Chapter 48

Walker Chapter 48

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Thom – C130 landed at DIA


I feel great! Masha comes in, gives me something (in spite of the TSIFFTS doctors fighting with her about it) and in thirty minutes I am fine other than being hungry as hell. She's observed me and hasn't dosed Maria yet, so I whisper, "How about you hold off about ten minutes on giving this to Maria."


She surprises me when she loudly states, "Linus has been affected in a more severe manner and if I do not arrive in time with the antidote he will expire."


Maria begins to bawl, "Yes! Please save my Linus and tell him how sorry I am."


Masha assures her, "I will endeavor to reach him in time however it might already be too late."


Present – Maria – C130 landed at DIA


I am devastated since my plan has really backfired! Somehow I have poisoned my Linus and Masha is telling me he may die a painful death. I know I feel so sick I would have to get well to die. I begin to cry and as Thom and Masha leave I shout, "Please hurry and save my Linus!"


Present – Thom – C130 landed at DIA


As we hurry away, I ask a worried question, "Please tell me this won't kill her?"


She smiles and replies, "No, however she deserves to think she may die for taking the drug out of my purse. It will just make her extremely uncomfortable until I administer the antidote."


She leaves and I consider extremely uncomfortable. Hell! I thought I was dying!


But what the hell was Masha doing with something like that in her purse anyway?


Present – Masha – C130 landed at DIA


I practice my calming ritual because I am furious at Maria for violating my purse and removing the tool. Yes, it is a tool we sometimes use to temporarily incapacitate an individual without causing death. There were times, especially with overly rude American women, it had been convenient. Two drops in their drinks and they must rush to the bathroom. Then while they were gone a new drink and two drops of the antidote provided an immediate resolution.


The antidote bottle I had unfortunately leaked. However Miranda gladly supplied me with replacement antidote. But because of Maria's actions, once again I have been placed into the spotlight. I know I will have additional occurrences to explain in the future.


I also need to keep my word. I discover in which hospital Linus is residing and Byron has a taxi convey me there.


Present – Jack – Commercial flight landed at DIA


I am shocked when Masha doesn't meet us at the main entry hall of DIA. Thank God Ivan is distracted by all the multi-colored paper airplane sculptures which hang from the ceiling, because I told him Masha would be here to meet us. He says, "Papa, I want."


I smile, hug him and promise, "I will make you one later."


I continue to scan the crowd for Masha, then I notice a couple guys who look threatening and start moving away from them. I almost make it to the men's room when one of them steps in front of me and asks, "Jack Reynolds?"


I sure as hell don't want a fight, not with Ivan here so I reply, "That would depend on who's doing the asking."


He pulls out his badge and flashes it. I say, "Not so fast! I need to have a better look at that."


He hands me his ID, I look it over and think: What the fuck do they want with me.


I answer, "Yes I'm Jack Reynolds."


He mumbles, "Please follow us."


Well, thank God they didn't want to cuff me. We head out of the building and Ivan says, "Papa, these bad men!"


I want to mutter, 'out of the mouth of babes' but wisely keep my mouth shut.


Present – Liz – C130 landed at DIA


After I leave the two bitches with Byron, I head over to find Thom and Maria and see what the hell is going on. I'm surprised when I see Thom at his usual place, by the coffee pot sucking down go juice and eating pizza. I walk over and question, "Byron told me you were on death's door."


Thom laughs, "I thought I was too but Masha fixed me right up."


I ask with surprise, "Masha? Not the TSIFFTS doctors?"


He takes another drink of coffee and replies, "Yeah, I guess it was some sort of practical joke stuff she had that caused gastritis. She gave me the antidote and now I'm fine, in fact I think it cleaned me out some."


Thom takes another drink of coffee as I ask, "What about Maria, is she better too?"


He starts to laugh so hard coffee comes out his nose and he chokes. I beat him on the back until he can finally talk and complain, "Dammit Liz you should know better than to ask a man a question when he has a mouth full off coffee. Masha was so pissed at Maria she went off to heal Linus before she would give Maria the antidote."


I interrogate Thom, "I heard it was your actions that incited this whole incident."


He gives me an innocent look and says, "Liz what the hell are you talking about?"


I diplomatically remind him, "Thom we both know you have a way of insulting women. Just look at the many times our paths have crossed. I heard you insulted Maria and she tried to get even."


He laughs, shakes his head and answers, "Well look who's laughing now."


I begin to complain when Byron runs up and says, "It looks like all hell broke loose at the psych hospital!"


