Chapter 45

Walker Chapter 45

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Thom – C130 landed at DIA


I am sick as hell! I don't believe it! The bitch must have doctored my coffee too. What sort of evil woman doctors a man's coffee? The only consolation is that she's sick too. And because I monopolized the toilet on the plane, she has to head inside. I can only hope she didn't make it in time!


Present – Maria – C130 landed at DIA


Shit! My plan backfired but still sort of worked! The drops I put on the sandwich and in Thom's coffee were only supposed to make him feel a little sick, not cause major problems. Instead they worked too well and he's locked in the plane's bathroom.


I barely made it to the bathroom inside before by guts exploded and I had it coming out of both ends! The only good thing is I'm sure he got a larger dose than I did! That's the last damn time I trust an internet language translator!


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


Well, Thom and Maria are both down! I guess she was sneakier than we both thought because she must have also doctored the coffee. Now I had to take charge: The first thing I did was have the coffee and sandwiches thrown away just in case Maria was sloppy and got whatever she gave Thom on anything else.


Thom's locked in the plane’s toilet, and from the sounds I hear emanating from it, isn't doing well. So I head to the women's toilet inside the terminal, bang on the door and yell, "Maria, are you in here?"


I hear her reply, "Hell yes, now go away!"


There's no way that's going to happen because I need to find out what the hell she gave Thom (and accidentally herself). I barge into the bathroom (damn this is much nicer than a men's bathroom, but it smells like hell) and yell, "Maria, what the hell did you give Thom?"


I hear her moan and complain, "I think I'm dying!"


I head over in front of her locked stall. I'm pissed and yell, "Well you deserve what you got for what you did to Thom. Answer me right now, what the hell did you give him."


A little bottle rolls out under the stall door and she replies, "I used this."


I pick it up to look at it and note that everything on it is in Russian. I then demand "Just where the hell did you get this?"


She loses some more out of one of her ends, but I wait and finally hear her admit, "I took it out of Masha's purse."


I explode, "What the hell have you done, you don't even know what it is."


She feebly defends herself, "I translated it on the internet and thought it was a laxative for constipation."


I consider her statement: Laxative my ass, this is something a hell of a lot more serious than that. I need to sort this out really fast. I yell, "I'm going to talk to Masha to see what the hell you've done and someone will be back to keep an eye on you."


I need to find Masha and find out what the hell Maria gave herself and Thom because this could be life threatening.


Present – Linus – Mission to recover Jens


What a hell of a time for this to happen, I'm sick as a dog right in the middle of Jens' rescue mission. I had Matt stop the car and I puked and shit my guts out beside the road, now I'm using my training to control myself and continue the mission.


The doctor counsels, "Linus, I think I should examine you."


I start to argue but he orders, "Listen, it's obvious you ate or drank something that's poisoned your system and time could be of the essence."


He begins to examine me, gives me a serious look and says, "Matt, you'd better get us to the hospital."


Present – Masha – C130 landed at DIA


I am resting on a bed and cogitating on the problems Ms. Donaldson has caused to my previously idyllic life and consider how to rectify those problems. Then Byron runs up to my bed, holds up a vial and demands, "Masha do you know what this is?"


I take it out of his hand, realize what it is and question, "Where did you acquire this because it was in my purse."


He states, "Maria took it…"


I interrupt, "I hope she didn't use it…"


He states, "She sure as hell did use it and she and Thom are in the toilets right now sick as hell from it."


I rapidly rise and say, "Then we must rectify Maria's behavior post haste."


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital


I watch the bastard orderly like a hawk as he seems like he's trying to work up his courage. To give him a reason to rethink his position, I tell a whopper, "The last bastard that tried to rape me, who was twice your size, lost his family jewels."


He gives me an evil grin and threatens, "But you're restrained and tied to the bed so you couldn't do anything about it. I could just unzip your jumpsuit and have my way with you."


I taunt him, "Oh yeah, how the hell are you going to unzip my jumpsuit and keep this straitjacket on me? The second you take off this straitjacket, I'm going to rip off your balls!"


I can tell this information has his feeble mind fully occupied - just what I wanted. So I relax a bit and try to determine what's going on with Megan…


Present – Megan – At the psych hospital


I walk into the director's office and immediately tense up. Something is going on because he's speaking with someone I don't recognize and gives me an unusual look. He motions to a chair and requests, "Please take a seat."


I calmly sit and question, "I hope this doesn't take long because I need to get back to my patient."


The stranger looks at me and asks, "Is that patient Jennifer Donaldson?"


I respond, "I can't tell you because of doctor- patient confidentiality."


He smiles like a shark and informs me, "But I'm Jennifer Donaldson's lawyer so anything you say to me is covered by the same confidentiality."


Oh hell! How was she able to get a lawyer here so quickly! I know it must be one of her friends that helped. I reply, "Then yes, she is my patient. She had a catatonic psychotic episode on the flight to Denver and needs treatment for her condition."


