Chapter 66

Walker Chapter 66

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Present – Mira – At DIA


Alexi and I acquire a vehicle and traverse the distance to Denver International Airport main terminal. When we arrest our progress in a 'loading zone' and exit the vehicle a local constable harasses us, "Excuse me ma'am you can't leave that car here or I will have to tow it."


I wave my hand at him, continue walking and reply, "Do as you wish."


He loudly annunciates additionally at me as we continue into the terminal and Alexi remarks, "My sister Mira, please do not be angry with me. But perhaps next time it would be wise for me to operate the vehicle."


I look at him, detect the fear in his eyes and expound, "Alexi, four wheel vehicular operation is not a suit of strong for me so if you can perform the action with greater competency I would be appreciative."


Alexi corrects, "My sister you mean 'strong suit'. Do not worry, I am an excellent driver and have one of the highest scores in Grand Theft Auto."


I reply, "Thank you my brother. Vehicular operation is an annoyance for me and I am not sure what this Grand Theft Auto is. With your diplomatic passport, they can not prohibit you from serving as my chauffer. However I do feel the need for you to attend a variety of defensive and offensive vehicular operation courses."


He grinned, "Will I be able to terminate a vehicle in these courses?"


I stop, ponder for a moment and respond, "My brother, I would worry for your safety if you purposefully terminated a vehicle so I think that I will prohibit."


His face mimics the façade of a forlorn puppy dog. I almost recant my decision. Then the local constable runs in with others, gestures at me and announces, "There she is! get her!"


Alexi tenses but I instruct, "Remain tranquil Alexi. Do not resist but instead learn."


They surround me like cops of keystone as the local constable accuses, "That vehicle you parked was stolen."


I smile at him and state, "No sir, you are incorrect! It was merely temporarily acquired."


They surround us more closely and invade our personal perimeter while they place their hands on us and even restrain us with handcuffs. I loudly demand, "I request to see the local Director of Homeland Security."


They reveal their mirth and the primary constable threatens, "Like hell! You're going directly to jail."


Present – Liz – At the restaurant


Now that everyone, other than Mira and Alexi, is here I say, "Okay, listen everyone. We need to have a memorial service for Mira's sister Ira as soon as possible. I can tell she needs it for closure. Jens, I was thinking we would get a headstone and if you don't mind put it on your land at the cabin."


Jens thinks for a couple minutes and says, "Liz, I didn't know she had a twin sister. And if it was just for her I'd say hell no. But you're like my sister so I think it's fine as long as I don't have to see it every day."


Jack says, "Jens that's one of the nicest things you've ever done for someone. I met both of them together and you might not know it but just as Ira gave her life to save Liz and everyone in her group, she also once saved Banzai's life."


I pull out my phone to order the headstone as the conversation continues around the table…


Present – Jens – At the restaurant


I look at Jack in wonder and request, "I knew about you meeting both of them at the spy school but I didn't know about Ira saving my Ben's life. Please tell me more."


Jack tells me about how the fucking bastards at the spy school took and tortured my Ben and how Ira went into the building where Ben was being held, kicked everyone's asses without killing anyone, and then brought my Ben out safely. I was highly impressed with Ira's skill and realized how lucky I might have been when I attacked Mira.


Everything was fine until he mentioned, "Then Ira and Mira slept on each side of him to warm him in the hospital. Then I guess when Ben woke up he squeezed their asses which…"


I interrupt, "They did what! And Ben did what!"


Present – Jack – At the restaurant


Oh fuck me, was that a mistake! I try to backpedal, "Uh, well the hospital needed some way to keep Ben warm…"


Jens interrupts, "They didn't have warming blankets?"


I counter, "Yes they had warming blankets but they felt…"


Jens said, "Jack, stop your lying."


For once I was happy as hell when Ivan realized Jens was upset at me and began to cry…


Present – Liz – At the restaurant


I finish my call, things are set up and the headstone will be delivered ASAP so we can take it with us. I can immediately tell Jens is upset about something so I ask, "Jens what's wrong."


She grumps, "Did you know Mira and her sister Ira slept on each side of Ben to warm him up then he squeezed their asses?"


I shake my head and say, "Jens I have no idea what you're talking about but get off your high horse and think about it. Who did Ben finally end up with?"


She thinks for a moment, then smiles and says, "Me of course. He even met my parents."


I nod my head, "That's right, because I was there. Now who's life did he save on that one mission."


She grins, "Mine! Yes when I got appendicitis he was going to die to save me!"


Then Thom opens his big fat mouth…


Present – Thom – At the restaurant


Well, this sounds like too much fun to resist so I say, "Perhaps I'm wrong, but it seems like Ben's made saving people his life mission. Isn't that how he ended up with his two wives?"


Liz gives me a dirty look. I smile innocently then I get the surprise of my life when Maria, who's sitting next to me…


Present – Linus – At the restaurant


Maria leans over and whispers something to Thom. He turns white and quickly retreats, "Jennifer, I'm sorry for trying to get you upset. But…" Then he stops in mid-sentence.


