Walker Prologue

Copyright 2011 Banzai Ben and Amazing Anastasia


Present – Banzai Ben – On the road – bus attack


Run, run, run! Feet don't fail me now! The shouts and swearing in Spanglish continue, as do the reports and rounds from the AK's they are firing. If I stop I die!


Most people don't realize how hard it is to hit a moving target with a rifle shot. Oh it's not hard if the target runs right towards you or directly away from you, it's not even that hard if the target moves at a consistent speed and direction across your field of fire. None of which I am doing…


Fully auto AK fire still dances around my feet…


Dumb fucks! They think the more lead they throw at me, the more likely it is they will hit me. I do know if it was me doing the shooting, I would have already been dead. I had practiced hitting moving targets, mostly squirrels from the time I was a small boy. Most of it was just guess work and luck: Lead the squirrel a certain amount, then squeeze the trigger and follow through – just like shooting a shotgun. Then I joined the Corps and they refined my guesstimations and now I was pretty damn good at hitting a moving target.


The rounds are getting closer, time to change speed and direction. Good that throws them off and the swearing increases. I finally hear, "¡Mueva sus culos y vaya le consiguen!"


"Move your asses and go get him!"


Good, my plan is finally working. Draw them away from the deathtrap bus, the passengers and especially Stacy. I feel like shit leaving her and the others on the bus, but at least I sent Manuel to hell first. I will not abandon her - this is not a retreat! Marines never retreat - it's a strategic relocation.


Finally it happens: There's a lull in their firing. I pull up my M4, and touch off five rounds. Unlike them, my shots are aimed. Shit! Only four of them connect!


As hard as it is to hit a moving target, it's even harder to hit a moving target when you're moving too! I should have hit that fifth bastard, but he was lucky today, I stepped on a rock and almost went down so my shot missed. If they were pissed at me before for running from the deathtrap bus, they were really pissed now since I'd taken out four of their hombres.


The firing increases along with the yelling as I switch directions, change speed again and hear, "¡Cada uno después de él!"


"Everyone after him!"


Good, killing a few of the bastards got their full attention, now I need to do my best to keep it.


I fire a couple more, well placed shots and two more fall. The rounds and the hombres are getting closer to me…


Present – Stacy – On the road – bus attack


Uhhhh, my head! What happened? I wake up and… and… and it sounds like I'm in the middle of a war. I open my eyes, it's just getting dark and I yell, "Ben!"


Someone whispers loudly back, "Stop making noise."


I whisper, "What's going on?"


The voice replies, "The fucking Mexican liberation army stopped the bus. They would have already taken all of us hostage but some crazy SOB from the bus is fighting their whole damn army. And they're busy trying to catch him and kill him."


Now that I'm fully awake, I notice a very dead Manuel in the middle of the aisle. I whisper, "What happened to him?"


The voice laughs softly and whispers, "The same crazy bastard beat the shit out of him with a skateboard. I've never seen anything like it."


Ah, that crazy bastard is Ben and he's trying to save us. I move around and realize  something isn't right in my underwear. It's not that time for me so what's going on? I slip my hand down into my pants and it's nasty! Then I find a piece of paper, pull it out and read:


Стейси я вернусь для Вас.

До тех пор пойдите с симулировать Потоком Тети.

Если это не работает, говорят им, что у Вас есть гонорея, если это подводит дерьмо Ваши штаны.


Stacy I will be back for you.

Until then go with the pretend Aunt Flow.

If that doesn't work tell them you have gonorrhea, if that fails shit your pants.


Well, the note scared me and now I understand if Ben can't stop them, then they will probably rape all the women on the bus. I rush around, find more ketchup and squirt it onto the panty liner Ben put in my underwear. Then I go to my pack, look for my pistol but find it's gone There must be something I can do, I start to think: What would Ben do???


Present – Banzai Ben – On the road – bus attack


I feel the burning sensation and groan, "Uhhh!"


Now that hurts like a son-of-a-bitch: Getting shot always does. Sooner or later when you kick a hornet's nest you're going to get stung. I was lucky it took them this long to finally hit me, the wound isn't life threatening right now, but I am losing blood so this calls for a change in strategy. I head towards the ridge above me and cover, but not before taking out two more hombres.


I reach the ridge, hit the dirt and spin around. The wound can wait for a bit; right now I need to chase these fuckers back down the hill. Now that I'm not moving, my shots are more precise, but I know better than using shoot to kill; this time it's more effective to wound these hombres so they are all getting gut shot! They all scramble for cover and we have a real Mexican stand-off. They try to move or stand up and I shoot the fuckers. I try to move and they pepper the dirt close to me.


I take a moment, rip open my pants leg, start to dress my wound and staunch the bleeding. It reminds me of another time I was wounded…