape and covered the hell out of everything. The storm was almost upon us and the sky turned blood red. Banzai ran over and yelled over the howl of the wind, "That's a great job Jack, now let's get inside and ride this one out."


You've never been in a wind storm until you've been in a fucking desert sandstorm and this had all the makings of the mother of all sandstorms. The sand was so thick in the air it practically blocked out the sun and even in the jeep with everything closed, fine dust seeped in. It irritated my nose and I sneezed.


Banzai flipped on the light, rummaged in the back of the jeep and came back with a bottle of vodka. He handed it to me and said, "We might as well do the best we can to enjoy ourselves."


I took a swig, looked over while Banzai grinned at me so I questioned, "What the hell are you grinning about."


I watched as he touched a screw in the side of the jeep then reached towards my face. A damn spark shot out of his finger and shocked the hell out of me. I complained, "Cut that the hell out! And how did you do that."


Banzai grinned, "My girl has a pretty good static charge on her because of the storm."


I passed the bottle to Banzai, waited until he took a swig then I shocked the hell out of him. Two can play those fucking games…


There was a hell of a banging noise which scared me out of a damn good dream. I looked around and saw the whole inside of the jeep, including me were covered with dust and I begin to sneeze. Banzai opened his door and said, "It's about time you woke up, now you can help me get her ready."


I opened my door, stumbled and fell out then declared, "First I need to piss, then I need some coffee and something for my headache."


Banzai grinned as he beat on the jeep's fender and laughed, "I warned you to only take two shots, not the whole damn bottle." Damn I hate it when he's right!


I stumbled a good distance away from the jeep and Banzai's banging and took care of business. It felt damn good because I thought my bladder was going to explode. I finished, headed back to the jeep and noticed that it looked really clean. I wondered where Banzai got the water to wash it because in the desert water was more valuable than gold.


I commented, "The jeep looks really good."


Banzai grinned and answered, "Yeah the wind sandblasted all the crap off her but it did take her down to the bare metal in a few places. I found a couple cans of spray paint and took care of the bare spots."


I added, "And you fixed the fender."


He grimaced, "Well I did all I could do with the tools I had. It will have to do for now until I can get her to a real body shop."


That statement cranked up my concern and I said, "Banzai, you're getting too attached to this jeep. When our missions are done we're going to have to leave it here."


He smiled and countered, "Jack where there's a will, there's a way. Why don't you get busy cleaning out the inside because I need to check her engine?"


I grumbled, "What about some coffee and pills."


Banzai countered, "Remember what happened the last time you heated up food."


Yeah he was right. I did grab some rations, ate the powdered coffee and washed it down with pills and water.  Then I started on the interior - it was a fucking mess and all I had to clean it with was a whisk broom! Banzai finished with the outside and gave me a hand. Then we threw the camo net over the jeep and relaxed for a few hours…


Flashback – Major M – Command and Control


A storm of epic proportions ripped through the desert where the Sgts. were thought to be located and I didn't get my nightly report. But I wasn't worried because in storms like that the static electricity was so damn high that you didn't dare turn on electrical equipment. The other thing that giant storms do is uncover things that were previously covered.


We were busy as hell analyzing the new images, looking for things that were hidden which were now exposed. One of my techs said, "Sir! Could you look at this?"


I walked over, looked at it and said, "That looks to be the old wreckage of an airplane or something. Mark that location for more detailed analysis."


This was just another typical day of work for me. I leaned back in my chair and rested my eyes, I'd been at this for hours and they were tired. Another tech reported, "Sir this is something I haven't seen before."


I walked over, leaned forward and glanced at the picture. I was sure it would once again be a derelict car, or the bones of some animal. I looked at it, blinked my eyes, and looked at it again! I rubbed my eyes and ordered, "Get me a better image of this ASAP." I left the room, went to my office and put a call in to the General. This was a major find!


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed location


I was awake again before Mira. We used to wake at precisely the same moment, but the spy school and the Sgt. had changed her - and I didn't like the change one iota. I began to make unnecessary noise to waken my sleeping Mira…


My sister Ira wrongly assumed I was asleep, but I wasn't. I was basking in the remembered joy of my dream with my Sgt. which culminated last night when he gently and passionately trained me. The dream was experienced so factually that I had a dampness issue with my undergarments this morning, to which I needed to attend. Consequentially, I had to persist until Ira was occupied before I could repair the issue.


I heard her banging and knew the time was propitious. I jumped up and Ira scolded, "It is about time you awakened."


I falsely apologized, "I must have been overly tired. I will try to be more punctual tomorrow." Then I headed off to the corner for my morning ministrations and to attend to my dampness issue. It was resolved and I traversed to where Ira had our morning rations ready. I smiled and offered, "Thank you my sister. Tomorrow I will prepare our rations."


She smiled at me, "The storm was intense last night and I believe it will be at least one day before the harlequins strike again."


I answered, "I concur however with their randomness I am not sure we can predict their next target."


Ira grinned, "Yes, but we have the Israelis and our government analyzing their actions so they might find a pattern. After rations I will contact them to receive further instructions."


I offered, "And I will open the cave and ensure our motorcycles are prepared for use."


We finished eating and each headed to our self-assigned tasks. Last night's dream had given me the release I needed to once again concentrate on our mission. But I pondered the possibility that when my Sgt. did perform the real release on me, how much better would I feel?


Other than sleeping late Mira was her normal self today. However something happened last night. I heard her moaning even over the sound of the storm. At first I was concerned she was in pain, but I did not sense pain from her - what I did sense was excitement and pleasure. I determined she had an erotic dream about her Sgt. which angered me at the time but now I determined was a physical and mental release which she required to resume normal function. I added that knowledge to the list of things which changed about Mira from her ill-fortuned meeting with the Sgt. I swore someday I would partake of compensation for the ruination of my sister.


I made the transmission to the Israelis and was excited with the information which they relayed to us. I ran over to Mira, "The Israelis believe they have determined the next target."


She smiled and replied, "Our motorcycles are in proper operating condition. Shall we proceed to eliminate these harlequins so we can leave this desolate place and return to Israel?"


We started our motorcycles and commenced to hunt our prey…