Chapter 53

Walker Chapter 53

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


I was amazed at the transformation to the truck, examined it at length, laughed and said, "Well doctor Frankenstein, you certainly have created a monster."


Banzai laughed, "Thanks Jack that's a great name for her: She'll be our Frankentruck! Now jump in and let's go blow something up."


When I took my seat and saw the seatbelts Banzai rigged up, I should have known what was coming. He looked at me, grinned and announced, "Buckle up tight Jack, we're going for a ride."


My initial thought was 'oh hell no!!!'


I was shocked when Banzai reached down, came up with a cup of coffee and handed it to me. I said, "Thanks, I could use a shot of caffeine right about now."


I placed my coffee on the dash but Banzai warned, "Jack, you might want to hold onto that cup or at least put it in the holder."


I looked at him and replied, "Come on Banzai, this is the truck not a jeep."


As he gave me that shit-eating grin, I remembered what the truck now looked like and fought like hell to grab the cup. I was just in time because… Holy shit!  Banzai started the truck, floored it and the fucking engine sounded like a swarm of those giant bees on The Lost World! And this truck certainly didn't lumber anymore! I was pressed back into my seat and spilled the hell out of my coffee.


We flew (literally) out of the ravine, landed like a ton of bricks, bounced for about fifteen feet and I spilled the rest of my coffee in my lap. I swore, "Dammit to hell, that's hot!"


Banzai laughed, "Jack since you made a mess in my Frankentruck you get to fucking clean it up."


I realized the coffee was just a ruse and complained, "Like hell I will, you planned this."


He laughed, we hit a big assed bump, launched into the air and Banzai whooped, "Now that was fun!"


We slammed into the ground, again bounced like hell and I was sure we were going to tip over.


I yelled over the din of the engine, "Just what the fuck did you do to this truck?"


Banzai grinned, reached over, pulled a choke looking knob on the dash and it was like day and night: The truck was almost silent. He replied, "Sorry Jack, I couldn't hear you. Now that we're in stealth mode what did you say?"


I yelled, "Just what the fuck did you do to this truck?"


He grimaced as if in pain, "Damn Jack, you don't have to yell! Oh I made a few improvements in her. Don't you love our Frankentruck?"


I thought, a few improvements my ass! The transformation in this truck was a greater accomplishment than Dr. Frankenstein's movie experiment so I concluded, "Frankentruck my ass, we should call this Frankenmonster."


Banzai pushed the knob back in, the noise inside the cab became deafening but I still heard him laugh and yell, "She's alive! She's alive!"


I held on for dear life and realized that… Oh Hell not again!!!


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Hell, let Jack complain all he wanted. He killed my GAZ and now he could pay the piper. There was no way in hell I was going to ride around in this country in that slow-assed truck. Shit the tanks would have outrun us in that old piece of shit.


The first thing I did was lighten the hell out of our Frankentruck by removing any unnecessary weight. Then I went to work on the engine: It was amazing what this engine could do if all the crap was removed (like the governor). I also cranked up the injection pump so it was kicking the maximum amount of fuel into each cylinder. Now when I floored it she blew black coal out the exhaust. Ah yes, the exhaust - having a cutout pipe really let this engine breath! I did keep the muffler so we could sneak up on the targets as needed – that was my stealth mode mod.


Then I made a few more secret mods that were going to scare the hell out of Jack just like Frankenstein's monster scared the people of the village. If I was lucky, he might really crap his pants. Now that would be funny!


The only thing I couldn't fix was the damn suspension. Yeah, the Frankentruck was fast, but she wasn't the ballerina my GAZ was. When she hit the ground, she really hit the ground…


I put the Frankentruck in stealth mode and asked, "Okay Jack, where's our next target?"


He pointed and yelled, "Banzai, I think we're fucked!"


Flashback – Ira and Mira – Undisclosed location


Mira tilted her cranium while gazing at me and questioned, "Ira, do your auditory units detect a noise?"


I concentrated and expounded, "Yes Mira! Perhaps it is the arrival of the harlequins!"


We anxiously prepared our weapons! Then sadly determined it was not the harlequins, however we were in extreme danger.


I forcefully expounded, "Quick Mira, to our motorcycles!"


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


We were fucked! I saw the motorcycles headed right at us followed by a formation of attack choppers and yelled, "Banzai, I think we're fucked!"


Banzai didn't seem too worried as he calmly ordered, "Jack get in the back, hook into the harness and ready the manpads while I do the voodoo I do so well."


I wasn't sure about this bullshit so I countered, "Banzai…"


He interrupted, "Jack get your ass back there now and ready the manpads. Don't worry I won't throw you out."


I hoped like hell he wouldn't because if the fall didn't kill me then Mira and Ira would!


Flashback – Ira and Mira – Undisclosed location


The lucky lady raised the corners of her lips toward us again. Through our superior operational skills we kept our motorcycles just ahead of the Soviet Hind helicopters. But I couldn't believe my ocular units: We were headed right toward the strangest looking vehicle I had ever perceived. It addition, I perceived that it locomotivated at an unprecedented velocity. The cacophony it produced even at this distance was frightening. It crested a large earthen rise and the wheels departed terra firma when something magical happened.


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


I almost laughed my ass right off as we were headed right toward Mira and Ira who were having the hell chased out of them by four damned Hind MI-24 gunships. Well, now was a good as any time to see if my Frankentruck was worth a damn.


