Chapter 42

Walker Chapter 42

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Thom – C130 landed at DIA


As I drink my cup of coffee (Maria made some damn good coffee so perhaps I might keep her around to do just that) I do some thinking, make a phone call, talk to one of the TSIFFTS doctors, grab Linus as he leaves to recover Jennifer and modify his orders.


He smiles at me and says, "Thanks Thom those changes should make this mission easier."


I answer, "Sorry I didn't think of this at first. By the way Maria makes a hell of a cup of coffee."


Linus glares at me and states, "Thom, she'd make a hell of a real asset for our team."


I grin and reply, "Well making coffee is a real asset, especially when it's this good."


He shakes his head as he leaves.


Byron looks at me and smiles, "Very nicely played."


I reply, "Yeah we need to stop making so many waves and now's the time to work on Linus - but not too much."


I watch as James and the crew wheel Hammer and Todd toward waiting ambulances and continue, "Let's go and give the guys some moral support."


We walk over to Todd first and I say, "My friend, get well soon because we miss you on the team."


He signs, "Thanks Thom. Sorry for getting hurt."


I complain, "Yeah if you guys would have followed my orders then none of this would have happened."


He counters, "But then you would be dead."


I nodded, "Yeah that's right. But you, Hammer and Byron wouldn't have been hurt."


Now it was time to talk to Hammer if I could understand him and his damned Scottish accent.


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


Thom's conversation with Todd confirms my suspicion and I need to have a serious fucking conversation with him. But not now since we need to speak with Hammer first.


I squeeze Todd's hand and he signs to me. I nod, letting him knew I had the situation under control and follow Thom who was already talking to Hammer.


I walk up as Thom asks, "So do you need anything How about a clean skirt?"


Hammer shoots back, "If Ah was weel dooze Ah woods kick yer aris!"


"If I was well enough I would kick your ass!"


Thom laughs, "Well then, get well enough soon. Because I never did get a rematch for the time you got lucky and knocked me out."


Hammer laughs and corrects Thom, "Jammy mah jacksie! 'At was skill an' superiur trainin'."


"Lucky my ass that was skill and superior training!"


They wheel Hammer away and I absentmindedly state, "Thom you would have made an excellent officer."


He glares at me and coldly replies, "Byron you can kiss my ass!" Then he storms off as I think: He's acting more like an officer all the time – but this time I was wise enough to keep my thoughts to myself. I need to let him calm down some, then I need to deal with what Todd and I discussed.


Present – Linus – Mission to recover Jens


I finish removing the rest of my tactical gear, look over at the doctor Thom added to our team and start, "I'm glad Thom sent you with us."


He answers, "Yeah we should be able to get Jennifer Donaldson out in no time at all."


I am concerned for Jens because she is like my little sister so I continue, "So what the hell is going on with her anyway?"


He asks for clarification, "You want my feelings or do you want my professional opinion?"


This was really interesting so I ask, "Are they that different? If so I'd like to hear them both."


He states, "Well professionally I would have to say she is having some issues with reality. But not to the extent maintained by the bitch who committed her to the hospital."


It was good to see he felt the same way about Megan as the rest of us did. She’s a bitch that needs the hell bitch-slapped out of her!


He continues, "But personally the western medical community as a whole is woefully inadequate when it comes to dealing with spiritual issues and I'm sure this is a spiritual issue."


I wasn't sure he said what I thought he said so I question, "Could you elaborate on this?"


Present – Jim and Matt – Mission to recover Jens


I'm drive as Matt and Linus take off their gear and kibitz on a hell of an interesting conversation between Linus and the doctor about our boss. I had always assumed she was a bit fucked up mentally, but she paid well.


Matt asks me, "Jim, let me take over and you can dump your gear."


I pull over and say, "Doctor, if you don't mind waiting. I'd like to hear your answer."


The doctor responds affirmativly. Matt and I switch places as the doctor continues, "I waited because I could tell that you and probably everyone around Jennifer Donaldson are concerned with her mental health. Now this isn't a professional opinion because I don't have facts to back it up. But from what I've observed, Ms. Donaldson is dealing extremely well with a major crisis in her life. And I wouldn't be concerned for her mental health since she's every bit as stable as most young women."


