Chapter 61

Walker Chapter 61

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Present – Stacy – In the woods


I am so angry at Ben for describing me as one of the boys, that I begin running down the trail. I was doing fine until I turn the corner and come face to face with a tiger! What sort of crazy zoo has Texas become? I freeze, the tiger looks at me, licks its chops and snarls.


I slowly raise my rifle and begin to slowly walk backwards. I then hear Ben advise, "Stacy, freeze and don't move. If you back up the tiger will charge us."


Then I realize Ben's right beside me and he has the shotgun pointed right at the tiger. I say, "Ben, what are you waiting for, shoot the tiger."


Ben says, "I'm waiting for you to get your rifle to your shoulder."


I continue bringing up my rifle… It's almost to my shoulder when…


Bo and Patches charge right past us heading toward the tiger! It takes one look at them and runs away.


Ben swears, "Damn it all! I was just getting ready to fire."


I smile and say, "And now you don't have to."


Bo and Patches run up to us and I swear they have a happy look on their faces. I begin telling Patches what a good horse she is and suggest, "Ben, Bo thought he was doing the right thing so you need to praise him for it."


Ben does a half-hearted job praising Bo. Then Bo does the funniest thing and I almost fall down laughing…


Present – Ben – In the woods


I mentally mimic in a silly-assed sing-song voice, 'Ben Bo thought he was doing the right thing so you need to praise him for it.' This damn hay burner is as, as, as unpredictable as a woman. Yeah that's it, he's either a big help or a huge hindrance - just like Stacy!


I stroke Bo's neck and say, "Thanks a lot you big lug."


Then the damn horse (I don't know if he understood me) steals my hat again. I yell, "Give me my damn hat. You're getting horse slobber all over it." And Stacy laughs so heard she can barely stand.


I get ready to yell again, when Bo drops the hat. His and Patches ears go up and the hair on the back of my neck stands up. I whisper, "Stacy, something's going on."


She snaps right out of her laughing fit, looks at the horses who are more than a little uncomfortable and says, "Ben you're right. Something has the horses skittish."


I suggest, "Well I don't know about you, but I sure as hell don't want to wait around right now and see what the hell it is. Let's get back to the bunker and regroup."


She answers, "Yes I would feel safer back at the bunker."


Present – Stacy – In the woods


The horses sure don't like something and I think they've been looking in the direction of the bunker. Ben orders, "Okay we're headed back to the bunker; Stacy make sure you keep your SA up without being distracted. I will take point - watch for my hand signals."


I ask, "What about the horses?"


Ben answers, "Well they sure as hell don't know anything about walking in formation, so I hope they just stay out of our way, now SPORT1 your weapon."


1 Defined earlier, Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, and Tap


I SPORT my rifle and say, "I'm ready." I make sure to keep my rifle in high-ready position and we carefully return to the bunker.


The closer we get to the bunker, the more nervous the horses are getting…


Present – Ben – In the woods


The closer we get to the bunker, the worse my hair is standing up, and the more nervous Bo is getting. I sure as hell don't like it and I like it even less that we are locked out of the bunker. It might take me several hours to pick the lock using an improvised lock pick from the wire in Stacy's bra and we will be vulnerable the whole time. I'm pissed at myself! If I had my tactical vest, I would have my bump keys with me and we'd be in in about thirty seconds. But when I switched to this six gun rig, I haven't had time to setup my tactical vest for it.


We reach the edge of the clearing and SHIT!


Present – Guy Fawkes


I have myself some unfinished bizzo 'n' her name is Stacy Summers. Oh I had my way with her parents 'n' her mom wasn't half not-so-bonza 'n' lasted much longer than I thought she would. Her old-man begged 'n' offered me his old-lady if I would just let him go, I laughed 'n' made sure he watched the beaut I had with her. Then I went to yakka on him, he was a pussy 'n' didn't last nearly long enough. So I took all the money they had, their credit cards 'n' their nice as hell Mercedes. After all they weren't going to need any material goods anymore.


But I want to finish what I started with their daughter before that big buffoon chased me off. So I headed back to the bunker in the Mercedes, parked a bonza distance away 'n' sat on my coit 'n' watched things. I wanted to catch them away from the bunker because I had a set of keys 'n' could sneak in 'n' wait for them. I was going to knock the big buffoon out 'n' make him watch me finish the Stacy bitch before I finished him.


