Chapter 54

Walker Chapter 54

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Present – Thom – At the psych hospital


We arrive at the damn loony bin and the first thing I see is Jim grabbing a case out of the car. Liz and I jump out and I demand, "Jim, what the hell is going on?"


He looks at me and says, "Hell if I know. We got here and heard something about a code blue. The doc went into the room and then sent me back to the car for this defibrillator."


I remind him, "Weren't you, Matt and the doctor sent to take care of Jens."


Just then I see the lawyer running toward us and know something is seriously wrong (lawyer's never run). As he reaches us he breathlessly explains, "Something has happened to Ms. Donaldson. They found her unconscious and not breathing in her room."


Jim states, "Don't tell me her room is room three-oh-two."


The lawyer answers, "Yes, that's her room."


Jim says, "Shit that's the room I was just in. I need to get this to the doc yesterday."


We all take off running! Since the lawyer is lagging behind, I drop back and ask, "What the hell happened?"


He shrugs his shoulders and answers, "We don't know."


Present – Liz – At the psych hospital


Something has happened to Jens! She's unconscious and not breathing! We rush into the hospital, run up the stairs and crowd into her room. A nurse is providing ventilation for Jens and the doctor is doing chest compressions. He sees Jim and yells, "It's about fucking time you got here. Bring that right over here."


Thom runs up and says, "I can continue the compressions while you setup."


The doc shakes his head, "No thanks, let me shock her first. Then you take over on the compressions while I get some injections ready."


He yells, "Clear!" He then zaps Jens and her body flinches while he checks for a heartbeat then commands, "Okay start the compressions."


Thom takes over as the doctor pulls a long needle out of his bag looks at Thom and orders, "Move out of the way." He pushes the needle all the way into Jens' chest injects the fluid then says, "Okay start the compressions while I change the defib settings."


He makes some changes, shouts, "Clear!" Then he shocks the hell out of Jens! …and thank God!


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital


Uhh! That really hurts. I hear, "Clear!" again and realize someone is shocking the hell out of me. I open my eyes, see some white coat I don't know and threaten, "If you shock me one more time I'm going to kick your ass! Now where's Ben because he needs to answer my question. Then I want to find Steven Tyler so I can kick his ass for the 'Dude looks like a lady' comment."


He gives me a patronizing smile and says, "Ms. Donaldson, we don't know what you're talking about. You just suffered a near death episode."


I stare at him and want to say no but this time it must have been a dream because it wasn't like before. However I am imprisoned in a damn loony bin and that's the last thing I need to say. So I smile and question, "I don't understand. What happened to me?"


He shakes his head and explains, "We were hoping you could tell us. What's the last thing you remember?"


I pause, think for a moment then suddenly I remember and begin to yell, "That damn back-stabbing bitch! Megan tried to inject me with something. When she couldn't get that done she smothered me with a pillow. Let me up so I can kick her ass!"


The white coat answers, "Well it's a good thing she didn't inject you because we think she injected the orderly with something that killed him."


I look closer and say, "Hey, you're one of the doctors from the plane. How did you get here?"


Thom (I finally realize Thom, Liz, Jim and Matt are here) says, "I sent him over to help get you out of here. So you're telling me Megan tried to kill you?"


The doctor answers, "I'd say she did kill her and it was lucky as hell I got here when I did. Another few minutes and we couldn't have brought her back."


Thom gives me a funny look and says, "Look I need to do a couple of things."


He moves away, Liz comes over, starts to zip up my jumpsuit and whispers, "Let's not show the whole world your chest."


I look down and help Liz, the last thing I want are my girls showing up on some porno sites…


Present – Thom – At the psych hospital


Damn! I sure didn't like Megan before but now she needs to be taken care of. I move to the side of the room and motion to Matt and Jim. They come over and I order, "Listen, we are taking control of this messed up situation. It's evident we can't trust anyone in this hospital so no one enters this room without my or Liz's okay."


Jim responds, "Yes Sir!" I ignore the comment and decide I will have to instruct him later on the improper use of sir because I'm not an officer. He heads outside the door to stand watch.


I return to Jennifer and Liz to get some more information about Megan. I need to know if either of them has any idea where she lives. They've put Jens in her bed and the doctor is still checking her. I get ready to ask her some questions when there's a hell of a noise from the doorway.


I smile since Jim is doing a hell of a job keeping whoever it is out. I hear the person yell, "But I'm the Director! You can't keep me from entering a room in my own hospital."


The Director! Yes, he's one of the bastards I want to talk to! I head toward the doorway…


Present – Liz – At the psych hospital


I look at Jens and say, "Jens, excuse me a minute I want to have a word with the Director."


Jens smiles at me and replies, "Liz, chew his ass for me too."


Jens is partially right - I'm sure as hell going to chew his ass. But first I'm going to scare the pants right off him.