I finally got Jack into the back of the truck, made sure he was in his harness, and turned on my music player. We then hit a big-assed bump, caught the most air I ever had in my Frankentruck and I flipped a switch on the dash! Let's see if this mod worked…


Flashback – Major M – Command and Control


My tech said, "Sir! We have eyes on four gunships."


I looked at the screen blinked my eyes and I couldn't believe it: He was right. I asked, "Are those motorcycles they're chasing?"


He replied, "Yes Sir!"


Then we got a brief glimpse of something strange as it headed right toward the motorcycles and the gunships until like a magician's trick it disappeared in a cloud…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – Undisclosed location


Like magic, smoke bellowed from beneath the behemoth beast obstructing it from observation. Then rockets streaked out of the smoke toward the hapless Hinds, erupting in magnificent mushrooms of flame.


Mira and I separated widely to avoid the dense smokescreen. The smoking behemoth blasted between us like a bellowing banshee and even over the cantankerous cacophony of the complaining engine we heard music?


"We're just good old boys…"


We both expertly spun our motorcycles around and immediately noticed two decimated Hinds. The others stopped pursuing us and now chased the retreating vehicle.


I questioned, "Mira was that a mirage?"


Two more rockets streaked out of the smokescreen and devastated the last two Hinds. Mira replied, "Ira if I had not witnessed this with my personal corporeal ocular units I would not have believed it."


I asked, "What was that behemoth?"


Mira stated, "Ira I am not cognizant of its human manufacture but I postulate it was propelled from the bowels of hades by flaming demonic minions. Hence, the vile smoky stench!"


We observed a devil of dust and smoke arise, and when it cleared the behemoth beast had vaporized.


Flashback – Major M – Command and Control


Whatever the hell it was, it blew the hell out of the four Hind gunships and kept going like a bat out of hell. I ordered my tech, "Keep with whatever the hell that thing is."


He tracked it until the most amazing thing happened! There was this dust devil of smoke which became larger and larger and larger until it blinded the camera for several minutes, when it cleared the vehicle was gone.


I questioned my tech, "Where the hell did that vehicle go?"


He replied, "Sir! We have no idea. It was like it just disappeared."


I yelled, "Dammit, vehicles just don't disappear. Now find that damn thing for me and get the little bit of video we have over to ops to see if they can figure out what the hell it was."


This was all that we needed, some sort of new vehicle…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


I crawled back into the cab, and yelled, "Damn Banzai, is the engine blowing on this damn truck?"


He laughed, "Hell no Jack, that's one more of the little things I did. We now have a smokescreen."


I complained, "Well thanks for telling me. You almost smoked me to death!"


Banzai replied, "By the way good shooting on those Hinds. But how the hell did you see them?"


I coughed some more of the smoke out of my lungs and replied, "I couldn't see jack shit! I just waited for the manpad to get a lock and fired."


Banzai praised, "That was quick thinking. Now hold on tight."


I held on for dear life (again) and Banzai damn near made me puke…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


I was sure my Frankentruck taking out the Hinds had attracted the attention of Major M and he now had his damn satellite watching us. I wasn't yet sure I wanted him to know we were still alive and well, so I thought of a way that might let us sneak away undetected. Besides, I also wasn't sure if Mira and Ira were chasing us and this should let us escape from them too.


I cranked the wheel hard to the left and started doing donuts in the desert. I reached over with my free hand, made an adjustment to the oil feed of our smokescreen setting it on max, put the engine into stealth mode and once we had a hell of a smoke cloud, I turned off the smokescreen, slipped down into a ravine and yelled at Jack, "Quick let's throw the camo net over her."


I shut off her engine and we listened to see if we could hear Mira and Ira…


Flashback – Mira and Ira – Undisclosed location


After the hades vehicle vanished I looked at Ira and postulated, "Ira, we will call this the Hades Vehicle of Baskerville."


She responded with great gusto, "Yes Mira it is like the hound from hades in one of our beloved books."


I suggested, "My sister, with Baskerville providing for our escape, I feel the need to take care of some necessary things such as removing the ever present sand from my undergarments."


She smiled, "Yes Mira and after that harrowing chase we should rest and reassure ourselves that our motorcycles are not damaged."


I added, "And to mimic even more the illogical thought patterns of the harlequins to discern the location of their ensuing target."


Flashback – Major M – Command and Control


I stared at the still picture on my desk and tried to figure it the hell out. It was our first photo of that damn new vehicle of which we'd gotten a brief glimpse. Ops had no idea what the vehicle was and they bitterly complained we didn't get a complete enough image of it.


Since it took out four Hind MI-24's with ease, we needed to know what the hell it was! I wasn't going to commit the choppers for the Sgts. exfiltration until I knew that fucking truck wasn't going to show up and blow them out of the sky. But shit! That might be a moot point. I hadn't heard from my Sgts. for days and for all I knew they might have already died from radiation poisoning.


My phone rang. I picked it up and son-of-a-bitch! That's the last thing I wanted to hear!


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Mira and Ira never showed up which bothered me a little. I would love to see Mira again because I never did get a chance to kiss her goodbye. But I was also relieved because she was liable to shoot first and kiss my dead body later…


Jack’s question snapped me out of my thoughts, "Shouldn't we contact the Major? Perhaps he figured out an exit plan."


I smiled at Jack, "No way in hell! Let him sweat, because I'm not contacting him."


He continued, "So then what's the plan."


I thought for a few seconds and offered, "Jack, let's look at the list of targets and see if we can't figure out one more great target."


We poured over the maps…