Finally something happens…


Present – Stacy – In the woods


Ben motions me forward so I slowly crawl up beside him and whisper, "What's wrong?"


Ben whispers, "Look at the bunker, the doors are wide open."


I defend myself, "Well you know I locked them because you already yelled at me about it."


Ben replies, "Well either someone picked the lock or that fat fuck dope smoking Guy came back."


I remember the cut shotgun shells and hope it's the later. I ask, "So what are we going to do?"


Ben says, "Well, we're going to sit, wait and watch."


He turns to Bo and orders, "You two takeoff but don't go too far away in case we need you."


Bo and Patches turn and slowly and silently leave as I marvel at how Ben seems to be able to communicate with Bo. Why they hell can't he communicate with me like that?


I hate waiting, I'm bored as hell, drift off to sleep and have a hell of a nice dream about spending the rest of my life with Ben in our bunker. He makes soft gentle love to me all the time…


I don't know how long I've been sleeping when Ben says, "Stacy wake up and don't move a muscle!"


I wake up, half expect and hope to see Guy because we have some unfinished business and I'm shocked as hell when I see…


Present – Ben – In the woods


A squad of men exits the bunker. I wake Stacy and she asks, "Are those banditos in our love nest?"


I say, "Love nest? Stacy what the hell are you talking about? And I wish those were banditos. No that's a trained squad of men and from their uniforms I would say they are IDF."


She questions, "IDF, what's that."


I reply, "Israeli Defense Force and they're our worst nightmare. But what the hell are they doing in Texas?"


I complain, "Ben I have a cramp in my leg and need to move."


Ben says, "Stacy these guys are experts and have perimeter guards in the trees. If you move at all they will see us and then our goose is cooked."


She asks, "Do you think they're after us?"


I reply, "I sure as hell don't want to find out. Now stay still."


Yeah I wonder what the hell IDF was doing in Texas, especially since they look to be possibly  Mossad. Now that would be interesting, Mossad operating in Texas. Thank God Stacy listens to me and doesn't move because we're a bit more exposed than I would like.


We continue watching when Stacy says, "Ben is that a woman and a man in a wheelchair."


I whisper, "Yeah and look what's driving up. It's a damn good thing you didn't move because this is some sort of para-military news team from the Truth Network and I bet they are looking for us."


Present – Samantha – At the bunker


Dammit all! We track down the bunker we think Ben and Stacy were using, then the guys go in to keep me and Frank safe. One of them picks the lock and the bunker is empty, but we find a bunch of evidence that a man and a women were in the bunker and from the looks of things one or both of them are or were hurt.


We collect some of the bandages for analysis then I step outside the bunker, pull out my mobile phone and call Liz. She answers, "Sam, what do you need?"


I reply, "Liz, we tracked down what appears to be the bunker Ben and Stacy were using, but unfortunately it looks like we just missed them."


Liz requests, "Sam, take a bunch of video of the place anyway and send it to the Network. We might be able to use it to our advantage."


I reply, "Liz, I'm one step ahead of you on this. It will be on its way when the news van gets here."


Liz answers, "Damn you're good. So do you have any idea how they're traveling?"


I reply, "Believe it or not, we think they're on horseback."


Liz remarks, "Well then you might be able to catch them, they can't have gone very far."


I answer, "Liz unfortunately the terrain around here is too rugged for travel by even a jeep, let alone our news van. Horseback is probably the best way to travel in this area if you don't want to use roads."


Liz says, "Sam, I'm going to see if we can get a chopper down there to help find them."


I inform her, "Lots of luck on that Liz. Most of them have moved pretty far away and since the banditos seem to have a lot of RPGs and like to shoot down choppers. I don't think you're going to have much luck."


Liz begins to say something, then it sounds like all hell breaks loose in the woods. I yell into the phone, "Liz something's going on and I need to go!"


Present – Guy Fawkes – In the woods


I'm lucky as hell I wasn't in the bunker because I observe a team of commandos slip up to the bunker 'n' they are very bonza. One of them picks the lock, then a fucking news van drives up 'n' a Sheila 'n' some guy in a wheel chair get out of the van 'n' go into the bunker. I figure they must be looking for the Stacy bitch like I am. Oh well at least them did part of my job for me 'n' made sure the bunker was empty.


I sit back on my coit, veg-out 'n' light up a bowl. I will wait until they bail, then slip down into the bunker myself 'n' wait for Stacy 'n' the buffoon. I just get a nice comfortable buzz going when all hell breaks loose!