I take out my mobile phone and place a call. I immediately get connected with the intended recipient, fill them in on the situation and walk toward the door. As I get there, Thom already has him in the hallway almost pinned against the wall and is reading him the riot act. I walk up and hear, "What sort of piece of shit hospital are you running here…"


I interrupt, "Excuse me Thom, the Director needs to take this phone call."


Thom initially gives me a dirty look, then he sees the smile on my face and grins, "Okay Liz let him have it."


I hand the phone to the director and we both watch as the color drains from his face, and he whines, "But, but, but…"


Thom questions, "Liz who's on the phone?"


I smile, "It's the Director of The Joint Commission."


Thom laughs, "Damn Liz even though you've been out of the loop you're still connected. Aren't they the ones that grant hospitals accreditation?"


I grin, "Yes Thom you're right and this hospital has just lost its accreditation."


The Director comes over. I glare at him then dictate, "We will be taking Jennifer Donaldson with us…"


I'm surprised when I hear behind me…


Present – Jens – At the psych hospital


As soon as Liz left, I ran into the bathroom, changed out of this nasty orange jumpsuit and headed toward the doorway. I'm not about to let Liz and Thom have all the fun! This fricken Director is going to get a piece of my mind…


I walk up just as Liz tells him I'm leaving and add, "And we will also be taking the rest of the women in my support group with us, except for Britney. They are all confined here on false pretense."


Liz turns and says, "Jens it's good to see you up and about. What's this about the women in the support group?"


I know this will fire up Liz's reporter instinct as I explain, "Look Liz there's a hell of a story here. This place is being used to punish women for crimes that they didn't even commit."


Liz clucks, "Oh really, like what?"


I go on to explain about all the problems with the police and the TSA the other women had. Liz exclaims, "This will make a hell of a story, I need to get a crew here ASAP."


I look at the Director, grin and say, "Payback's a bitch! And just so you know, not only is this going on international TV, I'm going to have a team of lawyers here and we are all going to sue your ass off."


He starts turning green as my lawyer walks up and says, "Ms. Donaldson you are free to leave the hospital. But are you okay? Perhaps you need to be checked out by a doctor."


I grin and tell him, "Heck no I'm not okay, I'm fantastic! I was checked out by a doctor I trust, I've had my fill of fricken hospitals and want to get to my cabin. However, you might want to call in the rest of your firm because all the patients I met here are being held under false pretenses."


Thom smiles at me and says, "Damn it's good to have you back. You sure do have a way of motivating people."


I grin and reply, "SIR! I'm certainly not as good as you are because you would have made a heck of an officer…"


Thom vociferously complains, "Jennifer, have you been talking to Byron! I am sick and tired of all this officer bullshit!"


I smile and explain, "No, but as a General's daughter, I know officer material when I see it."


Thom looks me in the eye and says…


Present – Thom – At the psych hospital


What the hell! I think everyone is conspiring to piss me off with all this officer bullshit. Two can play this game! I give Jennifer a stern look and threaten, "You know you're not too old to put across my knee and paddle."


Yeah, that gets her goat! She clenches her fists, bristles and threatens, "Oh yeah! I'd like to see you try that!"


Just when I think things are going to get fun, Liz breaks in, "Okay you two cut it out and let's get out of here before they lock both of you up."


Jennifer says, "Well I sure the heck don't need it but Thom…"


Liz interrupts, "Jens, I said cut it out. Don't make me…"


I interrupt Liz, "Yeah let's get out of here so Jennifer can meet Ben's two wives."


Liz slaps her forehead and Jennifer yells, "What the hell is Thom talking about! Ben's two wives! If he married someone instead of me, I will kill his ass!"


Yeah, payback's a bitch!


Present – Byron – DIA main terminal


You know, if I had been smart I would have taken a car to DIA's main terminal because it's much further away than I thought. And in hindsight, I might have beaten the two brats there. I walk inside the terminal and see it's a mass of people. How the hell am I supposed to find those two in here?


Well, as in any tactical situation, height is an advantage so I head to the upper level where I can visualize the whole lower concourse and begin my scan…


Present Yasmeen and Zarika – 'Ben's tent'


We make it to my husband's tent, walk inside and I cannot believe it. I turn to Zarika and say, "Zarika, look at all the people. Our husband has arranged for the largest wedding party in the history of the world!"


She answers, "Yasmeen, I'm not so sure about this…"


I cut her off, "Do not be such a boring villager. This is all for us!"



Once we get inside the big tent and I see all the people with luggage, I question if we have made a mistake. This looks like an airport, not a wedding tent. I try to explain that to Yasmeen but she won't listen and even insults me. So I decide to have some fun and ask, "Yasmeen are you hungry?"


She smiles at me in reply, "Yes Zarika, I am starving."


I grin, "Well, look at all the food places. If this is our wedding tent then we should be able to eat."


Yasmeen says, "Yes you are right."


She walks up to a food place, picks up some food and begins to eat. The persons behind the counter start yelling at her and she says, "Up yours crack ho!" and walks away.


I distance myself slightly from her and watch as some men with uniforms start walking toward her.


