Chapter 63

Walker Chapter 63

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Present – Jens – At DIA


Damn it's good to see everyone, well almost everyone. I recognize the bitch from the spy school who tried to rape Ben so I will need to keep my eye on her. I command, "Well it looks like everyone's here so let's get to the cabin before something else happens."


Thom interrupts, "Excuse me Jennifer, but we're missing three people. Where are Byron and Ben's two wives?"


I grin at him as I reply, "Thom you can't get my goat so cut out the wives' crap. But you are right, where are Byron and these two girls I keep hearing about."


We all look at each other but no one knows…


We're interrupted by Liz's phone ringing. As she steps off to the side to talk, I command, "Okay Thom, he's your man so you need to find him.


Thom grins and counters, "And the girls are your Ben's wives so you need to find them."


Liz, having finished, walks up just in time to hear that and she explains, "But Thom your man was in charge of the girls so they are your responsibility. Besides, I need Jens for something else. So why don't you make yourself useful instead of trying to get Jens all fired up."


Present – Thom – At DIA


Damn I hate smart women! Liz is right - this is my responsibility. I look at Linus, but he grins and states, "Thom I'm not going anywhere until you, me and Maria sit down and have a long talk."


Shit I guess my plan backfired on me so I look around, see Matt and Jim and order, "Okay you two let's see if we can figure out where Byron and the girls went."


Jim asks, "Hey Jens, is it okay if we help Thom."


Jens says, "Sure just keep him out of my hair for a while."


I complain, "Hey what did I ever do to you?"


Jens grins and starts counting, "Well, telling me the two girls are Ben's wives to start with... Do I need to keep going?"


I shake my head and get on with the job, "Okay guys, let's fan out and see what we can find out."


They both say, "Yes SIR!"


Dammit all! If I didn't need their help I'd kick their asses…


Present – Liz – At DIA


I tell Jens about my call, "That was a phone call from my ace reporter Sam. They found Ben's bunker."


Jens gets very excited and asks, "Did they catch my runaway fiancé?"


I answer, "I don't think so, but something did happen and she had to hang up the phone early. They do have a bunch of video of the bunker."


Linus jumps in, "Perhaps we can get Masha to look at it. She really helped with the video that Stacy bitch sent Jens."


I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but figured I could find out later. So I look at Masha and question, "Would you like to look at some video?"


She blushes (which seems funny) and offers, "If it would help to find Ben and if my husband would allow it, then yes."


I look at Jack and he says, "Shit we've been all in on this from the start so whatever we can do to help is great with me."


I ask Bernie, "Will you help Masha get setup with the station so she can view the videos because I need to discuss some things with Jens in private."


He agrees, "Sure enough Liz."


Jack says, "I'm going to go get some food for Ivan and me and will be back in about thirty."


Linus says, "You know that sounds like a good idea. My stomach is feeling like my throat got cut. Do you mind if Maria and I join you?"


Mira asks, "Ms. Morgan, if you do not require my immediate assistance, Alexi and I would also like to partake of some sustenance."


I answer, "Please Mira, feel free to go get some food. We should be fine here."


Jack enthusiastically adds, "Great, the more the merrier." He gives Masha a big kiss and says, "Don't worry my love, I will bring you some food." Then everyone leaves on the food hunting expedition.


Were finally alone and Jens asks, "Okay Liz what's so damn clandestine that it can't be discussed in front of everyone?"


I answer, "Jens, I'm not sure you should see the videos."


She gives me a funny look and asks…


Present – Jens – At DIA


"Liz why the hell wouldn't I want to see the videos?"


Liz replies, "Jens he was there with Stacy Summers and there might be things that upset you."


She looks at me, I consider it for a few moments and assure her, "Liz, I'm pretty damn sure he hasn't slept with her so I'm not concerned."


Liz questions, "Jens how can you be sure of that?"


I reply, "Well, I know, with Masha's help, that he hadn't been to bed with her a couple of days ago, and also from a vision of him." I explain Stacy coming out of the bathroom in just her undies and Ben shooting the hell out of her with a paintball gun.


Liz has a huge laughing fit, finally catches her breath and says, "Yeah Jens, I can actually imagine Ben doing something like that. But tell me more about what Masha did."


I explain to her all about Masha's video analysis, Liz get a faraway look in her eyes and answers…


Present – Liz – At DIA


Soccer mom my ass! No soccer mom can do what Masha did, she has to be some sort of spy… Then it all clicks in my mind – No fucking wonder Mira was acting so strangely around Masha, she knows Masha by a previous association.


I add with caution, "Jens there's more to Masha than meets the eye."


Jen grins and exclaims, "Doh! Look who's talking! The lady that has a spy for her body guard."


I punch her arm for the insult and ask, "Do you know Mira?"


