Chapter 46

Walker Chapter 46

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


Ben is hanging over the edge of a drop off by a tiny root and below him the rhino and crocodiles are fighting in a creek. I lay down and reach my hand over the side. Ben can barely grab it but he does and holds on tight. I try to pull him up but I can't, in fact his weight is causing me to slide over the edge of the drop off with him.


Ben realizes what is happening and says, "Stacy, I can't let you die with me."


I know what he's going to do, so I grab his arm with my free hand and yell, "There's no way in hell I'm letting you die alone. We're a team and we either live together or die together."


I slide even faster now while I keep staring at the hungry crocodiles and the still fighting rhino. All I can hope for is that they are too engaged with each other to bother with us.


Ben yells, "Let me the hell go!" He struggles with his free hand to break my grip.


I hang on for dear life and yell back, "No way in hell am I letting you go!"


I close my eyes because soon I will be too far over the edge and we’ll both fall to our doom. Then something grabs the back of my pants and starts to pull me back. It hurts like heck sliding across the ground but it beats the heck out of falling to the creek and those hungry crocodiles.


I turn to praise Bo, see what's really helping me and say, "Uh Ben…"


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Stacy says, "Uh Ben…" Then she passes out (I wonder what the hell it is this time) and loses the grip on my arm. I almost fall but barely grab the hell out of her arm. Even unconscious she's being pulled up from the drop off so my situation can’t be that bad. My head finally gets above the edge and I can see what the fuck scared her!


I assumed it was Bo pulling her up, but he's nowhere to be found! We're being rescued by that big assed gorilla we saw earlier. Now I'm even more thankful I never shot at them. But how do you act when a gorilla (who from my vantage point looks like he's the size of King Kong) has just saved you! Since he's also holding onto one of my friends, I'm not sure what to do.


Since my mother taught me to always be polite, when he gets me up to the top of the drop off, I look at him and say, "Thank you!"


He grunts, pokes Stacy (who moans) then makes some motions with his hands. I figure out it's some sort of sign language and he's worried about Stacy. I nod my head and slowly say, "Yes I think she will be okay. She passes out whenever anything scares her and I guess she wasn't expecting you."


He looks like he's thinking, grunts a few more times, goes over to the edge of the drop off, looks at the rhino and the alligators who are still fighting (it looks like the alligators are going to win). He then shocks me when he laughs (at least I think it's a laugh), beats the hell out of his chest and flips off the rhino (now that's a sign I do understand).


I laugh too because I guess he and the rhino have some bad blood between them. He grunts, waves and takes off into the brush. I shake my head and suddenly know this is going to make a hell of a bar story. But there's no way in hell anyone will ever believe me. I begin to reload the rifle when Stacy wakes up and screams, "Gorilla!"


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


The last thing I remember is that nasty gorilla had a hold of my pants and I guess I passed out. I wake up and warn Ben, "Gorilla!"


Ben smiles at me and says, "Yes Ann Darrow there was a gorilla and he saved both our asses."


I don't understand Ben so I warily sit up and ask, "Ann who?"


Ben grins and explains, "Ann Darrow was the name of the blonde that King Kong fell in love with."


I think and answer, "Well he's not big enough for King Kong so shouldn't I be Jill Young."


Ben laughs and insults me, "Well you're not as good looking as Charlize Theron. From my view point, when I first saw him he looked more like King Kong than Mighty Joe Young."


I counter, "What the hell! I look much better than that slutty actress anyway!" Ben's grinning and I finally figure out he's been baiting me. I believe two can play this game and I counter, "Well you look older and paunchier than Bill Paxton."


I can tell I finally got Ben when he replies, "Well if I do that's because taking care of you every time you pass out when you see anything unusual has made me that way.


I smile at him and say, "Gotcha!"


Ben gets ready to answer, we hear a noise, Ben shoulders his rifle and points it at the noise.


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Shit! The rhino is in the creek so what the hell is coming towards us now. You never know in this circus from hell so I raise my rifle just in case. Then I hear Bo whinny as he and Patches walk through the bushes and toward us. I smile and comment, "Thanks for letting us know you were coming this time."


Stacy interrupts and adds, "And for not bringing along something like the rhino you brought last time."


I continue, "But where the hell did you go?"