Her damn lawyer looks at the director and counters, "I have a medical doctor traveling on the same plane who is now on his way here. He will testify that Ms. Donaldson simply collapsed due to stress and will say that psychological treatment is not necessary."


I counter, "Well, where is he and will he be able to explain her actions since she's been here? She initiated a riot in group therapy and then later attacked one of the patients from the same group in the day room."


The lawyer answers, "He was delayed when one of my paralegals became sick and had to be rushed to the hospital. But he should be here within the hour." He looks at the director and the bastard adds, "We have reason to believe that the current treatment Ms. Donaldson is receiving borders on malpractice."


The director looks at me and responds, "Those are serious allegations. I think I would like Ms. Donaldson brought in here so I can speak with her."


I quickly volunteer, "I will go ask the orderlies to bring her here."


I leave and realize that if they talk to Jens they will discover what I've done. I hate to do it, but I'm forced to do something I never wanted to do…


Present Liz Corporate jet headed to DIA


One of the many flight attendants (yeah I think there are more flight attendants than passengers on this flight) announces, "Please fasten your seatbelts we will be landing at Denver International Airport in fifteen minutes."


Mine was already fastened because I always wear my seatbelt on flights. Bernie looks at me and comments, "Oh great, I can hardly wait to re-join Jens' three ring circus."


I smile at him, pat his hand and say, "Come on, it's not that bad."


He shakes his head and continues, "Yeah Liz it really is that bad. I know she's part owner of the station, but this whole hunt for her ex-fiancée has gone on long enough and has really made a mess of things."


I mildly correct him and further question, "Bernie, you'd better not let her hear you call Ben her ex-fiancée and just what do you mean about the 'mess'?"


He answers, "Liz it's time that you look at this like a reporter instead of as a friend. Jens is a one woman tornado. Just look at the debris she's left behind on this hunt for Ben!"


Bernie might have a point and I might have let my feelings for Jens cloud my personal judgment. I think about what he says as the plane touches down. We taxi a hell of a long way and I watch us we approach a C-130. The plane stops and I'm shocked when Mira walks up!


I always knew she was a beautiful woman, however I never realized exactly how beautiful she is! She is so radiant I swear she's glowing as she says, "Ms. Morgan please close your vocal orifice or you might attract annoying bi-winged insects."


She giggles and continues, "Bernie please discontinue occulating me as if you wish to train me. There was a time when that might have been feasible, however now my reproductive organs will be otherwise occupied."


I stutter, "But, but but…"


Mira continues, "Ms. Morgan, you attempt an inferior imitation of a motorboat. Now Alexi and I will be unavoidably detained for the rest of today and since my sister Ira is deceased, I have arranged for an armed escort to protect you while I am absent."


She leaves with Alexi and the metal cylinder. I look and Bernie, punch him in the arm and order, "Damn Bernie, put your eyes back in your head and remember that underneath that beauty is my bodyguard."


Bernie mutters, "I'd sure as hell like to guard her body." I punch the hell out of his arm and say, "Come on let's get out of here and meet Jens."


Bernie laughs, "Hey Liz, aren't you forgetting something."


I stop and say, "I don't think so."


He points to the two girls and I immediately swear, "Dammit, I wish I could forget them. In fact I wish I had left them the hell where we found them."


I motion to them and they follow me like a couple of stray bitches…


Present Mira Corporate jet at DIA


Alexi and I traverse the steps and descend to the runway. When I occulate her, I transfer the blessed cylinder to Alexi, prepare for possible combat and whisper, "Alexi, acquire this and collocate to the side. Do not speak and whatever you do, do not let this lady close to you as she is an imminent lethal threat!"


I use all my skills to attempt to ascertain her attitude as she approaches me, however she appears as a void book. She smiles and greets me, "Миранда Седанкина, как дела?"


"Miranda Sedankina, how are you?"


I still cannot literate her visage so I decide to confront her, "Мария Рейнолдс, которая была бы определена Вашей целью для того, чтобы задержать нас."


"Maria Reynolds, my response would be determined by your purpose for detaining us."


I am exceedingly alarmed with being met by a former (there were rumors she wasn't so former) operative. I reach into my purse to acquire my weapon.


She smiles and explains, "Миранда, Ваше оружие не необходимо; я не должен здесь обратиться к Вам. Я знаю о Ваших планах, и я вне себя от радости из-за них и помогу Вам, если Вы позволяете. Однако я должен здесь задать Вам вопрос."


"Miranda, your weapon is not needed; I am not here to accost you. I know of your plans and I am overjoyed with them and will assist you if you allow. However I am here to ask you a question."


I still do not totally trust her, but I am intrigued by the nature of a potential question she has for me. I respond, "Держите свое расстояние и сообщите мне о своем вопросе."


"Keep your distance and inform me of your question."


