Chapter 39

Walker Chapter 39

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Present – Thom – C130 landed at DIA


A second group drives up surrounding the first group and I can tell just from the way they act that this group is certainly not composed of weekend warriors. The commander of the second group asks, "Who's in charge here?"


Banty rooster quickly answers, "I am."


I whisper to Bryon, "That was a wrong answer, now this should be fun."


The commander states, "And who the fuck are you?"


Banty rooster threatens, "The one who's going to kick your ass!"


At that the second team reacts and trains their weapons on the first group. Now I decide this has gone too fucking far!


I make a hand signal, check to see that James and the C-130 crew are in place and yell, "Everyone stand down before I order my men to open fire. Now you two wannabe bosses get your asses over here while you still have asses to move."


I'm still not sure they aren't going to keep being jerks so I continue watching. Then I smile as the new leader backs down and wisely suggests, "I think we'd better go discuss things with him because he has the biggest weapons and that means he's in charge."


They walk up to me and take up a sloppy slouch. I take one look at them and command, "Ten-hut you sorry sacks of shit!"


The new leader snaps to it while the Banty rooster tries but fails miserably. It's all I can do to keep from laughing at him. Now to give these morons the dressing down they deserve…


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


Once again I'm glad Thom's here. Oh he's a RPITA but he's also good at what he does and that's command - he really should have been an officer.


He takes control of the situation (which isn't hard when you're backed up by a mini-gun), defuses the problems and now I can hardly wait because he's going to chew some ass! And for a change the chewee is not me or the team.


He shouts, "Just who the hell do you two think you are? Both of you come flying in here throwing your weight around like you're in charge. Who the hell died and made you two the bosses?"


The first leader started to reply but that was a mistake. Thom cut him off, "Haven't you ever heard of being facetious. If I want an opinion from either of you I will give opinions you can use. Now I know who the first idiot is, but who the hell are you and why the hell are you here."


He looks at the new leader and the new leader asks, "Permission to speak?"


Thom smiles and says, "Now that's the way you're supposed to respond. Hell yes tell me who you are and why you're here."


He snaps, "Sir we are here because Jennifer Donaldson's aide requested that we assist in keeping some of her friends safe as they are transported to and during their stay at the Swedish Medical center. Now may I ask a question?"


Thom waves his hand, "Yes you may."


The new leader asks, "First where is Jennifer Donaldson, second who are you, and third who are these pretend soldiers?"


The first leader looks like he is going to explode at the last comment but Thom handles it by yelling, "That was more than one question! However, since I am in a generous mood, and since you are obviously militarily trained and not just a poser..." He stares down the first leader then continues, "I will overlook your error and answer your three questions."


Thom takes a breath and continues, "First Jennifer Donaldson was taken by force to a psychiatric hospital. We were in the process of organizing her rescue when you and your men interfered. Second, I am the one in charge while she is gone because one gesture from me and that mini-gun and other weapons fire. And third, this other group was sent here to protect us or detain us until another flight arrives with more of my team."


Then Thom uses one of his most effective techniques, the long silent stare. I remember the last time he did it to me: It's uncomfortable as hell and I watch as the second leader tolerates it but doesn't like it while the first leader actually starts to squirm.


Thom ignores the movement then he smiles at them and says, "Okay now that we've established who we all are and that I'm the one in charge, here are your assignments." He looks at the new leader and orders, "You and your squad will standby for fifteen minutes then you will accompany my two injured men and one more of my squad to the Swedish Medical center where you will perform your task as assigned by Jennifer."


He looks at the first leader and says, "And you and your men have five minutes to be out of my sight. You failed miserably at your job by letting this other group approach us as they did. But don't worry, some of us will be here when Ms. Sedankina arrives. Now you are dismissed."


They both start to leave and Thom corrects the second leader, "I didn't dismiss you!" He snaps back to attention as the first leader leaves, reminding me of a beaten dog. Once he's out of earshot Thom says, "Sorry I was so hard on you but I didn't want another gunfight, at least not here in Denver. Now after they leave, if you and your men will setup a perimeter until we are ready to transport our men to the hospital, I would personally appreciate it."