Thom drops his coffee cup and yells, "Dammit, I was worried Matt and Jim would go off halfcocked without Linus there to ride herd on them. Let's get our asses to that loony bin."


We run out of the C-130, head to a car and I ask Byron, "Where are the girls."


He looks at me and says, "Oh hell I forgot about them!"


Thom questions, "Were those the two girls you brought from Somecrackistan?"


I laugh and admit, "Yeah I left them in Byron's care."


Thom orders, "Byron, you lost them so you need to find them."


Byron questions the order and I can tell they'd already given him some crap too, "Are you sure Thom?"


He says, "Hell yes! Now get out of the car so we can rescue Jennifer."


Present – Byron – C130 landed at DIA


Damn! Where did those two girls go? I think they would be nice enough individually, especially the older one, but together they were a real problem. They immediately started whining at me and complaining about their husband Ben (when did he marry them and does Jennifer know about this?). The young one had a mouth worse than a sailor and asked, "Hey Papa Smurf, tell me where my husband Ben go or I will bite your dick and feed it to you?"


The older one adds (well she mostly made sense) to the problem when she asked, "Grandpa, do not hear her! Tell me where husband mine go?"


I got the damn phone call about the psych hospital and ordered both of them, "Look this is an emergency, just follow me."


I then head off to find Thom and assumed they were right behind me. In all the excitement I forgot about them until Liz reminded me. Now I have to waste my time, which would be better spent at the psych hospital gleefully kicking Megan's rear. That thought makes me smile! Perhaps dealing with the two crazy girls isn't as bad as dealing with one crazy woman, especially with Thom along to stir things up. I know how he feels about Megan. I decide my job is the lesser of two evils and happily begin my search.


I walk up to one of the men standing watch and ask, "Did you see the two girls?"


He says, "Yeah they were talking about something but it was in some damn language I couldn’t understand?"


I question, "Did you see where they went?"


He shook his head, "No I got distracted, turned around and they were gone."


I walk around, questioning everyone else and get the same response. I try to put myself in their place: If I was a villager (and they were certainly both that) in America where would I go? I begin to survey the area and something catches my eye. I think for a moment and… Oh hell no! I sure hope they didn't go there! If they did, this is going to be worse than bad.


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital


The orderly never gets enough nerve to try anything when Megan comes into my room and orders, "You can leave now, I need to talk to my patient."


The minute he leaves I swear, "Megan you fucking bitch! I know what you did!"


She smiles innocently and declares, "Jens, I don't know what you mean."


I snap, "Like hell! You set me up by giving me an amphetamine. Just what the hell did I ever do to you?"


She yells in sudden fury, "Did you forget about the time you broke my nose?"


I laugh at the revelation, "Megan you tried to kiss me and that was ages ago."


Her face takes on a whole new look, "Well if you liked the amphetamine, you're going to really love this."


She moves towards me with a syringe and I squirm like hell and yell, "Help me! There is a crazy psycho bitch on the loose."


Megan is right beside the bed, grins evilly and states, "Shout all you want. This is a psychiatric hospital so the rooms are soundproof."


I struggle like crazy! Megan is poking the hell out of my arm but can't get the needle into my vein. She yells at me, "Stay still and it won't hurt as much!"


I spit on her and argue, "Like hell I'm letting you give me anymore injections!"


She stands up and threatens, "Have it your way, but it would have been much easier with the injection."


I can't believe it when Megan takes my pillow and puts it over my face. I fight like crazy but I can't breathe, my ears pound, I begin to see red and then…

Present – Mira – At the fertility clinic


My mysterious benefactor treats me like a princess and I am totally captivated and confused! Who is he? He arranges for a limousine to take Alexi and me to a fertility clinic (how did he surmise what I needed). As we leave the airport, the two annoying female children rush the limousine. The operator asks, "Should I stop?"


I reply, "Certainly not, please vacate posthaste."


As he accelerates in response, Alexi questions, "Mira what is the meaning of 'up yours crack ho'?"


I tousle his hair and reply, "Alexi, you do not need to learn inappropriate words from those two sukas."


He laughs at my reply and further remarks, "My sister Mira, isn't suka an inappropriate word?"


I giggle in response, "Why yes my brilliant brother I guess it is. But those two could force anyone to use inappropriate words."


He nods his head in agreement, "Yes my sister I have mentally applied much more inappropriate language in their description."


I am joy-overed because we cogitate together in a manner reminiscent of the manner between Ira and me.