Jens says, "Thom like I said before you're not going to get my goat…"


Jack interrupts, "Hell yes Banzai did make it his life story to save people: He saved my life I don't know how many times. In fact if I recall didn't he even save your life once Thom."


Thom quietly replies, "Yeah our paths have crossed once or twice."


Now this was news to me and I needed to find out more about this later but first I needed to know what the hell Maria said to Thom. It's just not like him to apologize. I lean over and whisper, "Maria, just what did you say to Thom?"


She grins at me and answers, "I had my knife against his crotch and told him if he wanted to keep his family jewels he'd better apologize to my Princess Boss."


I started laughing. Thom looks at me and demands, "What's so damn funny!"


I decide that discretion is probably the best course of action here so I reveal, "Oh Maria just told me a joke. Would you like to hear it?"


Thom gives me a dirty look and Jens says, "Linus, you're the worst comedian in the world so please spare us the pain."


My Maria adds, "I second that."


The whole table laughs, then Matt and Jim walk in and Matt says, "I've got bad news."


Present – Jens – At the restaurant


I look at Matt and Jim and ask, "Oh great! What's happened now?"


Matt explains, "Near as we can tell, Mira stole a car, drove to the main terminal, left the car in a loading zone and now the police have her and Alexi in custody."


I look at everyone and think, this is all we need – no, what we really need is a plan to get everyone the hell out of DIA. I start to open my mouth when Liz starts to laugh. We all look at her like she's crazy until she offers, "Guys I've been around Mira enough to know this has to be some sort of tactical plan. Matt and Jim, pull up a chair and have some food."


Jim looks at Thom and complains, "Thanks a hell of a lot for letting us know you'd left and come back here."


Thom bristles and I can tell it's going to be one more non-productive fight. I decide it's time for me to be the alpha bitch in this pack of mongrels so I stand up and announce, "Okay everyone, I want to hear from each of you who's the boss here. And if I get the wrong answer from anyone, we're going outside to settle this once and for all."


Maria pipes right up, "Jens you're my boss."


Liz says, "Jens you're my BFF so I will do what you say."


Matt and Jim add, "You sign our checks."


Jack says, "Hell I've said it before - I'm 'all in' until we find Banzai, then I want to help kick his ass."


Linus seconds, "Hell yes I want to kick his ass too!"


I look at Thom, he grins and says, "What the hell! It's not like I can do a mission right now with half my team down. And I'd sure like to see these fools try to kick Ben's ass."


Maria adds, "Well you can be sure he's going to get his ass kicked."


Thom starts to laugh then I slam my fist on the table and order, "That's fucking enough talk about kicking Ben's ass. If there's any ass kicking to do, I'm the one that's going to do it! Now that we all know I'm the boss, I'm tired of sitting on my ass doing nothing, so here's the plan."


Present – Liz – At the restaurant


Finally! The old Jens is back and she's taken control. She orders, "Matt, Jim, Thom and Linus. Ben and that Stacy Summers bitch are in Texas. Liz's new ace reporter uncovered the bunker they were staying in, then Liz’s cell lost the call so we don't know what the hell's going on. Get your asses down to Texas and find him."


Thom says, "It's going to take more than four of us to hogtie him and bring him back to you."


Jens smiles, "No, you misunderstood. I don't want you to do anything other than observe and follow him. If you attempt to capture him it will only make things worse and push him further away. Do you think you can watch him without him detecting you?"


Jack says, "Jens, the only one I would trust to get close to Banzai is Linus because he was a Seal. And even then if he makes one mistake, Banzai will spot him. I would recommend that the four of them do long range surveillance."


Jens looks at Jack and agrees, "Okay Jack then your job is to coordinate their surveillance techniques because, and this is our utmost priority, we don't want Ben to feel threatened."


Thom questions, "Why the hell not?"


Jens explains, "Right now it's part of Ben's programming to resist to the death any attempt to capture him. If he senses he's being watched he will just take off and disappear again."


Thom continues, "So how do you fix this."


Jens replies, "Well that's my job and with another of Ben's old friends, we'll figure it out."


Jack questions, "The former Capt.1 M?"


1 Yes Captain M, something happened that made him lose rank.


Jens nods her head, "That's right! He fucking broke Ben and he's going to fucking help me fix him."


Jens looks at Maria and Maria responds, "Yes Jens your wish is my command."


She smiles at Maria and says, "Sorry to separate you and Linus, but I need you right now and by the way, you've just received a raise and that goes for all of you."


I smile at Jens and say, "And you can afford it seeing as our people recovered all the gold on the jet that went down with us. So what am I doing?"


She smiles at me, "Liz, you're our liaison to the Truth Network. Plus, I want your expertise as a news hound to ferret out any information about Ben and the bitch he's traveling with. And you're not going to like this one: I want you to help me figure out what to do with Ben's two girls."


I laugh, "You mean to keep you from killing them?"


Jens laughs and admits, "Yeah. If what I hear is true that's probably going to be a big part of it. Now since this is all settled, lets finish lunch and wait for Mira, the girls and Byron to show up."