The second leader says, "Yes Sir!" It's amazing that Thom ignores his comment and I wonder if he is becoming an officer.


Thom turns, looks at James and declares, "Let's find out where Jennifer is."


James motions to one of the other men who takes his place as he heads inside.


He then looks at Linus and reminds, "You need to get your team ready."


I look at Thom and ask, "And my new assignment?"


He grins and tells me what it is. So help me God - I'm going to find some way to get even with him…


Present – Linus – C130 landed at DIA


Thom takes care of a potentially deadly situation then tells me to get moving. I grab Matt and Jim and head into the C-130 to gear up. This one's going to be tricky because we are going to need to subdue but not injure unless they've done something to Jens. However, if they have hurt Jens, then I'm going take pleasure in killing all of them - especially that backstabbing Megan bitch!


Present – Maria – C130 landed at DIA


Well the show is over. I was hoping I might get a chance to shoot someone, perhaps I might even miss and graze Thom, the old fart!


As Byron walks up to me, he looks uncomfortable as hell and asks, "Maria, Thom would like to know if you've cleaned up the mess, made more coffee and prepared the sandwiches."


First I feel the overwhelming urge to bite his head off, then I realize he's just doing what Thom ordered. Besides I might be able to use Byron against Thom. Instead of yelling, I smile and say, "I'll get right on it and call you when the sandwiches are ready. I will make Thom's first and you can take it to him while I make the rest."


Then I head inside and swear I'm going to make Thom a sandwich he'll never forget!


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


Yeah Thom ordered me to 'motivate Maria to do her job' which really meant I was to be another tool he uses to irritate Maria. I had figured out Thom was going to do things which would obviously irritate her in hopes she would take it out on Linus. But I was worried as I walked over to her that she might try to take it out on me because I wasn't sure I could take her with just one good arm.


I was shocked when she responded the way she did and I walked back over to Thom and reported, "Maria said she'd get right on it, make your sandwich first and let me know when it's ready. But that was a hell of a nasty job to give me."


Thom smiles at me and apologizes, "Sorry about that, but we do need to keep her worked up and I knew she would take it better from you than from me."


Present – Maria – C130 landed at DIA


Thank God someone had already swept up the coffee pot and made new coffee. Now I could concentrate on Thom's special sandwich. I smile as I finish, head to the door and shout, "Byron, Thom's sandwich is ready."


He's talking to Thom and Thom replies, "Would you please bring it here for me?"


I smile, take it and a cup of coffee to him, hand him the plate and wait. He looks at it, smiles at me, hands the plate back to me and suggests, "You know, I'm not hungry right now, why don't you eat it instead."


I start to complain but Thom gives me a look and says, "No I insist. You worked hard preparing this so you should be the first one to eat."


I can't let Thom know what I did, so I grudgingly take a bite hoping to spit it out before I have to swallow it. But Thom grins at me and asks, "So Maria, what is your analysis of Megan's actions?"


Dammit, now I'm forced to swallow this bite. I choke it down and reply…


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


I think Maria is going to learn a valuable lesson: You don't try to trick Thom. The only one that was ever successful was Linus and that was because he is possibly even sneakier than Thom.


It's blatantly obvious that she did something to Thom's sandwich and it is sweet watching how he forces her to take a bite. Maria almost gags, but swallows the bite and answers his question, "Thom, I would say that she has an ulterior motive but I'm not sure what that motive is. Now if you don't mind I need to get inside and finish the other sandwiches."


She takes off like her ass is on fire. Once she's inside Thom grins, sips his coffee and comments, "Now that was fun. I wonder what she did to the sandwich."


Present – Linus – C130 landed at DIA


We gear up, get an approximate location from James (he's lost contact with the phone), grab some chow and head out to rescue Jens…


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital


Megan finally comes back and she's all alone! I decide to spring into action and escape. I jump up, grab the bitch around the neck and choke the hell out of her. I let her lifeless body fall to the floor, run out into the hallway and – Frack, Double Frack and Triple Frack!!!