To be truthful the last statement didn't make me feel that good about my boss because from my experience, most women were fucked up to the max! Because the American culture had given them a sense of entitlement to things they weren't entitled to (I remembered how Sally took my guns and pawned them - the bitch!), lack of responsibility (the bitch said everything was always my fault in our marriage), and they all looked at marriage as a tool to advance their own lives (a way to increase their bottom line while decreasing that of their ex-husband). Megan's recent actions have once again confirmed my beliefs to be accurate.


Linus asks the question I was dying to ask, "But what about this connection she says she has to Ben?"


The doctor replied, "While there is not proof she can actually connect to Ben Blaine, there is also no proof that she can't. I have read examples of this happening but it was usually between twins that were separated."


I add to the confusion, "Are you trying to tell me Ben and Jens are twins?"


Linus gives me a dirty look and reminds me, "Jim did you forget that Ben is ten years older than Jens?"


I admit my error as the doctor continues, "No they can't be. I would say Jennifer Donaldson has a fatal attachment or attraction to Ben Blaine."


I blurt out, "So Jens is stalking Ben like Glenn Close stalked Michael Douglas in the movie Fatal Attraction?"


The doctor shakes his head again and explains, "Not at all. Jennifer is not suicidal and she doesn't seem to want to find Ben to kill him."


I laugh, "No, but she sure wants to kick his ass!"


Matt adds, "Hey you and I said the same thing."


Linus summarizes, "Yeah Ben Blaine has a line of people about a mile long that want to kick his ass and the line is getting longer all the time. How could he do what he did to Jens?"


I thought to myself that I didn't know all the details but this might be the only case to my knowledge where the problem was the man's fault. Yeah he definitely needs his ass kicked!


Present – Maria – C130 landed at DIA


Once inside I run right into the toilet, stuck my fingers down the back of my throat and puked up the bite of sandwich. I can't believe the old fart figured out what I was going to do and made me eat the sandwich. Even though I puke it all out, I was pretty sure it was already too late.


I wash up, brush my teeth, and go back out to look for Linus but I guess he'd already left. I make the rest of the sandwiches and worry…


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital


The backstabbing bitch! We were childhood friends and I can't believe she did this to me. What the hell is her motivation? I'm not sure but I will find out someday. It will probably be when I'm beating the shit out of her to get even for what she did to me. I'm stuck in a strait jacket, restrained to the bed and have an orderly assigned to watch me. He's sitting in my room eyeing me. I know what the bastard's thinking - he's wondering if he can figure out some way to fuck me. There's no way in hell that's going to happen because I will kill his fat sorry ass if he even tries it.


I suppose I should explain what happened.


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital an hour earlier


Megan gave me my injection, left the room and the orderly came in and escorted me to the main room. I saw my 'new friends' from group therapy all sitting at a table together so I made a beeline for the group and asked, "You mind if I sit down?"


Julia answers, "Only if you apologize for making those awful commercials."


I was still a little fired up from my workout so I think about kicking her ass but decide she doesn't deserve it yet so I lie in a manner which I hope will help, "I apologize for those commercials, I wasn't thinking straight because I was PMS."


The women laughed and Julia stated, "Well honey we've all been there before." I wanted to say speak for yourself because I don't get PMS. Instead I heard, "Pull up a chair, we were just discussing how we have all been screwed by the pigs."


One of the ladies said, "Yeah some of us have been literally screwed by them."


I tapped my fingers on the table and questioned, "I'm sorry I didn't get your name. And please tell me what happened?"


She says, "Oh yeah I forgot, you’re new. My name is Sally." She points to the others and continues, "That's Anna, Macy and the quiet one in sunglasses is Britney."


I look at Britney and even without her hair and wearing the sunglasses I recognize her. But I know how I hate being recognized and hate the questions even more (even though I'm dying to ask her when she went bonkers again) so instead I give her a knowing smile which she returns.


I moved in my chair but couldn't sit still since it was uncomfortable as hell. Sally continued, "Yeah I was pulled over by the cops for burnt out brake lights." I almost laughed as I remembered Linus getting stopped for the exact same problem. "I didn't realize my license was expired. The cop told me if I let him screw me he'd let me off with a warning. I screwed the hell out of him and then he wrote me up anyway. So I hit him over the head with my purse knocked him out and then I drove off. They caught me at my apartment after I already showered. They wouldn't believe my story and put me in here."