She relates her request to me. I smile, reach into my purse and convey to her the requested item. She smiles in response and surprises me with her statement, "Спасибо Миранда, я услышал об упадке Вашей сестры, и я действительно надеюсь вовремя, что я мог бы стать близко к Вам. Я знаю вещи о birthing детях, которые помогут нам обоим с нашими поставками."


"Thank you Miranda, I heard about the demise of your sister and I do hope in time I might become close to you. I know things about birthing children which will help us both with our deliveries."


Now it is my turn so I interrogate, "Mашинка Вы с ребенком снова?


"Mashinka you are with child again?"


She smiles, "Да Mиринка в течение одного месяца, Вы являетесь первыми, чтобы знать."


"Yes Mirinka for one month, you are the first to know."


I feel honored as she departs. Perhaps if she is not operating on some ruse, we might become acquaintances.


Alexi returns to my side and questions, "Mira did that woman perform the same function as you and my deceased sister Ira contributed to our country? Is this the reason you were so cautious with her?"


I smile at him, "Yes my brilliant brother, you are so astute. Now come as our carriage awaits."


Present Liz Corporate jet at DIA


I pause on the steps and watch an interesting as hell exchange between Mira (who's obviously agitated) and Masha and wonder what the hell is going on.


Bernie even comments, "Wow, Mira looks like she's ready to kill that other woman. Isn't that Jack Reynolds' wife?"


I get ready to respond when the damn girls start pushing us. I tell Bernie, "Shit! I'm getting off these steps before those two push me over."


Bernie takes a cue from me and beats me to the ground. I arrive just as Mira and Alexi get into a limousine and leave. The girls see the limousine and both run towards it screaming. I yell, "Hey you morons where are you going?"


Yasmeen yells, "Up yours crack ho!"


Bernie states the obvious, "The faster we find Jens the better."


I take off after the two girls and yell, "I can't agree more." And I think, Jens is going to beat these two senseless…


Present Yasmeen and Zarika Corporate jet at DIA


I see a limo and know it has to be my husband Ben (because he's a big star). The Liz lady is in my way so I begin to push at her when she runs down the stairs. I'm right behind her and watch as the mean lady and her nasty little brother get into my limo and it begins to leave.


So I chase it and yell, "Ben, I am here for you!"


Zarika, the zit-faced, follows me and yells, "Ben ignore her, I'm here! Your first wife!"



Yasmeen tries to get to the limo before me, but because of her injured arm, she can not. I almost arrive, when some men with guns step out and begin to shout at us.


And Yasmeen, the fool, shouts back at them…


Present Liz Corporate jet at DIA


Oh Shit! The hullabaloo the two bitches raised has attracted the attention of some men with guns. My maternal instinct kicks in (just barely with these two) and I run toward the group shouting, "Don't fire they don't speak English."


I run up as Yasmeen shouts, "Eat shit and die!"


One of the men laughs and says, "Not today little one."


They stand down, he looks at me and says, "I gather you're Liz Morgan and these are the two girls you brought with you. Thom told us you'd be arriving."


I question, "Just where is Thom?"


Byron walks up and answers, "Liz, it's good to see you. Sorry I wasn't here sooner, but Thom's sick as hell and the doctors don't know what the hell is wrong with him."


I notice the TSIFFTS medical C-130 and know if they can't figure this out it must be serious. I question, "Well how serious is he?"


Byron shakes his head, "I'm afraid damn serious."


I query, "Well is Jens doing anything to help?"


Byron shakes his head, "Liz you're out of the loop. Megan had Jens taken to a psych hospital because Jens had a sort of seizure."


I say, "What! Don't tell me Jens said she could see what Ben was doing."


Byron nods, "That's right, how did you know?"


I swear, "Dammit, because she can do that and Megan can't believe it. That bitch, I'm going to kick her ass!"


Byron replies, "Well she insulted everyone on the plane so you'll have to stand in line."


I again ask, "So what's being done about Jens."


Byron replies, "Thom called a lawyer and sent one of the TSIFFTS doctors along with Linus, Matt and Jim to the psych hospital." He checks his watch and says, "They made a detour because Linus came down with the same problem as Thom and Maria."


I interrupt, "Byron what the hell is going on, did you guys catch some sort of strange virus?"


Byron shakes his head, "No Liz, it was Thom and Maria…"


I interrupt again, "Don't tell me Thom insulted her…"


Byron continues, "Yeah that's right. He insulted her and she decided to get even by playing a practical joke on Thom. She took something out of Masha's purse that she thought was a laxative and put it on Thom's sandwich and in his coffee. Thom made her eat part of the sandwich so that's how Maria got sick and we think Linus grabbed and ate the rest of the sandwich and that's why he's sick."


I look at Byron and think, I'm sure glad I'm not hungry because I'm not eating anything around this bunch. I tell Byron, "I'm going to check on Thom and Maria."


He laughs, "You might want to wear hearing protection, they put them in beds adjacent to each other."


I start to leave, the girls start to complain and Byron asks, "What about these two."


I say, "My job was to get them here. They're here now so, now they are your problem."