Chapter 58

Walker Chapter 58

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Present – Ben – At the bunker


I finish the chili, let out a loud burp and compliment the chef, "That was damn tasty, I guess I'll keep you." Then I look around the room and add, "But that damn monkey of yours is a dead sucker if I see him again. Now I need to take a couple of these cut shotgun shells out and see if they work. You wanna come along?"


Present – Stacy – At the bunker


Yes Ben is actually asking me to watch him and these weird shotgun shells (I half worry he's going to blow himself up with them!). I look around the room and answer, "Ben I would love to, but I think I need to clean up the mess in this room."


He waves his hand and says, "You can do that later. Right now I want you to come because you might need to fire one of these in defense. Tactical training is more important than cleaning."


Yippee skippy! Tactical training! I have a real need for tactical training (and his name is Guy). However I control my excitement and say, "Well first I at least need to put these dishes to soak in a sink."


I grab everything, head toward the kitchen and almost drop it all when Ben comments, "Stacy you're going to make someone a hell of a wife."


I turn toward him and reply, "Thank you Ben. That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me." Then I turn and head to the kitchen with the biggest smile on my face – 'someone' hell! I'm going to make Ben the best damn wife in the world – he just doesn't know it – yet!


Present – Ben – At the bunker


I can't believe what I just said! What the hell is wrong with me? And why the hell would I ever say that to Stacy because she's just like one of the guys to me! Yeah, that's the problem: She is like one of the guys and we used to say that as a joke to each other all the time. However I don't think she took it as a joke. Somehow I need to find a way to tell her she's just one of the guys to me and after my major mistake it's going to be harder than ever.


But I know what to do for right now. I grab the cut shells and the double barrel shotgun, head into the kitchen and yell, "Stacy, where are your damn weapons!"


She jumps up about three feet, drops the bowls which shatter, then she turns to me and spits…


Present – Stacy – At the bunker


Ben almost scares the crap out of me after being so nice to me. I do make an even bigger mess that I know he will make me clean up so I turn towards him and yell, "You're damn lucky I don't have them right now or I'd shoot your ass."


I can tell right away that was precisely the worst thing to say as Ben's anger flares, "Stacy, don't you ever threaten to shoot me again or I will leave your sorry ass here to play with that damn monkey of yours. Weapons are not play toys! Now get your damn weapons and let's get outside."


Present – Ben – At the bunker


I smile to myself as I head through the stable door: Mission accomplished! Now Stacy is back in her place. I'm going to bring Bo with me because I figure if that damn monkey shows up Bo might just be able to help me kick his ass! That damn monkey! I never did care for him. He's more annoying than the horses – shit he's even more annoying that Stacy.


I chuckle at the thought as I enter the stables. Bo runs over to greet me and I decide that he's not so annoying after all, he's sort of like a big dog. I scratch him behind the ears and say, "We're headed outside to test these shotgun shells and while were out there I want you to keep a lookout for the gorilla. If he shows up we're going to test them on him."


Bo nickers and nods his head. I really wonder if he can understand me or if this is his normal reaction when I talk to him.


I open the stable door then I head outside with Bo. We hear Patches whinny so Bo takes off back inside and leaves me alone. I begin to set up the targets against a berm…


Present – Stacy – At the bunker


Ben is the most damn infuriating man I've ever met! I know what it is. Up until now I've been able to use my feminine wiles to manipulate a man. And if that didn't work, there was always my body which never failed – until now! But Ben's impervious to all my plans, so much so sometimes I wonder if he's a eunuch or a monk! No, I remember the night we both got drunk, I could feel how excited he was with me so he is definitely not a eunuch – but what is it with him?


I dismiss the thought for now, start to gear up and realize Ben was once again correct. I should have had my weapons with me. I do a function check on my pistol, take an old looking black rifle from the rack, perform a function check on it and head out through the empty stables, making sure to lock the doors as I leave. I don't have to hunt for Ben because I hear a big boom and see him and both horses are over beside the hill. He's firing at some targets. I announce, "Ben I'm coming toward you."


He turns, looks at me, smiles and my heart almost melts. He replies, "Stacy, thanks for announcing yourself, you're learning. You're also just in time to see how these work. Follow me."


I fall in beside him as we walk to the target and I see a bunch of tiny holes all over the target so I ask, "I thought these were supposed to be powerful."


Ben looks at me and starts his instruction, "I wanted to show you what a normal shotgun shell does. You can see at twenty-five yards how the shot pattern is dispersed across the target. While this is great if you're trying to kill something like a bird, if you're trying to kill a tiger all this would do is get him pissed off."


I falter and fearfully question, "What's this about a tiger?"


He replies…


Present – Ben – At the bunker


Shit! I messed up now and told Stacy of my concern. I look at her and explain, "Well, that's my best guess as to what killed Knacker. But, it also might have been a large bear. I couldn't find any tracks because the ground was too hard."


Her forehead wrinkles and she says, "Ben perhaps we should just stay in the bunker until all these animals are gone."