We arrive at the clinic, are escorted in by the director and numerous staff as they request, "Might we have the cylinder so we can transfer its contents into our storage facilities."


I question, "First I need to determine the sum required for the procedures as I have a limited budget."


The director assures me, "Ms. Sedankina, any and all expenses have already been taken care of."


I probe, "I would like the name of my benefactor."


She smiles and responds, "The account was paid with cash and all records are under your name."


I am slightly frustrated so I contend, "What if additional funds are required?"


The director replies, "I have a phone number to call in that event. And before you ask, I was told not to give you the phone number. Just be happy that you can have your babies without worrying about the expense because many couples have to save for years or take out loans for these services."


I am joy-overed but also puzzled. I request, "I would like to observe the transfer process."


The director smiles at me, "Of course you may observe. We were informed how important your semen specimen is since it cannot be replaced. When we are done, our doctors will need to do a medical history, a complete physical and we will discuss when you need to start taking the required hormones to aid in conception."


Alexi questions the Director, "May I also observe?"


I respond directly to him, "You may observe the transfer and the post inspection consultation. However, you may not observe the physical examination."


He grimaces in theatrical pain, "My sister Mira, that I would never want to observe."


They take the blessed cylinder from me. We accompany it to their cryogenic facilities and we observe the transfer. The director remarks, "Ms. Sedankina, that is an extremely large sample, do you know how that much semen was obtained?"


I reply, "I'm sorry, my twin sister never revealed information regarding the sample procedure."


She smiles and continues, "Well there's certainly enough semen here that we could impregnate both of you."


Her statement reminds me of my dream to have Ira and I carry my Ben's babies. I coolly inform her, "My sister is deceased so that is not feasible." I know the answer but feign ignorance, "But you are certain that there is quantity enough for multiple partners."


She laughs, "Mercy yes, it only takes a small sample to fertilize the eggs. With the amount you supplied you could have his babies until you couldn't have babies anymore and still have some left. Have you thought about selling some of the semen but if you did we would of course need more information on the mystery donor?"


I can tell she's on an expedition hunting for fish and reply, "No! Any thought of commercialization of this treasure greatly troubles me! In fact I will now require a precise accounting down to a miniscule amount of the male procreation component I have provided you. Any discrepancies, even the slightest amount will infuriate me."


Alexi warns, "I assure you that behavior which will infuriate my sister is to be avoided."


The director looks shocked at Alexi's accurate statement and replies, "Oh no! We would never do anything to anger you. I was just hoping that we could give other women, who aren't as lucky as you are to possess a large sample of semen, the possibility of having children."


I state, "It is unfortunate for those women, however I cogitate the real reason behind your request is monetarily motivated. I was not birthed on a previous day in a barn and have educated myself on the intricacies of how operations like this function. You would purchase what you assumed would be excess male procreation component from my sample at a low price, then charge an exorbitant price to those unfortunate women. There will be no excess male procreation component available from my sample."


The director looks stunned and says, "Don't tell me you are going to have that many babies."


I smile at her and state, "Do not be featherbrained! I plan to execute O'Toole's axiom."


She looks confused so Alexi enlightens her, "O'Toole's axiom is a paradoxical play on phrases, 'One child is never enough, but two is far too many'."


She questions, "You had me worried that you were going to have a whole football team of babies. But even if we have issues with your conceptions, you will still have semen left. What are your plans for the remainder?"


I smile at her and inform, "That is my business and you need to mind your own beehive construction component. I grow tired of this conversation. I am assured that my male procreation component is safe in your facilities and you know my wishes of an accurate accounting concerning it. So we need to proceed with the rest of the procedures."


As we walk away, I smile because my plans proceed perfectly…


Present – Mira's mystery man


I smile at the pictures of my tavarish exiting from my jet: She is much older now but even more beautiful. Yet unlike many women, who gain weight and wrinkles when they age, she has just grown lovelier. I made sure certain things were removed from my jet before my tavarish boarded because she would have instantly known my identity and I enjoyed this little game I was playing with her.


I understand she's distracted by the excitement she feels about having Bennie Blaine's babies, otherwise she would have determined who I was already. I receive a report from one of the fertility clinic's staff (money has a way of helping with things like this) about a discourse during which the Director upset my tavarish, I will need to send someone to deal with it. I call my aide and dictate, "Send someone to have a discussion with the fertility center Director and tell her if she continues to agitate my tavarish she will suffer the consequences."


He replies, "Yes I will do that immediately. The head of security is here with a report on Ben Blaine."


I smile as my plans are coming together perfectly and reply, "Send him right in…"