I squirmed and quickly replied, "You should have cut the bastards balls off and then you would have had some proof."


Anna laughs, "Yeah that would have given them all the proof they would have needed to make it really tough on me."


Britney (the bitch) surprises me when she actually asked, "So Jennifer what did you do to drive your fiancé away and now that he's dumped you is he available?"


I jumped up from the table, my chair flew across the room and I yelled, "Hell no he's not available! He's still mine!"


She grinned at me and taunted, "Well if he's yours why did I hear the tabloids say he's with Stacy Summers?"


I couldn't believe it! The fracking tabloids knew about Ben and the slutty, skanky Stacy ho! How the hell did they find out about her? I bet it was her fracking strange as hell parents. I bet they sold out their daughter for the money!


She opened her mouth again and spewed more garbage, "Yeah I know her, she's another fucking goodie-two-shoes like you. What he needs is a real woman like me." She licks her lips and grins seductively, "I know how to keep a man happy."


I laughed, "Oh yeah, like you did with Jason or Justin or Kevin. Everyone sure is right: You can take the bitch out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the bitch."


She jumped up from her chair and threatened, "I'm going to mess you up!" Then flew around the table and we began to fight. She fought pretty good and I discovered there's a big advantage to not having hair when you fight. The fracking ho grabs mine and about rips it out of my scalp.


The orderlies came and pulled us apart. Megan (the super bitch) is right there giving me a strange smile and I finally come to my senses! The ho didn't give me Ativan, she gave me a stimulant! That's why I'm so fired up and wired!


Megan declared, "She's proven to be a menace to the other patients. Confine her to her room in restraints.


Present – Megan – At the psych hospital


I smile, twirl my hair and watch the monitor. Jens is restrained on the bed and I made sure she got the most questionable orderly to guard her. Yeah he has accumulated more complaints from the female patients than any other orderly. I'll teach that little bitch to punch me in the face.


My plan is going perfectly, then I get a call to report to the director's office. I wonder what he wants…


Present - Liz Corporate jet headed to DIA


While Bernie might not be thrilled to see Jens again, I sure am for three reasons: First she's like a sister to me and I miss her; the other two reasons are named Yasmeen and Zarika. I can't wait to get them out of my hair, but I know I'd better warn Jens about them. I keep calling her phone but all I get is her voicemail. I leave one message and decide that's enough. However it's really strange because Jens lives with that mobile phone and usually gets back to right away.


I call her girl Friday and also get her voice mail. I leave a message for Jens and decide they must be somewhere that the phones aren't working.


I discover that Ben might be in Texas. I check with the station and decide to see if we can get a jump on things so I make a phone call and hear, "This is Sam, is this my long lost boss Liz?"


I reply, "Yes Sam it's me. You've been doing a hell of a job with your reporting. How are things going in Texas?"


She answers, "Liz, it's still really crazy down here. Because the government never got around to building a fence between us and Mexico, the border is so porous they can't keep roving bands of banditos from crossing the border. The banditos delight in raping and pillaging and then heading back across the border before our troops can get there. Most sane people have moved further north."


I order, "Well you're doing a hell of a job, you just make sure your safe."


She almost gushes as she says, "Oh my husband Frank and his brother Emanuel and his Mossad team keep me more than safe."


I smile and question, "Congratulations, so when did you two tie the knot?"


She is so bubbly as she answers, "Two glorious weeks ago and I’m still floating! I heard about your plane crash and I'm so glad you're okay."


I answer, "Yeah it was bad. But now on to more important things - don't you two need a honeymoon? With the great job you're doing the Network owes you a hell of a honeymoon."


She laughs, "Liz we'd love to take you up on that sometime when things get back to normal. But right now we're headed over to report on a huge story which is going to be an exclusive."


I smile and know that 'things' will never be back to normal for her. She's a natural born news hound and will always be right in the middle of the action, so there will never be a honeymoon. Did we ever get lucky when we hired her, she's one in a million.


I hang up, call the station and tell them to give Samantha and her team whatever they ask for. Also make sure they send her a nice as hell wedding present. Then I sit back and watch as Mira is glowing from all the pampering.


