Chapter 65

Walker Chapter 65

Copyright 2012 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Flashback – Major M – Command and Control


Damn! There was a reason brass was spelled with 'ass' in it - it was because that's where most 'brass' had their heads (and a stern reminder to not let that happen to me)! I still couldn't fucking believe it: The Old Man called me into his office, read me the riot act for losing the Sgts. (as if that was my fault) then told me he wanted me to infiltrate the country to get intel on Baskerville. (How the hell he learned our working name for the new vehicle I sure as hell didn't know but you could bet your bottom dollar I would find out and that bastard was going with me). Since I was a Major, I'd thought I was too valuable an asset to go on a mission like this! I loved field work, but after the way the Sgts. had this fucking country riled up it's the last place I wanted to go. Besides, there was that damn Baskerville that took out four Hind choppers and jumped a fucking canyon! I'm supposed to figure out some way to catch the fucker? Fat fucking chance on that happening! I was just hoping to stay the hell out of its way.


So I'm back here in my C&C setting things up and making sure I'm going to have a shitload of support with me. I've seen what that damn vehicle can do and I know better than to take it on alone.


Flashback – Ira and Mira – Undisclosed location


Mira and I departed post haste, pursuing our tracks (made when we fled for our lives from Baskerville) to regain the prisoners and possibly apprehend the harlequins. I observed after the scare Baskerville gave us that once again my sister's SA was appropriate for the task at hand.


I occulated smoke in the direction of our locomotion and realized that Baskerville might have not only exhaustively pursued us, it might have made us misappropriate the opportunity to confront the harlequins…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


After Banzai doctored my first manifold burrito with too much hot sauce, I decide it's time to get even and offer, "Banzai, why don't you let me make the burritos this time so you can take a rest."


He smiled at me and agreed, "Sure Jack, knock yourself out."


Yeah, let's see how he likes his next burrito…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Jack was being overly helpful. Now that smacks of one of his pranks but he's too damn obvious. He's going to doctor the hell out of my burrito with the hot sauce. That's alright - just wait because two could play these games…


Flashback – Major M – In transit


I made sure to call my Mossad contacts right before I left for that God forsaken country so they could call off the Sedankina bitches and I hoped like hell this time they would listen. I know it's not kind to speak ill of the dead, but that damn Sgt. Blaine made a royal cluster fuck out of everything. Not only did he infect Miranda Sedankina with his insubordination, his antics got the Old Man fired up and I was the poor bastard paying the price.


Oh well, I might as well catch some shuteye on this long assed flight…


Flashback – Ira and Mira – Undisclosed location


Just as I surmised earlier, we arrived at the scene of what remained of the presidential palace and occulated mass carnage. The prisoners took no captives and bodies littered the landscape. We arrested our motorcycles, pulled off our cranial carapaces and I stated, "Mira, once again we have arrived after the harlequins have departed."


Mira responded, "Yes Ira, either they were never here or fled the scene."


I questioned, "Mirinka, have you deduced some new factoid?"


She smiled and stated, "Ira, you accuse me of being distracted. However have you not noticed that in the previous attack perpetrated by the harlequins on a presidential palace, they did not purposefully kill or maim anyone. So, occulate the difference for this location."


I performed the sisterly request and remarked, "Ai! Mira you are indeed correct!"


I needed to analyze why I did not discover this factoid, however I heard a noise and stated, "Mira I perceive a possible survivor we can interrogate." We then traversed our motorcycles closer to the incapacitated survivor. I occulated and stated the obvious, "Mira he is one of the prisoners…."


Mira finished, "…and will provide valuable clues of the harlequins."


Unfortunately the ex-prisoner was too damaged to survive our interrogation. He expired right after he released a most amazing factoid. I looked at my sister (and notated the death mask on her face) and stated, "Mira it would appear…"


She finished my statement, “…that the harlequins and Baskerville are one in the same!"


I continued, "Yes we have been duped…"


Mira finished, "AGAIN!" Then she added her new (since Sgt. Blaine) expository, "Fecal matter!"


Mira ordered, "Ira, we must locate a place of safety where we can devise a new strategy, to not only terminate the harlequins, but to capture Baskerville."


We proceed to minutely study the maps when the alert of an incoming message interrupted our deliberations. I wisely decided to screen all the messages in hopes they would not further infuriate Mira. I was fully thankful I performed this task after I occulated the message.


I walked back to Mira and she stated, "Ira this locale might suffice. What is your opinion and was there anything important contained in the message?"


I smiled at Mira and falsified my response, "Mira, the location is excellent and there is nothing in the message which concerns you."


AH HA! My sister Ira just falsified her report to me, which only happens when she possesses a concern for my being-well. I will need to occulate the message upon our arrival at the place of safety…


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Banzai swore, "Dammit all! Jack hand me the seventeen millimeter wrench!"