Megan shakes my shoulder, wakes me from my sweet dream and says, "Jens it's time for your group therapy session."


For a second I really think about choking her to death, then I come to my senses and question, "Megan, what group therapy session?"


She smiles at me and says, "Jens don't tell me you forgot that a condition of your release was that you need to attend anger management classes? Well I've arranged for you, while you're here, to attend some group sessions which will fulfill part of that agreement."


I continue, "So this isn't about what you say happened to me on the flight."


Megan smiles again, "Oh don't worry about that, we will deal with that later."


Frack! I did forget all about those damn anger management classes. Just thinking about them pisses me off and I don't hide it well as Megan leads me down the hallway. She questions, "Jens how are you feeling right now?"


I want to tell her I feel like choking her to death, but control my anger and smile and lie, "Megan I am so thankful you remembered those classes and have arranged for me to fulfill them here, because I did forget about them."


She leads me into a room where six other women sit in chairs (double Frack! I hate group therapy) and announces, "This is Jennifer and she's here to join your group. I'm Megan and I will be your facilitator today. Jennifer, please take a seat."


I wanted to spout 'I was already born with a seat and I sure as hell don't need another' but I know better so I take an open chair and try to not let my body language show how pissed off I am.


Megan sits down, looks around and says, "Jennifer, why don't you introduce yourself to the group and tell us why you're here."


Triple-Frack! I want to say I'm here because even as bad as this is, it's still better than prison (barely). But I smile and say, "My name is Jennifer and I'm here because I had an altercation with several police officers."


One of the other women shouts, "You go girl! I hate those damn pigs because they are all just playground bullies that grew up. And then took a job where they're allowed to continue to bully people."


Megan scolds, "Julia, that's not the correct attitude for this group."


A different woman argues, "Why are you ragging on her, she's just telling the truth. I'm here for the same reason. I was stopped and the cop wanted me to suck his dick. When I refused I was arrested for resisting arrest."


Another woman yells, "Well it's not as bad as the TSA. I'm here because one of the bastards was feeling me up and all I did was complain about it."


All the women are quite agitated and begin talking about their personal problems with the police and other agencies. Megan becomes upset and complains, "Everyone needs to stop talking and sit down or I will have you go back to your rooms."


I smile and think payback's a bitch so I begin to chant, "Attica, Attica, Attica!" The other women pick up the chant. Megan's lost control of the group so she stands up, storms out and I decide that sometimes group therapy can be fun!


Julia asks, "Hey aren't you the one that did those embarrassing commercials."


Thank God I don't have to answer that again because the orderlies come in and we are all escorted back to our rooms.


Present – Megan – At the psych hospital


I can't believe I lost control of the group! That hasn't happened since I was an intern. I storm away and question if it might have been a mistake to put Jens in with other likeminded women. She's a natural born leader and somehow just her story and the way she told it incited rebellion.


I lean back and realize why I lost control. Because my emotions are in turmoil! Yes I lost focus and became distracted because of my one true goal, Liz's love. Yes! Because of Jens' problems with Ben I once again let my old feelings from childhood creep to the surface. I had realized eons ago Jens would never feel romantically toward me when I tried to kiss her and the little bitch punched me in the face and broke my nose.


You know this could be the perfect chance to get even for that punch. However I need to make sure to do it in a way that won't upset Liz. I come up with the perfect idea!


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital


I'm back in my room again after a very enjoyable group therapy session. However an image keeps haunting my mind. It's that skanky ho Stacy bitch in just her panties! I remember it clearly because she has a hell of a body. I stand in front of the mirror unzip my nasty orange jumpsuit and analyze my body! I poke my belly and prod my rear and determine they wiggle too much! Dammit all, I'm getting a little soft!


Well, I've been here before and I know what the hell to do so I begin my prison exercise routine. When I do catch Ben (and I will catch Ben) I want his eyes to pop right out of his head when he sees my naked body (after we're married of course) and burn the images of the nasty skanky slutty Stacy bitch right out of his mind. Besides there's nothing else to do in this hell hole.