Just who the hell is her mystery lover?


Bernie asks, "Did I overhear that Sam is married?"


I give him a sad smile, "Yeah she got married two weeks ago."


He says, "And you offered her a honeymoon trip that she of course turned down."


I nod my head, "Yeah she did, how did you get so smart."


He smiles, "Liz she's just like you when you were younger. She was just incredibly lucky to meet her man, a man that can and will travel with her. But don't worry, you're still young."


I lean back in my chair, order up another gin and tonic and think. I sure as hell don't feel young; in fact I feel like an old woman. A reporter's life is a hard life and it and this crazy trip has just worn me out…


I wonder what news scoop Sam has for us now. I look at the TV in the seat In front of me, flip it on and find the Truth Network which for now is my only lover…


Present Samantha Stevens - Texas


It was good to hear from Liz again. I still feel like the luckiest woman in the world since she took a chance on me when no one else would. And because of that assignment I met my wonderful husband Frank! I shudder and think of what that damn German news network wanted me to do! I would still be on my knees if I worked for those bastards!


Instead I own Texas! Well I should say the Truth Network owns Texas. All the other stations pulled their reporters when one group got stupid, was captured and tortured by the Mexican banditos. Frank and his brother have made the difference because if things start getting bad at all, they are totally ruthless and I don't feel one bit sorry about it. Hey the banditos are the ones invading my country and they deserve what they get and then some! So every report down here is a scoop for us, but this one is going to be exceptional if my contacts were correct.


We pull into town in our battered news truck (yeah we've been through some battles) and pull up to the local Sheriff's office (he's the one that gave me the tip). I walk in with Frank and the rest of the team behind me, get all the details from the sheriff as he accompanies us to the scene.


I've seen some bad things but this is some of the worst. I excuse myself for a minute, go outside and throw up, then come back inside, look at Frank and declare, "I'm ready."


He starts the video camera and I say, "Greeting America, Samantha Stevens, excuse me Samantha Cohen - I'm still getting used to my married name - here for the Truth Network reporting once again from Texas.


We are at the scene of the brutal torture and slaying of Mr. and Mrs. Summers which was discovered by the local law enforcement officer, Sheriff Marlon Trivette. What is disturbing about these murders, is the criminal or criminals spent a lot of time with the victims. This is also the furthest north the banditos have ventured for at least a month.


Would you care to comment on this Sheriff?


Present Liz Corporate jet headed to DIA


We listen to the comments and the end of the report then I remember I forgot to ask Sam something. I call her back up and say, "Great job on the report Sam, you showed just enough so the viewer's got an idea of how bad it was, but not so much it would offend anyone."


She answers, "Thanks Liz coming from you that compliment means a lot. But why did you really call?"


I say, "Sam, we've heard that Jens' Ben is somewhere in Texas."


She interrupts, "Yeah Liz, we've uncovered the same rumors and have even more information. Apparently he's traveling with Stacy Summers. Our investigation also revealed her parents were headed down here to try to find her."


I think for a moment and offer my thoughts, "Stacy, my reporter instinct tells me there is more going on with the parent's death than is obvious. It's not the normal rape and pillage that you've described on your other reports."


She concurs, "Yeah Liz, I was thinking the same thing. What the person or persons did to both of them was so bad it made me sick. Plus they fled with the debit cards which were quickly maxed out and even stole their Mercedes."


If it made Sam sick, then it had to be worse than real bad. I ask, "See if you can put out some feelers for Ben and Stacy. If they are in Texas, sooner or later they have to surface. And keep an eye out for that car because I don't think this was done by banditos."


She replies, "Will do Liz, anything else?"


I think for a moment and reply, "No, you're doing a great job, just stay safe."


She hangs up and I'm happy for her because I can tell she really did meet the right man when she met Frank. I look over and see Mira being pampered, I also think of Jens with Ben (oh I know she will eventually find him and make him pay) and I'm really sad because everyone has someone except for me.


I debate about having one more gin and tonic and decide I've had enough for right now. Bernie tries to comfort me, "Liz don't look so sad, you always have me."


I smile, hold his hand and agree, "Yeah Bernie, but it's not the same." But with the next thought I wonder if it could be?