Bo nods his head but I don't understand. I decide it was easier talking to the gorilla. I ask, "So where the hell is Knacker."


Bo shakes his head and I swear he looks just like a sad dog. I walk over, rub his neck and he nuzzles me.


Stacy asks, "Ben did you understand Bo."


I reply, "Not as well as I did your gorilla because he knew some sort of sign language, but I'm pretty sure he said something bad happened to Knacker."


Bo pulls away slightly, nods his head, I begin to comfort him and Stacy replies…


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


I can't believe it, I'm actually jealous of a horse! Ben treats that horse like I wish he'd treat me. I guess Ben forgot I was almost killed by that fat bastard but I know a way to remind him.


I answer, "Ben that's not my gorilla! And I think I need to change all these pads you have on me."


Ben grimaces (but still hugs Bo) and says, "Stacy, I'm not sure you really want to do that right now. It would be better if you could wait until we got back to the bunker."


That comment makes me more determined than ever so I demand, "Ben I don't know what you're afraid that I will see. But the pads are starting to stink so they need to be changed."


Ben foils my plan when he says, "Stacy all I have is a minimal medkit in my go pack. Without Bo's saddlebags we don't have the supplies we need to change your dressings."


I can't believe what happens next, and I begin to laugh…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


I sure as hell don't want Stacy looking at things until we are someplace safer (like the bunker if Guy hasn't taken it over) because she's probably going to pass out (again). I no sooner mention Bo's saddlebags, than he pulls away from me, grabs me by the collar and begins to lead me away while Stacy begins to laugh.


I explain to Bo, "Listen I'm the human and you're the horse so I don't appreciate being lead around like you're the boss. If you want me to go somewhere you damn hay burner, just lead the way and I will follow."


When Bo's ears go back, Stacy continues to laugh and says, "I'd be careful about getting him pissed off at you - pissed off horses can be dangerous."


That reminds me of what happened when I did get Bo pissed off so I decide to change my tactics. I casually mention, "Bo, I can walk much faster if you please let go of my collar."


He let's go, moves ahead of us and I make sure to drop a safe distance behind his hoofs of fury.


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


Hmm, my comment to Ben about a pissed off horse had a remarkable effect. I wonder why and will need to ask him about it later. Right now it's all I can do to concentrate on walking and blocking out the pain.


Ben shouts, "Shoot!"


I duck and question, "Shoot what this time?"


Ben says, "No not shoot that way. Where the hell did you leave the revolver I gave you?"


I sure don't want to tell Ben the truth (I threw it at the rhino along with the pinecones) so I lie, "I think I dropped it when I was running to save you from the rhino."


Ben says, "Dammit Stacy, you need to learn to hold onto your weapons. Do you remember where you dropped it?"


I should be upset at Ben, but he's probably right this time. I point in the general direction I tossed it and say, "I think it's over there somewhere."


Ben orders, "Okay Bo let's go see if we can find it."


We walk over there, look all over hell but never find it. Ben continues to scold, "Stacy how the hell could you be so negligent."


This is just too much…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Shit! Stacy lost one of the Rugers! How could she lose another weapon when right now we are short as hell on weapons? We search everywhere for it but can't find it so I let my anger get the best of me and scold her. I completely forget she's been through her own hell. She collapses to the ground and begins to cry.


I go over, sit beside her, hold her and apologize, "Stacy forgive me but we really needed that revolver and now it's gone."


She blubbers, "B-b-Ben I'm sorry but I was so worried about you and the rhino."


Now I feel like hell! She (and her gorilla) did save my ass. So I lie and say, "Well, I'm not sure what happened to it. Perhaps in all the excitement you dropped it over the edge of the drop off. Anyway, it's gone but it seems like Bo knows where his saddlebags are so let's go find them."


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


Ben holding me feels so good I ignore the last half of his statement and wonder if he realizes that most of his 'compliments' to me end with an insult. He helps me up and I continue to hold his hand (it feels really good) as we follow Bo.


We've been walking for almost an hour without a break. Each step hurts a little more so I ask, "Ben I don't want to complain, but I'm not sure how much more I can keep walking with this pain."


Ben answers, "Stacy I don't know what the hell we can do. I don't think riding would be any better."


I ask, "Could you carry me?"


He gives me a dirty look, gets ready to answer when all hell breaks loose!