Present – Mira – At DIA


The constable that 'arrests' us begins to peruse through my purse. He withdraws a leather article, inspects the bag digitally and demands, "What the hell is this? It feels like a gun!"


I smile evilly at him and declare, "That sir, is a diplomatic pouch which you may not open. If you further search my purse you will discover the diplomatic passports for me, my son Alexi and my two daughters now in custody of Homeland Security. Now I again demand to see the Director of Homeland Security."


The constable's face whitens as he meekly asks, "You have diplomatic passports?"


I smirk in annoyance and respond, "Yes sir. If you had asked before taking us into custody, I would have informed you of that factoid. However with our abduction and your over-zealous police brutality, it has now become an international incident which my government will aggressively investigate."


He exclaims with the primary phrase entering his minimal cranial capacity, "Shit!"


I scold, "Sir, please do not curse in front of my son. Now I demand to either see the Director of Homeland Security who is currently detaining my two daughters and my husband or I must contact my Ambassador for assistance with this grievous insult."


Post haste our handcuffs are removed and we are escorted to view the Director of Homeland Security. As we are admitted into his office I immediately begin my verbose assault, "Sir is it the policy of this country to detain diplomats from other countries?"


He replies, "I am sorry ma'am, I wish to apologize for what the police did to you."


I grin menacingly and elucidate, "Sir, I am not referring to our brutal mistreatment during our detainment, I am referring to the detention of my two daughters and my husband." I slide the diplomatic passports for Zarika and Yasmeen across his desk and demand, "You will bring them to me post haste so I might first punish them for their foolishness. Then I will interrogate them to discern the level of their mistreatment before my government files a formal complaint."


He stammers, "But ma'am please be reasonable. We didn't know who they were…"


I interrupt, "Only because in your incompetence no one endeavored to acquire an interpreter for them. I am certain they are both emotionally demolished by the cruel mistreatment shown them by your government. You will bring them and my husband here - post haste!"


 He utilizes a phone, initiates a call and we sit - and wait.


Present – Zarika and Yasmeen – At DIA


Some men come and take us out of our little prison. However they behave much differently than when they brought us into this little prison. They are less rough with us and seem sad.


Yasmeen asks, "Zarika do you think they are taking us before a firing squad?"


I do not know how she comes up with so many crazy ideas but decide this one might be fun so I reply, "Yes Yasmeen. I am sure that's what they are doing and it's all your fault for taking that sandwich and then insulting them. You know how violent Americans are."


She begins to cry, the men try to comfort her and I secretly smile. But I also wonder where we are going…


Present – Byron – At DIA


The damn Homeland Security agent comes in and surprises the hell out of me when he begins to apologize, "Sir I want to apologize to you for detaining you and your daughters. Your wife is here and has informed us of our errors."


Well I wasn't born yesterday and I figure out immediately someone is running a scam on them so I stand up and complain, "Hell yes it's a huge damn mistake! And I would have told you of your mistake if you gave me half a chance."


The agent complained, "But you stopped talking to us."


I countered, "Of course! But only because I refuse to talk to idiots! Now get me the hell out of here, bring my daughters to me and take us to see my wife."


He replies, "Sir, your daughters are already with your wife and I'd be happy to accompany to you meet your wife."


We walk down the hallway, he opens the door and I'm surprised as hell when I walk in and see, Mira! I had expected Liz or Jennifer. Her, the two little bitches and a boy all run up to me and start yelling, "Papa." I play along give them each a big hug then turn my attention to Mira. I grab her, give her a hell of a kiss (with tongue) let my hands wander down and pinch her firm ass (hey I figure I might never get this chance again so I'm going for it).


She jumps, pulls away, slaps me a bit harder than I anticipated and complains, "Honey, not in front of the children and these men."


I look at the men and state, "If you don't have any further complaints we are leaving."


The man behind the desk attempts to pander to us, "No sir! In fact we have a car waiting to return you to the location your wife directed."


When we get in the car, Mira leans over and whispers, "If you ever molest me in that manner again, I will make you yearn for instant termination!"


I sit back and think that you can't fault a man for trying.


Present – Liz – At the restaurant


My phone rings. I look and determine it's Mira so I shush everyone, answer the phone and question her, "Mira where are you?"


She responds, "Ms. Morgan my mission is accomplished. We are returning to our previous location and I would advise we leave Denver International Airport post haste." Then she hangs up the phone.


I look at everyone and announce, "Mira's coming back with everyone and thinks it's wise that we leave immediately."


Matt complains, "Hey, I'm still eating."


Jim adds, "Yeah this is only my second helping."


Jens says, "You two eat more food than anyone I've ever known. Just take what's left in a doggie bag because I would agree with Mira - the sooner we leave Denver the better. Maria, please make the arrangements. I can't wait to get home!"


I could tell by the way Jens said 'home' that it was going to be a bittersweet homecoming for her. I knew she dreamed of the day when her homecoming would be final and with her one true love – Ben…