Chapter 64

Walker Chapter 64

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Ben – In the woods


All hell breaks loose in the woods to the East of us. We hear a bunch of howling, grunting and yelling. I sure as hell don't want to know what sort of animal is making all that racket. Stacy and I watch as the para-military news team takes off toward the noise.


I look over at Stacy and say, "Let's move it! This might be our only chance to get into the bunker, grab the gear we need and get the hell out of here before the news team comes back."


We jump up, Bo and Patches run up, we swing up on their backs and hightail it to the bunker…


Present – Stacy – In the woods


I think Ben forgot about my injuries because riding bareback on Patches hurts like hell! But Ben's right and I'm sure as hell not going to complain. My things are in the bunker and I want them. But that damn news crew had better not pawed around in my stuff or I will figure out some way to make them pay.


We get to the bunker, ride the horses into the stable and Ben commands, "Stacy, get the horses saddled up while I grab a bunch of gear."


I remind him, "Ben make sure you grab my pack, I have things in there I need."


The noises in the woods are louder than ever when Ben replies, "Affirmative, let me know when the noises stop because we will need to leave quickly after it gets quiet."


I begin to saddle Patches and bite my lip to keep from laughing at Bo. He's trying to saddle himself and it's funny as hell.


Present – Samantha – In the woods


I sure as hell don't know what all the noise is! It sounds like some animal is hurt or in a big fight. We'd heard the banditos 'accidentally' released all the zoo animals they found when they took over towns, but I didn't believe that because we'd came across zoos where the animals had been shot, roasted and eaten (oh boy did America get upset with that report!).


My reporter's instinct told me somehow the animals escaped, perhaps they were smart enough to do it themselves or perhaps they killed the banditos before they were killed. It didn't matter, if we could document wild animals on the loose in Texas, it would be a great news story.


I want to dash headlong after the story, when Emmanuel (Frank's Brother), who is pushing his all-terrain wheelchair says, "Sam, let the team get there first because we don't know what is happening."


I grin and answer, "Aye, aye big brother."


Frank laughs and declares, "Sam we're not Navy!"


I laugh, "If you're not Navy then why do you like my naval base so much." I giggle as my husband and big brother blush - I love making big, strong soldiers blush.


When we are almost to the noise, there's a bunch of shooting and Emmanuel cautions, "Everybody down on the ground."


The shooting stops, the noise stops but I know better than to get up until Emmanuel orders it. We hear footsteps approaching and ready our weapons, then we hear the passphrase. One of the team runs up, looks at me and states, "I don't know if you should see what we just saw."


I realize he looks more than a little sick (and he's a battle hardened soldier). So I question, "Is it really that bad?"


He nods his head, "I've never seen anything like it in my whole life. It made all of us a little sick."


I think it can't be that bad, besides I am a reporter and it's my job to report. I reply, "Well as much as I may not like it. I'm still a reporter and I have to do my job."


He shakes his head and says, "Don't say you haven't been warned."


Present – Stacy – At the bunker


I get Patches saddled in record time, start on Bo and praise him, "Yes you’re a good horse for trying to help but let me finish."


Then I hear what sounds like gunfire then all the noises stop. I yell, "Ben things have become quiet."


He runs into the stable drops two huge saddlebags on the ground and says, "Put this one on Bo because it's the heaviest. I'll be right back with the rest of our things."


I can barely pick up Bo's saddlebags and get them behind his saddle. He grunts when they hit his back and I say, "Sorry about that, you can blame Ben." He nickers and nods his head.


Then I move over and thank God that Patches' bags are lighter. I put them behind her saddle, she turns and gives me a look that I can only describe as angry. I apologize, "Sorry Patches, I think Ben loaded these heavily because we don't have Knacker to help."


She reaches back, bites at the saddlebags and I say, "Hey leave those alone. I don't like this any better than you do."


I'm finished and decide to head into the bunker to help Ben…


Present – Ben – At the bunker


It was a good thing the Jon had the supplies all setup to go and even packed in the saddlebags. All I had to do was make sure to load enough ammo for all our weapons. With all these damn zoo animals on the loose, we needed firepower. Plus I was lucky as hell and found some det cord and caps to detonate it.


 I drop the saddlebags with Stacy and head back in for our packs, more rifles and pistols. Then I have one final thing to do - I really hate to do this but it's also really necessary.


Stacy runs in and says, "Ben I hope the horses can carry us. Those saddlebags are really heavy."


I reply, "They only need to be able to carry us far enough to discourage this Mossad team from following us, then we can walk them."


She runs over to her pack and swears, "Those fucking bastards messed up my pack."


I laugh, "Stacy, your pack is always a mess so how can you tell?"


She bitches, "Yeah it may be a mess, but it's my mess and I know where everything is."


I grab the rest of the stuff and say, "Let's move it. We head to the stable, I look at the horses and remark, "Stacy you did a great job, now take the horses outside while I take care of one more thing."


She leads the horses outside, I head back in pull the pin on a couple WP grenades and toss them into the bunker. Then I run, jump up on Bo, look around and start to laugh. Stacy asks, "Ben what's so funny?"


I point to the news van and say, "They left the van unguarded."


She grins and says, "Ben now I can get even for them messing up my pack."


I watch her in amazement and decide I don't ever want her really pissed at me…


Present – Samantha – In the woods


We reach the scene which is gruesome beyond belief! I get a report from the rest of the team as to what they saw, stagger to the side, puke my guts out and say, "We will need to tape this and let the station edit it because there are things here that can't be shown on TV."


I nod to Frank, he rolls the camera and I say, "Greetings America this is Samantha Cohen reporting from Texas. Tonight we have a bizarre news story which some might find offensive and will not be suitable for younger children."


"In what only can be described as twisted justice, the alleged murderer of Stacy Summer's parents was just brutally attacked and killed by a roving gang of gorillas. Now that's the animal, not guerilla fighters. His name was Guy Fawkes and he was from Australia. What he was doing in America nobody knows, but we're sure he's the murderer of the Summers because he was in possession of their missing Mercedes, which it appears the gorillas also destroyed."


Frank pans the camera to the overturned and destroyed Mercedes and I continue, "And it's twisted justice because the first of the news team on the scene described a large male gorilla who was sexually abusing the corpse. Further examination leads us to believe that Guy Fawkes was initially alive when the gorilla's began their rampage and died from massive internal injuries."


"This seems to lend credence…." 


I stop, Frank looks at me and says, "Sam what's wrong?"


I point and say, "I see smoke. Isn't that in the direction of the bunker?"


Emmanuel shouts, "Damn your right! Quick to the bunker!"


We race toward the bunker…