I try my best to gently remind her, "Stacy, did you forget we aren't safe in the bunker anymore. I am planning on us leaving the bunker tomorrow."


She gives me a dirty look and says, "Don't I get a say in this?"


I shake my head, "Not this time you don't. The security at the bunker has been compromised and even staying tonight isn't a very good idea. Now let's see what a few cut shells do to the target."


Present – Stacy – At the bunker


We walk away from the target and I remember my nightmare about the Land of ODD: First lions and now possible tigers or bears! I really wish we could just stay in the bunker forever. But once again Ben's right! The fucking bastard Guy has my keys and he could sneak into the bunker while we were asleep and I never want what he did to me to happen again. The pain I still feel – both physically and emotionally – is a constant reminder of my folly.


Ben begins to load the double barrel shotgun and I ask, "Why don't you use a pump action shotgun?"


Ben looks at me, grins and says, "Good question Stacy! But with the case integrity of the shotgun shell compromised, trying to use a pump or auto loading shotgun might not work. Sometimes they pull the shell in two and we’d be left with a non-functional weapon. With that kind of problem, you’d end up having to manually load each shell into the chamber. With this old coach gun I at least get two shots to start with and no problems if the shell separates."


I look at how close we are to the target and question, "Ben it seems like we're awful close to the targets. Please tell me you're not going to let a tiger or a bear get that close to us."


He shakes his head, "Unfortunately I don't have a choice in this matter. Twenty-five yards is the limit of range with these shells - that's where you come in. I expect you to use that rifle of yours to at least soften up whatever it is that killed Knacker."


I blush as I confess, "Ben I've never had to kill anything…"


Ben interrupts, "Stacy, in this case you're not going to kill it, at least not with that rifle. You're just going to soften it up and hopefully slow it up so I can kill it. You always describe us as a team, well it's time you hold up your end of the team. Now watch this."


Bun pulls up the shotgun, fires two rounds, reloads, fires two more rounds, reloads and fires one round into a big bucket. The bucket literally explodes and impressively throws water everywhere. He turns and says, "Let's see how I did."


We walk up and I see four big holes in the target that are almost touching each other while Ben is searching around by the bucket. He comes back over and comments, "It looks like this coach gun shoots just a little to the right but not so badly those wouldn't be kill shots. Look at what happens when the cut shell hits something."


He hands me a piece of plastic that looks like a flower with four petals. Then he explains, "The cut shell goes in about two or three inches, then disperses all the pellets and opens up like this. It creates a hell of a nasty wound that should stop whatever I hit."


I smile and wonder how the fucking bastard Guy is going to like it when I shoot him with several of these. Ben says, "Okay now it's your turn."


We head back to the place he fired from. He teaches me how the old shotgun works and says, "Go for it."


I fire two shots - they hurt the hell out of my shoulder! I look at Ben and whine, "This hurts, can I stop?"


He orders, "Hell no! You need to fire five shots like I did."


I reload, fire the next three and miss everything including the new bucket. Ben laughs and says, "Well perhaps all the noise and dust will scare them away."


I apologize, "Sorry but this gun really hurts my shoulder."


Ben declares, "You're damn lucky we don't have more shotgun shells or I'd have you fire this weapon until you could hit with each shot. Now let's head back inside."


As we walk up to the stable doors Ben sees they are shut and says, "Stacy, don't tell me you locked the doors."


I'm worried but decide to try to cheer him up and say, "Okay I won't tell you that."


He gives me a dirty look and says, "Well, thanks a hell of a lot. You locked us out of the bunker because I don't have my keys."


I want to tell him that's his fault but I know better so I answer, "Sorry Ben, I thought you had your keys."


Ben looks at me and says, "Stacy give me your bra."


I get a little excited and add, "You want my panties too?"


He shakes his head, "Hell no! Get your mind out of the gutter! I want your bra so I can try to use the wire in it as a lock pick."


I begin to open my shirt and Ben loudly complains, "Turn the hell around because I don't need to see that."


I turn and wonder if he might be a eunuch as I remove my bra. Then I turn, throw it to him and say, "That's about the least fun I've ever had taking off my bra."


Then he shocks me when he says, "Look Stacy to me you're just one of the guys."


This is the final straw…


Present – Ben – At the bunker


Shit! I might have fucked up with Stacy. I tell her she's one of the guys (which should be a compliment) but she starts crying and foolishly takes off running. I yell, "Stacy get your ass back here."


She doesn't listen to me! This is all we need so I take off after her...


Present – Stacy – At the bunker


I can't believe it! I'm 'one of the guys'! That's the worst thing Ben's said to me and I'm not going to take his abuse anymore. I'm angry as hell as I run into the woods to escape his abuse. I must be really fired up because I'm running faster than I've ever run before. I hear Ben yelling behind me but there's no way in hell I'm stopping – 'one of the boys' my ass! He will have to kiss my ass before I go back with him.


I run around a bend in the trail, and… OH HELL NO!!!