Chapter 57

Walker Chapter 57

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Thom – On the way back to DIA


I decide to continue my fun and tease, "Jennifer, you should see how cute those two wives of Ben's are."


Liz shushes me, "Thom, Jens is asleep."


I look in the rearview mirror and she sure doesn't look like she's asleep; she looks like she's unconscious. What the hell?


Present – Liz – On the way back to DIA


I look over at Jens and she seems like she is in a trance. I know immediately she is connected to Ben again. Unlike some others, I know she can connect to Ben (I am a reporter and I did enough research on this to be totally confident of my knowledge). Thom (the bastard) wasn't going to let up about the two girls so I shushed him. But I could tell from his eyes when he looked in the rearview mirror he doesn't believe that Jens is asleep. Tough shit, he will get over it.


I watch her carefully and when she smiles I know it must be a something good…


Present – Jens – On the way back to DIA


The elephants are charging us and while Ben is reloading I fire the cool old double rifle I'm holding. Unfortunately Ben wakes up and the nice dream is gone. I yawn, stretch, open my eyes and notice Liz is looking at me and smiling. Oh great! Now I need to explain things to her.


She smiles and whispers, "From the way you were smiling, that had to be a good time with Ben."


I blink a couple times and cautiously whisper a reply, "You believe that I can connect with Ben?"


She smiles, holds my hand and replies, "I certainly do."


I get all excited! Finally someone believes me so I begin to whisper a description of my dream to her…


Present – Liz – On the way back to DIA


Jens finishes telling me about the great dream she and Ben shared.  She described how they were elephant hunting in Africa. I look her in the eye and ask, "Jens, do you realize what this dream means?"


She bites her lower lip and replies, "Well, I hope it means he still loves me, but I'm not really sure that's the truth?"


I nod my head and offer assurance, "Jens, I'm not an expert on dream analysis, but from knowing Ben as I do I would say that was the dream of a lifetime for him."


Jens smiles and agrees, "Liz that was the dream of a lifetime for me too. Elephant hunting beside Ben - it just doesn't get any better than that."


I smile and state, "Yes, and you two were together. Jens, Ben still dreams about having a perfect life together with you."


She becomes very excited and begins hugging me when the car swerves and we hear…


Present – Thom – On the way back to DIA


Jennifer finally wakes up (if she was really sleeping) then she and Liz begin whispering the in the back seat.  I can’t hear very well but it seems like they are discussing something really important. I concentrate to try to hear them better but I can't. Then Jennifer gets really excited and the two of them begin to hug. It's distracting as hell (in a sick way). I look back at the road, find I'm in the wrong lane so I swerve quickly back into my lane and yell, "Hey you two cut it the hell out!"


Liz barks an order, "Thom, I've had my fill of your driving! Pull over before you kill both of us."


I reply, "Fine! I'd rather ride with Matt and Jim anyway since there's way too much estrogen in this car." I pull over, jump out of the car and walk back to our other car…


Present – Matt and Jim – On the way back to DIA


We watch Thom's car swerve like crazy and pull over to the side of the road. Then Thom gets out and walks back toward us. I remark, "Jim, there's no way in hell I'm letting Thom drive."


Jim answers, "Shit if he decides to drive then I'm walking."


I openly ponder, "So Jim, do we work for Jens or Thom?"


Jim simply says, "Matt, Jens signs my paycheck so when she's around I work for her, but Thom deserves our respect."


Thankfully Thom jumps in the back and I respectfully ask, "Sir! Were there some problems?"


He complains, "What's all this SIR bullshit? I was never an officer. Now leave me alone and let me think."


I glance at Jim, he smiles and we both snap out a hearty, "Yes SIR!"


Present – Liz – On the way back to DIA


Jens declares, "Good, now that Thom's gone I want to drive."


I head her off quickly, "Jens, you just got out of the hospital so I'm driving." I take control of the driver's seat before Jens has a chance to complain. I just begin thinking things are going to be fine when she asks, "So Liz, now that's Thom's gone tell me more about these two girls."


Shit! This is all I need! How in the hell can I explain to Jens about them…


Present – Byron – DIA main terminal


I can't find those two girls anywhere so finally I decide I need to ask someone about them even though I don't like it. I walk up to a TSA agent and ask, "Excuse me sir, but I am looking for two young ladies who are lost."


He looks at me and says, "Can you be more specific?"


I describe the girls to him, he nods his head and says, "We've been looking for you. We have some questions for you so you need to come with me."


He escorts me toward the back… Shit! I knew I shouldn't have asked him about the girls…


Present – Maria – The C-130 at DIA


I mention, "Linus I'm sorry you got sick but I'm still confused about how it all happened."


He looks at me and says, "I don't know. We grabbed some of your sandwiches as we headed out the door on our mission."


I smack my forehead then ask, "Don't tell me, the sandwich you ate was missing a bite?"


He nods, "Yeah that's right, how did you know?"


I explain my whole failed attempt to pull a prank on Thom. When I finish Linus laughs and then describes his huge prank with the itching powder and the fake crabs. We both laugh then Linus hugs the hell out of me and I complain, "Linus, how can you hold me? I'm a big mess and must smell terrible."


He hugs me even tighter. It feels really good, especially when he says, "Maria, I think you look beautiful so don't worry about it."


I do worry about it, so I answer, "Linus have you been drinking? Now let me up because I need to go and clean up."


He lets go, I jump up, head toward the bathroom and he asks, "Do you need someone to wash your back?"


I look around. Since we're the only ones on the C-130, I grin at him and say, "Give me about five minutes and then come in."


Present – Linus – The C-130 at DIA


Damn what a woman! Despite the rush of feelings, I need to have a big talk with her about Masha and Mira. I know she's been antagonistic toward them and that's not going to fly. After I’ve finally filled in missing information about Masha, I realize just how dangerous she might be. Maria is lucky that Masha didn't kill her! Now that I've found a woman, I'm sure not going to let something happen to her…


Five minutes are up so I head into the shower…


Present – Mira – At DIA


Alexi and I vacate the limousine and traverse toward the Reynolds family. I practically giggle when I observe the former Sgt. Reynolds as he comprehends my identity. He resembles a mouse that got caught in the cookie jar…


We stop a safe distance short of them and I remark, "Jack it is pleasant to view you again. I believe the last time I encountered you was when you accompanied Ben at the American spy school."


I control a facial smile (but inwardly giggle with glee) because his face crimsons through several shades as he answers, "Mira, it's good to see you again." I could also tell by the timbre of his vocal enunciations he was not at all happy to see me. But then he continues, "This is my wife Masha and our son Ivan."


I focus my attention on Masha and once again control my mirth - she looks like a feline trapped in a room full of oscillating chairs. Her eyes are pleading and I decide to exercise mercy so I reply, "Маша, это - удовольствие встретить Вас."


Masha it is a pleasure to meet you.


I watch as relief spreads across her and Jack's faces as she replies, "Мира, радость является все нашей."


Mira the joy is all ours.


Then something unexpected happens.