Chapter 60

Walker Chapter 60

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Present – Liz – On the way back to DIA


After Thom left the car Jens asks the dreaded question I've been hoping to avoid, "So Liz, now that Thom's gone, tell me more about these two girls."


I try to casually mention, "Oh Jens, you know they're just a couple of teenage girls."


She wrinkles her forehead and growls, "Liz you should know better than to try to lie to me. Now spill the beans."


I take a deep breath and start, "Well Jens, they are as bratty a couple of teenagers as I have ever met. Oh, the older one Zarika isn't that bad but the younger one, Yasmeen, is a piece of work. She's learned all her English from watching music videos but has not learned the appropriate use of the language. She seems to delight in upsetting Zarika and then they get in serious brawls, not like the cat fights most girls have."


Jens thinks for a moment and questions, "Okay Liz, they sound like they are pains in the ass. But you didn't mention anything about Ben and the whole 'wife' issue that Thom brought up."


Shit! I was hoping to avoid that. I reluctantly continue, "Well Jens I don't have all the details but as nearly as I can tell for some crazy reason they both think Ben is going to marry them."


I worry about Jens response until I hear…


Present – Jens – On the way back to DIA


Liz finally gets to the dirt about the girls and when she tells me they think Ben's going to marry them, I begin to laugh… Then I ask, "Don't they realize they are both too young to get married in this country?"


Liz looks relieved and comments, "Jens, I was worried you'd fly off the handle about it. But they are constantly fighting with each other over who will be Ben's first wife."


I laugh and say, "Well they are going to have to realize that I am going to be not only Ben's first wife, but his only wife."


Liz softly states, "Jens, I think you're underestimating the problem. They will see you as their main rival and are going to give you hell. If I were you, I would just ship them off to boarding school somewhere because you and Ben certainly don't need this sort of problem."


I think for a moment, decide I really like the idea but then I remember an obligation and reply, "Liz your idea is great but there's only one problem. Ages ago, when Ben first told me about the girls, he made me promise that I wouldn't ship them off to a boarding school."


Liz sums it up, "Well Jens then I would say you're well and truly fucked!"


I laugh and reply, "No, I would argue that Zarika and Yasmeen are fucked because I have a plan."


Liz asks, "Oh really! Pray tell what has your diabolical mind come up with this time?"


I confide in Liz and she laughs, "Jens you are truly diabolical and very possibly evil."


I simply state my old motto, "Mess with the best…"


Liz interrupts with, "… and die like the rest! Remind me never to get you pissed at me."


Present – Thom – On the way back to DIA


Matt and Jim both insult me by calling me 'sir' (just what is it will all this 'sir' bullshit).  I command, "If you two want to pull over we can settle this like men."


They glance at each other and answer, "No Sir! We'd hate to hurt you."


I lightly threaten, "Laugh it up you two comedians - but don't quit your day jobs. Just remember revenge is a dish best served cold and I might be old but I'm much more devious than either of you."


They break out in laughter and I demand, "Just what the hell is so funny about that?"


Present – Matt and Jim – On the way back to DIA


Thom breaks both of us up with his threat of revenge and then asks what we are laughing about. I finally catch my breath and reply, "Well Sir! We both spent time with the world's two greatest pranksters so we have no concern about what you can do."


Thom questions, "And just who are these supposed experts?"


Jim answers quickly, "Ben and Jack! When those two are together you have to be on your guard all the time because Jack has all the experience and Ben has a truly warped way of thinking. You never know what's coming next."


I add, "Yeah Matt, remember the time they rigged all the toilet lids to salute the General?"


Jim laughs, "And then when he sat down to shit they damn near electrocuted him."


We crack up laughing and Thom complains, "Those two sound like amateurs. Now if you want to hear about a real prank let me tell you about the time…"


Jim interrupts, "Or what about when they put snakes in all the women's bunks."


I laugh, "Yeah the women were so pissed! If they had found out who did it they would have killed them."


Thom again tries to break in, "But there was this time…"


I interrupt, "What about those damn sonic crickets Ben makes."


Jim answers, "Yeah the random chirps those things make will drive you crazy. Remember when the Old Man had his whole office emptied but never did find it."


I laugh, "Yeah, Ben hid it in the ceiling."


Thom yells, "You two are assholes! Now stop calling me sir and let me catch some shuteye."


I look at Jim but this time Jim shakes his head no. Yeah, I guess we did push the old fart a bit far and I sure as hell don't want to give him a heart attack.