I've worked up a great sweat as I spent the whole time daydreaming about Ben and what I'm going to do when I catch him. Then I decide it's time for some martial arts practice. I wad up my mattress and begin to kick and punch the hell out of it but this time let my mental image switch to Megan.


Who just happens to walk in as I say, "Take that bitch!"


She scolds me, "Jens that's not a creative way to take out your rage!"


I decide to lie and poke her inflated ego, "Megan, it's so good to see you. So how did the group therapy session make you feel? Because I feel soooooo much better from it, it's good to know soooo many other women have the same problems with the police."


She glares at me and I realize she's changed again. Yeah she had slipped back from the moon stuck kid that wanted to kiss me (the same one who I popped a good one in the nose) and now and she's back to whatever the heck bitch she was before.


Megan patiently replies, "Jens, I'm not the one here for treatment." But I think she needs it more than I do.


"We need to deal with your episodes. Now I'm here to administer your next dose of Ativan because we don't want you to have another attack. Now roll up your sleeve."


This doesn't seem quite right to me since she's giving me meds instead of them being injected by an orderly or nurse. But I decide I've caused enough trouble today so I roll up my sleeve and ask, "So when do I get some exercise time."


Megan sniffs and says, "Jens, it smells like you've already been exercising."


I elaborate, "Come on Megan, I really want some yard time."


She gives me the injection, smiles and says, "I'll see what I can do."


Present Liz Corporate jet headed to DIA


I finally make contact with my Network and find out that it was Jens, her traveling entourage and Thom's TSIFFTS team that raised hell in DC and then escaped on a C-130. I laugh because I should have known.


Bernie asks, "What's so funny?"


I reply, "Bernie, you aren't going to believe this, but Jens hooked up with…"


He interrupts me, "I thought she was waiting until she married Ben?"


I laugh and continue, "No not that way, let me rephrase this. Jens has teamed up with Thom."


I grin as his mouth falls open as he mutters, "Damn! Thom and the whole team?"


I am enjoying this and add, "Yep the whole team and then some."


He spouts, "Damn, being around her before was like being in some sort of psychotic circus. I can't image how bad it is now. Do we really have to join her? Don't we have some sort of assignment in Anyhellistan that we need to cover?"


Yeah Bernie disliked all the drama from before and he's going to hate it even more now, but I can't avoid rubbing salt in his wound, "Hey Bernie, you forgot about the two girls."


He smacks his forehead and exclaims, "I think I need another drink."


Now that does sound like a good idea! I call the flight attendant over and order another gin and tonic. I look over and I can't fucking believe what's going on with Mira. Since when did she rate? I ask my flight attendant, "Can I get a manicure?"


She curtly informs me, "No we only have one esthetician. Her time will be occupied with Ms. Sedankina until we arrive in Denver."


Present Mira Corporate jet headed to DIA


If my name was Alice I would feel like I had traversed the looking-mirror following a giant white hare. Instead I am looking-mirror Mira and giggle at the illustration of the ministrations being applied to my lower bipedal units. The absurdity of the situation vellicates my psyche.


However not all is a wonderland because I am suddenly reminded of the wagers I frequently would place with my deceased sister Ira. I will always hold those times precious in my heart. Alexi is correct, for closure we must have a memorial service for Ira. I greatly desire to gaze on her countenance at least once more because that would allow complete closure. The service will need to be exquisite.


I still have interrogations regarding my benefactor. The benefactor must be one of many we aided but which one? Whoever they are, I will have to thank them vociferously. Then I have an inspiration and call the flight attendant over to announce my request. She assures me she will relay my request to her superior however she will not inform me of his identity.


Present Mira's mystery man


I am honored that my tavarish has requested my help with the funeral service for her sister and also my presence. I smile because this informs me that she has not yet discerned my identity. If she knew then she would already know why I can only help her with the service but not attend.


I summon my aide and order him, "Please make sure my tavarish has whatever she requests concerning the memorial service for her sister."


He leaves as I smile and wonder when she will realize who I am.