Chapter 49

Walker Chapter 49

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Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Stacy complains about the pain but then asks me to carry her? There's no way in hell that's going to happen - not in this circus from hell. Besides, I need both hands free because I never know what the hell is going to happen next.


I give her a dirty look, get ready to explain this to her, when all hell breaks loose. A round zips past us and I yell, "Get down."


For being in 'so much pain' she sure doesn't waste any time making like a rug. I hear a couple more rounds, look over and about laugh my ass off! Bo and Patches are trying to hide behind trees which are much too small and their asses are sticking out. I yell, "Bo unless you and Patches want to get shot in the ass, then vamoose until I figure out whose firing at us. I'll whistle when I need you."


He neighs and they take off. For now the firing stops. Stacy crawls over beside me and asks, "Ben did Guy come back?"


I shake my head and tell her…


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


I can't believe it, someone is shooting at us and they are terrible shots. I worry and hope at first it's Guy because I want to torture him to death. I ask Ben about it and he shocks me when he says, "Not unless Guy has a forty-five Long Colt revolver like the Ruger you lost."


Geez, can't Ben ever let that one little mistake rest. I am tired of hearing about it and say, "Look Ben I'm sorry…"


I never get to finish because a few more shots hit the dirt right in front of us. Ben says, "Fuck this shit!" He jumps up and runs toward the apparent location of the firearm.


What's wrong with him, has he gone totally crazy? I yell, "Ben no!"


The shooting stops again so I listen closely! I don't believe it - Ben's laughing! This I have to see so I jump up and run toward Ben's laughter. I almost get to the clearing when Ben grabs me and pulls me behind a tree just as two more wild and crazy shots are fired.


Ben says, "Well I discovered what happened to your revolver."


I ask him, "What happened to it?"


He says, "Peek around the tree and look in the clearing."


I can't believe my eyes! Ben begins to laugh again so I ask…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Stacy asks, "Ben what the hell is so funny about his."


I wipe the tears from my eyes and tell her, "Stacy this reminds me of a mission Jack and I were on in Africa. As we observed a terrorist camp, a chimp wandered in, picked up a loaded AK and it promptly shot the hell out of the place. Then he raised the AK over his head when he was done."


Stacy questions, "How did he figure out how to load the revolver?"


I reply, "They are smart as hell, plus he probably watched some old Western movies. Besides he's not really good at it. Look he's doing it again."


I chuckle as he opens the feed gate, tries to put a round in backwards, flips it around, puts it in the right way. He grabs two more and loads them. Then he closes the feed gate cocks the hammer, pulls the trigger and it goes click. He gets pissed (again) lets out some chimp grunts, cocks the hammer, pulls the trigger - this time it fires and he jumps!


I look at Stacy and ask, "I wonder what Samuel Colt would say about this?"


She questions, "What do you mean."


I reply, "Well, there's a famous old quote which many people wrongly attribute to him that goes, 'God made men, but Samuel Colt made them equal.'"


The damn chimp cocks the hammer, points it toward our tree and I say, "Get down."


We dive to the dirt as we hear a click and more grunts.


Stacy replies, "I bet he would now say, this monkey is making a fool out of us. Why don't you just wait until he stops to reload, charge him and take the revolver away from him?"


I give her a dirty look and answer, "Because he would kick my ass! Do you realize how strong chimps are?"


She doesn't answer, and I can't believe what she does…


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


Well if Ben's just going to sit here and do nothing, then I'm going to do something about it. I stand up walk into the clearing and demand, "Listen here, that's my gun now give it to me!"


The chimp begins making chimp noises then I realize what I did might be a mistake! It points the gun at me, smiles, cocks the hammer. Just in time Ben runs out, grabs me and throws me to the ground as the chimp pulls the trigger. Of course, the gun goes off - just missing me.


Then I hear a roar behind me, the chimp lets out a chimp scream, throws the revolver at whatever it is and takes off running.


I turn to see what the hell has scared off the chimp with a gun. I take one look at it and things go dark…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Dammit all! That's the last fucking time I'm saving Stacy. The bullet missed her and grazed my arm. At least this time it's only a flesh wound. And to top it all off, she passed out again when her gorilla came and chased off the crazy chimp with her revolver.


I stand up as the gorilla walks up to me, hands me the revolver and I say, "Thanks." Then put it in my holster.


He points to Stacy, does some sign language crap (which I don't understand) and grunts. I begin patching up my arm and answer, "I really don't understand your sign language but she's going to be alright."


He walks over, points to a bloody spot on her back and I understand he's worried about her. I reply, "Let me finish my arm then we will look at her."


He sits right beside her and holds her hand. When I finish my arm I walk over with the medkit and say, "Yeah the spot on her back broke open again with all the stuff she's gone through."


I take her shirt off, take the bloody bandage off and I begin to clean it up. The gorilla points and I answer, "Yeah she was taken by a bad man and he did this and worse things to her. I'm just thankful she's out of it so she doesn't feel the pain or know what he did."


I finish cleaning her up and put on a new bandage. I want to check all her pads, but don't feel that comfortable with the gorilla here so I decide they can wait until we get to the bunker.