Jim says, "Damn Matt, I miss those days. I miss the Corps."


I nod my head, "Yeah Jim so do I. It might have been different if we had been wounded or something. But to be forced out the way we were just wasn't right."


Jim says, "Yeah but helping Jens was sure the right thing to do. I still can't believe what Ben's done to her! But after all he's done she's still loyal to him. She's one hell of a woman."


I add, "And Ben sure the hell doesn't deserve her."


Jim laughs, "But he's sure going to deserve the ass kicking she's going to give him when she catches him."


I nod my head and agree, "Yeah now that I would pay to see."


Present – Byron – DIA main terminal


I am getting the third degree from the Homeland Security, "Now, what can you tell me about how these two girls entered the country?"


I look at the agent and wisely answer, "Sir I don't know anything about this and I request to see my lawyer."


He looks at me and threatens, "Well you must know something about them otherwise you wouldn't have been asking about them. And because you're being held on terrorist charges we don't need to provide you with a lawyer."


Damn! Once again the feds are using the terrorist act to illegally detain someone. I wonder if America really knows how much freedom we've given up in the false belief that we are being kept safe from terrorists.


I smile but don't say a word. He glares at me and extends the threat, "Listen you're in big trouble so you'd better start talking."


I'm thinking, no I'm in really big trouble and those two brats are going to get a good spanking if we ever get out of here…


Present – Linus – The C-130 at DIA


Maria and I are getting busy in the shower when someone starts knocking on the door then announces, “Listen, whoever's in the shower, you've got five minutes to vacate before we leave.”


Maria yells, "Shit Linus! Sorry I guess this will have to wait until later."


I grab her around the waist and say, "Hell no, haven't you ever heard of a quickie?"


Present – Maria – The C-130 at DIA


Linus gives me a hell of a quickie, we throw on our clothes open the door and one of the doctors yells, "What the hell were you two doing in there?"


We head toward the aircraft ramp and I yell over my shoulder, "My man was giving me a quickie." Then I laugh as Linus turns five shades of red.


Present – Jack – At DIA


Wow I really dodged a bullet! Mira and Masha finally meet but Mira is kind and doesn't let on that she and I were once intimate. Masha is jealous as hell and I sure as hell don't want her fighting with Mira because she'd get her ass kicked.


Present – Masha – At DIA


My husband and son give me a wonderful greeting and I hope the situation will continue to work smoothly between us. Then a limousine drives up and Miranda and a boy exit and walk toward us. This is all I need! If Jack finds out about Miranda and our mutual occupation, then my duck is cooked. Thankfully Miranda acts as if she doesn't know me.


Then the most amazing thing happens: Ivan runs over, hugs the boy and loudly announces, "Мой брат."


My brother.


I worry at first but then the boy hugs him back and answers, "Мой маленький брат."


My little brother.


Present – Mira – At DIA


Yes the most amazing thing happens: Ivan, Masha and Jack's son, bonds with Alexi. Alexi relocates to terra firma as Ivan assumes a primary position in his lap and they commence to converse.


Masha questions me, "Mira, who is this boy?"


I reply, "He is my brother and now my only living relative."


Jack awkwardly attempts condolences, "Yes we are sorry about Ira."


I respond, "She died an honorable warrior's death and provided an escape for us. Now we must live an honorable life in her memory."


Two vehicles approach and I command, "Alexi, rise and please stand behind me."


Ivan complains as he loses his position when Alexi rises. Then Masha takes him and we observe the vehicles stop. The doors on the first vehicle open and Ms. Morgan and Ms. Donaldson exit. The second vehicle contains, Matt, Jim and Thom.


I comprehend a noise behind us and determine that Maria and Linus are approaching while the C-130 begins to start its engines. I move sideways so I can see both groups as they approach and Alexi maintains his position behind me.


The motives of the two groups are not within my grasp so I quickly reach into my purse. I notice from a sideways glance as Masha gives me a hand signal which tells me to relax. Ms. Donaldson walks up and says…


Present – Jens – At DIA


Damn it's good to see everyone, well almost everyone. I do recognize the bitch from the spy school that tried to rape Ben so I will need to keep my eye on her. I command, "Well it looks like everyone's here so let's get to the cabin before something else happens."


Thom interrupts, "Excuse me Jennifer, but we're missing three people. Where's Byron and Ben's two young wives."


I grin at him and answer, "Thom you can't get my goat so cut out the wives' crap. But you are right, where's Byron and these two girls I keep hearing about?"


We all look at each other but no one seems to know…