They walk up and say, "Miss you have to pay for that food."


Yasmeen sneers in reply, "Eat shit and die."


The one lady in uniform goes to grab her arm and Yasmeen punches her in the nose and yells, "Get off me bitch and make me a samwich."


That gets the other people in uniform all upset and they all grab Yasmeen…


Present – Byron – DIA main terminal


When I hear a hell of a noise, I look in the direction and see – damn it's the younger of the two girls and she's done something to attract the ire of the TSA. Damn this is not what I need. I hightail it down the escalator (after almost knocking a few people down) and chase after them.


But when I reach the bottom the younger girl, the TSA and the older girl are gone. Now where the hell did they go?


Present – Linus – Back at DIA


Masha pulls herself together by the time we get back to DIA and says, "Excuse me Linus for crying."


I've never known what to do with crying women, plus there's much more to Masha than meets the eye so I answer, "Don't worry about it Masha, all your secrets are safe with me."


She smiles and says, "I will administer the antidote to Maria immediately and in about one hour she should be fine."


I question, "Why one hour?"


Masha informs, "Because the longer one is under the influence of this tool, the longer it takes to recover."


We both head into the C-130. As we walk to Maria's bed, she sees me and begins to cry, "Linus you didn't die!"


I rush up to her, hug her and I now understand that a bit more went on than I was told. Masha walks up, puts some drops into a cup of water and coldly threatens, "Maria, take this and it will make you well. However, do not ever venture into my purse again."


Maria gulps down the water, looks at Masha and apologizes, "I'm so sorry Masha I have learned my lesson."


Masha leaves and I hold my…Yes I hold my love!


Present – Jack – Arrives at DIA


It seems like it takes forever to get to DIA! Yeah I know they put it on the outskirts of the city for a reason, but the traffic on I-70 to Pena Boulevard is horrific. The cabbie tells me it's always this way.


We finally pull up, I see Masha when she recognizes us and runs toward the cab. I toss the driver a wad of bills and yell, "Keep the damn change." I open the door, Vanya and I jump out and I hug the hell out of my wife. She begins to cry, "Oh Jack I am so sorry!"


Her crying gets Vanya upset and he begins to cry, so I hug the hell out of both of them and say, "Hey there's no reason to cry, we're all together now."


Masha sniffles and says, "Oh Jack, I know I've done some strange things lately. But I really love you and I can explain everything so please don't leave me. I would die without you!" Then starts crying even more, which of course get Vanya wound up again.


I decide I need to man up or shut up and make a fucking decision. Yeah, Masha was or is some sort of foreign agent – can I live with that?


Present – Mira – At DIA


It is a pleasant ride to the airport because I know soon I will have the joy of carrying my Ben's babies. I know they will implant multiple embryos and hope that I will convey more than one to term. Oh to bear my Ben twins or triplets would be heavenly and would assure me a permanent position in his heart.


We approach the private jet area, and Alexi remarks, "My sister Mira, is that the lady you met before?"


I perceive Masha hugging Jack and her мальчик and knowingly smile, yes she is with child. I ponder whether she has informed her husband yet. I answer, "Yes Alexi that is Masha Reynolds, her husband Jack and boy Ivan."


He wisely queries, "Mira, I perceive Masha and Ivan are crying. Is there a problem?"


I mentor him, "Alexi, look at their body language and tell me what else you perceive."


I glance at him while he is studiously observing them then he states, "I can see that Masha looks happy, Ivan is unsure of the proceedings and Jack looks uncertain regarding everything."


I smile and perceive that with some slight training, he will be indeed formidable.


I add, "Alexi, we still must behave with care around Masha. Make sure you are never alone with her."


He nods his head, "Yes my sister I understand that she could present a threat. However if she harms you in any way I would terminally incapacitate her."


Yes he will be very formidable someday…


Present – Jens – Trip to DIA


As we head to the car I grab Liz's arm and say, "Liz what the hell is Thom talking about."


Thom laughs and Liz replies, "Jens don't get all fired up. Thom's talking out his ass to get you upset."


Thom says, "Yeah Liz why don't you tell her about Yasmeen and Zarika?"


I spout, "Yasmeen and Zarika, who the hell are they?"


Thom laughs, "The two young girls Liz brought back with her from Somecrackistan who think they are Ben's wives."


I finally recall, "Thom, stop being an ass and trying to get me upset or I will make yours red and swollen! I remember Ben telling me about them: They are like his adopted sisters."


He continues, "Suit yourself but from what I understand they feel a little differently."


Liz whispers, "Jens I hate to tell you this but they are both conniving, annoying, manipulative little bitches. You're going to have your hands full with them."


I think for a moment about sending them off to military or boarding school, but I remember my promise to Ben.


Liz and I sit in the back seat of the car while Thom drives, I lean back and think, - what would Ben do? Then Mmmmm suddenly I am in deep, dark, Africa! Ben is dreaming about – US! And it is such a cool dream!!!