I look at how he's taking care of Stacy and get a hell of an idea!


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


Mmm! I guess Ben did decide to carry me and we're moving really fast but he sort of stinks! I open my eyes and oh no, it's the damn gorilla that's carrying me. I begin to shout, "Ben help me the gorilla is kidnapping me!"


The gorilla stops and very gently sets me down. Ben rides to me on Bo and exclaims, "Stacy, stop yelling you're scaring your gorilla and hurting my ears."


When the gorilla puts his hands over his ears, Ben laughs and continues, "Oh and you're also hurting your gorilla's ears too."


I step away from the scary gorilla, towards Ben then I'm amazed when the gorilla does sign language and I recognize it! This is one smart gorilla!


I sign and say, "Sorry for thinking you were like the bad man that hurt me… wait how did you know about him?"


He signs and I begin to laugh!


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


Oh great, this is all we need: Stacy can sign to the gorilla - I should have known. Those two carry on a conversation and she begins to laugh so I question, "What's so funny."


Stacy grins at me, "He called you my pet and said I did a very good job training you! Because you saved me from getting hurt by the little monkey with the bang stick."


I complain, "What the hell! I'm not your fucking pet!"


She's watching him sign and shushes me, "Wait my pet, he's telling me something I don't understand."


Her pet my ass! If that damn stupid ape didn't outweigh me by a couple hundred pounds, I'd kick it's monkey ass until it was the color of a baboon's ass!


She turns, gives me an angry as hell looks and shouts, "What the hell is wrong with my back! George says I have many bad cuts on it like letters on a sign!"


Her yelling gets the damn gorilla upset. I scoot Bo a little further away and reply, "Who the hell is George?"


She stamps her foot (the damn gorilla is getting really pissed off so I put my hand on my revolver), and answers, "The gorilla is named George, now tell me about my back."


I counter, "Stacy, not until you settle down! Your getting angry has your damn gorilla all upset too and he's a real danger when he's upset."


She turns and signs to the gorilla and then says, "I told him not to hurt you. Now tell me about my damn back. Did that fat bastard Guy do something to it?"


I make sure my revolver is ready when I answer, "Stacy I wanted to tell you this in a better way at a better time, but Guy branded your back."


She gets a shocked look on her face and shouts, "He did what?"


I elaborate, "Well, it looks like he took a hot wire and branded his name into your back."


She shouts louder, "The bastard did what! I want to see it."


She begins swearing and twisting around, like a bitch chasing it's tail. She finally lets out a big sigh and passes out, the gorilla catches here right before she hits the ground.


I look at the gorilla, shake my head and say, "Women, can't live with them can't trade them for a good dog."


He grunts like he understands what I said and we head toward the bunker in peace.


Present – Stacy – Travel back to the bunker


I wake up screaming, Ben rushes right to my side and says, "Stacy it's okay we're back in the bunker."


I cry, "Ben I can't believe what that bastard did to me."


He questions, "Stacy you remember?"


I nod my head, "Yes Ben I remember everything. It was terrible, he was a terrible animal oh why did I trust him and let him go."


Ben just holds me, I look around and realize we're in the bunker and ask, "How did we get here?"


Ben pulls away and replies, "You passed out and your gorilla carried you here."


I question, "Where is George, I want to thank him."


Ben smiles and explains, "Near as I could figure out, he called the bunker a cage and wouldn't come in. I guess it's something about being locked up."


I continue, "And Patches?"


Ben smiles again, "She and Bo are in the stables eating and resting. And before you ask, I did brush both of them."


I wonder, "What about Knacker?"


For a second I see concern flash across Ben's face, then he hides it with a sad smile and replies, "Knacker didn't make it, something got ahold of him. But I think his death was quick which is about all any of us can hope for."


I really hate it when Ben gets in these morose death wish moods, but I'm in no mood to try to cheer him up since I have issues of my own.


I announce, "I think I'm going to shower."


A faint grimace passes across Ben's face which he covers with a fake smile and says, "Stacy just remember you're a survivor and we will find the bastard and you will get your revenge."


Yeah Ben's really into his death wish mode! I head off to the shower to see what's on my back…


Present – Ben – Travel back to the bunker


As Stacy leaves, I shake my head and walk to take a look at the weapons locker. I'm sure glad she didn't see Knacker since it wasn't a lion that got him. It was something bigger and had ripped the hell out of him and eaten about a fourth of him.


We were relatively safe in the bunker. Except for the fact that fat bastard dope smoking Guy had a set of keys we're a lot better off. I didn't feel comfortable with us staying here for a very long period of time. But then there was still 'something' damn big out there to deal with.


With the 300 Win Mag gone, I need something big to kill something big. I start looking over the many weapons when my eyes see a box of ammo. Now that would be perfect, but where the hell is the rifle for those rounds. I mean you wouldn't have a whole box of this ammo without a rifle to fire it in.


I pull out a cartridge and roll it between my fingers - it's massive! I try once again to get into the head of John, the man that built this fortress, because somewhere in here there has to be a rifle for this round…