I handed him the wrench and commented, "It's a good thing you decided to check the Frankenmonster, otherwise we'd be screwed."


Banzai beat on something with a hammer and swore, "We would have been more than screwed, we would have been stranded."


I questioned, "Perhaps I will use this time to contact the Major…"


I never got a chance to finish. Banzai interrupted, "Jack, if you do that I will use this damn hammer to beat some sense into you – fuck the Major! Now why don't you go and do what you do best."


I questioned, "What the hell is that."


He insulted me, "Sleep of course."


I yelled, "Well fuck you too!" Then I left. But Banzai's idea did have some merit to it…


Flashback – Ben – Undisclosed location


Jack was being an insistent old fart on contacting the Major and I knew why: He was thinking with his little head not his big head. The randy old goat had visions of Russian women dancing nude before his eyes (and bed) and that clouded his objectivity.


The less the Major knew about us right now, the better. I knew by taking out the four Hinds and then disappearing we got his attention. Then outrunning Mira and Ira's motorcycles added to it. With the Major being a major prick, I figured it was about time he caught some shit and from my personal run-ins with the Old Man I was sure he was pissed enough to dish some out.


Besides, Mira was here and… Dammit all, that hurt!!!!


Flashback – Jack – Undisclosed location


Banzai stopped his banging and started swearing up a bluer streak then before. I jumped up, ran over and asked, "Are you okay?"


He spit, "Hell no, I just beat the hell out of my finger and I think I broke it."


I replied, "What! I sure as hell hope it's not your trigger hand."


He crawled out from under the Frankenmonster and said, "No, but it is my guitar playing hand."


He held out his left hand and continued, "What do you think?"


I touched his second finger and he winced. I wiggled it some and said, "No, it's not broken but you really fucked it up and we should probably immobilize it. Let me get the medkit."


I walk away to get the medkit and asked, "So what the hell were you thinking about."


He obviously lied, "Nothing Jack, the hammer slipped…"


Yeah the hammer slipped my ass - I knew you were thinking of Mira. His finger wasn't too bad, I was mainly immobilizing it to remind him to keep his mind on the task at hand.


I changed the subject, "So how are the repairs coming?"


He answered, "Jack, we tore up the Frankentruck pretty badly and I'm doing the best I can. But we might be down a couple days."


Now that sounded like a familiar quote… Shit the little bastard. I questioned, "Banzai, are those normal days or Scotty from Star Trek days?"


He laughed and admitted, "Damn Jack you're getting smarter as you get older. Yeah they are Scotty days."


I began working on his finger and shot back, "Well Banzai, we've been together long enough I know if it's not critical you like to exaggerate the timeline to fix things so I would praise you when you're done sooner – just like Scotty did to Kirk."


He grinned at me and dropped the hammer, "So then that would make you a Captain – SIR!"


Damn he knew how much I hated being called 'sir' - however he forgot one important fact. I grinned and replied, "Well you can 'SIR' yourself too because Scotty was also an officer."


When I was finished with his finger, he put up his hand and said, "Thanks Jack, now I don't even need to straighten my finger to flip you off! I'm almost done with the Frankentruck but I want to take a down day when I finish."


I questioned, "Why?"


He said, "Well, you're beginning to smell like an old goat again – SIR!"


Now a bath did sound like a good idea but I still flipped him off for the 'sir' comment and asked, "Are we going to find another oasis?"


He stated, "Not this time…"


Flashback – Ira and Mira – Undisclosed location


Mira swore, "Fecal matter! Irinka I am going to flagellate your posterior. "


I defended my assets, "Mirinka, it was for your own being-well."


She countered, "Ira, I am no longer behaving as a childish female and withholding mission critical information from me endangers our mission."


I angered, "Then stop behaving like a childish female saluki and I will freely share intelligence with you!" Yes, somehow Mira had ascertained the message content even though I assumed I terminated it. So she knew Major M was arriving and we were ordered to meet and assist him.


Mira queried, "What did you just call me?" Then she attacked me!


In the sight of hind, perhaps not sharing intelligence with her was a grievous miscalculation. I did not ascertain her extreme displeasure in Major M and we now had a grave situation which might end with the Major's grave…


Flashback – Major M – Undisclosed location


Damn it all! Now I understood why the Sgts. hated it here so much. The sand swirled everywhere, got into my nose and I sneezed again. This place wasn't fit for human beings. If it wasn't for the oil we wouldn't even be here.


But I had a more pressing matter: I received a message from my Mossad 'friends' who told me I was to meet with the Sedankina bitches and they were to follow my orders? Like hell that's going to happen! Especially not after what I had done to Miranda. From the little I knew about them they liked to hold a grudge and when they did it was usually resolved by the termination of the other party…


No, I was going to stay the hell away from them. I looked at my team and ordered, "Okay, let's setup our FBO."