Jens answers, "Damn Skippy I do! I almost shot her ass for trying to rape my Ben."


Well this is news for me so I dig for more information, "Okay Jens spill the beans."


She finishes the involved story about Mira being with Ben at a covert spy school culminating with her almost shooting Mira and then almost getting shot herself. I shake my head and question, "Jens I hope you don't think she's a danger?"


Jens laughs, "Liz I'd rather have her here where I can keep an eye on her."


I nod my head, "Keep your friends close…"


Jens interrupts and finishes, "and your enemies even closer."


I question, "Do you think Jack knows about Masha?"


Jens thinks for a moment then laughs, "Liz, get real - he's a man."


We both laugh and I say, "I could use something to eat. How about we join the others?"


We join arms and walk toward the restaurant, it's great to be with my BFF again…


Present – Maria – At DIA


I can't believe that Linus refused to help Thom until the three of us could talk! But to be truthful, I'm not at all sure I really want to work for Thom. I mean I have my job with the Princess Boss that keeps me plenty busy and gives me just the right amount of excitement. Besides, I know I'd be a distraction and detriment to the team. But how can I tell Linus without insulting him…


Present – Linus – At DIA


Yeah, I'm done working for Thom and the TSIFFTS unless they can include Maria on our team - and I don't mean to make coffee or sandwiches. Shit her being able to prank Thom with the coffee should be proof enough that she deserves a place on the team. While I can't condone her going into Masha’s purse, she did put one over on Thom – that reminds me of something.


Maria and I move away from the others as I say, "Maria, I need to talk to you about Masha and Mira."


She immediately states, "Yeah those two are certainly on my radar."


I was afraid of that, so I continue, "If I ask for a favor to cut both of them some slack and stay away from them, what would you say?"


She states, "I would say that as long as I feel either of them is a threat to my Princess Boss then I need to keep my eyes on them and to be a buffer between them and Jens."


I question, "What about coming to work on Thom's team with me?"


Present – Maria – At DIA


Shit! I guess I do need to deal with this now. I reply, "Linus thanks for the offer, but I'm not going to join Thom's team."


He looks hurt and threatens, "Damn that bastard! I'm going to kick his ass so hard that he will whistle 'Dixie' when he farts!"


I grab Linus' arm and explain, "Honey, it's not anything Thom did or said to me. I'm a big girl and put up with more shit in the Army than I ever did from him. There are two reasons: First I really like my job working for Jens; and second she really needs me."


He calms down but says, "I'm still not sure I shouldn't kick his ass anyway."


I redirect him, "I would say that if anyone needs their ass kicked it's Ben."


Linus agrees, "That's a fact! So what are we doing after chow?"


I grin at him and say, "Oh I'm sure we'll come up with something fun…"


Present – Thom – At DIA


Shit! I found out what happened to the girls and Byron. I guess the girls got a wild hair, headed off to the main terminal and caused some problems. The TSA then picked them up and handed them off to Homeland Security. Byron went looking for them, asked about them and Homeland security has him too.


Of all the rotten luck! Prying those three away from the evil clutches of Homeland Security is going to be hell. I heard everyone went to the restaurant to eat so I head inside to see if Liz or Jens could pull some strings and get them freed.


The sight of the food reminds me how hungry I am so I walk up to the table and say, "Thanks for including me in this soiree."


Liz replies, "Well, you had a job to do. If you're finished you can join us."


I sit down and as I lean toward the center of the table, everyone goes quiet and I whisper, "Well Homeland Security has the girls and Byron. I don't have any connections with them so I was hoping either you Liz or Jennifer could get them free."


Liz answers, "Shit! They always give me hell when I travel so I won't be any help."


Jennifer adds, "Don't look at me, I avoid them at all costs."


I say, "Well then I guess we're…"


Mira interrupts, "I do not suppose these documents would be of assistance?"


She holds up a pair diplomatic passports and I ask, "Are those for the girls."


She says, "Thom, prove to me you have gray matter in your cranial cavity - why would I offer diplomatic documents if they belonged to another and would not assist in the rectification of your problem."


I don't like her attitude, but I have to ask, "Well that takes care of the girls but what about Byron?"


She grins like a damn Cheshire cat and says, "Thom, the passports state the girls are my progeny. When I present the documents and my diplomatic passport to Homeland Security I will inquire of their intention in detaining my husband and the father of my daughters. I will assertively mention my government’s preparation to launch a complete investigation."


Liz says, "I guess we won't need these American passports for the girls."


Mira answers, "No Ms. Morgan, please keep those passports because one can never have enough passports. Now I must retrieve my 'daughters' and my 'husband'. Come Alexi we have work to do."


I blink then I start to laugh! Oh boy! Byron's going to hate this because I'm never going to let him live this down…